Monday, March 10, 2008

Sahaj Marg (tm) Insults Women on UN Women's Day!

This is taken from Elodie's blog (French woman) called: The Desperate Abhyasi or Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg (French and some English)

Today is United Nation's International Women's Day

What does the Shri Ram Chandra Mission do?

What does Chariji do?
His statements are humiliating and/or even insulting!


WOMEN: Be wary of the pedestal, the titles such as "preceptor", "zonal in charge", and other illusionary titles of power that you will "pay for" or purchase, so as to have you bring the true target, the children, to them. These titles, and other crumbs of power that Chari and Sahaj Marg(tm) uses to manipulate you, are the old "carrot and stick" scam used historically by tyrants, totalitarians and empire builders, and is not SPIRITUALITY. The next phase is the "GUILT". Blame the women for the state of SOCIETY.

(Women read below...this speech is sent by Chari, knowingly or not, to divide you from your MEN, husbands and sons...we, the males, are expected to just wait for you, the women, to change and become "honourable" to your family, your TRIBE, your country! If the world does not change, it is the women's fault!)

This is an excerpt from one of Chari's divisive speeches where he seems to be speaking of "some" women and "some" men like "HIMSELF", and not all men.

Sahaj Marg under Chari again DIVIDES and seperates men and women and attacks the abhyasi's family by placing all the family and societal responsibility for spirituality, and change on WOMEN. Does it not sound like an Indian (Vaishnava) version of the Bibliical Adam and Eve story. Blame the women and manipulate them.

Rather than accepting NATURE, including "human NATURE", as it is and working with it, Chari wants the cedar tree to become like the fir tree, the lamb to become like the lion, and men to become like women and women to become like men. IS THIS THE NATURAL PATH? IS this not "BLASPHEMY" and disrespect of the ONE, the CREATOR of NATURE?

Yankees go home! Indians go home! Sahaj Marg (tm) GO HOME and MEDITATE!
Leave us in our SPIRITUALITY that we may work with NATURE, not destroy and CHANGE it so as to build ashrams and churches for the glory of MEN!!

We, the spiritual, are tucked inside the ONE (god) where we live. REDUCE YOUR CARBON footprint and stop chasing business-MEN around the world! SAVE NATURE! Our Nature!

NOTA BENE: The "heart" is still used in this day and age as if it was the "seat" of our connection to the DIVINE. It is the sound and rhythm of the PUMP that attracted our ancestors to this false conclusion. We now know that the BRAIN, which creates an electromagnetic field in the 5-8 hertz and hence pulses, is the nervous center of the body and that decisions, either conscious or sub-conscious, are not made by the heart which is a PUMP, but by the BRAIN...That is the historical RELIGIOUS SCAM that has been used to demonize "thinking", and to control and manipulate the "emotional" and the 'submissive" in our families and societies. We are connected to the ONE by all of our senses and more, not just by the HEART, the lowly PUMP!

Come on WOMEN! Do you want equality or NOT! If not for yourself, for your daughters! Do you want that feudal religious theocracy for your daughters? Chose a man, any man and be EQUAL to HIM! After all, "he" is just a MORTAL hu-MAN like you!! And there is only ONE above, and it ain't a MAN nor a WOMAN!

Chari speaks:

"I think it is mainly the heart of women who is best able to do service and devotion.

The men, if they want to do so, should lose their arrogance, their pride, their egos and to arouse in themselves the purest feelings and most subtle qualities. For man, his masculinity is problematic because it leads to domination, predominance, pride, arrogance and conquest of things. So, this attitude is not just for the spiritual life. It can be seen that even in love stories of men, it is only conquest after conquest and not love after love.

But for women the idea of submission, to serve with humility, as well as the ability to love is a perfect foundation for a spiritual life. So basically, it is a question for man to become female or acquire in a certain way a female mentality, feminine qualities, learn to love, to be able to comply without losing the faculties of the human being, such as courage, bravery and the ability to cope with difficulties. As for the woman she must learn to become a bit masculine. She must retain her ability to love and be submitted, but must also learn to face life with courage, and take off.

I think that the two halves of humanity balance. Not balancing men with women, but by creating this balance in every individual.

And now I can not afford to postpone human evolution, because people do not cooperate with the wishes of my Master. This is not a warning but a genuine complaint.

It is a call to women, because without the development of women men will not change.

Without the evolution of women society will not change.

Without the evolution of women in India will not change.

Without changing the world for women will not change. "

Message to Chariji Tiruppur, July 2001


Anonymous said...

Without the evolution of the Spiritual Representitive of SRCM, SRCM will not change...

Anonymous said...

LOL... bubbas.. u guys make me laugh with all this cockatoo caucus over nothing..anyway ur playing ur part in the kaleidioscope..

Male and female..

Know male as the void and the female as that which is filling this void..

