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Sahaj Marg(tm): When Chari Is No Longer There

Translated from an article by Alexis: "Si Chari n'était pas là", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

4d-Don says: Chari buys, his businessmen (directors of the Sahaj Marg Spiritualism Foundation) control the "loot" and will own and manage the "real estate";  but the "sheep" will pay ... as usual.  

Religion is controlled by the "wealthy", it divides.  And the poor are always the ones who pay for the "joy" of being Saved by the Religious (or Spiritualist) Cult Leaders...  The membership of Sahaj Marg(tm) controls nothing!  They just pay to acquire and to build.   SRCM, according to their SRCM Original Constitution and By-Laws, is a Dictatorship, and as such, should not be accepted in the UN DPI program....

Sept. 7, 2014

Sahaj Marg(tm): When Chari Is No Longer There

A new message from Alexis: Si Chari n’était pas là…

In the Echos of North America of Jun, 2014, an abhyasi relates the process for acquiring the first Canadian ashram:

“The task of finding an ashram was daunting since we are only a few abhyasis in Canada, compared to our neighbouring brothers and sisters. Our search, like all such searches, went on for years here and there. But on July 24, 2012, a group of determined and strong-willed abhyasis came together to form a core committee, specifically dedicated to this search. Weeks and months went by while exploring the available properties that matched our criteria and budget. 

Finally, on June 1, 2013, we spotted a promising property in Mississauga, Toronto. Our group was split with strong opinions. Some seemed to think that this was a perfect place and wanted to grab it right away, while others wanted to carefully deliberate, because the cost was over our budget. Then, as a surprise to all, came the approval and blessing of our Master, along with the news of some promised funds for support. His approval wiped out our differences. From then on, we moved ahead as one heart and one mind to make his dream a reality.

We signed the initial conditional offer on August 1, 2013, and began our due diligence on the property. Although it appeared to be a perfect property with no foreseen issues at the time, there were lots of hurdles that came along. Some of us worked to clear some issues out of the way, while others connected with abhyasis nationwide for support. This project made us work with each other, among prefects and abhyasis, and to me, this network was very important. Certainly we came across some degree of divergence at difficult times, but we stuck through the thick and thin of this process to realize the purchase of this property as of January 2014. 

When I look back on this journey from here, I wonder if these hurdles were part of the preparation needed for all of us to grow internally. Perhaps this was His bigger plan. We cannot be anything but grateful for it. (…) 

We are truly one borderless family.” 

SRCM, a borderless family? Really? With less than 500 members, the Canadian family has experienced wide divergence and grazed the break-up of the only project it has ever had.  It was only  Chari who avoided the worst ... 

If Chari had not been there, what would have happened to this poor little family which is so divided? So when Chari is gone? What will Patel be able to do?


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Sahaj Marg (tm) Leadership Accused of Extortion

Translation of an article from Alexis: "La SRCM devant la justice Indienne. Une tentative d'extortion de fonds", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Aug. 25, 2014.

Message from Alexis:

An Attempt at Extortion.  SRCM to Appear Before Indian Justice.
A short "press review" from Times of India, Pioneer (passing by Indore City) 

Commissioner Lodges Extortion Complaint Against SRCM.  Chennai.

TNN | Aug 24, 2014, 11.15 AM IST


Senior IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh and commissioner higher education, Sachin Sinha has lodged a complaint against Chennai-based Ram Chandra Mission for trying to extort Rs 10 lakh from him and his family. Sinha, an IAS officer of 1995 batch, said that he had been receiving threatening e-mails and phone calls. 

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) is a non-profit organization which provides spiritual training and has its international headquarters based at Chennai. Sinha has named Rajagopalachari, president of SRCM, his son PR Krishnan and Kamlesh Patel in the FIR.

On Thursday night around 10 pm, Sinha went to Habibganj police station and lodged a complaint. Police have registered the case under Sections 386, 294, 506, 507 and 34 of the IPC. A separate case has been registered under IT act at Habibganj police station. Sinha stated that he was associated with the organization in the past, but left after he found the activities suspicious.

He said that Rajagopalachari, Krishna, Patel and others threatened him and his family of dire consequences if he failed to fulfill their demands. Sinha told TOI that the people associated with the organization could also be involved in unlawful activities in different states. Few members of the organization are also in Bhopal, he added.

Police said that a team would be sent to Chennai after recording detailed statement of the IAS officer. He had been receiving threatening mails and phone calls since April this year, police said. Few days back, Sinha gave an application to the police. Later, on Thursday, he went and insisted for an FIR.

Sinha lives in Char Imli area while his parents reside in Arera Colony. According to the police, some people also shouted near his bungalow to frighten him. Few days back, some unidentified persons left materials used in funeral pyre outside hisparents' house in Arera colony.

Quoting Sinha, police said that the organisation has been banned in France.

August 24, 2014

Bhopal: The Commissioner of Higher Education Department, on Friday approached Habibganj police station and lodged a complaint against Chennai based spiritual organisation for allegedly demanding a donation of Rs 10 lakhs from him.

In his complaint, the Commissioner also alleged that they also threatened to kill him and his family members in case he did not provide the demanded amount. Following the complaint of the victim, the police have booked three people including director of organisation, his son and another person from management of organisation under sections 386, 294, 506, 507 and 34 of the IPC and charges of IT Act against the accused and started further investigation. TI, Habibganj GP Agrawal said that the complainant Sachin Sinha, 41, son of VP Sinha, a resident of D- 2/ 11 at Char Imli is posted as commissioner in Higher Education Department and earlier works in Home Ministry ( Statics) department.

Agrawal further said, Sinha in his complaint told the police that earlier he joined Chennai based Shreeramchandra Mission Ashram known for its yogic activities for meditation purpose. At the time of getting associated with the ashram located at 6 no stop in Shivaji Nagar he was told that no fees and donation was taken at the centre therefore Sinha took part in several activities of the ashram for several years.

Later when he came to know that due to some irregularities, the ashram was banned in France after which he left the centre. Meanwhile, from April 1 he started to get repeated phone calls and e- mails from director of organisation Parthsarthi Rajgopal Acharya, his son TR Krishna and Kamlesh Patel demanding donation of Rs 10 lakhs and threat to kill him and his family on condition of not paying the asked amount.

Subsequently, he approached Habibganj police station and lodged a complaint in this regard after which the police have booked three accused and started further investigation into the case while the call details and e- mails of Sachin Sinha will be verified by the police.

Sunday, 24 August 2014 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal | in Bhopal

sensational case of extortion demanding Rs10 lakh from an IAS officer who is posted as Commissioner in the Department of Higher Education in Madhya Pradesh has come to the fore in the State capital after the officer lodged a complaint with Habibganj police on Friday.

According to the police, the victim Sachin Sinha has been receiving threat mails demanding an extortion of Rs10 lakh for the past few months. In the complaint, the victim has claimed that he has received e-mails from Shri Ramchandra Mission of Chennai demanding extortion of Rs10 lakh and if he fails to provide the amount he along with his family would be eliminated. In his complaint, Sinha told police that he had joined Chennai based Shri Ramchandra Mission Ashram known for its yogic activities for meditation purpose.

