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The Founding Myth of SRCM Part 2 of Research Paper


This is the result of many years of research in many languages and will be the definitive historical perspective of the SRCMtm Sufi lineage from outside the Mission. (first draft for comment).

The research was compiled and written by Alexis who was also the main researcher along with Christian, Michael, Elodie and Madeleine and many more, with information coming from many other outside sources in the broader community. (See Bibliographical Sources)

Taken from Elodie's Blog date Feb 8, 2007 titled: Le Mythe Founateur
Translated using "Google Translate".

The Founding Myth (by Elodie)

Alexis thinks that we can write the continuation of the history of Sahaj Marg. That seems me to be an ambitious but essential task. I remind you that you can read the beginning of it:
- in French on Alexis’s blog
- in English on 4d-don’s blog

According to what I understabd, he will structure the text in several parts:

1st Part: The Source of the Legend (see above)
2nd Part:The Founding Myth (it is the outline which he sends, to supplement seriously)
3rd Part: The Seasons of Divisions
4th Part: National(ist) Re-focussing

His questions about the first appearance of the word “Sahaj Marg” deserves our attention.


Alexis said…

I hold the pretention that one should be able to write the continuation of the history of Sahaj Marg. That will be done only gradually, I count very much on Christian’s reading of the (new) “Autobiography of Babuji” to supplement the history and on everyone making improvements. Here is a first draft that I submit to you…

2nd Part: of Research Paper: The Founding Myth

1- Babuji the Founder

a) The Premise (1922-31)

Babuji meets Lalaji on June 3, 1922 and does not see him more than (approximately) 3 other times. On the other hand, he dreams of Lalaji and Baqi Billah, but he is afraid of the reactions of his parents who fear a possible conversion with Islam.

According to the ISRC, fusion begins shortly after the death of Lalaji (“has great flow of power”) and it continues on the following October 12. There is a great vacuum until 1944, but he apparently attended very often the Ramashram Satsang of Dr. Chaturbhuj and that of Shri Krishna Lal in Sikandarabad. He also dreams that he goes to Kanpur, the home-base of Raghubal Dayal’s family.

He thus will hesitate for nearly 14 years before beginning his work.

b) The Foundation (1944-55)

i) Transfer of Power

The activities begin again in April 1944, according to the ISRC, where Babuji prays for several days that his Master (Lalaji) shows him the light, much like Moses on the Mount Sinai. In the 2nd part of his autobiography, published posthumously by the SRCM of Shajahanpur, one can read on May 22, 1944 these remarks attributed to Lalaji: "Shahjahanpur will be the Centre. Light will be reaching everybody from here (…) You are still so young. You have achieved at such a young age what could not be the lot of so many great and high personalities (…) The powers of the enemies are weakened. Now they can do no harm to you (…) I am merged in you, and hence remain dependent on Him [Lalaji's Master] alone in every matter. He loves you."

Then next on May 30: “Start the organization. Begin attracting people to yourself.”
And on June 3: “Instructions concerning organization (…).”

Chari speaks evasively about 1944-45 without specifying.

But in Volume 2 of the autobiography of Babuji published by the SRCM®, one finds on August 6, 1944: Lalaji ordered. "There should be an announcement in the Bhandara that I (Lalaji) have appointed you, Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur, as my heir-apparent and representative (…) Those who oppose you shall not derive any benefit for me." (1st English edition, p. 20).

ii) Competitors and Enemies

During this period, in the editorial notes of S.P. Srivastava in the 2nd volume published by the SRCM of Shajahanpur, there is confirmation that Babuji would be surrounded by competitors and enemies, who go as far as trying to poison or assassinate him (at least in his intercommunication dreams with Lalaji-after his death): "Some persons, physically and socially close to Revered Lalaji, had claimed to be His representative and successor, and they were trying somewhat deliberately to harm and even do away with the physical existence of Grand Master's real representative in every possible way, including the use of certain spiritual techniques. Some other quite well advanced disciples of the Grand Master, being averse to the false claims due to obvious lack of real effect, had started setting up organisations more or less in allegiance to the Grand Master, but centred mainly around these so-called advanced disciples as visible personalities to guide the multitudes attached to them on the age-old path of spirituality, as brought to them by the Grand Master, who had passed out of physical existence on August 14/15 (midnight), 1931."

iii) Creation of Sahaj Marg and the SRCM

According to the SRCM®, on August 14, 1944, he solicits also Swami Vivekananda, Lord Krishna and Bouddha himself. It is apparently Vivekananda who gave him his instructions for the creation of the emblem of the SRCM.

