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About (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) SRCM, Belgium

Translation of an article: "Statuts de la SRCM, Belgique", by Alexis on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 1, 2015
Status of  the SRCM, Belgium
How was the establishment of SRCM constituted?  And what about Chari's "inner circle"? The (legal) statutes of the Belgian SRCM explain very well the genesis of this "among ourselves" proceedure.

After the GUIDE to create one (1)  local organization, was published by the Mission to explain to the abhyasis how to circumvent the democratic rules that govern associations; (and) after the example of the Rules of Procedure of the SRCM, France, we now see (see below ... in French) the example of the Belgian statutes.


Status of the SRCM, Belgium

The Registry of the Commercial Court of Nivelles recorded the statutes of the non-profit association (npa) SRCM Belgium on June 21, 2007.

Full members, associate members and benefactors, 3 categories with very distinct powers. The adherents, the common and majority position of the abhyasis have no rights, except to be able to attend the general meetings as observers.

Conversely, full (staff?) members are selected by the President according to his functions with the SRCM, India and only among them will be appointed the members of the Board of Directors.

As for benefactors, they are chosen by the Board of Directors. With full members, they are the only ones with the right to vote at general meetings. Including to elect the Board of Directors.

Finally, the President may establish internal regulations and by himself alone, can change them at will.


Exerpts (of legal documents) in French:

Article 5 : Nombre, qualifications et admission

L’Association est composée de membres « effectifs », de membres « adhérents » et de membres « bienfaiteurs »
Seuls les membres effectifs jouissent de la plénitude des droits accordés aux membres par la loi et les présents statuts. Les membres adhérents jouissent des seuls droits sociaux qui leur sont reconnus par les statuts de l’Association. Le titre de membre bienfaiteur peut être décerné annuellement par le conseil d’administration aux personnes qui rendent ou qui ont rendu des services à l’association.

Sont membres effectifs
1 Le président en fonction de la « Shri Ram Chandra Mission » en Inde, enregistrée dans le « Societies Registration Act of U.P. (1860) » par Shri Ram Chandra de Shajahanpur, son Président Fondateur. Celui-ci est membre de droit.
2 Les personnes qui participent à la vie de l’Association, prennent part à ses travaux, à quelque titre que ce soit et qui en ont fait la demande au Président qui statue seul sur ces demandes sans avoir à motiver sa décision.

Article 8 : Composition
L’Association est gérée par un conseil d’administration composé de trois membres au moins, élus parmi les membres effectifs par l’assemblée générale à la majorité des deux tiers des voix de ses membres présents ou représentés, sur proposition du président en fonction de la « Shri Ram Chandra Mission » en Inde, enregistrée dans le « Societies Registration Act of U.P. (1860) »

Article 14 : Composition
L’assemblée générale se composée [sic] des membres effectifs et des membres bienfaiteurs. Les membres adhérents sont informés de la tenue des assemblées et peuvent y assister sans toutefois pouvoir voter.

Article 19 : Règlement d’Ordre Intérieur
Il peut être établi un Règlement d’ordre intérieur. (…) Ce Règlement est entre les mains du Président qui est seul habilité à le faire évoluer (…).
- SRCM Belgique



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Ten Years of Spiritualism (Spiritism) at Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Dix Ans de Spiritisme au Sahaj Marg",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 27, 2015
Ten years of Spiritualism (Spiritism)  at Sahaj Marg

Whispers, the Founding Myth of a New Religion

2005: Chari opens the door of Sahaj Marg to spiritualism, with an entrance ticket of €300 or $250, triggering a wave of resignations (including myself) and/or some taking their distances. Those who blindly trust him (Chari)  acquire the first volume of "Whispers from the Brighter World", with orders to not share in any way with anyone.

2005-2014: Ten years later, spiritualism is omnipresent. The silent revolution, the religious myth peddled by Whispers has been instilled in everyone's minds.

Whispers is the publication with five to ten years delay, of the so-called messages of Babuji, channeled by an anonymous French (lady?) medium. Babuji, the "special personality" would henceforth address us from the Brighter World, this Central Region where he (allegedly) has realized his divine fusion.  In these messages, he promises us the divine punishment and the Apocalypse on Earth, and the emergence of an elite that must regenerate mankind and save the world.