At the time of getting associated with the ashram located at 6 no stop in Shivaji Nagar he was told that no fees and donation is taken but later when he came to know that due to some irregularities the ashram has been banned in France, he stopped visiting the ashram and since then he started receiving threatening mails.

SHO of Habibganj police station GD Agrawal said that a complaint regarding extortion e-mails has been received and based on the victim’s complaint a case has been registered and further investigation has been started. The police have registered a case under Section 386, 294, 506, 507 and 34 of the IPC of the IPC and 66 A of the Information Technology Act against Parthsarthi Rajgopal Acharya, PR Krishnan and Kamlesh Patel who are associated with the institute.

Agrawal informed that the possibility of an institute demanding extortion is suspicious and it seems that some miscreant might have accessed or has created a fake e-mail of the institute as several cases of the same nature have been reported in the past and number of such cases has increased significantly. Police said that the documents in which demand of extortion is made has been collected and would be investigated. The cyber experts would be roped in to provide technical assistance into the matter. Victim is receiving mails from April to till date.

Addendum as per comment received Aug. 30, 2014 (see comment section).  

This story seems to reflect some internal strife at the SRCM.  There seems to be some "trouble in paradise" between the management and a volunteer preceptor or a "prefect".  This is not simply from the "rank and file" but from yet another preceptor (the Sahaj Marg equivalent of a "priest" in Christianity): 
BHOPAL: The functionaries of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), Chennai on Thursday refuted the extortion charges levelled by senior IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh and commissioner higher education, Sachin Sinha recently.

Sinha, has lodged a complaint against the Mission for trying to extort Rs 10 lakh from him and his family. In his complaint, Sinha stated that he had been receiving threatening e-mails and phone calls.

The mission issued a statement terming the allegations baseless. The statement said, "Not only the charges are false, they have been levelled to tarnish the goodwill and image of the mission."

The complainant resigned from the post of a mission functionary and later apologizing for his action, he again requested the mission to grant him the position, said the statement.

Sinha was practicing the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga till March, 2014 and was also a prefect (spiritual trainer) in the mission.

Though the complaint deals with allegations about donations and threats, Sinha had not produced any substantive evidence while lodging the complaint.

Mission is run purely on voluntary contributions till date. We agree complainant has submitted copies of emails received by him from a functionary of the mission demanding money and also received threats over the phone. However, these emails are sent from various email IDs which don't belong to the mission and has not been used by the concerned functionary ever. The complaint lacks documentary evidence.

The mission administration requested the police to conduct thorough investigation and take appropriate legal action against the complainant if the charges are found to be false.

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Patel Does Not Mobilize the Crowds

From an article by Alexis: "Patel ne mobilise pas les foules" on his blog: Projet Sahaj Marg.  Translation of an article by Elodie: "SRCM Mourra avec Chari" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

August 16, 2014 

SRCM Will Die With Chari

From Alexis' Article: Patel Does Not Mobilize the Masses

“Abhyasis from all over the world were invited to attend this important event. Under Master’s guidance, the initial planning for the celebration was made for around 20,000 abhyasis with a budget prepared accordingly. Until shortly before the event, registrations had reached a little over this number. However, when Master fell ill just before the celebrations, a Sahaj Sandesh message was sent out encouraging all abhyasis to go to Tiruppur to attend the bhandara. This led to an unexpected last minute increase in arrivals at the venue. (…) The final count, including children, reached the impressive total of 33,000 participants.” (Echoes of SRCM, Special Issue Global and July 2014)

Unable to fill the hall, Patel can not manage to mobilize the masses in his name only. The numbers for the celebrations are in free fall: whereas Chari filled Tiruppur from 45,000 to 50,000 people, Patel hardly reached the number of 20,000 Abhyasis! It took a re-mobilization of  the adepts at the last minute, around Chari's health problems so as  to try to equal the numbers in attendance earlier this year for  Babuji's anniversary ...


Chari presented his resignation in 2012.  The abhyasis refused to accept it. Chari then named his successor: Kamlesh D. Patel. But what do we know about him? Almost nothing.  His biography is missing from their (new) website, his speeches are not transcribedSRCM has locked itself in the worship of a single personality, Chari. And in this model, there is no room for two people.

The Spirituality (spiritualism?)  taught by Sahaj Marg is insufficient to retain the followers.  The abhyasis have a need to admire a living master and Chari has transformed the teachings of Sahaj Marg into the cult of his image.

Love for the Master. Under the dual influence of Chari and of the abhyasis, SRCM has evolved into the cult of a personality. Chari the living master, and Babuji as the alleged mythical personality who speaks (channels) through Whispers (via the anonymous French Lady Medium).

The Egregore works thanks to Chari. There are no other places for any new ones. Patel mobilizes no one. SRCM will die with Chari and Sahaj Marg will gradually wither away.


4-d Don says: 

Patel has his US (pharmaceuticals)  businesses to run.  He wants the materialist American Dream too.  So do all the other directors of the SRCM...  Who is "full-time" Sahaj Marg?  Who is "full-time" spirituality?  

The Material realm is taking it's toll, and now, thanks to the "technology" (the material?), the "sheep" are aware of it...  They realize that they can go to "Spirit" (ONE or ONE-ness) directly, and on their own.  Beside, thanks again to the "technology", they now realize that Sahaj Marg has changed and has now become "spiritualism" (a scam with Mediums and messages from the "other side"), and not SPIRITUALITY at all. 

They are probably  becoming a joke, and a source of derision to their friends and families. That makes it hard to recruit more "suckers".  And they now know the TRUTH... That is causing more than one "cognitive dissonance".  They are probably looking more seriously at "televangelists" like Peter Popoff and his "miracle wonder-working water" from "Chernobyl"... 

If the guru is materialist, then why not the disciple?? 




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Sahaj Marg: Patel's Impossible Legacy

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Sahaj Marg: l'Impossible Héritage de Patel", as published on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

July 20, 2014

Sahaj Marg: Patel's Impossible Legacy
A new article by Alexis:


Why Patel Is Doomed To Failure
Long gone are the days of Eastern spirituality popularized by Ramakrishna and Vivekananda where the spiritual master accompanied his disciple on a long inner journey, as in the image conveyed by Buddhist monks and their students.

The Western need to re-enchant a world which has (allegedly?) become too materialistic, its attraction to Eastern spirituality and to new age synthesis has led (thanks to the hyper-Media) to the genesis and development of large international spiritual movements.

Victims of their success, the Eastern spiritualities have not been able to resist without the renunciation of materialism,  to the gigantism and the media, the direct consequences of the globalization of the spiritual market. They have lost all or part of their soul.

Now Is The Time For Charismatic Spiritual Leaders

Today, the spiritual seekers want to find a living Master to idealize, an idol. They are looking for a spiritual leader who is a charismatic leader, a star worthy of his fans.

To exist in the eyes of the world, the spiritual leader must crush the competition. Like any human being facing the temptation, he can not resist the lure of power and the influence of money.

There is therefore no place for the privileged "spiritual master/disciple"
relationship in today's world. The model has evolved over time into a relationship between a spiritual leader and his flock of followers within an internationalized fanatical spiritualist movement.

