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The Political Project of SRCM (California-1997)

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Le Projet Politique de la SRCM", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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April 13, 2011

The political project of SRCM(California-1997)

The deleterious influence of mediumistic spiritism

Sahaj Marg Denatured (3)

Sahaj Marg has much evolved, it has been distorted (denatured).
Babuji speaks in all times, and now Chari promises that he will change the world. "Whispers" and the medium have greatly contributed to the recent turmoil ...

Spirituality, spiritualism, religion and spiritualism

Lalaji embodied spirituality, Babuji veered into spiritualism by dogmatizing the 10 Commandments of Sahaj Marg, and Chari caricatured it by creating a new religion with global ambitions.

The last master of a great Sufi lineage (Naqshbandiya Sufi Order and the first Master of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Stream), Lalaji delivered an open and syncretic spiritual teaching and a philosophy of life, combining the contributions of Muslim Sufism and Hindu Santmat.

Babuji however has more or less recuperated it, much adapted it, re-nationalized and re-Hinduized it, to baptize it "Sahaj Marg".

Upon his arrival into the Mission and so as to seduce the West, Chari codified and ritualized the spiritual teachings, and this travesty has gradually been transformed into a (new) religion. Today, with Whispers and its medium, SRCM sinks into Spiritualism.

Between an open and spiritual syncretic religious teaching, to a dogmatic and sectarian spiritualism, Sahaj Marg has seen it all.

Whispers, the new Bible of Sahaj Marg

Remember! In 2005, Chari launches the sale of "Whispers From The Brighter World," a book sold for 250 €, and which no one knew neither the title nor the content. It must remain strictly personal, although it is a limited edition, it must not be copied or read in public. The money-making machine begins!

We discover later that it (Whispers) is a collection of messages from Babuji (deceased in 1983) channeled since 1999 and addressed to a French medium. (the Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM)

In 2009, Chari announced the release of four additional volumes at the same price as before, to one per year, and does not hesitate to baptize "Whispers" as the new "Bible or Veda of Sahaj Marg". He added that there would not be any second editions of these limited editions until 2030 or 2035.

Despite this claimed exclusivity, since that time, a section of the website of the SRCM has been established and a "Whisper a Day" distills a daily (channeled) message from Babuji. But Chari says that the internet will not deliver the messages published in the second volume until he alone gives the green light.

The money pump (money-making machine, or cash cow) is restarted ...

Does "Whispers", the Bible of Sahaj Marg according to Chari then replace the 10 Commandments of Sahaj Marg written in his lifetime by Babuji (Commentary on Ten Commandments of Sahaj Marg, Babuji, 1946) and supposedly enacted by Lalaji from the "great beyond"? It is true that Chari has already transformed the "Commandments" of Babuji into "maxims" for many years now.

The pernicious and deleterious influence of the medium

The phenomenon "Whispers" is not just a money pump (money-making machine, cash cow). By delivering the daily words of Babuji, Chari's revered master to whom Chari claims to refer to constantly, "Whispers" has come to surpass him. Babuji does not speak directly to Chari, he requires an intermediary. This medium says what she wants, she distills his message gradually, day after day. Her influence is pernicious, insidious.

Result? Today at the SRCM they speak of an elite to regenerate humanity, egregores, weddings to create a new human race or indigo children. Mediumistic spiritualism has eventually given birth to an intelligent design for the SRCM, between the New Age and science fiction, with nothing spiritual left.

To my knowledge, the word "Apocalypse" has not yet been delivered, but we're not far away from it and, especially, it is already in everyone's head ...

The example of the encounter between Catherine Lauret and Poonam Thaper is a very good example. No matter who Catherine Lauret is, her words perfectly reflect the mood of some abhyasis in the ashrams, and their toxicity. An atmosphere of doom ...

Another example which is representative of the result obtained by pounding the message and the undermining work undertaken, the abhyasi Mukul S. Mukherjee says that we are not worthy of the epithet "human".

The influence is huge and deleterious.

This reminds me of the story of the frog. Thrown into a pail of hot water, it jumps out immediately, but if immersed in cold water that is slowly heated, it can become accustomed to the heat, and eventually die. The abhyasis would have ran away if they had been sold all of these ideas at once. Instilled on a daily basis, they made their way and are now shared by all ... including Chari?

A draft policy between New Age and science fiction

Chari has manipulated Sahaj Marg for the sole benefit of his megalomania, through a carefully codified religious movement to attract the greatest number. A goal widely shared by his followers, let us recognize it ... The medium has completely hijacked the structure, its guru and his followers in favor of a new design, still a little blurry to the eyes of an outside observer.

SRCM exploits the fears and offers an alternative political project: create a new human race, spiritual, to form the new elite for mankind. Overthrow democracy and capitalism in favor of a spiritual dictatorship. Nothing less.

A project which has little chance of success! So why? To strengthen the cohesion of a SRCM threatened with implosion and surfing on FEARS, and provide a unifying goal?

For 20 years, Chari's project was growth. Reaching its end, being short of breath, he needed another project! The medium offered him a new project ...


To be continued ...

Back to basics? (4)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

just wanted to point your attention to a flawed attempt to justify SRCM's nonsense scientifically.
In Eurpoean Echoes April 2011 newsletter the article below appeared:
Nice, France
Lecture “Science and Spirituality”, March 20
The abhyasis present at Nice Ashram on Sunday 20th of
March, followed enthusiastically the talk “Science and
Spirituality” given by Charles Thomas, Researcher at
INSERM (National institute of Health and Medical
After the presentation of the subject and the definitions,
essential for the layman to follow, the features of divergence
and convergence between Science and Spirituality were
focused upon to conclude on a balance between these two
This presentation was endorsed by scientific studies (namely
Einstein and the present Quantum Physics) on one hand and
spiritual masters on the other.
Charles brought these notions to our level by using simple
sketches as well as extracts from the videos “What the bleep
do we know” and “Down the rabbit hole”.
He had proposed this theme in January in Toulouse, Vienna
(Austria) and Munich (Germany) and has continuously
improved it after each session. Presently, he is preparing a
version intended for general public use.
This lecture lasting one hour was followed by a session of
questions and answers, and then a debate for about one hour.
More than fifty abhyasis participated. They came from the
local region or other more distant centres.
The morning finished with an improvised meal, which was a
continuation of what we all shared.

Now notice the teaching material used:
"What the bleep do we know" and Wikipedia's take on it:!%3F

Sahaj New Age Marg!