2015: Illusions fly, and the myth becomes richer and more complex. The whispers are published as soon as they are (allegedly) dictated. There is no longer a couple of medium (dictators?), but many. The Brighter World is not the Central Region. The "Beyond" is no longer just populated by Babuji and the great saints of all time. It consists of a multitude of parallel worlds populated by a host of characters, some not always benevolent.

In ten years, Whispers has largely kept its promises: financial corruption and a dive into spiritualist obscurantism.

Where is the promised spiritual fusion with the divine?   What about the access to the Central Region? What about the "special personality" and the Grand Design of Sahaj Marg?

Gone is the wave of reactions and the early departures, the spirits have gradually become accustomed to the unacceptable.

Too bad for spirituality.



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Sahaj Marg and Hindu Nationalism

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Sahaj Marg et Nationalisme Hindou", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 18, 2015   
Sahaj Marg and Hindu Nationalism
Forced Conversions to Hinduism

Alexis said …

Appeasement for (the sake of) "living together"?  Yes, Surely … But Beware!   Here is what I observed "below the elbow" (up the sleeve?), after Chari's death.  This warrants some explanation from the SRCM ...  

Where Sahaj Marg Mixes With Nationalistic Movements

When we find the SRCM associated with Hindu nationalist organizations and  encouraging religious conversions (Ghar Vapsi)

 P.M. Modi upset or not, VHP and RSS are in no mood to stop ghar vapsi 
In The News Minute  December 22, 2014 - 3.00 pm IST 

"(...) 'We successfully brought back 40 Christians and 10 Muslims to Hinduism over the past Few Days'.

(...) Rakesh [VHP's Ernakulam district, Kerala] said that the VHP [Vishwa Hindu Parishad] is coordinating with Arya Samaj, Sree Ram Chandra Mission [underlined by Alexis] Ayyappa Seva Sangham and Hindu Mission for help. He said that these are the organizations which have been entrusted  with the task of re-conversions 

(...). " 
Is the Indian nationalist right blowing on  (fanning the flames of?) the sectarian embers? In December 2014, several cases of forced conversions, real or fantasized, have agitate the media and the politicians in India, on the basis of the strengthening of the nationalist right, after the electoral success of the BJP in the spring. Christians and Muslims are the targets.

Who is the Shri Ram Chandra Mission associated with here? 

 - Vishwa Hindu Parishad: an extremist Hindu militant group sometimes ultra-violent, whose Hindu nationalist influences reaches to the Hindu diaspora. 
 - Arya Samaj (noble society): another Hindu nationalist organization, created in 1875 to reform Hinduism, in response to the spread of Islam and Christian proselytism. 
 - Ayyappa Seva Sangham & Hindu Mission: still and again Hindu groups

What then, has SRCM, theoretically a spiritual movement without borders and/or trans-religious, to do in this affair?  Would there be in Sahaj Marg,  a Hindu nationalist dimension that would have eluded us?

 A closer look at Whispers (From the Brighter World)  reminds us of the idea of ​​the Apocalypse and the supremacy of India?
«So many upheavals will occur on Earth, India will be preserved; that is the divine will. »



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Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

Translation of an article by Alexis: Quand une Femme s'Empare du Pouvoir, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 13, 2015 

Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

The time for emotions must give way to action, we establish the right to blaspheme. Especially against all these "-ism" words, first and foremost being: obscurantism.

Example, obscurantism & Spiritualism:

Link to Alexis' article:
When a woman takes power


The Turning of Spirituality into Spiritualism is Finally Complete

The fourth? Guru of Sahaj Marg, Kamlesh Patel officially runs the Mission.
We expected (I expected?) some power struggles, splits caused by PR Krishna, Krishna Barghav Santosh Khanjee, AP Durai or US Bajpai?

FALSE! Patel is the pilot! So much so that he allows himself to criticize the system that was set up by Chari, from his very first speech ... only 3 days after Chari's death!

Implicit in his second speech, there is only one message: The system that was set up under the joint influence of Chari and the abhyasis is rotten and must change.

What power, what power he must have to afford so early such a revolutionary criticism!  Let us applaud with both (2) hands Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel, this individual who's lack-luster demeanor was such that he was already nicknamed "sinister" as opposed to the charisma of the Other ... In that speech, everything goes: Chari, the organization, communication ... nothing is forgotten. Nothing! Nothing?

Nothing, if not the most important of the moment: the MEDIUM ...

