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Open Letter from Cri-cri, an ex-disciple of SRCM for 18 yrs.

Taken from Elodie's blog "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg". Translated by 4d-don using Google Translate.

Cri-cri (Christian), is an ex-abhyasis of 18 years. He is a PHD in psychology who has a blog Analyse de la SRCM(tm) on SRCM and Sahaj Marg and is one of the bloggers that Chari, the current Master of SRCM(California) , in his recent book: He, the Hookah and I, has called the "enemies of spirituality"!

Open Letter from Cricri

An abhyasi of the SRCM ™ informed me relatively quickly after the onset of blog protesters, that instructions had been given to abhyasis at his center. He said, inter alia, that Chari had excluded me (from SRCM) and that bloggers were ill-intentioned people who only sought to undermine the mission and the work of the master, and that therefore, Chari prohibited abhyasis from reading our blogs or contact us because it is not only detrimental to the future of the mission, but to the spiritual life of its members.

According to my information, this disinformation campaign was waged without restriction in the European centers, and would have emanated directly from the top of the pyramid - Chari and his inner circle. Please confirm or correct, thank you to testify.

This action was intended, by creating an atmosphere of fear in the sect, to nip in the bud what could have been, for the spiritual good of the mission and abhyasis, a general uprising against the excesses of the SRCM ™ introduced by Chari and his henchmen.

An implicit threat was indeed addressed to the abhyasis: Any challenger would be banned (ex-communicated) by the Master, as it seems that I had been! An abhyasi who would have risked it, would not only have been demonized and dismissed by the Master and by the group, he/she would also have lost forever the spiritual guidance that only the Master (Chari), it is claimed, is able to give to his victims and worshippers .

In addition, the protesters are now outcasts (pariahs) motivated by a sordid desire - again a "corridor gossip" skilfully driven by the managers of the SRCM ™ - a feeling of antipathy against the bloggers would naturally grow among abhyasis, and it was essential this that happened. Without this antipathy towards these depraved renegades, some members of the SRCM ™ would have been curious enough to read our analyses, to think, ask questions and become aware of the mental trap in which they are prisoners. Because this movement (the bloggers) had already started, it was urgent to find the ideas that put out and stop the spread of the fire.

With fear, threat and intimidation, there were few questions, participation in discussions on blogs was spontaneously low, and abhyasis massively respected the ban on reading the blogs. We assume that there was also purges, in reference to the information given several months ago by Alexis (realignment of teams and the resignation of preceptors), but we have no direct information on the causes of these revisions or knowledge of their size - thank you for your confirmation or correction. Thank you for testifying.

Thus, through psychological pressure and manipulation of reality, SRCM ™ managed to evacuate the risk that his mystified followers are one day struck by the subversive emergence of REALITY.

Today the system is increasingly locked by fear because those who are at the top of the pyramid want to retain control while knowing that they are illegitimate.

As the exchange of e-mails that I had with Chari during the so-called "exclusion process" has been published in full on my blog (information remains online here), it is easy for everyone and anyone to confirm that in REALITY, Chari never excluded me from anything: It is I who resigned.

Please read these emails to understand who lies to you. My approach was the culmination of a reflection of 10 years, and those who know me will only confirm my questioning and my sincerity, now being questioned by some rotten people.

My decision was extremely difficult, and was the logical conclusion of a lengthy process. The only possible outcome when I found myself backed up against the wall, was to test the upper levels of the system without any restrictions or pressure. I had to clear my heart.

If by misfortune, I was wrong, the result could only be positive. I was indeed (I thought), dealing with a spiritually evolved being, and described by all his worshippers as "pure love". I also assumed that Chari had an absolute knowledge of human nature and its limitations, since he is the Master. He should therefore be the best placed of all to understand that abhyasi may commit errors of judgement on a subtle and often undefined path. Chari, being my teacher, it was logical to think that if I was in error, he would enlighten me and guide me to make me understand my bewilderment (lost ways).

I thought that he should also be able to forgive me and continue to love me in spite of what falsely appeared to some as a lack of faith. Such a master would have reacted thus no matter what I said in the discussion. It seemed obvious that the Master would have respect for the courageous act of engaging in a frank and open debate, noble values, on a deep concern for the good of the mission and its abhyasis. Finally, I waited for my master to help me remove obstacles that hindered my progress, whatever the means.