The Masters Of Sahaj Marg Protected From These Developments

 Lalaji represents fully the now-disappeared time of the master/disciple relationship: Babuji crossed with more or less success the period of globalization and spiritual mutation; Chari is a very good example of these new spiritualist leaders.

Very aware of these global developments, it is Chari who entices Babuji west in the mid-70s towards a new public who is thirsty for Oriental esotericism.  On the death of Babuji, violently rejected by senior Indian preceptors, Chari manages to conquer the vast and almost untouched western spiritual marketplace. With his success, Chari returns to India 10 years later with money and some "faithfuls", crushing all opposition wherever it is found. Chari is a charismatic but authoritarian guru.

Do not be mistaken, Chari's public is no longer that of Babuji. Ended are the spiritual traditions of Hindu origin, Chari addresses himself to the Westerners, to the Indian diaspora as well as to the "social climber" classes and the rising gentrified Indians.

From the Spiritual method of Babuji, only the benefits of meditation lasts (survives?), while the rest disappears. But the charismatic power of Chari, the egregore resulting from his attractiveness to the crowds of his followers and the great invention of "Whispers From the Brighter World",  have replaced the magic and the disappeared mystery.

The Impossible Legacy

The unifying power of the egregore exists thanks to Chari. At his death, there will be nothing left but  the benefit of meditation. But everyone meditates everywhere, there is no monopoly by Sahaj Marg on meditation. What other mysticism will Patel propose?

Although legitimized by Chari and the (alleged) great saints of Whispers, Patel does not bring with him the  adherence of Chari's "fans".  Chari's second choice (as his successor)  after Ajay Kumar Bhatter, Patel remains the eternal second, in the shadow of the Star.

When Chari was vilified in India, he went to new virgin lands for his success. What public will Patel mobilize? There is no more space to clear, he is condemned to attempt to win the favors of Chari's devotees. But, what does he have to offer them?

Surfing on the memory of the past and of Chari is insufficient and accessible to all the other opponents. What more can he offer?

In the world of Whispers, Sahaj Marg will develop and Patel will be the next undisputed leader. But in the real world, things are not so simple. Even Chari admits that they will have to forge alliances with other spiritualist movements to advance the Cause ... 



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Inappropriate Touching of Student by Sahaj Marg Preceptor

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Attouchements Inappropiés d'un Précepteur sur son Élève", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

July 8, 2014

Inappropriate Touching of a Student by a Sahaj Marg Preceptor 

Recall that on one side, an isolated act does not apply to the entire structure, but on the other hand it also shows that the members of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission are not immune from the ills of society, it (Sahaj Marg(tm) does not make people better than elsewhere.


Information reported by the Times of India

Rosy Sequeira,TNN | Jul 6, 2014, 11.29 PM IST

MUMBAI: Physical touch is unnecessary for cleansing the soul, said the Armed Forces Tribunal here, while upholding the conviction by a court martial of Major General Arun Kumar Lal, former general officer commanding, 3 Infantry Division, for inappropriately touching a junior officer in order to "activate her chakras" during two meditation sessions.

Lal was dismissed from service on December 16, 2010. Hearing his appeal, a bench of Justice J H Bhatia (retd) and air marshal D C Kumaria modified the sentence of dismissal to deemed removal saying it appears that "due to momentary lapse from the high virtuous path, he committed the mistake" and it would be very harsh if he is required to forfeit his retirement dues.

The bench noted that Lal was teaching meditation to all ranks for almost 20 years as preceptor of the Chennai-based Shri Ram Chandra Mission and there was never a complaint against him except in the case of Captain Nisha Singh (name changed). It also observed that Lal had 36 years of "unblemished'' service and was GOC of one of the largest infantry divisions in the country.

Lal was appointed GOC in June 2006. According to the prosecution, Singh, who had barely two-and-a-half years of service, was commanded by Lal to escort a senior officer's wife for meditation sessions to his residence at Leh on August 27, 2007. He asked her to stay back, saying some "cleaning of soul'' was required and called her to his bedroom-cum-meditation room. Asking her to activate his pressure points, he allegedly asked her to inappropriately touch him which she refused. The next day Lal again asked her to wait. They meditated for five minutes after which he asked her to touch him inappropriately to activate his chakras. When she felt awkward, he told her that if she could not do it, he would activate her chakras. In this process, he touched her inappropriately. He then offered her dinner, saying it was customary for a preceptor to cook food and feed his abyasis (students). When Singh reached home, she contacted her fiance who is also an army officer.

A court martial convicted Lal, among others, for outraging the modesty of a woman. Before the tribunal, Lal's advocate argued that his client found Singh "was interested in drinking liquor and had some problem with her character and behaviour". "The accused found it necessary to clean her soul as per the procedure of Sahaj Marg," he said, adding that since she did not like his advice against drinking she had made false allegations against him. The bench did not accept this and noted that they had no prior contact. The defence ministry's advocate, Advait Sethna, said there was no problem in Singh's character and that Lal had misused his authority.

The bench (in) its April 11, 2014 order said nowhere in books published by the Mission was it shown that for initiation or during meditation is it necessary to physically touch anybody.



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At Sahaj Marg(tm), Fear of the Future

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Peur de l"Avenir au Sahaj Marg", on Elodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

June 29, 2014
At Sahaj Marg(tm), Fear of the Future
From an article by Alexis: Whispers: The Dead Reassuring The Living

Less than a month after Chari's birthday celebrations and one month from that of Babuji, what are we talking about at the SRCM?  The full approval and confirmation of Kamlesh Patel as his (Chari's)  successor as Master and some reassurance regarding the continuation of the Mission ... 

“On 29th April, satsangs were followed by the reading of some special Whispers messages received in March 2014. These messages conveyed the full approval and confirmation of brother Kamlesh Patel as Master’s successor.  (…) The Whisper of 30th April was read by Madhuri Krishna, then Master himself spoke. Referring to recent Whispers messages, he repeated their reassurance about the continuation of the Mission, saying however that we should concern ourselves with the present and leave the future to the future.” (Echoes of India, vol 7 issue 3, May 2014)

Whispers customarily  keeps repeating the same things in order to convince the abhyasis. Does this mean that they indeed doubt the future of the Mission and Patel? Oh? Because there would be reason to doubt? It's hard to imagine ...

Fear of the Future at SRCM

Chari is old, sick and tired. His days are numbered (not my words). But he has organized his succession, everything is in marching order ... 

As everything was also in order a little more than 30 years ago, when Babuji died. And his estate was simple and clear: a fierce war ensued between the children of Babuji and Chari, let alone the multiple splits and annexations.  It took only fifteen years for Chari to ultimately impose himself as the head of the movement. This would not have been possible without the support of  some foreign abhyasis,  and he never succeeded in eradicating all the separatist tendencies ...

Today, nobody (overtly) opposes Kamlesh Patel.  PR Krishna, Chari's son, as well as his grandchildren Barghav and Madhuri Krishna have willingly given up their wealth and power of influence to the Brooklyn pharmacist (Kamlesh D. Patel)The same for the many suitors of Chari who toiled so many years and who will not receive any recognition: AP Durai, U.S. Bajpai, Santosh Khanjee and all of Chari's other lieutenants ... 