Patel has not a negative word to say about the spiritualist turn (bent) of Sahaj Marg and the influence of the medium on the SRCM. Quite the contrary, with "The Foreigner," Patel multiplies the dimensions of the Hereafter, relegating the Brighter World to a first step, a vulgar stage where we expect to meet Babuji and Chari. An even stronger re-launch of the "Whispers" and the role of the medium ...

Let us return for a moment to the Medium and  the Whispers from a Brighter World where from now on will dwell Chari since joining the Special Personality of Babuji, all the Great saints of all times ... and the dark side of the Force, "the Foreigner" now in the lead!

In 2005, Chari launches his first book (Whispers From the Brighter World) for € 300 which we did not see back then but as a new way to make lots of money. But little by little, by shelling the messages, one becomes aware of the impact of the content of these messages
on the abhyasis supposedly from the realm beyond, provided by a psychic who claims to speak for Babuji and some others.
An insidious intellectual revolution is underway in the Mission. The Whispers from the Brighter World are trying to convince the followers of an impending earthly Apocalypse at the end of which a new spiritual world will emerge, and in which their children will occupy the primary place.

But since the middle of 2014, things are accelerating. Until then, the messages were issued to the abhyasi public with about a 5 years delay.  Some of them are now distributed almost as soon as Babuji has (allegedly?) dictated them.  And this movement has accelerated since Chari's death, to the point that Babuji and Chari now address the abhyasis in real time, so much if not more than to the current president of the Mission, Patel. So the question becomes: Who really runs the Mission?

Who really runs the Mission today? Patel or Babuji and Chari from the great beyond? The medium or Patel? To ask the question is to reply ...

Remember December 2009, when the medium (Catherine Lauret?) Said to Poonam Thaper (aka Rose) that she would be the next spiritual representative and that she would open the new path (the new way) for Sahaj Marg. We are not that far away, even if for the moment she directs Patel from the shadows of her messages.

“(...) a french lady called Catherine Lauret who said that Ajay was not going to be the next representative and who had explained to him about the future of Sahaj Marg and how it was going to totally change  
(...) She said that because preceptors have been abusing their powers and letting their ego get the better of them and not taking (their) duties properly in the "new way" cleaning would be done by Babuju direct from the brighter world via the heart of the new representative (her).
(...) She also said "Babuji is telling me to tell you that you have an amazing chance to get to know the next master before anyone else knows about her and you should use this time wisely as one day you will need Binoculars to see her"
(Blanked out-fiance) also asked her something about Ajay - Catherine has told (blanked out - friend) that Ajay's family had been telling him that he should be the next one and Ajay was having doubts about Catherine too but Catherine said that it was all sorted, Ajay accepted her. So we said that when she was master who would take care of the "business" aspect of Sahaj Marg- ie the accounts etc-bear in mind that Catherine can barely speak english - when she does its very broken. So we asked if Ajay would be like her right hand man - she said "No Ajay will have to go back to being the most basic abhyasi and he will have no role in the management of the mission and no responsibilities.(...)”

So here we are.  The deed is done. Like a gray eminence, the medium directs Patel, the Master.  Sahaj Marg and SRCM are controlled from behind the scene by a woman. For now, Patel and the medium seem to agree. The medium approves the decisions made by Chari in his lifetime, she seems to have chosen to give her support to Patel. But until when?
Tomorrow, things could change ...

And who would win?

Will Patel Master the medium? Nothing is less certain! Unless he himself writes the so-called messages (whispers) from Babuji and Chari, Patel is completely subjected to her influence.

So, December 26th: "(...) He [Chari] envisioned new arrangements to facilitate certain aspects of the practice; everything must be done in this direction, we will come back (to this)  soon (...). 

"And Dec. 27th: "(...) Changes will occur in the Mission: New rules will be established (...) we will come back (...)". And 28: "(...) Many decisions will be taken; he [Patel] will constantly be guided and informed better about what to do. (...) "


We will "come back to this" soon?  Who is "We"?  (The French Anonymous Lady Medium (AFLM), or Patel??)



Sunday, January 04, 2015

Spiritualist Kamlesh Patel, New President of SRCM, Master of Sahaj Marg and the "Foreigner"

Kamlesh D. Patel, the newly appointed President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM -California-1997) ) and Master of Sahaj Marg, was appointed by the self-appointed ex-president and now-deceased Chari (aka: Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari). Chari formed and re-registered his SRCM (California-1997) in San Luis Obispo, California in 1997, after he was refused the presidency of Babuji's society: Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM Shahjahanpur-1945) by the Board of Directors.

