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SAHAJ MARG: The Illusion of Open-ness

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Heartfulness: Jusqu'ou la Transparence et l'Ouverture?" on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 18, 2016

Sahaj Marg: the Illusion of Open-ness 
From an article by Alexis (on his blog): Heartfulness: How Far the Transparency and Openness? 

As every year, SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) and the Indian SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) fulfilled their obligation by reporting the foreign donations they receive (FCRA, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act - Ministry of Home Affairs, India). 

Patel Peyret and Reddy, the trio that leads Sahaj Marg by the nose

In my previous articles, I have stressed the importance of the Patel / Peyret couple on the destiny of Sahaj Marg, the guru 2.0 and the medium who claims to channel Babuji.  It was to forget too quickly the influence of their bagman, Madhava Reddy, the Indian-American CEO of HTC Global Services.

Between April 2014 and March 2015, his company still made donations of over a million dollars, more than half of total foreign donations. Since 2006-2007, Madhava Reddy, his family, his company and his foundation have contributed to the budget of this movement to the tune of at least $ 10 million in 9 years.  

This is the first (largest?)  foreign contributor, averaging one third of the total donations by itself.

This is something which will weigh heavily on the future of Sahaj Marg decisions! Is he not also one of the privileged few to have a cottage within the grounds of the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manappakkam? ... As the equal of Chari in his time?

Limits to Openness and Transparency?

With Heartfulness, Patel began an extensive open-ness of the mission's operation, after years of obscurantism linked to the management of Chari.

In France, officials of SRCM are not hiding anymore. Instead they appear in the media and communicate in all azimuths (directions?) , in order to de-demonize their movement hitherto ostracized.

Results announced by the SRCM France: "The SRCM has 1,500 members but the number of practitioners would approach 3000, according to its French officials. In Lyon, where one hundred practitioners gathered in a room on Long Street, after the 1st Days which brought together 3,000 people in May in the capital of the Gaules, the number of followers has doubled and the group will now move. (...) "
In Le Journal de Saone et Loire of  01/02/2016.

The two Heartfulness events organized in Lyon by the SRCM in May and December / January are undeniably an open-ness signal. I even applauded these symbolic operations and success seems to be at the rendezvous. But does the transparency not have its limits?

SRCM and SMSF publish their list of foreign donations they receive by obligation and not for transparency. Never have their accounts ever been published in full, no one has ever seen the accounts of SHPT (their subsidiary that manages all the publications), also, never have the accounts of their LMOIS school ...

There is reason to wonder and doubt! Why not play transparent to the end if there is nothing to hide?  Finally, if nothing changes, then what are they hiding it?

When playing the transparency game, we must assume (secrecy?) and go all the way ...


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