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VBSE at LMOS of SRCM(California)

VBSE= Value Based Spiritual Education, created by Chari's SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute), which is an altered SMRI created by Dr. KC Varadachari, friend of Babuji, professor in Philosophy and "Guru-in-Waiting" before the "take-over" of SRCM by Chari and the businessmen (Brahmins). You will notice that "Teaching" has been added.

SMRTI has other significance in Hinduism and one can research and find Manu SMRTI for instance which represents the "right wing" Manu laws and codes that the religious fundamentalists are attempting to pass in the Indian Legislature.

LMOS= Lalaji Memorial OMEGA (International) School..Why OMEGA? Is it the END? LMOS is now a "Relgious boarding School", operated by the BROTHERS AND SISTERS of SRCM (California). In Googling LMOS one finds: Living Modified OrganismS. Is that the "hidden" meaning behind OMEGA? Is SRCM (California) in their "cunningness" now practicing "spiritual cloning"? Now they have added the "international" to attract children from the WEST.

SRCM (California) = Shri Ram Chandra Mission, headquartered in Chennai, India, registered in California in 1997 after an un-successful attempt by Chari (and his father) to become the President and "spiritual represenative" of Babuji's SRCM, headquarterd in Shahjahanpur and registered in India in 1945. See Babuji' s Family site at: SRCM (Shahjahanpur)

Here is what your children will be taught by the "Brothers and Sisters" with the VBSE of the SRCM (California) at their Religious Boarding School, the LMOS (or LMOIS). Why OMEGA? Is it the END?

There are five very important reasons, why we should get away from religious bondage –

a. It creates division among people.
b. Every religion talks of "one God" but states that only their God is the best.
c. It promotes disharmony, violence and wars. (my highlight in red-see below for allegations by Founder's (Babuji) family)
d. The real meaning of the tenets is forgotten and only the rituals are adhered to.
e. Religions put fear and temptations into the hearts of the people. (my highlight in red-see below for example of "FEAR" tactic by Chari

All religions in the world say the same thing i.e. "seek within". But do they? The answer is NO. Then what is the way? Transcend religion and move towards spirituality.

...Love of God, to become one with Him.

(my highlight...4d-don says: Notice that "They" attribute the Masculine to the DIVINE)

...Religion enforces an externalization of the mind in man’s search for God. Religion requires belief and faith. Religion speaks of seeing God, speaking with God, hearing God’s voice etc.

That is exactly what the evidence shows SRCM (Chennai) is doing. "Methinks they doth protest too much" is an appropriate line by Shakespeare.

If these VBSE teachings don't bring Tolerance and UNITY (sarcasm...they won't) between the RELIGIONS of the World as should be expected of the SRCM (California) because of the UN DPI Program criteria for membership, then the saying of the Founder, Babuji: "Spirituality Unites, Religion Divides" should do it. NOT!!

Then, one can read in their fund-raising book: "Whispers from the Brighter World", for sale for a "donation" of a mere $250.00 US, that the anonymous author, a French Medium (female) can speak to four deceased spirits and even bring messages from the past Master and Founder (which apparently Chari can't) while the fate of the SRCM is in Supreme Court of India and there are allegations of forgery and violence by the family of the Founder. In Sahaj Marg, one can speak to SPIRITS but not to the ONE GREAT SPIRIT. They call one (SRCM) spirituality( as opposed to spiritualism) and the other (all the others) RELIGION! The Master (Chari) can't speak directly to neither the Founder, the Master nor the ONE (what some call GOD). To do that, he needs a MEDIUM from France, this corrupt Western country.

This is what the UN at their DPI program accepts as members who apparently work for WORLD PEACE and Tolerance among the many RELIGIONS of the WORLD. These are the SPIRITUAL VALUES and the TOLERANCE taught at LMOS (or LMOIS) that is to UNITE the WORLD....NO doubt under Chari, the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE...or as I have begun calling him, THE MASTER OF DISASTER!!

Notice but one example of the (not so subtle) "Fear Mechanism" at work in this speech by Chari: (notice the Material around these "materialists" and capitalists who spent their lives in the "BUSINESS" world and now, after retirement, claim to be the "SPIRITUAL" leaders? NOT!! An ability to "access" money, manipulate people and systems does not a Spirituality Master make.