On May 30, 1945, the SRCMis finally officially created in Shajahanpur and is registered in Lucknow, capital of the state (Uttar Pradesh).

Also, according to the SRCM®, Babuji largely conceived his method of transmission on January 3, 1946, and Lalaji dictated the words of the prayer to him on January 12. Lastly, he wrote his first book “Commentary on the Ten Commandments of Sahaj Marg”, which apparently was also dictated to him by Lalaji according to the ISRC. In 1947, his second book arrives: “Efficacy of Rajayoga in the Light of Sahaj Marg”, proof that he had already begun the bringing together of Raja Yoga and Sahaj Marg, a fact that Dr. K.C. Varadachari would later confirm.

During the period 1948-49, various known people such as S.P. Srivastava, professor of philosophy and M.L. Chaturvedi, judge at the High the Court of Justice d' Allahabad, then his daughter Kum Kasturi Chaturvedi, are introduced and become close to Babuji.

c) The Recognition (1955-65)

In 1955, the release of his book “Reality At Dawn” which became very popular (according to ISRC) brought about his meeting with Dr. K.C. Varadachari, professor of philosophy to Tirupati that later developed into a deep friendship.

In 1963, K.C. Varadachari obtains the prestigious Vivekananda Chair at the University of Madras. In 1965, he created the Sahaj Marg Research Institute, which dessiminates information that Sahaj Marg is no more nor less than Raja Yoga.

2- Specifics of Sahaj Marg

Vis-a-vis the other successors of Lalaji, Babuji is characterized by:

- Sahaj Marg is a creation of Babuji, or at best, possibly inspired by Lalaji if his inter-communications (beyond the grave) are accepted
- Lalaji has one official heir, Babuji
- The link with the Sufism is hardly evoked
- The link with the Raja Yoga is reinforced
- The disciple must stick to a single Master

3. Bibliographical Sources:

a) Autobiographies of Babuji

Part I: Early life, adult life, At the feet of the Master, Newsp
per (1928 - 1932), Vol 1 1899-1932 (2nd ED 1980 1500 copies), SRCM

Part 2: Instructions and Received Spiritual Lessons of Masters (Posthumous, SRCM Shajahanpur):

* vol 1 1944 May/Sep (1st Ed 1987 3000 copies) - Preparation
* vol 2 1944 Oct - 1945 Mar (1st Ed 1988 3000 copies) - Declaration
* vol 3 1945 Apr - 1955 Jun (1st Ed 1989 2000 copies) - Contribution

- Volume 2 (1st English edition), SRCM®

b) K.C. Varadachari

- Works of Dr. K.C.Varadachari (vol. 1 to 9) Supplements - Ramachandra Publishers
- Correspondence between Babuji and Dr. K.C. Varadachari: Letters of the Master (vol. I & II), 1992 - SRCM®

c) Other Sources

- SRCM®: and
- Family of Babuji (Umeshchandra Saxena)
- Various anonymous testimonys


Anonymous said...

The Prayer

........Still according to the SRCM®, Babuji largely conceived his method of transmission on January 3, 1946, while allegedly "Lalaji" dictated the words of the prayer to him on January 12.......

Some advise about the prayer given by Ramakrisna (the master of Vivekananda).
You can find this quotation in the beautiful book “Vie de Ramakrishna” (1929) by Romain Rolland, Nobel prize for literature in 1915. (I apologize for the translation)

“ some christians and brahmoysts see all the religion in the sense of the sin.
Their ideal of religous man is the one who pray: “Lord I am a sinner, condescend to forgive my sins!”
They forget that the sense of the sin mark only the first and the lowest stage of spirituality.
The men dont realize the power of the habit; if you repeat eternally:“I am a sinner”you will remain a sinner for eternity. You must repeat:”I am not in chains, I am not in chains....Who can chain me up? I am the son of God, of the King of the Kings....Leave your will act and you will be free!...
The stupid repeatig without a break “I am a slave” in the end will become a slave.
The miserable repeting untiringly “I am a sinner” will become a sinner, in fact.........
But he is free the man saying: “I am free from the slavery of the world, I am free. The Lord isn’t our Father? The slavery is of the spirit, also the Liberty is of the spirit”.........

4d-Don said...

