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Sahaj Marg: The Good and the Bad Abhyasis

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Sahaj Marg: les bons et les mauvais abhyasis", on her blog is Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

March 6, 2016

Sahaj Marg: The good and the bad Abhyasis

The good and the bad abhyasis, the good and bad preceptors. The real human beings and the others.

True to Chari's way of doing things, Patel is no exception to the rule: there are now good and bad abhyasis, good and bad tutors: "I clean abhyasis and I'm superior to them."

The bad ones are not even worthy of being considered human beings, "manners and attitude are so poor they do not even have close to the human being". 

I don't dare imagine how he perceives those outside his movement; worse than animals?

But what worries him has nothing to do with humanity and spirituality. What worries him is the outside view, the judgment of others, "How are they going to represent our Sahaj Marg spiritual movement and inspire others to join us?"

This was some of the information brought forward in his search for peer public speakers (proselytizing?).

Does the image of Sahaj Marg and Heartfulness that Kamlesh Patel tries to sell to the outside world, have a foundation in reality or is it all a pipe dream?


Read this short exerpt: 

“Serve with Anonymity”, a speech by Kamlesh Patel on January 29th, 2016 at Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh, India)


(…) Another problem we face is that some abhyasis can be so uncivil in their approach. Even though they may know a little bit of Sahaj Marg, their mannerisms and their attitude are so poor that they don’t even come close to being human. How will they represent our Sahaj Marg Spiritual Movement and inspire others to join us?

We will not be able to fulfil our own spiritual goal, let alone help others, unless and until we remain calm, peaceful and dedicated from within. Our behaviour matters. To serve as a preceptor does not give us some sort of privilege to enter the Brighter World. In fact, I have observed again and again that when a person is made a preceptor, generally his or her progress is arrested for a long, long time until he or she wakes up and says, “No, this is not the way I should live my life.” Why? Because they feel they have achieved something, and the ego inflates instead of becoming less and less.

Becoming a preceptor does not mean that you have achieved something. Nothing has been achieved yet. It is an extra responsibility given. It is like volunteer work; whether you clean the toilet or whether you clean the abhyasi's heart, it is the same thing. Those who are cleaning toilets think themselves to be too low and they continue to receive Grace from above, while the preceptors think, “I am cleaning the abhyasis and I am superior to them.” How to redeem such cases? It is very difficult. (…)

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Sahaj Marg: Patel vs Chari

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Sahaj Marg: Patel vs Chari", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 19, 2016   

Sahaj Marg: Patel vs Chari 

Exerpt of Sahaj Sandesh No. 2006-68 of 20/09/2006  "On the advice of the Master, the Mission has adopted a policy of discouraging the use of online groups, chat rooms, blogs, email lists or private unauthorized third party use of mailing lists to disseminate information about the mission."

2015/16: 180-degree turn: Patel takes the counterpoint to Chari. Sahaj Marg is installed on all social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

Blogs appear and multiply with the blessing of Patel. He encourages them, in fact advertising them and states:

Exerpt of Bulletin No: 2016.11 – Friday January 29, 2016

This week’s featured blogs and articles

Please enjoy reading the following blogs and share them with your family and friends:

     Meditate and Become: “Love is something to be created in your heart. And when your heart is full of love, you cannot stop people from coming to you, like bees going to flowers.” - Shri. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari

       Hidden Potential of Consciousness: Shri Kamlesh Patel: Shri Kamlesh D Patel, the current president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Spiritual Guide of Sahaj Marg, talks about the hidden potential and expansion of consciousness when he visited Lyon, France on 28th December 2015.

     Preceptors of Sahaj Marg: Dr. Radheshyam Miryala: Radheshyam Miryala, an emergency medicine physician and outdoor enthusiast interested in spirituality writes about the preceptors and trainers of Sahaj Marg.

   Power of Prayer: Illustrating an incident, this article conveys the power of Prayer in Sahaj Marg.

     How can two incarnations of the "cartel of Sahaj Marg Masters" have such opposite strategies in so little distance? How is it that the philosophy of Sahaj Marg takes on the character of the one who runs it? How is it possible to be so contradictory?