Taken from Constant Remembrance, Sahaj Marg Education Series, p.147 -
(ir)Reverend Chariji

"For those who are well advanced and for those who are advancing rapidly, please remember that without Constant Remembrance your life is fraught with great risks, not because there are dangers outside, but the danger is here, you see, in the heart. It is better to be a non-spiritual materialist whose heart is full of rubbish, because he cannot take anymore. There is no vacuum in his heart; whereas for a spiritual advancing person, there is a potential risk in every exposure. Because if this vacuum connection can be broken even for a moment and disconnected and connected elsewhere –God help him!"

Another section of the VBSE Curriculum taught at LMOS (or LMOIS)

VBSE Curriculum - Class 9 CHAPTER II - WHO AM I ?


….The following table suggests the common behavioural pattern projected and expected in our day-to-day life.

Mother.....Loving, caring and soft
Father......Authoritative and a strict disciplinarian
Son...........Naughty, negligent and easygoing
Daughter..Disciplined, systematic, well-behaved
Boss..........Egoistic, arrogant, rude
Servant.....Submissive, sincere and supportive

Therefore with the above mindset all of us are normal in our behaviour but not natural. Children, we find are so very natural and open in their behaviour, but we adults do not allow them to continue with that. We thrust all the norms of society on them and ensure that they adopt it. In due course the naturality of their behaviour is lost and normality of it sets in.
Eg. When a family shifts from one place to another, it is very well known that children make friends easily, while it takes a longer time for adults to get to know each other.

Reasons for not being natural

1. Fear of being rejected.
2. Feeling shy (shyness is another form of ego).
3. A superiority or inferiority complex.
4. Would like to maintain one’s privacy – do not want others to pry into their affairs.
5. Not willing to be open and let others know about their weakness or failings (fear of being judged).

Although SRCM claims that it is “society” or THEM who project these “expectations” on our kids, and who make our kids “un-natural” and that it is the Guru and Sahaj Marg who makes them Spiritual and Natural, see what Chari “Transmits” with his words to our young GIRLS….Does he ever notice and encourage the “nice and quiet girls” to not be “naughty and mischievous”? It is not “SOCIETY” who thinks that of our GIRLS but “OLD MEN” like him….

"You know, I am still young at heart. That’s why I wander around the world; I wink at girls, no? [Laughter] I believe they like it, too, at least the more mischievous, naughty ones! Don’t you? [Abhyasi: Yes.] Aha!"

This (below) is what Chari “projects” on our young men and our young girls about his “superior” culture and our “perverse” western culture. Does this sound like Raja Yoga or some type of “fundamentalism”? And he thinks that “Scandinavia set the lead”? All is PURE in INDIA and the rest of the world is going to hell unless if SAHAJ MARG saves us. And they he arranges marriages with "his better Indian husbands and wives" without ever claiming responsibility for the "disasters" that he causes in their failed marriages and divided families (see ex-preceptor, Michael's account). Does that not sound like all other RELIGIONS who INVADE other countries and CULTURES? And he calls his speech RESPECT and RESTRAINT….Such ARROGANCE!!


Reverence, Respect and Restraint
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari at the Seminar in Vrads Sande, Denmark on 1st November, 2005

We are not always asking for money. Like you have to give your aged parents some money to run the household when you are earning yourself. They look after you when you are young, when you go to school, when you go to college, when you flirt with your first few girlfriends and boyfriends. It is the parents who pay for it. When you grow up and they are sixty, sixty-five, seventy, it is the duty of those same children to look after their parents. Unfortunately, in the Western culture this doesn’t exist, which is a shame. Shame on youth who are all seated before me, young, handsome, strong, virile, but with no care for the elder generation, no respect for them, and even less love. I say again very firmly that this is a shame that old people have to go to geriatric homes, die in isolation, lonely, unloved. I hope you all feel it when you are old. Because you may look beautiful today, handsome, no wrinkles on your face, everybody falling in love with you, bearded young men, all the girls after them. It looks nice. It feels nice. And that love is superb, wonderful. Love is a many splendoured thing. (There was a song in a movie.) This is not love. It is fascination. It is attraction. It is sex. It doesn’t last very long.

This morning as a joke, I said from my window that our cultures are there: you have your culture, I have my culture. In my culture, we marry and then love. In your culture, you love and then marry. I think because you love and marry there are so few really good marriages which are long-lasting, with real love, because once you have sex together, either you break away and say, “Damn it, one more girl, so what?” or you feel compelled to marry the girl because you have had sex with her, and then you hate her all your life. It’s not a good thing. Scandinavia set the lead, and I’m sure God has a special place in hell for Scandinavia. Yes, because this is a perversion of human values. It’s a perversion of putting the cart before the horse. And it’s a perversion because it corrupts marriage, it corrupts human relationships from young age to old age. So beware of your culture where you love and then marry. Get into the habit of marrying and then loving. Because after you marry if you have sex, there is now no more compulsion, you don’t feel obliged to marry her because you are already married to her. And it’s the men who are the biggest sinners, God help them.

In the VBSE that is taught at the LMOS (or LMOIS) of SRCM (California), the Chari or Chennai faction of SRCM, there is this passage:

Begin with recitation of the Mission prayer followed by five minutes of meditation. The meditation technique is not taught but the students are asked to sit quietly with their eyes closed.

This means that the "Brain-washing" or "cleaning" as they call it, begins at the "primary" level, in the first class with Prayer and MEDITATION that apparently they do not teach to anyone younger than 18 yrs old according to the "instructions" of the FOUNDER of the system. This will be done under the oral instructions of the "Brothers and the Sisters", the teachers who must be "obeyed" and "loved".
This is not at all like Babuji who did not target children with his "system", which has now become "obedience" to the Master, the Method and the MISSION. And this combination of "Obedience of the School" and the "LOVE of Religion" in the hands of "Brothers and Sisters" is a dangerous imbalance of power that gives a very "human" teacher an absolute power over the Child. In today's world, any imbalance has to be in favour of the CHILD and the parent, or the USERS, not the INSTITUTION. Other Religions (Christian) have learned that lesson at a very high spiritual, intellectual, emotional and legal cost to society at large and financially to their organizations.

Their goal is to spread the schools to Europe (Switzerland) and then North America.


O Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life;
We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and power to bring us up to that stage.

To Whom is the Mission Prayer Addressed and Why

Babuji himself has written that ultimately He (pointing upwards) is the real Master . . . and all the human Masters who come on this world, on this earth, are His representatives. If that is so, then why do we address the prayer, "Oh, Master" and not "Oh, God". Now today I am giving you the answer for that. Because God, it is a living God who is before you in the form of the Master ...this is an embodied flesh-and-blood divinity . . . who can understand our needs; who can understand our temperaments; who can sympathize with us, being human himself; who can accept our failings, perhaps having failed himself in some way . . .

In the same introduction to the VBSE, there is this phrase:

Conclude with prayer or quiet meditation.

This makes twice per class that the student will repeat the Sahaj Marg Prayer and this apparently in 100 schools that use this VBSE curriculum in India. That makes a lot of Students claiming to be "slaves to their desires". SRCM (California) will call this the NATURAL path and they will become "slaves" thanks to Sahaj Marg. This is contrary to Swami Vivikananda who apparently gave the instructions for creating the "new religion" call Sahaj marg (the "easy path") to Babuji on the "INSIDE" . He and his Master, Ramakrishna called "silly" to repeat over and over what we don't want.

And this is what they call: "SPIRITUAL VALUES"?

If that is not enough: Check out Chari's stance on and implementation of democracy, or the tolerance of Homosexuality, or the promotion of women's equality and rights, and check out the corporate structure of SRCM at the Sahaj Marg Project
Is SRCM (California) even a good "CORPORATE" citizen?


Anonymous said...

I want to bring to your notice, a small incident - One Abhaysi, was with PR, When the news reached that Abhyasi mother expired.
He was planning to move back to the place where her mother's mortal was kept.
Can you imagine what PR has to say.
He directed(ordered) him not to go to that place, as her soul has already left her body.
That fellow has accepted that.
I dont know if MR PR has done the same thing his father e.t.c relatives have died.
PR himself has written, how he grieved the death of his father.
I dont know why he does not understand that other's also has same feeling.
If that Abhyasi has not followed his instructions then he is called as not obidient, and his name will appear every where in the literature of SRCM.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous...

This person you describe does not sound like a wise and just person...and more of a tyrant...

You follow your are the only one responsible for your life, your decisions, your actions.
Your karma and your Dharma is yours, not Chari's .

That is "natural" and Freedom as the ONE created in nature in general.