Nobody opposes the Brooklyn pharmacist, not even the grandchildren of Babuji, such as Navneet Kumar Saxena or Sharad Chandra Saxena! Not even the successors of Kasturi and Lalaji ...

 So much so that Chari is entirely confident about the future of the Mission. Conversely in 2009, he had declared that a cancer was gnawing at Sahaj Marg from the inside and that the organization was in danger of disintegration. In his nightmares, he saw the Mission split into 240 small groups (The need for personal discipline, speech of 10 January 2009 to ZIC to Manappakkam). 

Will Patel's shoulders be strong enough to know how to impose himself, and win against his competitors and maintain the unity of Sahaj Marg and the Mission?

Whispers: when the dead are trying to reassure the living
Rather than considering the future, Chari has chosen to focus on the present. An ostrich policy that his staff  are trying to impose. To do this, they have not found a better solution than calling on the dead to rescue the living ... by soliciting "Whispers" of course!

As usual, it is the Great Saints of All Times, first and foremost the "special personality": Babuji, who are confirming that the pharmacist Brooklyn is Chari's successor and yes of course, the mission will endure.

Whispers are constantly hammered to try and convince the followers of the messages.  They are messages that are read and re-read during the 3 major celebrations of the year as posts of honor or as final solutions, the apotheosis of an apogee which feels the end of his reign in spades ... 

Will there be enough there to re-assure the poor lost sheep?

The world is afraid, afraid of the Future! SRCM is no better ... it's hard to face the end of life of a living Master. Oh! Such human behavior ... and so little spirituality!

Let's be honest! In the Mission and at Sahaj Marg, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for the death of Chari. What will happen tomorrow? The Future is so terribly open ... 



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ex-Sahaj Marg(tm) Preceptor, Françoise, Says...

Translation of a comment left by Françoise: "Francoise a dit",  on Alexis's blog and posted on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Françoise said ...

Comment posted on the blog of Alexis:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sahaj Marg and its essential components":

(I choose the name: "Anonymous" because I do not use social networks, but my name is Françoise)

I have personally been involved in the SRCM for a decade, until 2003. I practiced, I went 3 times to the main ashram in India, I met the "master", and  I was a preceptor for about 4 years. I finally gave up my practice and my preceptorship because the daily discipline of practice did not suit me anymore.  I needed to be more lazy and more informal in my meditation rhythm. That being said, I can not thank Sahaj Marg enough for having crossed my path. This is an approach that has taught me to face myself with confidence and rather than attract me to a utopia, it taught me more than ever to include a certain spiritual aspiration with real life.

So yes, there are in some (not required) devotion and surrender to the physical master but this is especially cultural. In India, even a student of a tabla (drum)  teacher calls his teacher a guru and he is infinitely dedicated. It is true that some Westerners take the path of this devotion, but Christ was a human being (magnificent -it seems, but a human being nonetheless) in which Christians see God. If this is not a spiritual guru, then what! And then, in Catholicism, even the priests are said to be invested with some divine powers, right? Especially when they perform the sacraments. And the sermon is the word of the priest that all the faithful are supposed to swallow ... In Sahaj Marg, I have  learned more to listen to myself, than I had in my Christian education.  The master to whom I have learned to listen to more, in Sahaj Marg, is the interior master in all of us ...

So yes, I happened to come across abyasis (meditators) who were (pseudo?, sarcasm?) "illuminated", others placing in all their sentences: "The master said that ...", but I saw the same thing in the Christian camps when I was young. I particularly remember a totally crazy nun.

In short, the SRCM never extorted money nor sought to get me away from my community or my work (to the contrary... ), nor sought to put me under the mental influence of someone or sought to prevent me from renouncing Sajaj Marg when I left, I do not quite understand why some people absolutely want to see sectarian aberrations.
 Aberrations are due to some people, I do not know of any,  but there must be some, it is still (after all)  a movement of some international scale, so it is inevitable and it is necessary that the affected families be very careful, but such abuses are unfortunately the lot of all spiritual movements, right? Catholics, Muslims and Jews have their excesses also some very serious (pedophilia, terrorism ...) This does not mean that they are treated as sects. (cults?)  Bizzarely, and  moreover, the excesses of the great religions, they are called by various ways, but rarely "sectarian" (cultish?) ...


Initial reactions:

4d-Don said....

Hi Francoise...

What about  SPIRITUALISM you sold as "spirituality" at Sahaj Marg(tm)?  

What about the yearly spiritualist books of "500-600 messages (Whispers?) from the dead Babuji" as channeled by the "Anonymous French Lady Medium", sold as "The Bible of Sahaj Marg"??   Now, using the "new and natural" Easy Path,  is The Brighter World (or the Central Region) still as "un-attainable" as Babuji used to preach when he was living, or is it now: EASY to reach??

Did you, as a preceptor,  not buy the "Whispers" at the exhorbitant (extortion?)  price they asked?  Or did you simply try and sell it to those they call the: "serfs" (what you call the "abhyasis")?   

Did you not buy the food at their "restaurants" (and did you refuse to participate in the "scam",  that the cost of your meals were called: "donations", allegedly written on the back of your food receipts ... so that SRCM would  avoid the various local sale taxes??) ... Did you use the  mission's "travel agents", rentals, etc...?  

And, as a preceptor, did you not try and sell the "iconography", the books, the photos, etc ...  and the products, which your "religion" was pushing on the "marks", with the preceptors (priests?)  as the salesmen and the promoters (proselytizers)?  Did you collect any of the membership dues?

Did you not proselytize and try to promote their "easy path" (what you now find "not so easy") meditation to your friends and family??  Were you made the "con" (from "confidence")  who was trying to "convert" his/her acquaintances?

Religions are one example of "extortion", but of the "volunteers" and the "pseudo-illuminated"  who really, really want to be "extorted" ...  To be TAKEN and then to be "saved" of course!!

Who is "responsible" at Sahaj Marg?  At SRCM(California-1997)?  The Master or the disciples??   


Alexis said ...

@ Francoise,

Sectarianism is not only the prerogative of Sahaj Marg and the spiritual movements, as you say. Religions also have their own excesses. Yes of course, of course! I would even add that they are not alone: some political parties and other movements show a certain sectarian bent ...
If you are waiting for a confirmation from me, you have it ... and very much so! But these abuses are pointed to by many others in various media. I will not go into details,  here is not the place ...
All the great spiritual movements have sectarian aberrations. SRCM and Sahaj Marg are no longer on safe ground. Growing (in size and age), Sahaj Marg borrows all the codes (rites, rituals)  of religion, all these codes which are loudly denounced, including their aberrations.
But why then is Chari so critical vis-à-vis religions and why does he never criticise himself or his movement?
To denounce others and to not challenge one's self is a little too easy ...


Elodie said ...

Hello Francoise,

Babuji and the  SRCM & Sahaj Marg claim to be the only spiritual path that achieves the goal without giving up one's social and family life (grihastha), as opposed to sannyasins who withdraw from the world.
Start by recognizing that you could not keep pace with the practices imposed by Chari, this is further evidence that there is misrepresentation of the product, not to call them: lies.
You also confirm that there are among the Abhyasis of "illumitated", people who swear only by the master ("Chariji said ...") in some, it is "devotion and surrender to the physical master."
Explaining these behaviors only by cultural differences West / East seems to be an easy shortcut. SRCM constantly uses this argument without trying to solve the underlying problem. It's too easy, especially as Chari is fluent with Western culture.  At the time of Babuji, Chari was considered a Westerner among the  senior preceptors,  among his countrymen.
"The sermon is the word of the priest that all the faithful are supposed to swallow," you say; but the speech of Chari and the Whispers of  Babuji are still better gobbled / ingested / absorbed by all Abhyasis.   Overall, Christians seem to show more clairvoyance when meeting with their priests or  the Pope, than the Abhyasis when they meet their Gurus.



Monday, May 19, 2014

Sahaj Marg(tm) From the Age of 12 Years Old?

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Le Sahaj Marg Dès l'Age de 12 ans",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comment by 4d-Don:  Babuji, (Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur), Founder of the SRCM (1945 Shahjahanpur) and Sahaj Marg, warned about accepting "disciples (abhyasis)" before the age of 18 years.  Not so for this "numbers man", a retired CEO and businessman, the self-appointed (and rejected)  successor of the Founder, Babuji.  He wants numbers at his events NOW!!  

This Gang of Spiritualist businessmen are targeting your children with fantasies, long before the "Age of Reason"!!   

Spiritualism (Messages from the "spirits of the dead", through an anonymous Medium)  is a SCAM!!

May 19, 2014   

Sahaj Marg From The Age of 12 Years Old? 

The message sent by Alexis confirms (if there was a need) that Chari and the SRCM do not wait until the children reach the age of majority to push Sahaj Marg(tm) onto them.  

"For souls nobly born, valor does not await the passing of years.(elitism?) 

Alexis said: 

I share with you a reading that was brought to my attention in Constant Remembrance of  January, 2014 (Volume XXX, No. 1, Grow Together in Sahaj Marg), where Chari dialogues remotely with three french groups.

“ (…) So, parents, please guide your children properly and expose them to Sahaj Marg. Don’t leave them at home and go for meditation. They must be part of your life. That way the children grow very fast. I have here children in the Omega School clamouring to become abhyasis even when they are twelve. We have to create that sort of longing in children so that they become, naturally, abhyasis. (…)”

Translation: So, you parents, please guide your children properly and expose them to Sahaj Marg.  Do not leave them at home and go meditate. They must be part of your life. In this way, children grow very quickly.  I have here children who call the Omega school requesting to become abhyasis, even though  they are only twelve.  We need to create this kind of desire in children to naturally become Abhyasis.


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At Sahaj Marg, Day-Care or Indoctrination of Children?

(In French by Alexis)

 Sahaj Marg and Childhood?


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The Epic Tale of Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Alexis on his blog: "La Fabuleuse Épopée du Sahaj Marg", and on  Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

April 22, 2014  

The Epic Tale of Sahaj Marg

Alexis' [HISTORY] folder, updated April 21, 2014:

[The Epic Tale of Sahaj Marg]

1945-2014: The Sahaj marg is 70 years old ...

It has spread across the globe. Decultured, deterritorialized and standardized, it has resisted rather badly the general evolution towards globalization and individualism. The official story from Lalaji to Babuji and Chari ... and soon Patel, is a vast historical fresco of more than a century, linear and fluid but completely phantasmagorical.

This phantasmic legend actually conceals multiple religious backgrounds, a spiritualism (spiritism?)  tainted with paranoia and permanent succession conflicts.  A history which is really not linear and fluid, but a jerky (bumpy? twitchy?)  and violent history ...

The Epic Tale of Sahaj Marg 
At the end of the nineteenth century, Lalaji (Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh)  met a Sufi master. Together they founded a syncretic teaching between Hinduism and Sufism, in northern India. In 1945, on (the alleged) posthumous order of Lalaji, Babuji (Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur)  founded the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the method of Sahaj Marg. Once cleared of any Sufi references, it spread to southern India. Arrived in 1964, Rajagopalachari makes a meteoric rise in the Mission. In 1982, Babuji, sick and aging, denies Chari and against all odds nominates his son to succeed him.

Immediately after his death, Rajagopalachari tries to impose himself as the leader with the support of his Western disciples, while supporters of Babuji's son continue to develop Sahaj Marg from its historic stronghold in Shahjahanpur, in the north of IndiaIn 1999, Rajagopalachari (Chari) returned to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Babuji, inaugurating the sumptuous Manapakkam ashram near Chennai. With his troops of Western followers and the financial power they give him, he returned in triumph to his country.  But to succeed in this feat, he widely adapted and modified Babuji's spiritual product. He exploited without limit the lowest instincts of his troops. He became an autocratic guru, but the resistances were multiplying ...

[The Sources of the legend]

First, a Syncretistic Teaching from Hinduism and Sufism (1891-1930)
At the end of the nineteenth century, 1891 to be exact, a young Hindu named Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh (Lalaji) met the master of an Indian Sufi lineage. This encounter between a Hindu and a Muslim is nothing exceptional in this region of northern India (Uttar Pradesh), being densely populated and heavily Muslim. Their friendship is much more surprising in this politically sensitive time when religious tensions between communities are exacerbated.

Hazrat Maulana Shah or Fazal Ahmad Khan Raipur (1857-1907), known simply as  Hujur, was the spiritual guide of the Tariqa Mazahariya. This branch of the Sufi Brotherhood of Naqshbandiya created by Mirza Mazhar Zanzana (1701-1781), is permanently implanted in Uttar Pradesh. There is already a kind of syncretism between the main Sufi brotherhoods and some traditional Indian and Hindu teachings. Hujur already taught equally to Muslims and Hindus. But he went even further in this direction with his disciple, Lalaji. Together, they highlighted the equivalence between Sufi and Hindu spirituality and realize a new synthesis. Their goal, completely against the grain of recent history dominated by isolationism against the British invader, was to abolish interfaith boundaries. The fruit of their work established that the primary responsibility for the spiritual evolution of the aspirant rested in the hands of his master, as long as he came into daily contact with his guru through meditation. The master would then pour divine energy into the heart of his disciple by releasing his impure thoughts. One finds some of  the basics of Santmat as taught by Kabir in the fifteenth century, as elements of the eleven principles of Naqshbandiya which already advocate silent meditation on the heart and the "constant remembrance" of the divine presence.

Following Hujur, Lalaji became the first Hindu spiritual Master of the Tariqa Mazahariya, without ever converting to Islam. His teaching is based increasingly on the Santmat of Kabir and his successors over time. Thus, many of his disciples founded the current of Ramashram Satsang, a sort of syncretism between Sufism and Santmat, which is now spreading in northern India.

In 1930, a year before his death, Lalaji appointed his own son, Jag Mohan Narain, to succeed him as head of the order, contrary to the wishes of Hujur to see the leadership access go to the nephew of Lalaji, Brij Mohan Lal Dadaji. It thus creates for the first time in a hereditary lineage of (Hindu) Sufism, which is called Tariqa Ramchandriya.

NaqshMuMRa (the Tariqa Ramchandriya, of the Sufi descendants of Lalaji), the Golden Sufi Center (Sufi Tariqa following the nephew of Lalaji), Ramashram satsang and
Akhil Bhartiya Santmat satsang (two syncretism between Sufism and Santmat) are still spiritual movements which claim a direct legacy (ligitimacy?)  from Lalaji and his family.

Some Links (French)  
- [Lalaji] - [His teaching] - [His family] - [Movements and disciples]

[The Birth of a Myth]

Sahaj Marga, a Refinement of Raja Yoga? (1931-1973) 

In 1945, not far from Fategarh, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji) self-proclaims himself as the unique spiritual successor of Lalaji.

Different long-deceased personalities such as Lalaji, and Sufis such as: Baqi Billah and Hujur, and Hindus such as: Swami Vivekananda, RamaKrishna and even Buddha himself, come to him in dreams which he calls "intercommunications".  They (allegedly) asked Babuji to create the teachings of Sahaj Marga (Easy Way or the Easy Path ) and he founded the organization called: Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM ) in Shahjahanpur.

Babuji actually met Lalaji three times in all ... that's it. The rest is the result of  "intercommunicatons" which begin after the death of Lalaji in 1931 then stop,  to resume in April, 1944. Meanwhile, he attended various movements issued from the teachings of  Lalaji, such as the Ramashram  satsang of Dr. Chaturbhuj in Etah and that of Shri Krishna Lal Sikandrabad. He also dreamed that he went to Kanpur, the seat of the family of Raghubal Chachaji Dayal, the brother of Lalaji and Brij Mohan Lal, the father of Dadaji. According to his journal, Babuji thought that he was surrounded by enemies and competitors. They have (allegedly) even tried to poison and murder him. Reality or paranoia?

The parents of young Babuji were initially offended by the Muslims (Sufis ?)  he frequented. Himself later, with his book "Efficacy of Rajayoga in the Light of Sahaj Marg", which he published in 1947, he made a strategic refocusing of his teaching around the raja-yoga and Lalaji, thus eliminating any reference to Sufism. It is true that independence and partition were at the heart of the current Indian news at that time. Later, in 1963, (see Letter of Babuji, Feb. 15, 1963)  he even expressed the opinion that "Sahaj Marga" had replaced the various Sufi orders he considers outdated ("... have breathe their last"?).

Claiming to be a refinement of Raja-Yoga, the spiritual teachings of Sahaj Marg eliminates the difficult early stages of meditation, making it easier and more practical for our times. The Ten Commandments (allegedly)  issued by Lalaji to Babuji state that the practice also includes a prayer before sunrise, and at sunset, the repentance for sins committed. One must remember to have a heart filled with love and devotion, and the goal is to achieve unity with God.

Babuji began his spiritual teaching in Uttar Pradesh, where Kasturi Chaturvedi became his ally,  and whom he later will call: "the Saint of Sahaj Marga".  His fame quickly spread beyond northern India and to the whole country.  Men of the south such as Raghavendra Rao of the southwest (Raichur , Karnataka), Dr KC Varadachari from the southeast (Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh) and Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari from further south (Chennai, Tamil Nadu).

The meeting between Babuji and Dr. Varadachari quickly turned into a deep friendship. Recipient of the famous Vivekananda Chair at the University of Madras, the professor of philosophy created the Sahaj Marg Research Institute in 1965 and thus contributed to the dissemination of Sahaj Marg to the general public.

Babuji appointed preceptors to serve as the transmission channel between him and his disciples. In the late sixties, some of them go abroad and start to spread Sahaj Marg.  Babuji made ​​his first trip to the West in 1972, accompanied by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (Chari). And the Shri Ram Chandra Mission grew.

In 1970, Dr. Varadachari warned Babuji of the risk of drifts (commercialization?)  in the teachings due to its rapid expansion, but he died the following year. Babuji is also older and tired, he was 75 years old in 1974 when he was hospitalized at Lucknow. The previous year, Kasturi Chaturvedi, Raghavendra Rao and Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari had offered to assist him in his spiritual work. Kasturi would look after the north,  Rao, the south,
and Rajagopalachari, all the outside of India but Babuji refused and continued tirelessly traveling. 

Some Links (French)
 - [Babuji] - [A VERY Special Personality?] - [His teaching] - [His family] - [His many disciples] 

[The Battles of the Chiefs] 

Sahaj Marg, the Issues of Power (1974-1984)

Babuji first prepared his great friend, Dr. Varadachari, as his own succession.  But he died before him (Babuji), on January 30, 1971, leaving him in a lurch.  He then approached Rajagopalachari who became his disciple in 1964, naming him the Secretary of the Mission in 1970, and everything seemed to be going well between them. But suddenly, in 1982, everything changed.  Babuji sends him (Chari)  some severe criticism in a letter dated April 6, and appoints another secretary in his place on June 28.

In September 82, very sick and weak, Babuji writes from Paris about some plot to take over the assets of the Mission.  He accuses Rajagopalachari of trying to poison him repeatedly for eight years.  Finally, he adds that he (Chari)  is presenting himself to Western disciples as the future president of the Mission, he (Babuji) secretly appoints his own son to succeed him.  Reality, paranoia or senility?

In Paris, Babuji is sick. He is delirius and can't walk alone. The doctor who accompanies him confirms that due to his health, he should never have taken this journey. The French, André Poray seizes the opportunity to steal the show. In his corner, Rajagopalachari, susceptible, is  brooding and becomes silent and aggressive.

Babuji dies on April 19, 1983. At the meeting held on July 10th, two contenders emerge. The eldest son of Babuji, Prakash Chandra, nominates his son, Sharad Saxena; while Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari has a letter of nomination dated 23 March, 1974.  The Working Committee tables its decision until the the next February.

February 84, Rajagopalachari, on the occasion of  Lalaji's birthday, goes to Shahjahanpur, but it is made clear that he is not welcome and must withdraw from the ashram. The Committee therefore meets without his presence.  At its meeting of February 6th and 7th, the new Secretary General SA Sarnad proposes that the committee be chaired by the elder, P.C. Chaturvedi. Both applications, Sharad's  and Rajagopalachari's and are rejected as forgeries. The committee said that
Rajagopalachari's letter was postmarked at an earlier date than that contained within, and that Babuji had previously filed a complaint regarding the theft of four blank letterheads of the SRCM. Sarnad then presented to the committee the secret letter of appointment dated April 16, 1982, evoked by Babuji and designating another of his son, Umesh Chandra Saxena. The Committee examines and validates Umesh Chandra as President. Sarnad is responsible for issuing a circular to announce that this appointment is to be ratified at the General Assembly before 982 members (quorum?), on February 8, 1984.

Then proponents of Rajagopalachari, Kasturi and the Canadian preceptor, Donald Sabourin, claim to have been witnesses to his (Chari)  appointment. The son of Dr. Varadachari, KC Narayana added that Babuji had announced in 1979 that he (Narayana) would have to work closely with Rajagopalachari after his death.   It is also said that Babuji had declared in 1980 in Munich that he would leave him (Chari) the power. And everyone agrees that the children of Babuji did not participate regularly in weekly group meditations and never showed any sign of interest in spiritual matters.

But Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, this southern man, smoking American cigarettes and very westernized, is not at appreciated by all the senior preceptors.  In 1981, two of them, Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy, conduct an unofficial tour of the United States in the company of  Umesh Chandra Saxena, who was not even a preceptor.  Critics also say that Rajagopalachari was removed by Babuji from all responsibilities and they add that he accompanied Babuji
on his last tour in France, without his (Babuji's) agreement  saying to Danish followers that he would be president, even before the death of Babuji.

Rajagopalachari's letter of appointment, is it a fake?  Did Babuji dismiss Rajagopalachari of all his functions? Does he rightly accuse him (Chari) of the worst atrocities in his letters from Paris, or  is it the result of delirium and/or senility ? Why did his family start by nominating Sharad in July, 1983 before availing themselves of Umesh Chandra's secret letter of appointment? These questions will probably remain forever unanswered.

Pointing to his son, Babuji stated that he would become president of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur and spiritual representative in line of succession. In his letter of accusation, he stated that he would be assisted in his task by K.C. Narayana, S.P. Srivastava and two other disciples. But Umesh Chandra temporarily gives way (the presidency)  to Srivastava, the newly elected (and not appointed) president, so as to avoid any dislocation of the organization. So the latter sits at Shahjahanpur, and takes on the task of the publication of  Babuji's Journal. (Chari's clan had published Babuji's Journal which contained only 20% of Babuji's daily diary.  Srivastava's publication contains 80% of the original diary, including some controversial material.)

Rajagopalachari secedes, sets up another committee in Hyderabad which appoints him President and he sits at the ashram of Chennai in southern India, and travels the world in search of support.  Narayana remains faithful to Babuji's 1979 request, and betrays the September 82 request, and he rallies to  Rajagopalachari and refuses to assist Umesh Chandra.  It is then the turn of Sarnad to join the clan of Rajagopalachari, thus interrupting the diffusion of the circular of appointment of Umesh. Rajagopalachari, in turn, contacts the preceptors appointed by Babuji, ordering them to recognize him as President, otherwise he dismisses them of their function.

In Europe, some disciples of Babuji completely lost, follow André Poray while begins a long legal battle between Umesh Chandra Saxena and Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, for the presidency of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the control of the ashram of Shahjahanpur. 

Some Links (French)
 - [A "not very spiritual" succession] - [The parties involved] - [Kasturi] - [Varadachari and Narayana] - [Babuji's Family] ... 

[Internationalization and Industrialization]

Sahaj Marg to Conquer the World?  (1984-2004)

Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately nicknamed Chari or Chariji by his disciples, is seeking a legitimacy which he lacks. He is familiar with Western culture and masters it perfectly. A graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, he spent two years in Yugoslavia and then started working as a chemical engineering. Quickly, he joined the large Indian industrial conglomerate TTK Krishnamachari & Co, where he directed its subsidiary Indian Textile Paper Tube until his retirement in 1985.  His work had taken him across the world on numerous occasions, representing his country at an international conference in Switzerland on ISO standards (among others). A clever entrepreneur, he knows how to lead men and manage his affairs.

Constantly traveling, he visits all the continents, making the West his bridgehead.  He woos his disciples and they are quickly overwhelmed by this man.  They find him charismatic and with a strange look, both penetrating and disturbing, in other words, fascinating. They follow him everywhere, flock to his feet, asking his opinion on everything and anything and they display his portrait at home. The seeds of the Cult of Personality are all there, it will be cleverly exploited to enhance his power of attraction and the dependance of his disciples, who become followers and gradually are enslaved.

He changed the spiritual practice, its definition and history to better suit his needs.  Once the practice is codified and ritualized, the legends established and the spiritual product well standardized, the brand Sahaj Marg™ is filed with the U.S. Agency Department of Commerce (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office) July 29, 1997.  To top it all the statutes of the SRCM, a new Californian society are deposited in stride.

Rajagopalachari named preceptors with a vengeance, not on their spiritual profile but according to their ambition and their careerism. He then practiced unbridled proselytizing, asking them to constantly recruit new followers. According to Babuji, the goal was to reach a critical mass necessary for the changeover (falling into?)  of humanity into spirituality. So he galvanized his troops of preceptors after 
previously guilting them for their lack of results. They must get more numbers, increasing the numbers, just the number. Preceptors then sink into anxiety of displeasing the master, of never doing enough to earn his affection. A permanent malaise that is carefully maintained.

The strategy of seduction used by Rajagopalachari on Westerners and his management methods have been proven effective if one believes the figures advanced by one and the other. Lalaji had 100-200 followers, Babuji had approximately 3,000 and 180 preceptors. Rajagopalachari takes that number to 20,000 in 1991, from 50 to 55,000 by 1995-97, and 75,000 in 2000 with about 1,500 preceptors. Many centers are open in Denmark, France and Switzerland, Canada and the United States, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore or Dubai.

With his Western success, Rajagopalachari therefore returned to India in 1999 as All Powerful, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Babuji. On April 30th, he inaugurated the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manappakam in a suburb of Chennai, a five-acre ashram that can accommodate 13,000 people inside its meditation hall.

For its part, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, has not experienced the same success. Elected in 84 and again in 90, Srivastava has published the second part of  Babuji's Autobiography  (May 1944-June 1955) in three volumes which appear in 1987-89.  In 1994, Umesh Chandra Saxena is elected instead of Srivastava but soon he is no longer unanimous. He does not work, uses the money from the Mission to support the lifestyle of his family and invites crooked politicians at some rowdy celebrations.

Raghavendra Rao and Srivastava distance themselves, and André Poray is in France.

The defections have not spared the clan of Rajagopalachari. KC Narayana, who had taken the head of the Sahaj Marg Research Institute founded by his father, abandons his post in 1991 to found the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC) in Hyderabad. He blames Rajagopalachari for letting develop the Cult of Personality and refuses to recognize him as the spiritual representative of Babuji.  Kasturi Chaturvedi claimed much the same thing in a memorable speech on April 30, 95 to the followers of Rajagopalachari assembled at Chennai. Having never played an administrative role, she still takes a little more distance and retires to Lucknow.

In reality, Rajagopalachari was never completely absent from his country, but he was confined to his stronghold (fiefdom?)  in South Chennai.  For his legitimacy, on the list of his preceptors are celebrities like Kasturi and the grandson of Lalaji, Dinesh Kumar Saxena, with or without their consent.  He develops valuable relationships with Indian heavyweights. He integrates his own working committee with members of the judiciary, law enforcement officials and contractors (developers).

With his interior (India) support and the money that comes from his western troops, he does not hesitate to regain by force, the ashrams run by his opponents. Thus, from 1984 to 1985, his henchmen seized the ashrams at Visakhapatnam, Nellore and Vadodara. In 1988, it was the turn of the Allahabad Ashram, then in 1991, Delhi and Moradabad, and a first aborted attempt at Shahjahanpur, even in 1997.

If one believes some interested persons, the return of Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari to India was a smashing success and was crowned by a sound victory over his rival organization, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur.  In 2003, he announced that the number of his disciples was multiplied by three in three years. 75,000 in 2000, it would have reached 200 to 300,000 from 2003-04.

Some Links (French) 
 - [Chari] - [Standardized Trade Marked (tm) Spiritualism] - [Numerical and geographical Importance

[From Apogee to Decline?]

Sahaj MARG(tm), a Spiritualist and Apocalyptic Multinational (2005-14)   

The Dusk of a Multinational Which Has Reached its Apogee

Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari easily attracts more than 50,000 people during the great annual ceremonies he organizes to celebrate his birthday. These are the regular churchgoers (followers), the contributors and the supporters. With this approach, we obtain a wide range of 71,000 to 260,000 supporters and practitioners worldwide. All this with a little over 3,000 preceptors ...

The Sahaj Marg™ of Rajagopalachari is also a small property development, real estate and financial empire.  In 1997,
when it had 55,000 followers, Umesh Chandra Saxena estimated its assets to some 200 million Euros.  If the property has followed the same trend as the numbers today it would near the billion.  Dozens of ashrams, retreat centers, a research and  institute, international school, international brand, etc. ... The organization that manages this multinational of great opacity is composed of five foundations created between 1994 and 2012 in Switzerland, the United States, India, Dubai and Hong Kong; to which are added a parent association (SRCM) and twenty satellite national associations, two societies for the management of the Omega School and a trust for the sale of publications.

Intoxicated by his power, Rajagopalachari uses and abuses without limits. In 2003, his henchmen try again to seize the Shahjahanpur ashram, only four days after the death of Umesh Chandra Saxena. They renewed their attempt successfully on April 2, 2006 and also seize the Raichur ashram after the death of Raghavendra Rao. Rajagopalachari went himself to Shahjahanpur in October 2007 to mark his symbolic victory.  Self-proclaimed as the only living master of Sahaj Marg tm in the world, he imposes his will on the alternate currents as well as on his own followers.

Pushing all limits, he no longer requires his followers to only obey and serve.  In 2005, using only their confidence in him, he launched a sale campaign  of € 250 per follower for a book whose contents were not even disclosed.  In 2007, the subscription proceeded to USD $ 1,200 for an equally secret gift (from the Master) ... Forget the 10 commandments of Babuji, the book "Whispers from the Brighter World" becomes the new Bible of Sahaj Marg tm. Produced by the  spiritualism between an (anonymous) French (lady) medium and a long-deceased Babuji, this new religion promises to humanity a World Apocalypse. It also promises the best of his followers that their children will be a new race, an elite responsible for regenerating a new spiritual world to come.  (the Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM)  is also claimed to channel Lalaji, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and other un-named elevated souls, including some un-named "beings of light"!!)

 With his heritage and his power over men, Chari also went in search of external recognition which he lacked to get some respectability. To do this, he flirted with the United Nations humanitarian and educational themes. On the Humanitarian side, he opened some Indian ashrams to provide free care or distribute food, the "centers of light". On the Education side, from a paper prepared by the Research Institute he disseminated the spiritual values ​​of Sahaj Marg (VBSE) in a hundred Indian schools. In 2005 he founded his own school, the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (LMOIS).

The same year, the organization partnered with the Department of Public Information of the UN (DPI). In 2009, SRCM organized a written national composition competition in all Indian schools in collaboration with the Information Centre of the United Nations for India and Bhutan (UNIC), on the occasion of International Youth Day, August 12. This action, taken by the SRCM only since 1989, has mobilized nearly 75,000 children and young participants aged 10 to 24 in 2008.

For Chari, all is smiles! Sahaj Marg and SRCM are at their peak.  All smiles, but the decline is showing its face ...

From Dubai in October 2008, Chari suddenly decreed financial austerity and froze all future projects. In January 2009, he declared that a cancer was gnawing at Sahaj Margtm from the inside and that the organization was in danger of disintegration. The lack of discipline reigns everywhere, there are divisions between communities and between centers, there are dissidents who ignore the Mission. In short, he has nightmares where he sees the SRCM disintegrating into "240 small missions". His designated successor, Ajay Kumar Bhatter resigned in 2010. Cornered, in 2011, Chari appointed a new successor (Staten Island (New York) Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical importer, Kamlesh Desibhai Patel)  and announced his resignation to his advantage on August 15, 2012 at a huge special bhandara (party) ...

Reality, paranoia or senility? Financial crisis, moral crisis, ego crisis? There is, in any event, an atmosphere of the "end of a reign" ...

Indeed, Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari is aging, at his turn. He celebrated his 85th birthday in 2012, and designated a successor to stifle internal conflicts. But this is not provided as a cordial agreement atop the hierarchy. Everything is fine as long as he is there, but tomorrow? His opportunistic
lieutenants are biding their time. His only son P.R. Krishna, the wealthy heir and his grandchildren Barghav and Madhuri, his latest appointed successor, Kamlesh Desaibhay Patel, Santosh Khanjee the "eminence grise" or even A.P. Durai, U.S. Bajpai and his henchmen, all prepare for battle.

Among the followers too, all is not well. In 2005, he eventually triggered some reactions by always asking for more money. A book sold for 250 €  and room auctions were held during group meditation sessions at international gatherings at Vrads Sande in Denmark and Lignano in Italy; this is too much. The following January, unable to speak freely internally, a desperate Swiss follower opened  a web blog titled: "Long Life Sahaj Marg, stripped of the excesses of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission", (Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg); it is soon followed by others. The myths he (Chari) built are exposed, one after the other.

In January 2007, Navneet Kumar Saxena arrives in his turn to the web. Grandson of Babuji and now president of of the Mission at Shahjahanpur, he informs that the legal battle waged by his father against Rajagopalachari is not always closed,  and accuses him (Chari), with official supporting documents. When he throws in the towel and is silent, it is the turn of another grandson of Babuji, Sharad Chandra Saxena, to take over.

Disciples of  Raghavendra Rao and Kasturi Chaturvedi open blogs and accuse them too. Dinesh Kumar Saxena, grandson of Lalaji, creates a website; KC Narayana, son of Dr. Varadachari, customizes his; SP Srivastava creates an association (in Europe) ... In France and Canada, people who followed Kasturi or André Poray reveal on the web that there are everywhere independent communities of disciples faithful to the teaching of Babuji, still very much alive today.

Chari has emerged as the undisputed boss of Sahaj Marg tm,  and has grown beyond all expectations. Market shares of Sahaj Marg tm are huge but they will soon be up for grabs. Everyone is stirred up and will say and do anything. As the person who remained anonymous
and who uttered accusations of rape, incest and pedophilia without anyone knowing exactly which leader of Sahaj Marg was incriminated.  As a delirious Anonymous French (lady?) Medium (AFLM) in the gardens of Babuji Memorial Ashram without anyone stopping her, demolishing a couple's relationship in passing and not hesitating to establish herself as the spiritual representative of Babuji, while predicting for 2010 a nuclear Apocalypse between China and Europe, where the UK would (allegedly) be totally destroyed ...  (it did not happen... of course)

This is only the beginning, and it is far from over! In this poisonous and apocalyptic atmosphere, all the wildest scenarios are possible. The only certainty is that the SRCM and Sahaj Marg tm have absolutely nothing to do near and/or far with spirituality, that is if this was ever the case ... one day, long ago!!  

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