All of creation from the very fact of being created (not void) is basically feminine and will ultimately dissolve into the void (nothingness). This is expressed in eastern mysticism as cosmic dissolution.

So ladies when you see an attractive man, you know why you feel like you are "melting".. and to the few men that are out there who can feel these things , u know why one feels being filled up/ quenching, when one is close to an aroused woman.

when Jesus and Moses were in the desert, I guess they were practicing strict disciplines that expanded their hearts into greater voids (the male aspect) without filling it up with what is available in this world - sensory gratification. that left them thirsting during the transition ..(to want to be filled up). So when jesus said that he resisted the demons in the desert/forest.. it hopefully makes more sense.

This expansion into the male is what some call the holy war because they look at it as a fight against the means that oppose (resistance to)this expansion (viz..sensory pleasures, etc)

and some call it divine love, because they look at it as progressing towards what attracts. the resistance is not really felt. because of surrender.

If someone in his twenties can understand this simple thing, why should we be wasting precious moments of life in doubt, calling names and slandering etc.. if one is not convinced about a system, no one is holding anybody by a shackle, move on with your life.

with regard to the pretext that you want to prove the hidden reality of a system, protect people from being misled, etc, I think you could better use your time in helping the poor people of Africa and Asia i.e. if philanthropy truely was the intention.
else indulge on .. in this that protects your sense of identity. they call it ego in latin, by the way.
living between memories and dreams, will u forget the present, the seed of both?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bubba...

Man or Male is not a VOID and Female is not what the UNIVERSE is...The ONE be it creation or the UNIVERSE, the Multiverse, the CREATION is both MALE AND FEMALE...Open the eyes.

These are the myths propagated by religious and "nationalists" so as to form "workers" so as to spread their myths.

Your and other such religious views of THE ONE who try and re-capture the un-reformed views of our evolved societies in the west, views that we overthrew in the 12th century beginning with Thomas Aquinas, Roger Bacon, Descartes etc... Your myths will not be exposed to LOGIC and INTELLECT and will reform for a more egalitarian system where the FEMALE is not just a "chattel" or a locale, or void, for a MALE GOD to fill...or impregnate.

The few men who can feel and accept your myths are those who want to reach the top of your religious PYRAMID of POWER, not SPIRIT-uality. We, the thinkers and those who use not manipulate logic have already changed to the NEW REALITY...You merchants of OPIATES of the MASSES, called the MYTHS, will finally hear the views of the THINKERS because of the INTERNET...

So I am not wasting my time here, I am spreading MEMES, but you, by reading us, are exposing yourself to our MEMES and will hence REFORM and reach your "childhood's end" (Arthur C Clark). You're welcome. You will be dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming but you will evolve as will your thinking.

Your religious metaphors about Jesus and Moses and the "holy war" are not SPIRITUAL but religious metaphors, so don't deserve my attention as they propagate the "Judeo Christian" myths of the ELITE being saved and the OTHERS being damned... which one were you, Christian or jew? Do you just support the GURU and other eastern myths for POLITICAL reasons?

The Universe expands, according to Hubble, and will do so wether the religious myths survive or not. Motion is a reality and so is "CHANGE". TIme is the measurement of change or MOTION.

You can understand anything you want and waste your time if you want to... I see the world in spiritual and in non-religious terms and do not waste my time reading you except here, on my blog...your are free to do what you want... Get your own blog and push your view of the world as Chari does...Oh no, you're a follower and can't think or feel anything but what others tell you, so go and read other you believe in and leave those who see the world differently in their JOY and BLISS...IN THE NOW... in REALITY, not in the dream or the hope or the MYTH...

MOVE ONE with YOUR life! You are at my place, I am not at yours. ...Like all religious fanatic, you bully and try to stop others from being free under the guise of being "slandered" and persecuted if the FREE don't agree with you...HOW RELIGIOUS!! What's next? Will you then call us "enemies of Spirituality" and have us "killed", as other religions do?

Now that the abhyasis can "kill the mother" without feeling, you can order them to "kill for you"...

Go home and become SPIRITUAL before you PREACH to us, the SPIRITS...

Here is my song to you...

By 4d-don
Key of B (Capo 4....Play G) in 4/4 Time-Folk

Hey You! With a double face
Who pray for peace, then serve the gods of war
What's that you speak? Turn the other cheek?
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind


Get out of here, not in my space
Join the human race, and become civilized
I was at ONE, my one in ONE
Then you came along, with your master song

Hey You! Of the Holy Book
In your Holy Nook, with the words you bastardize
You sow the war, then you reap the war
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

Hey You! Of the master clan
With your master plan, and the words you idolize
What about the child, who is brutalized
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

Hey You! Who theorize
Proselytize, and then you criticize
You victimize, and you terrorize
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind