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Science/Spirituality Unites ... Religion/Spiritualism Divides!

... And a little bit of science, the REAL spice of life for intellectuals who use their "head" to think!

... and a REALITY check for the "faith-based" adherents (stuck, glued, etc.) to Spiritualism who are told by their "trusted authority" to use their "hearts" to think!!

Stillness is an illusion ... Motion is a REALITY ... Change is relative ... Inside the UNIVERSE (ONE - verse), all is in MOTION and all CHANGES ... there is no stillness, no vacuum, in REALITY!

Is it really a UNIVERSE or is it really a Multi-verse? Does the UNIVERSE move of itself, and inside itself ? Or does it move relative to other Universes? At least it seems to expand or inflate (like a balloon), even if there is only ONE UNIVERSE. Also, it seems to "gather together" (attract? using gravity (a force?) - all mass distorts the space around itself, and all mass, in reality, falls toward all mass, as per an inverse square law) at some levels, such as at the atomic, solar, and Galactic levels. As well, it seems to attract large parts of itself at the level of Groups of Galaxies, and/or Clusters of Groups of Galaxies, and all is moving towards the Great Attractor. Could the Great Attractor be a part or a segment of a 3d wall, film or membrane around a CENTRAL VOID? ...

This is the "void" in which some astronomers believe, no material UNIVERSE is created. But it is not really void of energy or "empty", but is a region of no interference. It is a central region, where the Energy (EM waves/photons, gravity waves, dark energy?, etc....) does not interfere (or deviate from straight) with itself, and/or create an interference pattern that would then materialize into a spherical 3d film or "membrane" around our "soap bubble" Universe.

We are all aware that if we give a number to the probability of a photon to go in a straight line, it would be "one" (1) for the only one path that is "straight" ... The probability pattern of the photon deviating from straight and interfering with another photon as it journeys at the speed of light in one direction (in 3d), creates a hemisphere of 360 degrees (minus one "straight" path) in the direction of the MOTION, leaving a hemispheric 360 degree probability pattern in its wake, in the direction away from the MOTION of the photon ... or where the photon was a milli-second ago. (this analogy is only in 1d - path of a photon) ... the Universe is at least 4d (3d of space and 1d of Motion measured as TIME) ... and probably more, but 4d has now received near-universal acceptance !!)

We and ALL the created universe exist because of a deviation from the straight MOTION of the energy of the original "stir", (Big) Bang, (or the collision of "branes" (membranes) of two Multi-verses), and the interference of the universally expanding energy with ITSELF! This "energy" could be called by the names of the four universally accepted forces of physics: electromagnetic (electricity and magnetism), weak, strong, gravity (attractive and repulsive), and/or we could include the new accelerating 5th force, "quintessence" (dark energy), or simply group them together (unify them) as MOTION.

Where there is no interference, there is no material creation ... hence the high energy, central void of our universe, surrounded by a lower energy 3d film where space expands, and draws the galaxies, Groups of Galaxies, and Clusters of galaxies along with it. These cosmic objects are now seen to be "accelerating" their expansion speed (dark or "unknown" energy?).

: "You Are Here", A Portable History of the Universe, by Christopher Potter,
(Pages 46-47)


The first attempt to define a metre was made in France in 1793, when it was defined as the ten-millionth part of that segment of the earth's circumference that runs from the equator to the North Pole, via Paris*. Even the least scientifically minded reader might find this definition suspiciously, well, French.

"Ultimtely, science searches for descriptions that can be agreed across the Universe, not just around the world. Science is based on the belief that no matter where we might be in the universe, the reality we perceive, whatever we think it is, is the same reality. The ancients did not make this assumption: reality was, for them, divided into different spheres of influence. The world that included the earth and extended as far as the moon (the sublunar world) had quite a different reality from that of the heavens beyond: different laws of nature applied. Modern science works on the belief that there is one indivisible reality that is universally consistent. It is imperative that we, as scientists, attempt to describe this reality by measuring the things in it that we all agree what we are measuring with.