The question is not to find out who of the two, Chari or Patel, is right. The question is rather: Is there a pilot, a driver and what is the direction?

Is there no long-term vision?

Yet the Babuji as allegedly channeled by Peyret, the French mediumkeeps repeating that everything is planned.

We doubt it. 


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Babuji of Sahaj Marg: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Babuji: Faites ce que je dis mais pas ce que je fais",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 2, 2016 

Babuji: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Babuji, the "spirit of the dead" allegedly channeled by the (French lady) medium, Peyret in 1999 contradicts the Babuji who was alive in 1969-70! Is the medium finally trapped?

"Yes, our remarks of yesterday may be expanded to racism. What could be sadder, at this time when men believe that our civilization is at its highest level, than [that we are] seeing beings tearing each other apart because of their racial differences, some ethnicities being sacrificed because they bother!"

Allegedly from Babuji, in the Whisper From the Brighter World of Wednesday, November 17, 1999 - 8:00 AM

Please Reread this: The complexion of the stepdaughter of Babuji, was it clear enough?

See below for more links


Was the complexion of the stepdaughter of Babuji white enough? (Alexis ... in French)

The complexion of the girl who married his son Umesh is an important issue (for Babuji and Chari).  That is the subject of the following exchange of letters between him (Babuji)  and Chari.


Excerpts from "Letters of the Master" (tome3) around 1969-1970: 
According to a comment by Frank Waaldijk (ex Zone-In-Charge for SRCM in the Netherlands.... appointed by Chari)  posted November 9, 2010 on the Élodie's blog:

In an exchange of letters dating from 1969 to 1970, Babuji and Chari exchange on the qualities of different girls, in order to finalize the marriage of his son Umesh without consulting him. From the photo he received, Babuji noted that the shape of the face of the first is correct and that he was told she had fair skin (white-ish?). Later Chari replies that another girl is a good painter, is well versed in household chores, but that she has a dark complexion (Savla). In turn, Babuji responds about another girl, who is taking a class in psychology, has a fair skin, a good disposition (attitude?) and has the correct height. 

Letter of October 31, 1969 - Babuji to Chari (page 57):

" (…) An officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs has started marriage negotiations for his daughter with Umesh. I have a mind to finalise the marriage of Umesh without consulting him if he does not object. I shall give him a good match. I received the photo of the girl today. The face-cut is good and I am told by one of my near relatives that she has white complexion."


Letter from Chari à Babuji,  Mar 16, 1970 (page 72) :

"A gentleman by name Mr. S-- S-- and his wif called on us yesterday evening on behalf of Shri RPS-- of Hardoi, said to be a retired sessions judge and a close associate of your family for the last 25 years. They came to meet us and Chi. Umesh in connection with a proposal to marry Sow. C--, one of the daughters of the judge Shri RP--. The girl is stated to be an MA, a good artist in painting, well versed in domestic duties, but complexion is "savla". I have requested Mrs. S-- S--, who is related to Mr. RP--, that she should write to Mr. RP-- to contact you directly. I trust they will do so."


Letter from Babuji to Chari, Mar 27, 1970 :

"Mr. CA R-- has suggested a good match for Umesh at Bombay. The father of the girl is going to present Rs. 5000/- in cash to the boy, and jewellery worth Rs. 5000/- plus other things as a gift. I respect the opinion of your father but I have already given consent to the person at Moradabad. I have written to him that I like the girl and when you approve the boy I may proceed towards the finalisation. The girl is second class MA in Psychology, fair complexioned and having good cut and her height is good. There is no question of dowry from my side. 

The father of the girl is Divisional Signal Engineer, Northern Railway, Moradabad, and the family is well-educated. The father of the girl will also go to Madras after 4th April 1970 to see Umesh. His name is RN--."

It`s as if he (they?) was describing farm animals, I'm sorry to sayThis does not mean that his teachings are completely wrong, just that he himself can not follow them either ... 