However, the logic of the "test assumption" included that if Chari was an impostor, he would fail miserably in the test. I would then know the truth about him, and I knew that I would pay an exorbitant price: The loss of my personal comfort, my chains and my safety, for the truth, reality, freedom and responsibility. My approach would therefore have nothing but advantages, no matter how painful and difficult it was.

Chari, repeating what his teacher said, was asking people to try and test the system before taking the decision to commit TOTALLY once they were convinced.

Such an invitation seems honest and respectful of the process of the newcomer. But this is one more trap whose aim is to create faith by habituation, to gain time for the process of mind control to begin to produce its effect and generate belief in the newcomer.

For in truth, who would dare test the system from the outset? Who really is testing the system before becoming a bigot? Who has the capability, a hysterical faith, to step back and do this test? And first of all, what is the usefulness of testing one thing if we are convinced? You see the logic, and why, when Chari said, "try and test the system before deciding", he knows he runs no risk. As a newcomer, regardless of the area which one wants to learn, one works to understand and be accepted by the community, not to test. To "Put to the test" is a process that can occur after years, when all aspects of the system are known and that some key issues may arise. "Half-tests", that is all that people do before being subjugated by the power, because it is what they want: safe comfort of fascination. The abhyasis (victims) are thus also responsible for the abuses of the SRCM ™, they feed on their fear and their desire for security.

My action, which I judge today as beneficial for myself and for others who have already benefited and will continue to benefit from tomorrow, has not put an end to my spiritual life, on the contrary. Rid of the poisonous influence of a maniac and his deadly indoctrination system, the progress that had never occurred in the SRCM ™ in 17 years occurred in a few months. Chari called willingly such progress a "spiritual suicide" so as to frighten and keep his mental grip on his victims.

In addition, those who took the trouble to read the content of the blogs and who have a minimum of intellectual honesty recognize, beyond style, the veracity of the fundamental problems that we denounce and the indisputable logic of our arguments. How does "calling a spade a spade" reveal a desire to harm the mission as has been alleged to discredit our approach?

Recall that the purpose of the blogs was initially to create a space of freedom, which does not exist in the mission since the SRCM ™ has become a totalitarian system. In this area of freedom, bloggers wanted:

(1) be able to discuss points with others and to liberate themselves mentally and spiritually from a burdensome fraud

(2) to provide abhyasis who were "examining their conscience", and were ready to engage in a path of coherence, information that could help them understand what happened

(3) create linkage between individuals and to inform each "pariah" that he/she is not alone but is part of an invisible and massive group, and that he/she therefore has a potential role in a future that is more or less near

(4) participate in the restoration of the mission in its original spiritual purpose if a sufficient number of people decided, by an act of faith, to purge the mafia behind the abuse (drifting) that started in the mid 60.

Helping humanity to serve God, this is the only mission. The meaning of 3M is a sense of service, not the institution (master, mission, method), but to a higher dimension, universal, non-human. The institution, subject to such an entity, and therefore aims only to provide this service.

Despite the obvious political advantage that has provided the Official lie (to regain control and prevent flashover), the misinformation about the ex- abhyasis inevitably discredits the mission and its leadership in providing further evidence of the rightness of our analyses, and revealing the malignant will prevailing at the base of this straying movement.

I of course asked myself from whom emanated the political falsehood?

It could have come from preceptors or other corrupt cadres who surely feared to find themselves on the front line, exposed on one side by a wave of protest and questions they could not manage, and on the other from a tyrant to whom they are accountable in hard and teetering currency.

However, as the disinformation campaign appears to have taken place in many centres, hence, to have been orchestrated in higher places, we must conclude that it is probably Chari, who is supposed to have control over everything, given his status in the mission, which is at the origin of this demonization (universal love) abhyasis-pariah (fraternity) to control (fear) a situation that eluded him completely (master of the universe). It is not a near lie, anyway.

Please confirm or correct, thank you for testifying.

It is good that such phenomena are produced, far from impressing bloggers even if we had tried to make a "two birds with one stone", they reveal the mindset that prevails at the SRCM ™: They are also as noble and loyal as spiritual :-)

Continue to reflect, to seek the truth, ask questions, and keep everyone informed of your observations and discoveries, or by sharing them on blogs or by contacting one of us by e-mail if you really think that the publication of a message on a blog could compromise your position.