Hi anynymous..

Thanks for the comment...Your translation is understandable.

The comment on prayer is very lofty and to my mind, and spirit, spiritual
because it uses the mind positively to affirm "freedom". That would be "truly" using the MIND as a "liberation" tool by not repeating
"we are but slaves...etc..." as in the Prayer of Sahaj Marg...

I don't believe that it came from Lalaji but from the mind of the author, whatever his name is. aka Ram Chandra of Shahajanpur. When one read carefully his "autobiography" one finds many "toubling" passages that seem to be the product of an active "imagination" that controlled his life. Many "intrigues" in this man's head. To appoint oneself Master and start to teach others is very much in keeping with the "megalomanical" aspect of his "visions" beyond the grave...It is more "spiritualism" than "sprirituality" and is certainly not "Raja Yoga"...


4d-don said...

Hi again anonymous...

You bring up a good point about the "Sahaj Marg prayer"...

Here is the prayer that the abhyasi must repeat every day and the explanation "WHY" from the Master:


"0, Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life,
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement,
Thou art the only God and power
To bring us up to that stage."

To Whom is the Mission Prayer Addressed and Why:

"Babuji himself has written that ultimately He (pointing upwards) is the real Master . . . and all the human Masters who come on this world, on this earth, are His representatives. If that is so, then why do we address the prayer, "Oh, Master" and not "Oh, God". Now today I am giving you the answer for that. Because God, it is a living God who is before you in the form of the Master ...this is an embodied flesh-and-blood divinity . . . who can understand our needs; who can understand our temperaments; who can sympathize with us, being human himself; who can accept our failings, perhaps having failed himself in some way . . ." From Wikipedia...Sahaj Marg

If Babuji was in touch with Swami Vivekananda, the prayer should at least reflect the thoughts of Vivekenanda and his Master, Ramakrishna. One can only deduce that the prayer, being so radically at odds with the thoughts of Vivekananda, that it must come from the mind of Babuji or someone else. It does not seem to match the Sufism of Lalaji either...

Some further comments might illuminate us on this "seeming" contradiction...

These contradictions are what makes true Searchers either be "eternally" seachers and slaves to desires (theirs or the Master's) or become "true "FINDERS" as Ramakrisna has given to Vivekananda. We could all agree on the logic of that prayer... I think!! It is the logic that will make "india" rise again as a nation that will be supporting of Freedom and not have "slavery" built into the prayers that become the "ritual" that one must do to receive the gift of "EGO" and arrogance of the Master who celebrates his birthday for 3 days...

"Fiddling while Rome (the environment and society" burns (or suffers)... The damage to the environment is because of the actions of "PLUTOCRATS" who now want to hide behind the philosophy they pervert and attribute to other saints and Great MEN!!

Let your "slaves" FREE BY FREEDING THEM OF THAT "prayer"...Ssshhhh! don't tell anybody!! The Planet, Gaia, needs them to "tkink" of new ways to reduce the stress on it, before we reap the re-action (karma) of your (plutocrats, the wealthy) bad actions.

Vivekenanda and Ramkrisna see to agree with US!!

Let's wait for comments...

We can reduce the negativity on Global Society (Village), just by reducing the amount of times that this negative "ritual prayer" is spoken!! One soul at a time...Maybe the Abhyasis can together ask (in Meditation) of Ramkisna and Vivekananda (and why not from all the Elevated Saints of every denomination) for a "better prayer" that reflects the philosophy expressed in your "comment"...Do not make yourself a slave by "stating it" repeatedly. That is "brain washing" or "endoctrination" and should be rejected on principle alone...

Slavery...NO!!! FREEDOM...YES!!!
How about a vote?? Call it the origins of Gross National Happiness


4d-don said...

Here is a comment sent to Alexis from the "history of SRCM/Sufism"...

It is on Elodie's blog

The Comment...

Lalaji re-examined and corrected…

Alexis Said…

One abhyasi has just sent me with much kindness 2 diaporamas (slide shows) “made by SRCM®” on Lalaji.

May she of he be thanked for it. I suppose that his/her intention is to complete my knowledge on the life of Lalaji, his teachings and their realization…

They are 2 PowerPoint of more than 50 slides each, summarizing 2 volumes of “Complete works of Lalaji”.