See Also 
( ... for complete articles and comments by Frank Wadijk, ex Zonal-in-Charge for the Netherlands ... appointed by Chari):

Blatant Colour (Race?) and Sexual Orientation Discrimination by Babuji and Chari of Sahaj Marg (tm) and SRCM (California-1997), a Member of UNDPI

Babuji, Sahaj Marg, And "skin complexion"! Colour Discrimination??

 Pitfalls of Spirituality  (Frank's blog)


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SAHAJ MARG: The Illusion of Open-ness

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Heartfulness: Jusqu'ou la Transparence et l'Ouverture?" on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 18, 2016

Sahaj Marg: the Illusion of Open-ness 
From an article by Alexis (on his blog): Heartfulness: How Far the Transparency and Openness? 

As every year, SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) and the Indian SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) fulfilled their obligation by reporting the foreign donations they receive (FCRA, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act - Ministry of Home Affairs, India). 

Patel Peyret and Reddy, the trio that leads Sahaj Marg by the nose

In my previous articles, I have stressed the importance of the Patel / Peyret couple on the destiny of Sahaj Marg, the guru 2.0 and the medium who claims to channel Babuji.  It was to forget too quickly the influence of their bagman, Madhava Reddy, the Indian-American CEO of HTC Global Services.

Between April 2014 and March 2015, his company still made donations of over a million dollars, more than half of total foreign donations. Since 2006-2007, Madhava Reddy, his family, his company and his foundation have contributed to the budget of this movement to the tune of at least $ 10 million in 9 years.  

This is the first (largest?)  foreign contributor, averaging one third of the total donations by itself.

This is something which will weigh heavily on the future of Sahaj Marg decisions! Is he not also one of the privileged few to have a cottage within the grounds of the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manappakkam? ... As the equal of Chari in his time?

Limits to Openness and Transparency?

With Heartfulness, Patel began an extensive open-ness of the mission's operation, after years of obscurantism linked to the management of Chari.

In France, officials of SRCM are not hiding anymore. Instead they appear in the media and communicate in all azimuths (directions?) , in order to de-demonize their movement hitherto ostracized.

Results announced by the SRCM France: "The SRCM has 1,500 members but the number of practitioners would approach 3000, according to its French officials. In Lyon, where one hundred practitioners gathered in a room on Long Street, after the 1st Days which brought together 3,000 people in May in the capital of the Gaules, the number of followers has doubled and the group will now move. (...) "
In Le Journal de Saone et Loire of  01/02/2016.

The two Heartfulness events organized in Lyon by the SRCM in May and December / January are undeniably an open-ness signal. I even applauded these symbolic operations and success seems to be at the rendezvous. But does the transparency not have its limits?

SRCM and SMSF publish their list of foreign donations they receive by obligation and not for transparency. Never have their accounts ever been published in full, no one has ever seen the accounts of SHPT (their subsidiary that manages all the publications), also, never have the accounts of their LMOIS school ...

There is reason to wonder and doubt! Why not play transparent to the end if there is nothing to hide?  Finally, if nothing changes, then what are they hiding it?

When playing the transparency game, we must assume (secrecy?) and go all the way ...


See Also: (in French) 
Quand une femme s’empare du pouvoir
Patel/peyret, une mission bicéphale, par Elodie
A qui appartient la Mission ? Donations étrangères, les grands argentiers du Sahaj marg

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HEARTFULNESS: A Radical Transformation of the SAHAJ MARG Image?

Translation of an article: "Heartfulness, Une Transformation Radicale de l'Image du Sahaj Marg",  by Élodie, on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, One and All ...!

December 20th, 2015

HEARTFULNESS, a Radical Transformation of the SAHAJ MARG Image? 

From Spiritual seekers to consumers of well-being

Today is the anniversary of the death of Chari. One year - how time flies. Yet the current SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission)  already looks very little like what it was just a year ago. It's as if an eternity had passed since his death. Has anyone even taken the time to think about it?

The Sahaj Marg of Babuji and Chari was a method for spiritual fusion with the divine. The Heartfulness Meditation of Patel is about an experience of well-being.

