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Patel's Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article: "Le Sahaj Marg de Patel", by Alexis on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.  

Feb. 13, 2015

Patel's Sahaj Marg 


Two speeches after the death of Chari and a few Sahaj Sandesh (s) later, Patel's program shines through and gradually emerges. The "Whispers" published in (almost) real-time strengthen and clarify certain aspects.

First to mark his difference and affirm himself, Patel establishes the "right of inventory" on the legacy of the "Chari period"  (1983-2014), of the SRCM and Sahaj Marg.  Lack of unity, organizational, communication, etc etc. In short, a system of classism and privileges, jealousy and competition which Chari did not know how, or want to oppose.
“(...) I am so mad. Privileges. We have crossed the limits of spiritual civility by showing ourselves to be so important. (…) We start establishing a class system in our Mission, (…) thinking ourselves as superior to others (…). You are not exclusive (…). Jealousy, discord and competition (…) kills everything.(…) This class system will be finished once and for all. (...)”

Then, after opening the door to criticism of the legacy of their spiritual father, Patel expressed his allegiance to the editors of the Whispers of the Brighter World.   Reviving Chari's tradition of a tireless globetrotter, he first visits "Mother" Hélène Peyret, one of the French (anonymous) mediums of whom he breaks the anonymity.  

"Mediums are not lacking in the Mission, whatever the possibilities that they give themselves."  The Whispers add: " Many decisions will need to be taken; he [Patel] will constantly be guided and better enlightened about what to do. (...) "
In pledging allegiance to the mediums, Patel relaunches the mystery around the religious myth of Sahaj Marg. The Central Region suddenly becomes a much higher and more remote and inaccessible level, while the  Whispers accelerate the pace by jumping to the chapter of the "final stage", which brings us even closer to  the Apocalypse.
The scenario looks like science-fiction ... We are far from Paradise! The Brighter World is only the anteroom of the afterlife where Babuji, Chari and the cartel of Masters are awaiting the abhyasis to guide them, because the journey is just beginning.

“Many people dream of the Brighter World, but it is just a waiting period for our Masters. They would like to take us and show us the other worlds.”  " Or even: "A lot of people still do not have this concept of the reality of their earthly transition and continuity of their existence elsewhere on other planes of consciousness (...). "
They will then move up multiple levels, and go from one dimension to another to approach the Central Region.  

 “It is not a journey from place to place; it is from dimensions to dimensions (…). I don’t know how many of you have read a message by an entity called The Foreigner (Stranger?). I think he is mentioned in the third or fourth volume of Whispers. He is introduced as a person arriving into the Brighter World (…). Who is this Foreigner? (Stranger?) He descended from yet another higher dimension. So there are many, many, many dimensions awaiting us. That travel (journey?) is awaiting us; don’t waste time here, breaking your head and heart (…).” 

And, along the way, we can cross the most unlikely creatures, not necessarily the most pleasing ...

The Whispers add that Chari had not understood anything of the Brighter World: 

"Parthasarathi discovers the path of Sahaj Marg otherwise, from very high up one might say. (...) Our dear Parthasarathi marvels at what he discovers, out of reach of an incarnated being, however great it may be."
Patel denounced the excesses of Chari's reign, but Whispers calls for the strengthening of the hierarchy desired by Chari and promises a restructuring:
"Its important extension [that of SRCM] will require a more structured setting with senior officials at its different parts. (...) A High Hierarchy will insure the cohesion of this essential structure for the functioning of the unprecedented spiritual empire that it will become (...). [Chari] considered some new arrangements to facilitate certain aspects of the practice; everything must be done in this direction (...). Change will happen in the Mission: New rules will be established (...).  The Mission is growing, the burden of responsibility will too, it will in the future be structured differently to achieve a global cohesion. (...) New rules will be established; the progress of the mission in the world calls for changes that will be beneficial to all. We strive unceasingly and support this way of the heart which the elected  will strengthen what exists  for its global development. »
And Patel confirmed in Sahaj Sandesh (No.  2015.7 January 28) his dependence on Whispers for the reorganization of the SRCM:   

“[Patel] mentioned some of the new changes the Hierarchy of Masters have permitted in the Mission, as have also been indicated in recent messages from the Brighter World.”
Patel and the mediums announce some changes to meet the drifting of the SRCM into a class and privileges system under the chairmanship of Chari, according to Patel; and for future growth, according to the mediums. They agree on one point: the need for change, to restructure the organization, strengthen the hierarchy ... so strengthen the establishment.
The Whispers then return to the need to change the rules of preceptorship:  