It is thus learned that Lalaji is the founder of Sahaj Marg and the 1st Master of the SRCM (1st double historical lie). He (Lalaji) apparently reaches perfection in 7 months period. No word on Sufism or santmat (lie by omission), but he brings back to humanity the ancient spiritual technique of "yogic transmission", for a long time forgotten (new partial lie). He refines it while making it possible for a man to reach perfection in a life-time, while carrying out an ordinary (householder’s) life.

This practice is unique in the history of spirituality (enormous lie). It considers that the perfection is founded on 3 things: love for the Master, the satsangh with the Master and obedience to the Master. When he dies at 58 years, he apparently did not name his successor: “I leave my representative and he will appear of himself… When the candle is lit, the moths will fly there by themselves.” (surprising, seen the other declarations of Lalaji to his own son, Dr. Chaturbhuj, etc).

Among the rules described for the “sincere satsanghis”, some amusing examples: “As much as possible, avoid the places where one serves alcohol and where one presents entertainment in the form of song and dance. If it is inevitable, then one should assist to it as one goes to the bathroom - by pure need.”. When I think of the spectacles of songs and dance that Chari is offered, I imagine that he assists to with it by pure need… Admittedly there is no alcohol!

Suggestions for expenditures, the factors to be taken into account: “Is a part of ostentation associated there? Does that help or assist your brothers (and sisters), or is this only by pride and fame?” Do Babuji Ashram Memorial, Lalaji Memorial international Omega School, etc comprise no ostentation, pride or fame?

Duties: “Avoid the company of women and children.”

A feature of his/her character of the sender; “The fact is that I undergo such a torture at the house, on which I do not have any control, that I have the desire for fleeing or banging my head against the wall. As soon as I reach my residence, a situation is created where I am in anger without need and in a shameless way (…) Sometimes I break things, I throw things, etc But this anger bursts only with members of my family (…) This occurs most of the time when I return from the court or that I am tired after a heavy work.”

One understands better why he declares that it is necessary to avoid women and children, all things which make the ordinary life quite difficult. Better is it to be a “sanyasin”?… 10:44 AM

Anonymous said...

Beyond research of srcm there maybe another clue as to why this cult has escalated it,s power over followers. Research guru papers and NPD{a personality disorder which fits Chari} an armchair diagnosis but somethings not right.I suggest this for yourself in many ways, there is usually a simple answer to what seems a dynamic problem. When you know the answer it all falls into place, then you know your enemy is a foolish boy, playing with people for fun, in a very cruel way.

4d-Don said...

Hi all..

This message was left on my blog and my reply....

Feb. 20, 07

Navneet said...

I am Navneet here. You have questions please putforth. I shall answer to you as it comes

7:05 AM

4d-Don said...

Hi Navneet...

Thanks for replying to our request for information...

If you agree, I will place a copy of your letter at the end of the blog (the last entry, top of page) along with your comment above, and I will get the other interested parties (Alexis, Christian, Michael, Elodie, and many more) involved to come to that "lettter from Navneet" article (the last of my blog-top of the page) and place questions to you in the comments at the end of that article...That way, the information will all be in one place...I can assure you there are many quesitions that need answering from our perspective. Thanks...

I will wait for a reply from you to confirm that this process is agreeable to you...

Safely tucked inside the ONE (God) where we live...


4d-don said...

From Orkut Community...

Where do the Charitable dollars go? At Crest?

Here is a Message from Alexis (France), on Elodie's blog...translated by Cyril Borg...

Elodie, in connection with CREST, the SMSF of the United States bought last summer their own centers of retirement, Spurs Ranch Retreat Centre.

Alexis Said...

Much more amusing is the list of the 967 books that Chari personally wanted to buy to put in the CREST library.

Beside the books on religion, philosophy or the psychology which one expected to find there appears also some great classics of literature such as Jack London, Emilie Brontë, Hemingway and Mark Twain, but also The Three Musketeers of Dumas or complete works of Sir Conan Doyle with (of course) Sherlock Holmes. There are also the great classics of science fiction and the fantastic one “1984” of Orwell, the complete works of Tolkien and Isaac Asimov and Dune of Frank Herbert. One also finds there “Napoleon” as well as the “Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire”; this would be revealing of Chari’s particular taste for the emperors?

And finally, the peak of good taste, the best seller of Dan Brown, “Da Vinci Code”… 11:49 AM

Spoirituality has sure changed since my youth...That is what I call a Retreat! from the Material world!!

This is so much better than feeding the poor!!

Cyril Borg...