Sahaj Marg was (allegedly?) a unique method, relatively esoteric, reserved for a small elite club of spiritual seekers, after a short journey of initiation, and whose objective was ambitious and universal. Heartfuness is a personal development technique as there are so many in the "well-being market", an individual's target, immediate and practical.

In less than a year, they have gone from an esoteric sect to an individual "well-being market". But does it produce the same type of following?  The "abhyasis" (seeker?)  of SRCM were fanatical followers; Heartfulness targets the consumers of "well-being".

Below are illustrations with some testimonials / recent articles on the "need for spirituality" and the "benefits of meditation," all from followers of Sahaj Marg meditation, aka : Heartfuness:

Benefits of Heartfulness (Sahaj Marg Meditation offered by Shri Ram Chandra Mission)

Internal skills development such as clarity of mind, self-confidence, empathy, awareness and focus are just a few of the benefits of Heartfulness relaxation and meditation. Our unique cleaning technique helps in liberating oneself from those hard to get rid of habits and tendencies. We also experience higher energy in our activities and a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. In a nutshell, it strengthens our strengths, weakens our weaknesses and makes us more holistic.

Full-time Mom, Part-time Human

10 Benefits of Spiritual Meditation for Mothers
Provides the much needed peace of mind
Makes you a compassionate being.
Reminds you of your real purpose in life
Increases self-confidence
Keeps you focused on the present moment.
Helps you to synchronize different aspects of life – smoothly.
Gives a fresh and positive attitude towards life
Helps you deal with your anger
Helps develop a better understanding of others – especially your children.
Disciplines you.


The Need for Spirituality

Effective relaxation technique for children
In today's world, children undergo lot of stress. There is immense pressure to perform well. Fortunately there is one technique that not only helps them to relax but also improves their ability to concentrate. Their performance improves naturally.
This relaxation technique has worked wonders for my son (…). I am sure it will have the same results on your children.


5 Impediments to Spiritual Growth

1. Mindless spiritual practice
2. Desires
3. Attachments
4. Not listening to your heart
5. Lack of decision making


How I Lost 50 Pounds in 3 Months While Meditating in Sahaj Marg

Start meditating
Cut your current food intake in half
Avoid all sweets, unhealthy fats, and processed items
DON'T Calorie Count!
Eat when you are hungry
Cut your red meat/meat intake


After losing 50 pounds, I haven't felt better in a long time. I love how I look, and more importantly, how I feel.
I'm happy to say that after my 50-pound weight loss, I am in a normal cholesterol range, out of risk of diabetes, in a healthy weight range, along with being on no medication!

3 Days Without My Phone With My Guru Kamlesh Patel, And This Is What I Learned

1. Phone withdrawal symptoms are real
2. My surroundings became noticeable
3. My relationships grew deeper
4. As a society, we are moving away from the beauty of silence and calling it "awkward silence"
5. Everyone doesn't "need" an answer now
6. Should spaces that are meant to connect, encourage cell phones?


My three days was a struggle, but something that I think everyone in the professional world should experience. Not only to feel grateful for the power that technology has on all of us, but to appreciate the importance of being present.

For many of us, doing even three days may seem impossible. I challenge you to take a step back and analyze your priorities and what you value in your life. Start with letting go of your phone for ½ a day, or even having designated places in your home that should be focused on connecting on a human level, versus connecting on the web.

The search for the Divine has given way to stress management and personal well-being.  Some cited here include: developing skills, clarity of mind, confidence, empathy, inner peace, concentration, anger management, relaxation techniques, performer, (her) role as mother, calming a child, slimming diet or whether to switch between phones.

The revolution is underway. Heartfulness has very little to do with Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. We went from the spiritual quest to a consumerist utilitarianism.

But beware, behind it remains present the historical heritage of this sectarian movement, its masters and its fanatical followers. Do not get caught in their nets with impunityMasked, they are more dangerous than ever.



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Sahaj Marg and Vedic Hindouism

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Le Sahaj Marg et le Védique Hindouiste",  on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

December 14, 2015

Sahaj Marg and Vedic Hinduism

According to an article of Alexis (on his blog) :

France: Le lobbying hindouiste du yoga

SRCM France at the origins of the Vedic Federation France 

June 18, 2015, the SRCM France and 7 other organizations of the "Vedic tradition," formed a new association, the Vedic France Federation.