"Being a preceptor is not trivial, this commitment to the Master and to the entire Hierarchy is to be considered before all things. Sometimes changes must occur to meet the needs of the moment. (...) Its extension into the world will call for new rules, particularly with regards to the preceptors; it will be time to redefine and renew under the circumstances (...).
And, Patel continued in Sahaj Sandesh (No. 2015.13 of 12 February): 

 “(…) There were many important topics related to prefect work discussed as well. There have been requests from so many prefects to share the contents of the talks delivered to prefects in New Jersey. I would like to share the same theme in person with prefects all over the world in a systematic way. The program will be announced shortly. (…)”

But it's again the mediums of Whispers who best sum things up:  

"Life Changes, the world changes and the Mission grows; All this brings about a new way to see things in its organization, and at all levels.  We leave our dear Kamlesh get settled in his role as Master to bring about necessary changes.  An adjustment should be done in several points;  the elapsed time has allowed us to see what needed to be changed for the good of all.  We are watching over things, new rules will be instituted, we will return to this; one thing at a time  (...)  The growing number of abhyasis require new development, we will return evoking some things to change.  May our abhyasis be reassured, everything will be done for their benefit and for that of the Mission.  We will inspire the chosen Master so as to guide him in this necessary restructuring in some points, especially in the practice."

Patel also provides the mission schedule for the coming months: birthday celebration of Babuji in Lucknow (with a probable Kamlesh visit to the ashram of Shahjahanpur), a big birthday party for Chari at Thiruvallur.
Finally, Patel reaffirms the importance for Chari of the " Ongoing Kanha project "in Hyderabad, which he probably will also visit. Then it was the turn of a Whisper January 15

"(...) This large building under construction [Hyderabad] become an important and symbolic point of it [the mission] is now in the lives of many human beings (...)"
All of that, after the first Whisper of Babuji September 9, 2014.

" (...) This mecca of the Mission in the Making (Hyderabad) will have a prominent place, it will become the flagship, the attractive point this mission in perfect connection with all the other centers of the mission in this world. (...) "
The headquarters of the SRCM was Shajahanpur under Babuji, then Manapakkam under Chari, tomorrow, will it be in Hyderabad underPatel?

Hyderabad, the capital of a restructured SRCM by strengthening the hierarchy and the establishment, according to the requirement of the mediums and despite Patel's anti-system diatribe, with a priority on the reform of the preceptorship ...
Is there a real desire for change and reform? Simple effects of announcements or the signs of a coming change? Time will tell ...


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Chari's Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article: "Le Sahaj Marg de Chari", by Élodie on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Feb. 8, 2015.

Chari's Sahaj Marg

A Regressive and Protective System

"Nothing will ever replace the experience and the inner feelings" reply Fabrice and other abhyasis to our criticism.

Honor to the sensations, then, at the expense of true spiritual evolution.

Babuji claimed nothing less than offering his disciples a method for realizing a fusion with the Divine (access to the central region) during their short earthly life.

With Chari, one has forgotten all that.  One is pleased to have sensations, and that is enough.

One feels something "(during the) time of a moment, a meditation, a seminar" and everything is for the best. A moment shared with Chari, a fleeting ecstatic time around the meditative experience or of the egregore (Groupthink?) of a seminar; that is (allegedly?) enough to raise Sahaj Marg on a spiritual pedestal, something with which to believe one's self superior to others, (who are alleged to be) too materialistic to feel anything.

The Whispers of the (anonymous) medium, and thousands of distilled daily messages, have replaced the central region and
the too-inaccessible Divine fusion access for the Brighter World and the great masters when we die: "When our abhyasis leave this world, they can then measure the journey traveled and to rejoice." (Whispers)

Chari and the abhyasis have built a system in which the Divine is gone, replaced by the incarnate and living Master, the promises of Whispers for the future and in the beyond.

Competition and ecstatic one upmanship, fleeting sensations, field of ego and magical thinking
"the problem US !! US with our immaturity, US with our naivety, US with our eager requests for a perfect PAPA (Chari?) and for a protective and loving MOMMA (SRCM?), WE with this childish fear of being disliked if we starts criticizing (does this sound familiar?), WE with this visceral fear of entering into this life, WE with our little ego, increasingly subtle and more and more solid, WE with all these defense mechanisms (see Anna Freud...)  

