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Take the False Guru Test

Taken from: The Energy Grid Alternative Magazine

I only include the numbers that, in my opinion, obviously matches Babuji in a few cases and Chari, of SRCM (California) in many cases, directly and in some cases, indirectly. See "here" for the complete list. See how many FIT your GURU directly and/or indirectly (i.e. Chari making claims for Babuji and Lalaji and then claiming to be their "successor")

If seven or more of the following describes your guru or spiritual teacher, then unfortunately he or she may not be be as enlightened or good for your soul as you would like to believe:

1. States his or her own enlightenment: The wisest masters tend not to state their own enlightenment or perfection for they know that it is both unhelpful to themselves and to their students. The false teachers often make this claim because they have little else on offer to attract followers.

In the case of SRCM, the current Guru of the SRCM (California) schism, makes claims of the "enlightenment" of his Guru (the "Special Personality") and even makes claims of being his "successor". When the Founder's society Board of Directors (SRCM Shahjahanpur) did not agree, Chari registered the same name in the USA and placed himself as President and Spiritual Successor of Babuji, the Founder of Sahaj Marg. He also registered a "trade mark" for SAHAJ MARG. Chari claims to be the succesor of Babuji...Babuji claims to be the successor of Lalaji. Both are disputed by the "founders society", and have been the cause of "schisms". Lalaji has his legitimate successor and society (Ramashram). And Babuji's family (SRCM Shahjahanpur), and KC Narayana of the break-away Institute of Ram Chandra Consciousness-ISRC, dispute Chari's claims of being Babuji's "Spiritual Successor" and challenge the legitimacy of SRCM(California), registered in 1997 in San Luis Obispo, California, in the USA.

2. Is unable to take criticism: False teachers strongly dislike either personal criticism or criticism of their teaching; they do not take kindly to ordinary unenlightened individuals questioning them. They or their organisations will even undertake multi-million dollar law suits to stop ex-members from spilling the beans.

Chari, in his book: "He, the Hookah and I", calls ex-abhyasis who criticise him and his "management team", and even some who have attempted to salvage some of the good parts of Sahaj Marg by opening a free and open dialogue on their blogs, of being the "enemies of spirituality". And the SRCM (California) "management team" sent out a "decree" that abhyasis were not to read the blogs, then in Mar. 18, 2007, they reversed that failed policy because of it's failure, not because of its lack of morality or ethics.

3. Acts omnipotently with no accountability: Some spiritual communities are run like concentration camps, with guru and his chosen ones acting like Gestapo officers. Unjust or outrageous behaviour by the guru is passed off as what is needed to help the followers grow (how kind). These are the dangerous gurus who have often severely damaged their students. A real master respects your will even if he or she understands that your particular decisions may not be in your interest, and he or she will act accountably to an ethical code of conduct.

Sahaj Marg demands that the abhysi's will be subject to the will of the Master and that the disciple become as a "living dead" in the hands of a funeral director. Arranged Marriages! Stand against Homosexuality as being "un-natural"! Claim and teaching to children that "GOD IS MALE" and women can't be Masters in SRCM (California), because they are not "destructive" enough. When asked for clarification, Chari said in an e-mail that the Master did work of destruction on a "cosmic level". (e-mail available on demand). It begs the question: Which part of the COSMOS does the Master of SRCM(California) destroy? Is SRCM(California) Apocalyptic? Read here and you decide

4. Focuses on enlightenment itself rather than teaching the path leading to it: It is amazing how much false gurus have to say about enlightenment. They argue their points in the same way that the scholars in the middle ages argued how many angels could sit on the head of a pin. Any fool can talk about the end goal because what is said is irrefutable to most of your listeners. What is skillful is guiding those listeners to having awakening within themselves. The real teacher focuses on the path and strictly avoids any talk on enlightenment.

At Sahaj Marg, it is called The GOAL! Chari says: Sahaj Marg has no philosophy according to Chari. The path is "obedience" and "surrender" to the 3M's of SRCM (California), the Master, the Mission and the Method. The good disciple will be like a "living dead" in the hands of a funeral director and will be able to kill without emotions like a "soldier". The really good disciple can even "kill his mother" if asked by the GURU.