Patel's nomination, Chari's second choice,  became necessary as the "first-chosen", Ajay Kumar Bhatter declined his nomination.  Patel is a pharmacist from Staten Island, N.Y. who also has other pharmaceutical business interests.  (See Below)

Comments by 4d-Don to:  Exerpts of Speech of Dec. 27, 2014, "Serve Our Master by Serving Humanity", are in "red italics"


I wish there were more people here as well, those who can make the difference in our organisation, those whose thinking is of a different order.

Spiritualism, is fantasy, fiction and a scam, and it will keep the "good" and "rational", or "thinking" people away!! Spiritualism will attract the salesmen, profiteers, opportunists, scammers, get-rich-quick operators, materialists, sensationalists, addicts, and those with character or personality problems.   Chari targeted these and he got them... Now he passed them on to Patel... Now Patel can live with them as they are, or change them ... and "Liberate" or save them.

They want the magic and the quick-cure of spiritualism ... and they don't want to do the work of "spirituality" ... they want to "hang around"!!  ... and talk about themselves!  They are the "Me, me, me" generation!!

Will Patel try and make them go "inside", calm down and meditate or will he simply do what he does (or did?) for the rest of  his secular customers, sell them the "medication" the doctors prescribe, also called: pharmaceuticals?  Imported from India of course!!  So more pure and less adulterated?  OK!  Let's wait and see!! 


He (Chari) had to struggle even to establish himself as Babuji’s successor, his spiritual successor. Ninety percent of abhyasis were against him. He turned the entire thing around, and less than one percent remained against him. Ultimately it proves only that they were against themselves, this one percent. Because they had nothing better to do in life, so they took up a challenge, and they thrived like this in their life.

The old prefects, preceptors, and disciples, those who were "thinkers", philosophers, and good people, did not come back with Chari.  Chari called those who disagreed with him: "the enemies of  spirituality".  They (we) were, and still are, the "enemies of spiritualism".  To expose and to stand against the scam which is "spiritualism" and the idolatry of "cults of individuals", is a worthy endeavour.  I understand that those businessmen who profiteer from such lowly manipulations of the masses don't like reporters and "exposers"... We are the real "5th Estate".


And his pleasing of individuals never ended. He was always afraid that, “If I don’t pay attention to so-and-so, what will happen? He might leave me!” This was his permanent fear.

"Permanent Fear" in a so-called: "Master"??  Did he transmit that "permanent fear"?  Why so much dis-unity and so many division in Sahaj Marg?  Did it originate with the Master? (who is really "self-appointed")?  As Patel states, even "thieves can unite", why can't  the so-called: "holier than thou" not unite?  Is it a curse from Lalaji (Master of Naqshbandiya Sufi Brotherhood) because of the arrogance of the self-titled Masters of Sahaj Marg?  Has Sahaj Marg created a dis-ease?  Will it continue to create such division and "negativity" in the future??  Chari did not attempt to "please" the bloggers, those who said many years ago the same thing that many are now saying as they leave the "flock" or the "herd" ...  Chari just wanted to please those he could get something from, those with a little money to spare !!  


Any time you asked Master, “That gatekeeper, that stupid fellow stopped me at the gate,” he would give you a card: “Use this card whenever you want to come again.” Why did he make you exclusive? You are not exclusive, no one was exclusive, but he felt for us. Some of the people said, “Oh, so-and-so is coming to the cottage, Master, but they stopped me. They have prejudice Master was… “Okay, take another card.” Abhyasis would say, “You are allowing only the rich people.”

To hang around the rich, is to hang around the "materialists", those attracted and even addicted to the material....  And many opportunists hang around organizations where scams such as "spiritualism", and the arrogance of cults of Personality dwell...  Those who are attracted to SPIRIT, are (and should be) less attracted to matter (materialists), and/or the corruption of "spiritualism"... 

SPIRIT (as in "spirituality" is ONE (hence: no plural - united or unified)  ... but,  spiritualism or the realms of "spirits" are many (hence: plural - diverse or divided) !! 


He called someone because that person was visible and hanging around when someone was pulling Master’s chair for lunch or dinner. Master looked around and his eye met with another abhyasi, “All right. Call that fool inside,” spoken in a hurry [he] spoke. And even at seven-thirty, when he was going to the chair, and there were fifty people waiting, he would say, “These vultures, they will never leave me alone.” Haven’t you heard this? And yet we hung around. Can you imagine Master speaking like that?

That is LOVE??  That is so-called: BROTHERHOOD?  NOT!   Want some more?  Who is the real "enemy of spirituality"?  Who is promoting "spiritualism"?  The businessmen of Sahaj Marg.

Vultures don't hang around or are not attracted to the "spiritual", but they love rotting "material" and the emotions and upheavals of fear, anger, hatred, etc... ...  hence vultures hang around those who gather the material (realm?) and its divisive emotionalism around them ... and they wait for some "material" to be left un-attended.  Vultures are very opportunist.  That is a word that the directors of cults of Personality and/or the masters of spiritualist societies such as Sahaj Marg should be familiar with.   The businessmen of spiritualist Sahaj Marg which is the cult of an individual seems to attract vultures, according to its Master, Chari!!  WHY??   They (the vultures)  just want to do what is natural to them, to follow the leaders,  and head toward "rotting" material ...  (corruption?).  

Hope you won't mind if it does not attract the more "intellectual," nor the "thinkers" (philosophers?) among us?  ...  If you call us names, and your master also calls us names (vultures?) , then maybe you are simply following his example, right?  Now, we who think, don't call that "love"!!  Distraction, maybe?   A waste of time? 


 I don’t know how many of you have read a message by an entity called The Foreigner. I think he is mentioned in the third or fourth volume of Whispers. He is introduced as a person arriving into the Brighter World. And he tells the medium, “I can remove your sickness in an instant. I can make you dance the way you used to when you were fifteen or sixteen. But I cannot do it unless your Babuji permits me to do it. Nevertheless, I take the liberty of granting you that state for one day.” Who is this Foreigner? He descended from yet another higher dimension. So there are many, many, many dimensions awaiting us. That travel is awaiting us; don’t waste time here, breaking your head and heart: “Oh, who is entering? Who is going? Who is doing what?” No! Let us be united in this. United we can achieve, united we can travel up and down in those dimensions. There is a great possibility, and especially when we have such a Hierarchy helping us, let’s take that advantage of that travel in higher, other dimensions.


SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, messages from the "spirits of the dead", egregores, etc...) is not the same as  SPIRITUALITY.   Babuji, the founder of Sahaj Marg,  claimed that such alleged "powers" as mentioned above, were removed from Sahaj Marg and that followers of Sahaj Marg were to use the practice only in their quest for the Ultimate or the REALITY.  

Chari, the "self-appointed" Master and President of Sahaj Marg while still alive and through the channelings of an "non-professional" Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM), introduced a spiritualist "hierarchy", some "beings of light", some "elevated souls", and now a "Foreigner" who can allegedly heal humans.   She also allegedly (that means that she only claims to) channels many spirits of the deceased:  Lalaji, Babuji, Chari, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and now a "Foreigner".  Add to that the "autonomous psychic entity", called an "egregore" (the disciples are asked to pray for a "favourable egregore") introduced by Chari, and you don't have a spiritual society but a "spiritualist" society.  there is a difference. (see above)

And now we learn that all these entities are from "other dimensions".  Oh, My God!!  And if the disciples of Sahaj Marg "unite" they allegedly (not really) can "travel" in these "higher dimensions"... Oh Yeah??  I'm from Missouri, you've got to show me!!  

So much for Babuji's "spirituality" which he wanted to resemble "Raja Yoga"...  NOT in REALITY!!  Just wishful thinking on his part! 

 See Also: 

"At Sahaj Marg, Portrait of Kamlesh D. Patel, Comes Into Focus."


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Chari Has Gone to Venus?

Translation of a comment by Alexis on Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.
(see also as an article on Alexis' blog: Chari s'en est allé vers Vénus)

4d-Don said: Sahaj Marg is Spiritualism (Mediums, messages from the spirits of the dead, egregores, etc...).  It is not Spirituality (i.e. Patanjali's Eightfold Path or Raja Yoga).   Spiritualism is a SCAM.   

Lalaji is not associated with Sahaj Marg.  He never was.  Don't blindly believe, check it out!!   

Babuji met Lalaji a few times during his life.  Lalaji refused to name him (passed him over) "preceptor" in 1930, a few months before he (Lalaji) died in 1931.  Babuji only claimed to be his successor over 13 years later in 1945, when he founded his SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Shahjahanpur-1945), even though Lalaji had many legal Naqshbandiya SUFI Brotherhood,  organizations at the time.  Remember,  Lalaji was the first Hindu Master of the Naqshbandiya Sufi Brotherhood (with a lineage to the Prophet of Islam, Muhamed).  Lalaji's Sufi branch is called: NaqshMuMRa Sufi Stream, and is presided by Lalaji's grandson, Dinaysh. 

This (about Venus) is what Chari made up and said.  Then in a more recent speech, he also claimed to have lived at the time of Christ when he was allegedly crucified (because his feet now hurt). Then he claimed to have also been a "desert wanderer"  ...  Yeah, Right!!  One can claim what one wishes, it does not necessarily make it true.  If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell to you ... 

Chari in his "Constitution and Bye-Laws" ( yes, that's "bye" as opposed to "hello"?) states that  his SRCM (California-1997), registered in San Luis Obispo, California,  in the section on "evil practices", adheres to the "principles of Spiritualism" ... not Spirituality.  What are the "principles of Spiritualism"?   Silly?  Yup!!  There are no such things.

See here and compare both Constitutions (specially the "evil practices" section 11 on page 14) :

Spiritualism is not Spirituality !!  Don't take the lies (Meds?) Sahaj Marg feeds you,  and think straight. 

Don't be lured into going to "Venus" ... It is not habitable, even in the invented stories (fantasies) of spiritualist scammers, who  fictitiously credit their fantasies to un-named "spirits".  That is the nature of "spiritualism"... It is not "THE TRUTH". It is not "REALITY".   It is "FICTION" and "FANTASY".   

Babuji claimed that his Sahaj Marg was about facing REALITY.  Chari's usurped Sahaj Marg is quite different!!

Dec. 22, 2014

Chari Has Gone to Venus?

Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, 87, died Saturday, December 20 at 21 h 45.  Always in a hurry, he (allegedly) already communicated with his favorite medium the very next morning at 10:00 AM.

In December 2007 at Vrads, Chari had announced that he was 99% sure that Babuji would send him on a mission to Venus whenever he arrived at the Brighter World. That should not be very long.

 Let us wish him a good journey to Venus and let us return for a moment to our good old planet Earth.

What is going to happen now? Officially, the sinister Kamlesh Patel succeeds him as president of SRCM and as spiritual representative of Sahaj Marg.

Will Abhyasis accept this decision of Chari without snorting? Will he be as successful as Chari? No one knows ...

How will this declared "dauphin" fit between Santosh Khanjee, the organizer and Chari's henchmen  such as A.P. Durai or U.S. Bajpai?

Will Chari's son, manager of the PR Krishna estate, and his grandchildren, Barghav Krishna and Madhuri, leave him the power?

Will the central bankers (funders?) of the Mission, Madhava Reddy and Ilya Kazmaly, continue to pay or
will they close the taps?
After the messages (whispers?) from Babuji, what about the medium?  What statements is she going to attach to Chari? 

Externally, what are the positions of Dinesh Kumar Saxena, the grand-son of Lalaji; and (what about) Navneet Kumar Saxena and Sharad Chandra Saxena, the grandsons of Babuji?

What about the followers of Kasturi Chaturvedi, the spiritual companion of Babuji; K.C. Narayana, the son of K.C. Varadachari, S.P. Srivastava or even the heirs of Raghavendra Rao?

The hounds are released. Membership, implosion or explosion ... the challenge is on!


Monday, December 22, 2014

See also (the original statements by Chari):  

The Brighter World of Venus?  (Chari of Sahaj Marg) 


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Sahaj Marg and Spiritual Nightmares

Translation of a series of comments by ex-abhyasi, Barbara compiled into an article: "Sahaj Marg et Cauchemars Spirituels", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

 Jan. 1, 2015

Sahaj Marg and Spiritual Nightmares 

Anonymous SRCM had parodied a Sahaj Sandesh (Sahaj Marg Publication)  to call on one and all to tell the story of their misadventures with SRCM. The idea is interesting and could be further developed. Barbara replied  first, here is a compilation of three messages (comments).

