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Intrigues from Lalaji to Babuji Beyond the Grave!

Intrigues at the beginning of SRCM continue today

This is from Christian's blog under the Sufism Section.

Christian said…

Here are a series of inter-communications or messages delivered by Lalaji to Babuji (from beyond the grave)

They highlight a threat on Babuji, although this appears as a complete fantasy at first sight.

In a spiritual design of the world, human beings influence one another positively and/or in a harmful manner, but what is more surprising, is that even advanced/elevated people have this capacity and this sinister will to influence others negatively.

What gives me a “cold on the back of the neck”, is when I think that one puts his heart in the hands of people like the prefects and the preceptors. In addition, certain sentences reveal a surprising design of the management of the conflicts (absence of pity, do not forgive, to fight, etc), whereas one imagined the spiritual Master being supposedly full of love, to solve the conflicts by his light.

I understand better, also, why these texts, initially, were not to be published. They reveal such an amount of humanity. I appreciate the courage of those who made the decision to publish them nevertheless.

Lastly, certain passages stress the transmission of the torch, but also of the lineage from the Master of Lalaji. At this stage, there is no reason why it disappeared from circulation as it did.

pp. 7-8 18 May 1944

"When you have given your heart to someone, you have to receive that person's benedictory or accursed gifts to you."

"About you, he had the hint that there was possibility of you clashing with him sometime. He did not like you coming to me. When all other means were unsuccessful, prayers were offered to your Revered Grand Master that you may be kept devoid of spiritual progress. This was very much disliked by Him and this became the cause of His displeasure. An attempt was made for cancellation of your initiation; and stories were narrated to you.

Action against him had to be taken in accordance with the permission of the Grand Master. Do go to His Samadhi, when conveninent. (...) You were induced through thought to sexual indulgence. Where there was no success by any means, images of naked women were thrust into your heart. (...) A woman and you were taken in thought, as copulating, so that you commit such act. This was his last attempt to degrade you. (...) He tried so much to pull you down, and it never occurred to his mind that God's will alone triumphs ultimately. The matters have been brought to your knowledge, so that you may not be moved to feel mercy."

A hidden enemy of Babuji. His name is not revealed.

pp. 9-10 19th May 1944

“I shall feel relief when you shall take over the responsability.”

Transmission of the torch with Babuji.

"When your diary was put forth for publication, your name was excluded from it. (...) They were apprehensive that people may become inclined to you, and they may lose their source of livelihood."
"I kept you concealed in my heart, and did not let anybody suspect it. Only R got and has the idea, because he was connected to my state (...). I had consideration for his poverty, and hence structured a status for him. So he started living like a man of status. Greed was increased and God was totally forgotten. (...) At R's place money was wasted for pleasure and luxury. (...) There was no consideration for the poor. Rich people were given consideration."

About the hidden enemies of Babuji.

"Have consideration for my old age."

For me incomprehensible: Lalaji died. Would it be a representation of Lalaji, in the head of Babuji, which would be speaking to him?

p12 20th May 1944

"Somebody may shower thousands of abuse on you, but you have to tolerate that. This means that if someone abuses you, you can also abuse in return, and even hit back and strike, but never wish anything ill for that person from your heart (...) If occasion demands, there is no harm even in having an armed conflict. (...) To give protection to an innocent victim of tyrany is duty. You have to take out the sword at the hour of need, even then there is nothing wrong."

It is necessary to be defended pitilessly when necessary. I admit it, conceive it, but I practice with much difficulty because I often lack the courage. It is always easy to pass for being tolerating when one is afraid in reality.

In any case, it is far from the Judeo-Christian teaching of modern SRCMtm, which does not even tolerate internal criticism.

pp. 14-18 22nd May 1944

“They are trying to upset your mind.”

The Enemies.

“You considered even theft and robbery for have me right.”

Extreme and immoral. Surprising.

"Possibly, M may come to you, even though there is little hope for this. Do not pardon him, only avoid doing anything, in such eventuality."

“Shahjahanpur will Be the Center. Light will Be reaching everybody from here.”

"You are still so young. You have achieved at such a young age what could not be the lot of so many great and high personalities."

"The powers of ennemies are weakened. Now they can do no harm to you."

"I am merged in you, and hence remain dependent on Him [Lalaji's Master] alone in every matter. He loves you."

Transmission of the torch.

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