"This "we" who describe this universe is a strange inclusive group. We earthlings have not yet travelled far from home, nor do we know whether or not we are the only beings in the universe who have embarked on such a description of nature, but science believes that there is a universal perspective. It either imagines that humans will one day be far-flung across the universe, or that there are other life-forms already there- aliens capable of describing the world as they apprehend it outside of themselves- who have embarked on the same scientific enterprise as humans have. No wonder scientist are peculiarly interested in aliens and in science fiction. The idea of aliens is almost as important as their actual existence. Scientists need an alien perspective in order to ensure human bias is eliminated. Yet what that perspective might be and what form other life can take is limited by our human ability to conceive them.

"If there are aliens out there measuring reality with a stick, then we need to convince ourselves that the way we difine length is universal. If we don't have such universal agreement, there will always be the possibility that when an alien describes reality something quite different from our reality will be described. And then who is to say which is the true reality?"

"The 1793 definition of a meter is not even global- there is privilege attached to being Parisian- let alone universal. Even if we could persuade all living forms in the universe to accept that particular fraction of the earth's circumference passing through Paris is how we define our unit of measurement, we could only do so by asserting our authority, the ultimate assertion presumably made by war. "

* The earth is not a perfect sphere so the distance would be slightly different if some other route was chosen that did not go via Paris.

(4d-don) :

"Asserting our authority" is what we, humans, do with our claims of "unique", "special", "chosen", or our religious and/or our faith-based endeavours ... and it has always led us to war ... One religion or "path" always wants to claim to be unique, the ONLY, etc... Faith-based systems are also called: "confidence systems" ... hence the term "the con game" of charlatans.

As one meditates, one enters the alleged "Stillness", an illusion that does not exist in reality but only in the MIND. Hence the Yoga of the MIND which is Raja Yoga, was created by Patanjali (2nd century BCE) in his attempt to "control the mind". The same focus on mind was prevalent in Greek philosophy for centuries where the sources of knowledge were called Mythos and Logos. Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE) who's mentor was the philosopher, Aristotle, died of malaria on his way back from invading India.

There is "Stillness" only in one's "imagination" ... In REALITY, there is MOTION everywhere including in the "meditator" and all around him/her ... Meditation is an "escapist" exercise one undertakes so as to escape from the MOTION (turmoil?) of everyday life in one's mind, and thus feel the self-created illusion of ONE-ness, and hence the narcissistic sensuality of "bliss". The co-dependent adept is then finally "able to rest and relax" or sleep or half-sleep ( what is called: "trance"), and eventually relate to, and be a part of the MOTION of LIFE and the ALL (creation) within its Universal abode ...

But in REALITY, the description of that experience (One-ness, bliss, etc.) will not be understood or accepted universally, and will cause schisms by various competing so-called "authorities", into "unique" and "exclusive" groups which describe a divided reality where no UNIVERSALITY exists ... This mis-understanding goes to the point of violence and war ... the history of RELIGION ! How many Gurus in India?? How many religions in the world?

Science, on the other hand, "unites", and constantly attempts to attain "universality" or concensus, while RELIGION divides into factions, all of which claim to adhere to the REAL REALITY ... and that includes so-called pseudo-SPIRITUAL groups, SPIRITUALIST groups, SPIRITIST groups, CULTS of Personalities, and other "faith-based " methods or systems.

True SPIRITUALITY or systems such as "raja yoga", which were created to assist one in reaching altered states of consciousness, do not need the faith-based or mystical "transmission" from a "special" and "unique" person, usually a man. Its adepts claim Spirituality to be a science and should "UNITE", but ... most groups who call themselves "spiritual", are really pseudo-spiritual and are really more spiritualist and/or cults of personalities. The systems are usually "too difficult" for the "modern man"... so they "modify" them and/or make them "SPIRITUALISM", through the "authority" of a "special" and/or usually "self-chosen" and self-appointed God-man!

In science, the scientist has to earn his cult status ... and that status only remains until the next rung of "progress" ... and the "NEW" theory!! Religion/Spiritualism quickly becomes a dogmatic and authoritative "confidence-game" where the "good disciple" has confidence in the Godman and his self-appointed representatives, and the "bad disciple", the thinker who eventually uses his head, goes elsewhere! Divided from the GROUP! ...

Science has a self-correcting mechanism ... peer-review!

Get out of the "programs" of faith-based groups which use dogma and "authority"... and experience REALITY!



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