SRCM said ...
Sahaj Sandesh No: 2014.56   Rejected
Nightmares of Spiritual Discovery
Dear brothers and sisters,
This is a call to all ex-abhyasis. Please put pen to paper and record the story of the events, circumstances and inner changes that led you to leave Sahaj Marg and refuse the Master. We are compiling a book of these stories for publication with the working title: Nightmares of Spiritual Discovery.
Please shareyourstorywithus @ this blog

Barbara's Testimonial 

I will tell you of my meeting with Chari: Becoming abhyasi in 1975, I also met Chari, the same year in Denmark. A magnificent esoteric book was lying on the coffee table, and I wanted to copy a page, so I went looking for the owner of the book to ask permission; I ended up with Chari: "$5.00 dollars, please, if you want to copy anything out of this book!" was his response ... I did not copy anything at all, feeling a violent antipathy toward this imposing and mocking man who did not even look me in the eye ...
It took me a few more years (Paris, 1982 I think) to take my distances with Ram Chandra also, but this is another story; you want it too ?! ... I followed the history of Sahaj Marg from a distance as I remained friends with some dissident abhyasis of Chari, and because my brother became a disciple and a preceptor of Chari ... Hahaha! What a small world!

"[Barbara felt] a violent antipathy against this imposing and mocking man who did not even look me in the eyes ... (...) Chari [took] the reins of the organization, a man he [Babuji] did not respected any more by the end of his life and he knew his bad character traits, but to which he has never faced to block his path. »

This Is My Story With Ram Chandra.
I became abhyasi in 1976 (or 1975?) in Denmark, I was just 20 years old. Back home, I could see that the little group around our preceptor, the only one around for hundreds of kilometers, did not evolved much ... I was not alone in thinking that this was related to the personality of our preceptor. When Ram Chandra came to Paris in 1982, I took 4 days off in the middle of my final doctorate exams. Arriving in Paris, taking my courage in both hands, I asked for a audience. We were 3 to be received simultaneously into the Holy of Holies. The "Master" was half lying on a couch so there were 3-4 acolytes who sat at his feet and a ballet of back-and-forth of others were circling around him, asking things (often whispered), bringing the tea or simply listening avidly to confidences. I finally verbalized my question: "Could I become a preceptor?" There surely must have been a translation, but other questions were asked by other people, and it was reported that our time was up. When I got up, I dared to ask the translator the response to my question to which he answered "no" and I was already out, in front of the door putting on my sandals. The "Master" had not even looked me in the eye once, he simply ignored me, he continued to talk to his other various interlocutors about more exciting things.
I was stunned, I was ashamed, I was completely destabilized, feeling totally rejected and obviously I did not dare tell anyone. I would have accepted that he scold me for daring to commit the sacrilege of asking that question, or that he tell me quietly that my path was elsewhere or that he wanted to ponder the question, but not that ...
I spent many years trying to understand, wanting to forgive myself, trying to get out of this impasse: how to serve the "Master" who, in his bottom line, does not want me ...?
I finally did understand. But for this, it was necessary that Ram Chandra leave this world, leaving Chari to take the reins of the organization, a man he (Babuji) no longer respected at the end of his life; and he knew his bad character traits, but which he has never faced so as to block his path. I started to draw parallels and to define for myself what it was to be a Great Man (or a Master) and what were the needed attributes; swallowing one's saliva (biting one's tongue?) and saying nothing in the face of difficulty were not part of the qualifications ...
And then I forgave myself, and in a small ceremony for myself alone, I told him, I asked him to release me from all ties that bound me to him and I forgave him.
Since then, I feel at peace with my path to the One God, the Creator of Worlds, persuaded that He is beyond everything and that we need no "go-between" to contact, since He sleeps within each of us.


About Babuji "[Ram Chandra] did not even look me in the eye once, he simply ignored me, he continued to talk to his other various interlocutors about 
 more exciting things. »

Hello = SRCM Sahaj Sandesh!
I'll try to be more clear about what I wanted to say, but instead of cutting my two texts into pieces and bringing them back together, one should read them together, this will avoid misunderstandings.
As I was a dedicated abhyasi at the feet of my "Master", I tended to self-destruct myself for any feeling of discomfort, shame or guilt, and never questionned the " Master ", particularly following the audience in 1982.  Seen from today (perspective?), it seems to me that when one asks for an audience and that the latter is granted, then, when a question is asked, the person one faces should 1 ) at least answer the question (which no one has done, I had to ask it again for someone to give me an answer to my question) ...  and 2) look one's interlocutor in the face, at least quickly, right ?!   It is a lack of education, civility, courage and consideration towards another human facing one, not to do so. Psychologically speaking, ignoring the person who is facing you and talking to you is the worst course of action, it is non-communication and normally reserved for our enemies.
As described in my first post, my personal opinion of Chari had quickly been made already in 1976; after 1983, the day I realized it was HIM, the new "Master", I started to ask myself questions, including this one: "How does the "Master (RC)," the only who knows everything, "could leave degenerate his mission to this point", knowing that his Secretary General (Chari)  had also been removed from office shortly before his death? I have come to realize that neither one nor the other deserves the title of "Master" because they are too flawed for me. One is too "weak", not daring to tell me to my face what he thought, and not daring to tell Chari to "clear off" (get out); the other too full of himself and too proud to be a leader of men.

Understood now ?!



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Succession at the Head of Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Alexis, "Succession à la Tête du Sahaj Marg", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

December 29, 2014

Succession at the Head of Sahaj Marg

A Smoothly Conducted Succession
(From an article by Alexis on his blog)

The governing bodies of SRCM have been diligent. In less than 4 days, the succession of Chari is finally determined. The fear of a repeat of 1983 was on everyone's mind.  

So all the abhyasis are reassured, the future is assured.

Chronicle [Official] of 4 full days:

-Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, 87, dies Saturday, December 20th at 21:45 am
-He (allegedly) sends a message to the medium the next morning at 10:00 am
-His remains were cremated Monday, December 22 at 15:00 pm and the Working Committee meets
-Tuesday, December 23rd, Kamlesh Patel made his first speech as president (titled: Fulfil His Mission), after the reading of the statement of the Working Committee decisions by U.S. Bajpai, Secretary General of the SRCM

[According to the official communication of the Mission] 

Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel therefore succeeds Chari as president of the SRCM and spiritual representative of Sahaj marg, being the 4th master after Lalaji, Babuji and Chari according to the official story (recall for the sake of  history that Lalaji has never been the Master of the SRCM or Sahaj marg).

So theoretically all abhyasis are reassured, the future of the Mission is supposedly assured.

And, Patel immediately called for harmony and unity, deploring that those seeking God were more attracted by fame than the bandits and other mafiosis and that there were more differences and less unity within the Mission than among these people there (the bandits and the mafiosis)  ...

As if that were not enough, Patel returns to the image of friend and courtier of the rich, who according to him has stuck (glued?) to the skin of Chari throughout his life. He recalls this fact to deny it better? Or to start a new straight / duty inventory?

So theoretically all the abhyasis are reassured, the future of the Mission is supposedly assured.

And the messages (whispers?) from the  Brighter World fall daily in French and in English, made public at the latest within 24 hours. After the first message of the "final stage" dictated by Chari to the medium, Babuji has now completely taken over his role. Patel will only have to follow closely what is dictated for him to do from the Brighter World.

And so, on  December 26th: "(...) He [Chari] is considering new arrangements (changes?) to facilitate certain aspects of the practice; everything must be done in this direction (sense?), but we will come back to this soon  (...). " 

And, on Dec. 27th: "(...) Changes will occur in the Mission: New rules will be established to facilitate its expansion and the means (plans?) of action on the material level, primarily for the incarnated Master and for the many servants invested at all levels.  Our dear Kamlesh will decide, he will do the best to fully meet the requirements of the practice and the incessant needs of all abhyasis; we will return to this (...)".

And on Dec. 28th: "(...) Many decisions will be taken; he [Patel] will constantly be guided and more (better?) enlightened about what to do. (...)"

So, who now controls the Mission? Patel, the 4th Master, or the medium?  Babuji and Chari from the Brighter World? (Heaven or the "Central Region")  All that remains to be clarified ...  but Patel may be but a puppet in the hands of others who are more powerful, but who still are hidden in the shadows.
So theoretically all the abhyasis are reassured, the future of the Mission is supposedly assured.

Yet the abhyasis admit every day to what extent Patel has remained an unknown to them.  The abhyasis, fanatical groupies of their star, had chosen Chari, the reassuring image of a protective and charismatic Father.   Will the sinister Patel convince them to stay?

So theoretically all the abhyasis are reassured, the future of the Mission is supposedly assured.  

So much for Chari's nightmare in which he saw the Mission exploding into little pieces ...