5. Does not practice what is preached: Contrary to spiritual myth, you don't reach a point of realization whereby you can then start acting mindlessly. If a teacher preaches love and forgiveness, then he should act that way, at least most of the time, showing suitable regret for any lapses). If he teaches meditation, he should meditate. If he insists that his followers live in austere conditions, so should he.

Too many incidents of not practicing what is preached to list here. Love, inclusion and acceptance of "homosexuals" would be the most obvious. Calling ex-abhyasis "enemies of spirituality", and calling other religions such as "catholics" are called "liars", all religions are called "corrupt and promoting violence and war, and the "role of women who can't become "masters of SRCM, would be the other obvious examples. Why can't women be Masters, really? And where does the evidence lie for the statement that "homosexuality" is "un-natural"? Do your research before joining.

6. Takes the credit for a particular meditative or healing technique: The fact is that meditation and guided visualisation work. Anyone doing them will experience major changes, benefits and realizations. The false guru will try to own or trademark particular methods and techniques so that she has something unique to attract followers. And she will hijack the effects of meditation as the guru's blessing rather than each individuals natural potential. Often the students or followers are forbidden from divulging the techniques to maintain a sort of intellectual property right, usually under the guise of needing the technique to be taught correctly.

False claim that Transmission is UNIQUE to Sahaj Marg and was originated by "Lalaji". Babuji claimed that he became Lalaji's successor in a dream, 13 years after Lalaji's death, even though he only met him a few times, was never a preceptor or a member of Lalaji's organization, which still functions independent of SRCM (Shahjahanpur), was registered in 1945 in India. SRCM (Calfiornia) of Chari, registered in 1997, in the USA calls it's meditation "Sahaj Marg" and has registered it as a commercial "trade mark". Sahaj Marg is now a commercial "product", owned by SRCM (California) and it's current self-appointed Master, Chari.

8. Lives in total opulence: There is nothing wrong with living in luxury or being wealthy. But when that luxury turns to unnecessary opulence using funds that were not explicitly donated for that purpose then you are probably dealing with a false guru. Money is collected from followers usually in the form of donations, and those donations are given as an act of love, appreciation and to help spread the influence of the master. However, a genuine master is more likely to use such wealth to lessen the suffering in this world, not to buy another yacht, private jet or Rolls Royce.

Many complaints of favouring and appointing the "Brahmin sect", the wealthy, etc.. Spends much time in Dubai and in Mauritius, resort in the Indian Ocean. Favours the chosen "wealthy" with the "non-profit" percs such as travel, free admittance, food, etc...Notice the "golden lions" and the marble in the ashrams and schools (14 ft ceilings in classroom according to Chari).

9. Encourages or permits adoration from his followers: Avoid any group that focuses on the "master" themselves rather than the teachings or spiritual practices. This will be a hindrance to your self-realisation for your focus will be drawn outside of yourself, and usually indicates that there is not a lot more on offer than guru worship.

Not only adoration but total "obedience" and surrender to the point of "killing the mother" if asked, simply to show obedience. All responsibility for the actions of the disciple are with the Master, in SRCM(California). The will of the abhuasi will be subject to the will of the Master.

10. Presents himself or herself overly fashionably and glamorously: Beware of masters who present glamour photographs of themselves and dress overly fashionably (whilst proclaiming that they have no ego and leading ego-death retreats). Yes it does happen!

The Guru attire and the "golf cart" is "in vogue" with Chari. He is no "Mahatma Ghandi" and does not renounce the Material pleasures even as the poor are dying all around. There is no reduction of "carbon footprint" in Sahaj Marg, even to save the Planet. To find God, Abhyasis travel around the world, following Chari.

11. Demands love and devotion from their students: Keep clear of any master who demands love and devotion. One very well known Western guru stated, "Anyone who loves me is guaranteed enlightenment"! Real love and devotion is earned over time when we begin to really know the whole person and not their public image.


15. Flatters you and treats you as very special: Sure we are all special in some ways, but this is one of the things that a false guru may do to hook a potential follower or to get a current follower to do a particular task. Nothing can be more intoxicating to the ego than to be selected by the master or leader (or any high profile person). A real master will stand back and allow you to make your decision whether to accept his or her teachings without trying to influence the process.

The flattery is with "titles" and "volunteer positions" with no power in the hope of being "favoured" by a look at the GURU. The no-power "titles" all have to do with gathering new members, and/or the menial duties of food, cleaning, or "volunteering" in all the functions of the Mission, which the "serf" is said to "own", but can't vote or have any decision-making power.

16. Talks bollocks: It is surprising what a person will listen to when he or she is devoted to the speaker. It is always a good idea to get hold of a written transcript of what has been said and really read the message. Then tell an open-minded friend who is not a follower what their opinion is purely on the strength of the words. You will soon find out whether there is any real substance to the teacher's message, or whether you are merely being drawn in by the charisma of the messenger.

Read some of his interviews and speeches...I will put a recent one as the next article on this blog.

17. Overly relies on slick presentation: Slick presentation can often mask poor content, and so it is important for you to look past the lovely music and video shows at the actual message. The slicker the presentation, the harder it is to see what exactly the teaching is.

18. Gives him or herself outrageous titles: Not satisfied by being "merely" an enlightened being, many false gurus give themselves titles (or allow their followers to do so) to indicate that they are literally God-Incarnate, the reincarnation of the Buddha or Christ, or THE chosen one. Some continually change their names, to keep pace with their burgeoning egos.

SRCM (California) and others call Ram Chandra, the founder of Sahaj Marg, the "Special Personality", a title he made up himself. Chari calls himself a "master of HUMANITY"

20. Is not interested in you personally: If a teacher or guru does not have time to interact with you personally, then you may as well read his teaching from a book, because merely being in his presence doesn't help you find realization inside you. You may model some of his spiritual characteristics, but that often only places you deeper in illusion.

Good luck!!

21. Allows his followers to set up a hierarchy of access: A guru must be accessible. If he is not, or if he allows his followers to block your access, then he is playing the role of a king and not a spiritual guide. A guru is only useful to the process of awakening if you can directly interact with him.

This is SRCM (California) to a tee.

22. Makes false claims of lineage: Many mistakenly believe that realisation can only happen under the guidance of a realized master. In this belief system, gurus are only authentic when they come from a line or lineage of realized gurus. Desperate not to be left out, some gurus claim a false lineage of enlightened masters to bolster their authority to teach. Another pseudo form of "lineage" is to recount a miracle that once happened to them (maybe they cured themselves of some disease or God spoke to them personally) which infers that they are "chosen" and therefore have the authority to set themselves up as teachers and gurus.

Read the History of Sahaj Marg in the Sahaj Marg Project for a revealing expose of the REAL history of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. This is very different from "official" party version and is corroborated by other groups and authoritative individuals. The research is exhaustive and has been quoted by others since it was released.

23. Presents themselves as non-profit whilst raking in the millions: Often, the false prophet will present her teachings for free, whilst strongly encouraging her devotees to make large donations. In this way she can appear above money considerations, whilst maintaining her greed and opulence.

Donations to SRCM (California) have reached the "million" level, by Indian supporters of the Chamber of Commerce of India, Diaspora Project in the so-called "corrupt" west.

24. Collects a large band of angry ex-followers: This is an indication that something is seriously wrong. If she has used kindness and love in her interactions with her students, and has discouraged them from projecting denied spiritual characteristics onto the guru (rather than encouraging their integration into the self), then it is extremely unlikely that there would be more than a few disheartened ex's. Many might drift away and feel they have wasted their time, but they are only likely to have the great anger if they have put their teacher on a pedestal, given him their power, and later realized that he was never worthy of such adoration. Contrary to what some believe, it is actually the teacher's responsibility to strongly discourage students from putting them on pedestals, for this is counterproductive to finding realisation inside.

There are currently enough blogs to cause the "management team" much concern. If one phone call from an "unsatisfied customer" means that there are at least 10 unsatisfied customers who don't phone, and if one letter of complaint means that there are 100 unsatisfied customers who don't write, then one blog means that there are at least over 1,000 unsatisfied ex-disciples of SRCM out there. And that is not counting the many "schisms" and their disciples, such as KC Narayana's ISRC, and SRCM (Shahjahanpur), the original society registered in India in 1945 and still controlled by the Founder's grandson, Navneet Kumar Saxena.

26. Acts like a complete paranoid mad person: If your Precious One acts like a complete paranoid schizophrenic or psychotic then he or she probably is. Run! Remember that there is no such thing as "crazy wisdom"—wisdom is the art of being balanced. However charismatic they may be, and sane between moments of madness, you WILL be damaged by them.

In the case of SRCM, beside the paranoia exhibited by Babuji (see Autobiography of Ram Chandra) , one can add: megalomania, apocalyptic, spiritualist. To ask your follower to be as "living dead in the hands of a funeral director" is certainly not healthy or "normal", does not encourage taking responsibility for one's actions, and displays an autoritarianism that can be called "megalomaniacal". The SRCM relationship is typically "co-dependent". Is SRCM (California) Apocalyptic? Read here and decide. Chari expects and "anticipates" that the USA will break up and SRCM (California) has registered its Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute (SMRTI) in Austin Texas. They have also purchased a 28 acre ranch or "retreat" they call "SPURS" (an instrument of pain, for a group that promotes vegetarianism) outside of Austin, Texas.


Shashwat said...

Amazing.... this one fits SRCM to the core.. Thanks Don for bringing this up... with few more people like you, this cult of Sahaj Marg, will vanish in dreams.. exactly the same path where it originated... in dreems of a psycopath..

Anonymous said...


I want a sitting from you
( inabsentia). I have read about your intimate association with Babuji Maharaj. It is quiet interesting.

Pl. tell me when you can give me a sitting.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rajan...

That's cute... ;-))

If you want a contact with the ONE, the Divine, what some call by the Gothic (German) words GOD, or LORD, you can find that inside yourself and inside the ALL (all of the created UNIVERSE). The "covenant" between the ONE and the ALL (all of us included) is available everywhere and everywhen in ALL.

So there is no need for "dependency" or "addiction" to a person or a thing, or a substance, or to travel across SPACE, increasing your carbon footprint to receive IT, as IT (the ONE) is Everything, Everywhere, Everywhen, what I call the "E-TRINITY". You as a person can communicate and contact the ONE without any help from the ALL (Us, including 4d-Don), as you are made from IT and IT is inside you and you are INSIDE IT. You are thus "Spiritually Sovereign" and are thus FREE to contact the ONE anytime you want to. If they say, IT is in Canada, don't go...If they say IT is on the Mountain, don't go. THE ONE simply IS...

If you want to have your brain produce "alpha waves" so as to feel "blissfull" or "amazed" at the UNITY or the ONE-ness of LIFE, there are now many products and techniques available for a cost. One such technique is of course the self-empowering and healing MEDITATION (in the Buddhist tradition), not the Meditation on a PERSON who is "FAR AWAY" administered by a person who is NEAR, such as in "GURU YOGA".

Another such technique, is the "two on a heart" transmission meditation, in the Sufi tradition, which is really a religious "parlour trick", where one person, that the "dependent adept" visits weekly, transmits (weekly) into the heart or the body of another person their own "psycho magnetic" energy (hence the need for proximity). The accepting and receiving person will sometimes begins to "feel good" at the attention, the sense of belonging, and begins to open more and accepts the regular "treatment" from the preceptor. Hence his/her brain begins producing some "alpha waves", creating a "fuzzy feeling", a belonging or a "unity" feeling. This is a short-lived feeling such as the one that we get from friends, family, the "gang", and that needs to be "re-charged" regularly (weekly...hence can become addictive or a "co-dependency"). As it creates a dependency on the Guru, the system, the preceptor, and makes strangers of friends and friends of strangers, and creates for the "target" a "new family", we can categorize this technique as an "addiction". This induced feeling of belonging however does not make the recipient of this artificial "belonging" feeling any more moral, ethical, holy, Godly, etc...than the general population. This received "energy" that one accepts from the preceptor does not come from the far away GURU ("spooky action at a distance" (Einstein), nor from the ONE (GOD). It comes from the one (preceptor) in front of the abhyasi. Try it yourself with a friend and you will see. It is not "rocket science" nor a "mystery". It is a "parlour trick".

There develops in this group technique, as in many religious techniques, an increased feeling of acceptance of "belonging" (to a new group or a new "family") and hence of more UNITY than if one is ALONE at home, and meditating. That "belonging" also induces some "alpha waves". Thus such "transmission" meditation in groups seems to increase the sense of "belonging" (to a group) and UNITY feeling but it is not necessarily a communication with the ONE...belonging and having others do things for us, feels good and does help produce "alpha waves", but it ain't GOD.