WE with this very human temptation to turn our backs on ourselves (See the excellent film of an Indian director "The Village" available in most video clubs ...) WE with this almost obsessive quest for the Holy Grail, WE with this very egotistical tendency to want to stand apart from the masses  (I HAVE a spiritual path, I HAVE a Master in India, I feel a lot of things, in short I am different from you (= the working and materialistic masses), WE with this transfer of responsibility (we are supposed to know nothing, understand nothing, and live this pseudo-abandonment as a spiritual quality) when in fact it is simply laxity and irresponsibility.

Hence, we cultivate feelings ... which allows us to easily get away with things. For true spirituality demands a considerable effort, outstanding ethics, unusual self-giving and perhaps a few of us are able to consider spirituality in this light (we would call that into question too ). And thanks to all these feelings, we have the feeling of getting out of our torpor ... for a time, for a moment, for a meditation, for a seminar ...

But at the very beginning (of SRCM?) ... remember? ... there was no question of searching for sensations ... but to evolve!! To feel more human, more loving ... in short,  to GROW !! Instead of this, WE have participated in this regressive system."

Patel says the same thing, see:  "Jealousy, discord and competition" (Speech 12/27/2014  Serve our Master by Serving Humanity)



Sunday, February 01, 2015

About (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) SRCM, Belgium

Translation of an article: "Statuts de la SRCM, Belgique", by Alexis on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 1, 2015
Status of  the SRCM, Belgium
How was the establishment of SRCM constituted?  And what about Chari's "inner circle"? The (legal) statutes of the Belgian SRCM explain very well the genesis of this "among ourselves" proceedure.

After the GUIDE to create one (1)  local organization, was published by the Mission to explain to the abhyasis how to circumvent the democratic rules that govern associations; (and) after the example of the Rules of Procedure of the SRCM, France, we now see (see below ... in French) the example of the Belgian statutes.


Status of the SRCM, Belgium

The Registry of the Commercial Court of Nivelles recorded the statutes of the non-profit association (npa) SRCM Belgium on June 21, 2007.

Full members, associate members and benefactors, 3 categories with very distinct powers. The adherents, the common and majority position of the abhyasis have no rights, except to be able to attend the general meetings as observers.

Conversely, full (staff?) members are selected by the President according to his functions with the SRCM, India and only among them will be appointed the members of the Board of Directors.

As for benefactors, they are chosen by the Board of Directors. With full members, they are the only ones with the right to vote at general meetings. Including to elect the Board of Directors.

Finally, the President may establish internal regulations and by himself alone, can change them at will.


Exerpts (of legal documents) in French:

Article 5 : Nombre, qualifications et admission

L’Association est composée de membres « effectifs », de membres « adhérents » et de membres « bienfaiteurs »
Seuls les membres effectifs jouissent de la plénitude des droits accordés aux membres par la loi et les présents statuts. Les membres adhérents jouissent des seuls droits sociaux qui leur sont reconnus par les statuts de l’Association. Le titre de membre bienfaiteur peut être décerné annuellement par le conseil d’administration aux personnes qui rendent ou qui ont rendu des services à l’association.

Sont membres effectifs
1 Le président en fonction de la « Shri Ram Chandra Mission » en Inde, enregistrée dans le « Societies Registration Act of U.P. (1860) » par Shri Ram Chandra de Shajahanpur, son Président Fondateur. Celui-ci est membre de droit.
2 Les personnes qui participent à la vie de l’Association, prennent part à ses travaux, à quelque titre que ce soit et qui en ont fait la demande au Président qui statue seul sur ces demandes sans avoir à motiver sa décision.

Article 8 : Composition
L’Association est gérée par un conseil d’administration composé de trois membres au moins, élus parmi les membres effectifs par l’assemblée générale à la majorité des deux tiers des voix de ses membres présents ou représentés, sur proposition du président en fonction de la « Shri Ram Chandra Mission » en Inde, enregistrée dans le « Societies Registration Act of U.P. (1860) »

Article 14 : Composition
L’assemblée générale se composée [sic] des membres effectifs et des membres bienfaiteurs. Les membres adhérents sont informés de la tenue des assemblées et peuvent y assister sans toutefois pouvoir voter.

Article 19 : Règlement d’Ordre Intérieur
Il peut être établi un Règlement d’ordre intérieur. (…) Ce Règlement est entre les mains du Président qui est seul habilité à le faire évoluer (…).
- SRCM Belgique



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Ten Years of Spiritualism (Spiritism) at Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Dix Ans de Spiritisme au Sahaj Marg",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 27, 2015
Ten years of Spiritualism (Spiritism)  at Sahaj Marg

Whispers, the Founding Myth of a New Religion

2005: Chari opens the door of Sahaj Marg to spiritualism, with an entrance ticket of €300 or $250, triggering a wave of resignations (including myself) and/or some taking their distances. Those who blindly trust him (Chari)  acquire the first volume of "Whispers from the Brighter World", with orders to not share in any way with anyone.

2005-2014: Ten years later, spiritualism is omnipresent. The silent revolution, the religious myth peddled by Whispers has been instilled in everyone's minds.

Whispers is the publication with five to ten years delay, of the so-called messages of Babuji, channeled by an anonymous French (lady?) medium. Babuji, the "special personality" would henceforth address us from the Brighter World, this Central Region where he (allegedly) has realized his divine fusion.  In these messages, he promises us the divine punishment and the Apocalypse on Earth, and the emergence of an elite that must regenerate mankind and save the world.

2015: Illusions fly, and the myth becomes richer and more complex. The whispers are published as soon as they are (allegedly) dictated. There is no longer a couple of medium (dictators?), but many. The Brighter World is not the Central Region. The "Beyond" is no longer just populated by Babuji and the great saints of all time. It consists of a multitude of parallel worlds populated by a host of characters, some not always benevolent.

In ten years, Whispers has largely kept its promises: financial corruption and a dive into spiritualist obscurantism.

Where is the promised spiritual fusion with the divine?   What about the access to the Central Region? What about the "special personality" and the Grand Design of Sahaj Marg?

Gone is the wave of reactions and the early departures, the spirits have gradually become accustomed to the unacceptable.

Too bad for spirituality.



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Sahaj Marg and Hindu Nationalism

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Sahaj Marg et Nationalisme Hindou", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 18, 2015   
Sahaj Marg and Hindu Nationalism
Forced Conversions to Hinduism

Alexis said …

Appeasement for (the sake of) "living together"?  Yes, Surely … But Beware!   Here is what I observed "below the elbow" (up the sleeve?), after Chari's death.  This warrants some explanation from the SRCM ...  

Where Sahaj Marg Mixes With Nationalistic Movements

When we find the SRCM associated with Hindu nationalist organizations and  encouraging religious conversions (Ghar Vapsi)

 P.M. Modi upset or not, VHP and RSS are in no mood to stop ghar vapsi 
In The News Minute  December 22, 2014 - 3.00 pm IST 

"(...) 'We successfully brought back 40 Christians and 10 Muslims to Hinduism over the past Few Days'.

(...) Rakesh [VHP's Ernakulam district, Kerala] said that the VHP [Vishwa Hindu Parishad] is coordinating with Arya Samaj, Sree Ram Chandra Mission [underlined by Alexis] Ayyappa Seva Sangham and Hindu Mission for help. He said that these are the organizations which have been entrusted  with the task of re-conversions 

(...). " 
Is the Indian nationalist right blowing on  (fanning the flames of?) the sectarian embers? In December 2014, several cases of forced conversions, real or fantasized, have agitate the media and the politicians in India, on the basis of the strengthening of the nationalist right, after the electoral success of the BJP in the spring. Christians and Muslims are the targets.

Who is the Shri Ram Chandra Mission associated with here? 

 - Vishwa Hindu Parishad: an extremist Hindu militant group sometimes ultra-violent, whose Hindu nationalist influences reaches to the Hindu diaspora. 
 - Arya Samaj (noble society): another Hindu nationalist organization, created in 1875 to reform Hinduism, in response to the spread of Islam and Christian proselytism. 
 - Ayyappa Seva Sangham & Hindu Mission: still and again Hindu groups

What then, has SRCM, theoretically a spiritual movement without borders and/or trans-religious, to do in this affair?  Would there be in Sahaj Marg,  a Hindu nationalist dimension that would have eluded us?

 A closer look at Whispers (From the Brighter World)  reminds us of the idea of ​​the Apocalypse and the supremacy of India?
«So many upheavals will occur on Earth, India will be preserved; that is the divine will. »



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

Translation of an article by Alexis: Quand une Femme s'Empare du Pouvoir, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 13, 2015 

Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

The time for emotions must give way to action, we establish the right to blaspheme. Especially against all these "-ism" words, first and foremost being: obscurantism.

Example, obscurantism & Spiritualism:

Link to Alexis' article:
When a woman takes power


The Turning of Spirituality into Spiritualism is Finally Complete

The fourth? Guru of Sahaj Marg, Kamlesh Patel officially runs the Mission.
We expected (I expected?) some power struggles, splits caused by PR Krishna, Krishna Barghav Santosh Khanjee, AP Durai or US Bajpai?

FALSE! Patel is the pilot! So much so that he allows himself to criticize the system that was set up by Chari, from his very first speech ... only 3 days after Chari's death!