Beside Art of Living of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Embracing the World of Amma, this federation has 4 organizations mentioned in the list of sects of the French Parliamentary Report No. 2468 1995: Brahma Kumaris France, Shri Chinmoy Centre, Association Parisian Bhakti Yoga (eg Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON), and "to all Masters all honor", the Shri Ram Chandra Mission.  

The other 2 groups involved are the Ramakrishna Vedantic Center and TathataVrindham France.

The Association is headquartered at the headquarters of the SRCM in Paris; Ekta Bouderlique (preceptor of  Sahaj Marg) is the secretary.

Excerpts from the press release of the Vedic Federation France dated Friday, October 2nd, in Paris: 

"Launched on the advice of the Embassy of India in France and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the growing aspiration of the public and the authorities, eight major associations of the Vedic tradition (...) have come together as a representative interlocutor of Vedic spirituality.

(...) The Federation, bearer of the spirit and core values ​​of the Vedas (...) will propose for it a website, conferences, yoga practices and meditation seminars, publications of articles, books, research.

 France and its territories would presently number more than 500,000 Hindus.  Yoga is one of the most popular spiritual practice in the world, with over 250 million practitioners worldwide, including at least one million in France. Last year, the UN has also decided to dedicate an International Day, ( June 21st), at the proposal of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.SRCM as well as its Hindu cronies expect to benefit  ...


See also (In French)

- La Fédération védique de France au Journal officiel
- Liste des sectes du rapport parlementaire français N°2468 de 1995
- Brève d'Embracing the World
- La federation sur Hindu Forum 

And Also (In French): 

- La religion et la spiritualité nous rendent dépressifs 


Monday, November 30, 2015

Discreet Sahaj Marg? Really?

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Discret, le Sahaj Marg? Vraiement?", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 29, 2015

Discreet Sahaj Marg? Really ?An Article by Alexis on his blog: « Le Sahaj Marg agit à sa manière, discrètement » ?! 

On November 3, 1999, Babuji / Peyret (the Sahaj Marg Medium)  said in a whisper: "Why should we hide?" 

Today, they claim, "Sahaj Marg is on its way, discreetly" (October 20, 2015) 
Discreetly, really?

The Heartfulness Meditation program implemented by Patel is the opposite of discretion. On October 31st,  the Heartfulness Institute (HI) published in the Bulletin for abhyasis (No. 2015.118) a summary of  the Heartfulness approach (see excerpts below): 

No, really, Heartfulness is the opposite of discretion: "we are able to touch all sections of humanity." Heartfulness, is the setting in motion of Sahaj Marg, a vast proselytist offensive of greater magnitude.

"Heartfulness: has a wide Social Media presence" on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram (see the Board (index?)  of social networks, Not to mention the webinars, meetings or seminars between abhyasis on the web ...

And it is not finished... 

“We hope to have TV and Podcast media available very soon.” and “Radio City Wellness will be broadcasting two programs on their web radio channel called ‘Radio City Wellness’ from the 16th of November until the 25th of December 2015. The Heartfulness Relaxation technique at 7:00 a.m. (IST) every morning, and 'Shanti Sutra', in which a Heartfulness trainer will talk about a practical approach to the Sahaj Marg system (…)” in Bulletin No: 2015.121 – Thursday, November 12, 2015.

Sahaj Connect is an app for smartphones, but it is also U-Connect, Connect-C, G-Connect, V-Connect ... 
Anyone from the age of 15 years ( you (You or U for youth) or me, companies (Corporate) or the State (Government: army, police and civil service) Villages.  etc...

Will we tomorrow be on World-Connect? 

Do you want to organize an XY or Z Sahaj session?  Connect. No problem, all the necessary material has been prepared by the Heartfulness Institute and is available in the self-service You will find all the course materials you dream of, from an invitation letter template or a lesson plan of the day with the slide adapted to your target audience. 