Some religions use "group prayer" in that fashion and having tried both, I can safely say, that it produces the same "belonging" UNITY effect. But a coffee will also give one a sense of bliss and that is only a Mild intoxicant. A coffee in a "gang" is even more "blissful". A coffee with a cigarette is even more "intoxicating" as religious addicts say of their "system". Imagine what an addict to a potent "love drug" and/or other stronger intoxicant feels and thinks.

I call this meditation a "drug", an "opiate of the masses", as one needs to visit one's "dealer" weekly to get a fix so as to "FEEL GOOD" (produce alpha waves).

Spirituality is not "addictive" and one does not have to GO and find it elsewhere, specially to another disempowered power addict who has been given a "title" and told to "proselytize" for the GURU (the DON), the METHOD (the MOB) or the MISION (the MAFIA).

Spirituality should also keep families and societies together, it should not divide them as groups using this type of MEDITATION have been shown to do.
The UNITY feeling in this meditation is thus an "illusion" created by a "parlour trick" that creates the same effect as a drug.

There is also a "GOD Machine" or a "spirituality machine", that uses binaural beats, and induces the brain to produce Alpha waves in those who use the machine. The alpha waves (60 beats per minute), can also be induced with rhythm, music, etc, such as listening to Bach's fugues, which are approximately in that tempo. Although the "GOD MACHINE" is now on sale and costs money, it is still cheaper than the "travel costs" of going weekly to a preceptor or a Guru (India or Seminars in other countries), and one becomes thus less "dependent" on a person but could become addicted to the amazing "DIVINE FEELING" just as some get addicted to the "RELIGIOUS FEELING" created by the GANG, even though the gang is not HOLY or even moral or ethical in some cases. Religions have waged wars for centuries while their techniques produced ALPHA WAVES in various disciples, using various techniques. Some forms of prayers also induce alpha waves more than others. This is why religion is called the OPIATES OF THE MASSES.

You don't need 4-Don to feel the Divine feeling created by "alpha waves" machines, Guru YOGA, or self-empowering meditation. You can produce the "alpha waves" yourself or buy a "god Machine" or see a GURU and become dependent on "belonging" to him or his preceptors. If you want the DIVINE, you can also do that by yourself.

If you want to feel Babuji, as I sometimes do (real or imagined), an "inter-communication" is simple. Simply think of Babuji before going to sleep and then take a "ready to receive" attitude, emptying the mind of other "concerns" and within a few days, your mind will manufacture, in the hours before waking, when one is drifting in and out of sleep, an image of Babuji that some part of the spirit of Babuji can then use to communicate with you. But will it be Babuji?

A WARNING... Babuji, and many other "wise men", warn against this as other "spirits" or parts of spirits, or "wave forms", or your own mind, or spiritualist charlatans, may use that "mind-created" image. So I would advise against using "spiritualism" as mediums do so as to bring messages from "god know hwo??" to fill the hunger for "miracles" in the dependent and "addictive" masses. If you do, accept that you will not know for sure if that is Babuji or not that is communicating with you. The MIND is so powerful, that I have not found a verifiable and foolproof test for all to do, to check the veracity of the message or that it comes from BABUJI, so I just check the content of the communication and do not SPREAD it as coming from BABUJI. Those are the dangers of "spiritualism" in any form... evcn in meditation... To be transmitted by a preceptor who claims that the "transmission" comes from Chari or from Babuji is not to be accepted or believed. In Guru Yoga, one is being transmitted in a "two on a heart" by the Preceptor who is NEAR, not by the GURU who is FAR away and busy at other tasks, not focussing on "little old you" it is "magnetism" or "mesmerism" at play, not spirituality. One practices "spiritualism" at one's own peril...

One may see one's ethics and morality, devotion to family and friends wane as the addiction to the "alpha waves" created increases with time...just as in addiction to a substance.

Babuji was a "fellow Pilgrim" on this rugged but beautiful road of LIFE and I never called him MASTER. He was just like you, a friend or a potential friend, as I don't know you "consciously" yet.

Nice talking with you...Hope you are enjoying your trip and your holiday away from the trials of your home...