Implicit in his second speech, there is only one message: The system that was set up under the joint influence of Chari and the abhyasis is rotten and must change.

What power, what power he must have to afford so early such a revolutionary criticism!  Let us applaud with both (2) hands Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel, this individual who's lack-luster demeanor was such that he was already nicknamed "sinister" as opposed to the charisma of the Other ... In that speech, everything goes: Chari, the organization, communication ... nothing is forgotten. Nothing! Nothing?

Nothing, if not the most important of the moment: the MEDIUM ...

Patel has not a negative word to say about the spiritualist turn (bent) of Sahaj Marg and the influence of the medium on the SRCM. Quite the contrary, with "The Foreigner," Patel multiplies the dimensions of the Hereafter, relegating the Brighter World to a first step, a vulgar stage where we expect to meet Babuji and Chari. An even stronger re-launch of the "Whispers" and the role of the medium ...

Let us return for a moment to the Medium and  the Whispers from a Brighter World where from now on will dwell Chari since joining the Special Personality of Babuji, all the Great saints of all times ... and the dark side of the Force, "the Foreigner" now in the lead!

In 2005, Chari launches his first book (Whispers From the Brighter World) for € 300 which we did not see back then but as a new way to make lots of money. But little by little, by shelling the messages, one becomes aware of the impact of the content of these messages
on the abhyasis supposedly from the realm beyond, provided by a psychic who claims to speak for Babuji and some others.
An insidious intellectual revolution is underway in the Mission. The Whispers from the Brighter World are trying to convince the followers of an impending earthly Apocalypse at the end of which a new spiritual world will emerge, and in which their children will occupy the primary place.

But since the middle of 2014, things are accelerating. Until then, the messages were issued to the abhyasi public with about a 5 years delay.  Some of them are now distributed almost as soon as Babuji has (allegedly?) dictated them.  And this movement has accelerated since Chari's death, to the point that Babuji and Chari now address the abhyasis in real time, so much if not more than to the current president of the Mission, Patel. So the question becomes: Who really runs the Mission?

Who really runs the Mission today? Patel or Babuji and Chari from the great beyond? The medium or Patel? To ask the question is to reply ...

Remember December 2009, when the medium (Catherine Lauret?) Said to Poonam Thaper (aka Rose) that she would be the next spiritual representative and that she would open the new path (the new way) for Sahaj Marg. We are not that far away, even if for the moment she directs Patel from the shadows of her messages.

“(...) a french lady called Catherine Lauret who said that Ajay was not going to be the next representative and who had explained to him about the future of Sahaj Marg and how it was going to totally change  
(...) She said that because preceptors have been abusing their powers and letting their ego get the better of them and not taking (their) duties properly in the "new way" cleaning would be done by Babuju direct from the brighter world via the heart of the new representative (her).
(...) She also said "Babuji is telling me to tell you that you have an amazing chance to get to know the next master before anyone else knows about her and you should use this time wisely as one day you will need Binoculars to see her"
(Blanked out-fiance) also asked her something about Ajay - Catherine has told (blanked out - friend) that Ajay's family had been telling him that he should be the next one and Ajay was having doubts about Catherine too but Catherine said that it was all sorted, Ajay accepted her. So we said that when she was master who would take care of the "business" aspect of Sahaj Marg- ie the accounts etc-bear in mind that Catherine can barely speak english - when she does its very broken. So we asked if Ajay would be like her right hand man - she said "No Ajay will have to go back to being the most basic abhyasi and he will have no role in the management of the mission and no responsibilities.(...)”

So here we are.  The deed is done. Like a gray eminence, the medium directs Patel, the Master.  Sahaj Marg and SRCM are controlled from behind the scene by a woman. For now, Patel and the medium seem to agree. The medium approves the decisions made by Chari in his lifetime, she seems to have chosen to give her support to Patel. But until when?
Tomorrow, things could change ...

And who would win?

Will Patel Master the medium? Nothing is less certain! Unless he himself writes the so-called messages (whispers) from Babuji and Chari, Patel is completely subjected to her influence.

So, December 26th: "(...) He [Chari] envisioned new arrangements to facilitate certain aspects of the practice; everything must be done in this direction, we will come back (to this)  soon (...). 

"And Dec. 27th: "(...) Changes will occur in the Mission: New rules will be established (...) we will come back (...)". And 28: "(...) Many decisions will be taken; he [Patel] will constantly be guided and informed better about what to do. (...) "


We will "come back to this" soon?  Who is "We"?  (The French Anonymous Lady Medium (AFLM), or Patel??)