A Western approach to yoga and urban, human resources training and personal development and well being in business ... 

Talking "how everybody" emphasize what attracts people, avoid foreign words or too specialized ... Pamper newcomers, the drink of love ... "Creating an Inclusive Environment" 

All volunteers are welcome to participate, but it is better to appeal to specialists. 

"Public Speakers Needed Experienced (...), and seeking professional Accomplished public speakers, professors and industry experts" 

"Sahaj Marg is on its way, discreetly."  To live happy, live hidden? Nothing is less true today. SRCM is no longer low profile, that period is over. 

Chari proscribed (discouraged?)  abhyasis discussions on the web and social networks. With the arrival of Guru 2.0 Patel is a new era that opens to Sahaj marg. In the shadow of Heartfulness, rigor .... 

But Heartfulness Meditation, is in full light. This is also its sole justification. As Babuji / Peyret say:  times change ... 


Exerpts of Bulletin N° 2015.118 (Saturday October 31, 2015) :

“(...) We all now understand the need to approach Sahaj Marg as a movement. It is needed for ourselves as well as for the Masters’ vision of a transformed humanity.

So, in this landscape where meditation has become a mainstream activity, devoid of its religious connotations, how do we differentiate ourselves? 

(...) We have to approach them scientifically and, most importantly, experientially. This is very important especially in the urban and western worlds.

(..) With 15-year-olds now allowed to meditate and villages opening up via V-Connect, we are able to touch all sections of humanity.

(...) Always follow the same steps of conducting meditation without transmission first, as this provides a scientific comparison with the later meditation with transmission, and thus an experiential introduction to Sahaj Marg practice and transmission.

(...) Heartfulness has a large Social Media presence, so you may draw the attention of participants and also add the following links to any printed handouts. [Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram]

(...) We have several tools and opportunities for connecting with people to share Heartfulness on two levels: local and global.

Locally: Online Meetup sites 

(...). The Welcome Desk is an important means to create a suitable atmosphere for newcomers in our ashrams and centers. We have found that connecting to organizations that have their own internal means of informing and inviting their members, such as yoga studios, churches or temples, is most conducive. We also offer yoga and other classes in our ashrams, especially in the West, to improve the usage of the ashram and interaction with the community. For corporate initiatives (C-Connect) we have a full range of programs from multi-session courses to introductory 50-minute workshops. We have had success from a grass roots perspective with abhyasis reaching out to their management or HR and Wellness teams.

Globally: The Heartfulness Institute (HI) is planning to have four occasions each year to interact with people cohesively on a global scale:

January 1 – New Year’s Day
April 30 – Will be celebrated as ‘One World, One Humanity’ Day
June 21 – UN International Yoga Day
September 21 – UN World Peace Day

(...) For seekers becoming more established in the practice, introduce them to the mobile apps such as Sahaj Connect and the Heartfulness Mobile App, to help them develop a regular practice. We hope to have TV and Podcast media available very soon.

Creating an Inclusive Environment: As newcomers and visitors attend group meditation and gatherings, we will become increasingly sensitive to the ways in which we interact and present ourselves during all gatherings 

(...). We may need to use inclusive language, minimizing foreign terms that are unnecessary while local translations are appropriate. 

(...) For each one of us, an overall attitude of care and commitment toward newcomers can do as much as any other outreach effort. Making a personal connection with someone new, so they feel welcome and noticed, may give people all the encouragement and sense of belonging they need in the beginning. At the same time, while helping and guiding newcomers, we need to develop great patience with them, allowing them to grow at the pace that’s right for them. Creating a welcoming atmosphere includes harmony in the center. 

(...) We are looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills or aptitudes. 

(...) Teaching, Training, Social Media, Writers, 

(...) Graphic Design, Software, Information Technology 

(...) Experienced Public Speakers Needed : HI is seeking professional and accomplished public speakers, professors and industry experts to participate in speaking engagements for C-Connect, U-Connect, the Omega Science and Spirituality Clubs, and others.(...).

Heartfulness Team”

See More (in French) at: