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Keep Chari Happy! Give more Money!

Comments to a speech by Chari in Kolkata, India, Mar. 21, 2009

Comments by 4d-Don in "red italics"

From: "The Heart of the lion", by Chari : "The swing between the opposites is minimized until I don't know even the difference between pleasure and pain". Now he needs for the abhyasis to "keep the Master Happy". It seems that he has drifted from the Spiritual into the Material and now needs (desires) the abhyasis, rather than the other way around. The Master is "spiritually bankrupt" and needs to be "emotionally ("kept happy" is an emotional desire) bailed out". It seems that in these days of transformation, the "spiritual capitalists" who would sell salvation for the egoism that power and money bring, are grovelling, just like the material capitalists.

Keep the Master happy under all circumstances

A Talk by Master on 21st of March, 2009 at Kolkota, India

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, according to the calendar, is the first day of spring (in some parts of the planet Earth, in the northern hemisphere) . It is a renewal of life after the cold, harsh winter, where everything is snowbound, trees lose their leaves, birds stop flying, and only predatory animals are there on the move: wolves, bears and such. (Wrong... Many animals which are not predators: rabbits, hares, mice, rats, etc. etc.. are out all winter (of course), why do SOME (some hibernate) predators come out if there is no "food"? ... The Master of the Natural Path, is not very well versed on "Nature". He is more knowledgeable in parking lots, real-estate developments, steel, concrete and plastics...and "capitalism")

So, to celebrate spring (in a sense, because we don't celebrate) (just the (3) birthdays bashes of the two (2) self-appointed Masters of their sect, and Lalaji, who had nothing to do with SRCM. The founder of SRCM just "used" Lalaji's name without his permission or the permission of his family or society, even though he had a legal lineage, successors, and societies. The so called "Method" of Sahaj Marg is different from the method taught by the other Lalaji groups.) I would like to tell you some things that Babuji Maharaj told me when he was very ill, towards the end of his life, and we were actually in Switzerland. (get the violins out... he is manipulating, using Babuji again) For three days the doctors said, "There is no hope." Addressing me they said, "There is no hope that you can take him back alive to India." But I never lost hope because I had seen Babuji Maharaj swing back from one extreme to another, almost in seconds. But on that occasion, he was so upset with himself. I said, "Babuji, why are you upset with yourself? There is nobody to match you in this world. (Chari using Babuji to "air" his ego... One can almost hear him say: "And I am the (self-appointed) successor of Babuji and hence: nobody can "match me"!) Your Master is very happy with you as you keep on saying. And why this sudden situation of despair, despondency?"(Babuji was in "despair", according to Chari?... Not very "Masterly"!! Is Chari in "despair", and is he projecting his despair on Babuji? ) - because he was quite determined to go. He said, "I want to go." I said, "We are going to India in a few days." He said, "No, I want to go There." I said, "But, Babuji, what will we do without you?" - taking a selfish standpoint, you know. He said, "People like you, maybe there are only a few, two or three, you will get on because you have me in your heart. (self praise...ego) But the rest of our abhyasi brotherhood don't consider me at all. They only come to me to take. Eternally they want to take. (That is the deal of the "master/disciple relationship. Babuji knew that. The Master opens an ashram and the disciples come and "take". Chari and other "pseudo-gurus" wants to change that to "the disciples give (money) and the Master takes" ) I am willing to give them the whole universe, (the "universe" is not anyone's to give, not even Babuji's ... Chari's ego talking) if they could but do the meditation properly, and in one sitting I can do it, (ego...not Babuji) but all that they bring me is their unhappiness, their sickness and their anger against me." (Anger against Babuji? This is made up, invented ... does not even sound true ... and/or is very weird. The "anger" Chari feels is against Chari, not against Babuji... he is projecting, not "channeling". Babuji use to say: We only see what we think ... that is why we should LOVE everyone.) He used these words - "They are angry with me because I don't solve their problems." He said, "I am telling you, Parthasarathi. I need Lalaji's permission for everything that I do. (Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg, according to Kasturi's followers... Lalaji (if he could from the "other world") would give instructions to his own organization, and his legitimalely appointed successors) It is not a question of whether I can do it or not. If Lalaji permits, I can do anything, including spinning the world like a top. (Chari's ego ... projected on Babuji) But without his permission, I cannot even have a drink of water." (And Babuji, or any other "human" including "megalomaniacs", can't "spin the world like a top"... Pure fantasy.. invented. )

Please register these words carefully in your hearts, because his despair was not because Lalaji was angry with him, or he was not capable, but because abhyasis, barring a few, were only trying to put their egos in front of him, their demands for material welfare, for material growth, and so on and so forth. And when he could not do it because he was not permitted to do it by Lalaji Maharaj, they turned against him. (Who turned against him? Names??. Maybe Chari?? Another example of "division" in Sahaj Marg? These "meditators" don't seem to be very "loving", according to Chari, even to their own Masters !!) I said, "Babuji, but surely Lalaji understands all this." He said, "No, Parthasarathi. I feel miserable because I have come under the compulsion of abhyasis." (the POWERFUL Master who can "give the UNIVERSE" and "spinning the World like a top" in one sentence, in the other sentence feels "miserable" because he has come under the "compulsion" of the lowly "taking" abhyasis? Is Chari talking about himself here?) In Hindi, murabbat, as opposed to love - muhabbat. "Mein abhyasiyon ke murabbat mein phans gaya hoon - I have been caught up in their compulsions. (This is what Kasturi, the only saint in Sahaj Marg according to Babuji, the founder, said happened to Chari (see Kasturi's speech of 1995). ... I have said yes to every foolish request, every silly demand, so that I feel that today the Mission is in this condition because of me only. (because of Chari, if we believe the alleged letter from Babuji to Jahagirdar #13, 14- part 1... part 2 ) And if I go to the Brighter World, what face shall I show to my Guru?" (Is this Chari's "confession"? Who has "two faces"? Or more than "one face"?)

You see? It was a moment of extreme despair for him - how he would face his Master in the Brighter World. (this sounds like Chari's "nightmare"... see this site for another "perspective" - go to "Ramachandra of Ramachandra Mission) Because, instead of being disciplined, instead of refusing or denying so many requests that he should not have acceded to, of a non-spiritual nature, he said yes to everything. Then he said something very important. He said, "In this condition I can do so much. If only my abhyasis would keep me happy, then they will see what I really can do." ( other words, buy the "whispers from the Brighter World" the Sequel, and keep Chari happy and see what he can do... ego ... this is the carrot... now watch for the STICK, the "threats" of eternal doom ... Spirituality or temptation and FEAR of RELIGION? Using "groupthink" or his new-found toy, "egregores"! )

See, this sentence is to be hammered into your hearts. (Sahaj Marg, the gentle, loving, harmonious and "Natural" path hammering away at your HEART !! No wonder so many young abhyasis are dying of "heart or stress related" diseases.) If you can't accept it, somebody should hammer it. (stress-ing the point) Keep your Master happy under all circumstances. Don't pit your desire against his plans. The Master has no desires. (wrong... his desires are expressed here: KEEP ME HAPPY! AGREE WITH MY PLANS) He has only plans: plans for the Mission, plans for the abhyasis - all for the welfare of the abhyasis, nothing for himself. (wrong... All for CHARI's EGO (legacy) ... there is no SPIRIT in CONCRETE or Cement!! ... Not for Ashrams built from the "materialist" centers of DUBAI)

I have spent so much time with my Babuji Maharaj. Sometimes he ate half a roti, and a small katori [cup] of daal. He was permanently ill. He was on a sort of a tightrope - morning, one, evening, another: constipation/diarrhoea, sickness/health, morose/smiling, cheerful. You have not seen him, most of you. He was on that delicate knife-edge, balanced between two opposites of life. And all that he wanted was our cooperation. (Which he (and others) apparently did not get from Chari) All that he wanted was for us to agree to what he said. He said, "Build the ashram here" - build it here. "Build it there" - build it there. But we are quarrelling now! "This ashram must not be here, it must be there. It must face this way, and not this way." (Chari's scam... get MONEY!!... Agree with Chari! Keep Chari "happy" ... Whatever happened to the warnings from Babuji and Dr. Varadachari about "commercializing" the Mission? Whatever happened to the nationalist/spiritualist "capitalists" who funded Chari's MISSION so far? Are they "BROKE"? And now SRCM (California-1997) needs "the POOR PEOPLE" to fund their Master's materialist and empirialist megalomania.

Maybe if the Master agrees to sell his soul (integrity) and to wear "blue jeans" again (as a "commercial") then the (advertising) money will come again ... Oh yes! The soul can only be sold "ONCE" ...

(Find photos (on the NET) of Chari on USA tour wearing "blue jeans" after donation from his "brother", the Indian "Blue Jean" baron)

I remember when we had the inauguration of the Shahjahanpur ashram. I had gone with him all round the previous day before the inauguration, and he was eminently happy with everything. It was the first ashram that he had built personally, and he was so joyful that he would gift it to Lalaji Maharaj as his guru dakshina (offering to the guru). (The ashram that was now taken over forcefully, with violence (see two Newspaper articles here) by "goons" from SRCM(California-1997). That issue has yet to come to court. ... and this is the same ashram that since "flooded" (Dec. 2008) . (see photos )

On the inauguration day after the satsangh, one young fellow came and said, "Babuji, it is not good to have thirteen windows." It so happened that there were four sides to that ashram. It is a sort of an octagonal structure; on four long sides there are windows, and there are thirteen windows on each side. Babuji Maharaj said, "I am sorry I did not consult you before I built it." Look at his humility! I told the young man, "Don't be stupid. (How arrogant...) Thirteen into four are fifty-two. (wrong math) That is the number of weeks in a year." And he went away very happy, you see. (How silly! Numerology and superstition? Is that how SRCM makes "decisions"... not with "divine" inspiration? )

All of us today are like that. We want our satisfaction, our opinion, our plan to be accepted. And there are some centres that have been eminently troublesome to Babuji in his lifetime, and subsequently. I caution all of you who wish to pit your intelligence and your will to do wrong against your Master's will. You may win battles here, but it will not take you one step further in spirituality. (threats?? ... using Babuji) Because from a wounded heart, from a sorrowful heart of a Master, what will you get except tears? He will still struggle to do what is good for you, but your attitude of mistrust, of self-importance, of arrogance, and the pride that you can stop his work, will definitely doom you to several lives on earth. (more threats... using Babuji) And remember what Babuji Maharaj said, "Such a time as this may not come for thousands of years again." These spiritual doors are not open like elephant doors. They open, and by divine command they stay open for as long as Divinity wishes. And when Divinity says, "Bus! [Enough!]" nothing in the universe can open that door except divine will again. (How silly... The Divine opens a DOOR?? GET REAL!! How "religious" Sahaj Marg has become. Is this "RAJA YOGA" also? Do you think you are speaking to "children"?... If they believe this and continue to give you money, then maybe you are! I think the game is OVER!! I pray for the sake of your followers and and the sake of their divided families and societies that they will finally see through your "silly" fantasies and become REAL and face REALITY again.)

I would like you all to listen to this, if it is recorded, again and again. Clear your minds. Tell yourself that your individual ego (Remember that... Chari, from Venus... ) is not worth a grain of sand. Tell yourself that you may oppose, but you cannot stop. (you are speaking to your "followers" aren't you? Or are you speaking AT your followers but really sending the MESSAGE to the BLOGGERS or the deserters from your DIVIDED Group? Why do you treat your followers as "enemies", and traitors, and deserters?) Tell yourself that however big, however important, however rich, however powerful, however intellectual you are, before Him you are as nothing. I pray for you all.

All this Temptation and FEAR, just like the "corrupt religions", so as to get the the followers to BUY the Sequel to "Whispers From the Brighter World", the all-new BIBLE of Sahaj Marg to be written by Messagees from the spirits of the dead, many "un-named", channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium.

The Spiritual Capitalists want to be BAILED OUT again!!

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