I look forward to restoring the facts and discuss with you any questions, in private or online. You probably did not know but you are theoretically free from the influence of the toxic SRCM ™ because your are protected by the laws of your country, on the one hand. You are also protected by the Truth, spiritually. Finally, you have a responsibility to the principle of Justice and to future generations: Do not flee the controversy but you must have the courage to see REALITY as it is and reveal the errors and deception to allow corrections and improvements.

Do not be afraid of the truth because it is through deception and intimidation that the mazie mafia reigns supreme and as absolute Master in your life, inside the SRCM ™ as well as on the outside.

Be honest with yourself: Refuse that fear can serve as a breeding ground for your faith, your obedience, your respect or your love. Your judgement and your intuition surely can not serve as a breeding ground for doubt, but guide you in the right direction.

Do you consider it normal and logical that a system, or, I say, a spiritual master supposed to educate you spiritually distills you the poison of fear and confusion, then plays the strings to control you?

When you are afraid, stop to observe and break down the situation and your reaction to their constituents.

Consider then the logical mechanism in which you are trapped, and by what means you've arrived there.

Finally, break the unconscious dynamic to reintegrate this phantom energy in your life and restore your own fullness. This is what they fear most: whole beings who exist.

The mental trap of the SRCM ™ is almost perfect. It has recently been scientifically studied by managers of the mission to improve its coherence and effectiveness.

Because it requires the extraction of intellectual and personal resources it is sometimes not possible to implement it alone - hence the existence of our testimonies through these blogs and the importance for you to come and testify at your turn, we certainly advise you not to hesitate to seek the help of a professional psychologist (behaviorist psychologist, psychoanalyst), rather than necessarily the benevolent assistance of a preceptore, of Chari, or a psy inside the mission. Indeed, while you say that you are free and that there are no doors to the mission (except around the Master and the property of the mission that must be protected from outside world), they are bound to remind you of the spiritual danger that you run in resigning.

Do not confuse bigotry with devotion, these are two contradictory conditions. The first is a form of materialistic idolatry. It can be described as a narrow and exclusive pettiness of stunted hearts. Devotion, by contrast, is a direct consequence of the expansion of consciousness as a result of the infusion of the divine in the abhyasi. The true devotion is directed to the true master, ie the divine abstract principle which serves as a substrate to creation. Devotion is this expression in the human structure. On the contrary, abhyasis of the SRCM ™ are driven to practice idolatry for one of 3M, if not for all 3 at one time. Thus reduced to bigotry, they are convinced by management that their deteriorated condition is devotion and that it has any spiritual value! That is located in the heart of the abhyasis of the SRCM ™.

As it is useful and practical, yet once again, for the crooks to which you have surrendered your life believing to have done well: There are things that are not good to hear, and there is no correct way to say it. Service is surely the notion of sacrifice, which bases any act of faith, not as an abdication of oneself but as an Unrestricted expression of this divine dimension. The spiritual journey is never morbid (destruction) but positive (a realization).

Cri-cri's theory of the History of SRCM...

Finally, I draw up a small summary of the elements that support the hypothesis of an occult history of the SRCM, infiltrated and under the influence. The SRCM ™ of California have a special place in the globalist project: One Government, One Army, One religion?

In 1957, the United Nations contact Babuji so that he provides support for the United Nations body in charge of world peace through his teaching and his organization. Babuji responds to this request in a letter that everybody knows. The United Nations knows the existence of the Mission, of Babuji and of his teaching at that time.

In 1964, Chari (and his father) joined the mission and began his career.

In 1970, the abuses are already there. Fortunately, Chari could not erase this history. There is still a trace in correspondence between Varadachari and Babuji, (see history of Dr. KC Varadachari) and (see also: on Elodie's blog, comments by cri-cri, exerpts from Event Horizon (2002), letters between Babuji and Varadachari....here) the first attracting the attention of the second on the problem of the commercialization of the mission, the second confirming that the mission should never be commercialized or deviate from its first spiritual goal.

In 1974, Babuji has serious health problems. Perhaps (allegedly) poisoned, he spent several weeks in a coma. According to Narayana, he will never recover, keeping from this episode a physical and mental weakness which will give a free hand from 1974 to undercover agents to take control of Babuji and his management.

At that time, Chari is gaining importance and Babuji would have received a letter confirming that he will be president and successor. This appointment was challenged later by Babuji - the second (alleged) cause of poisoning?

Three letterheads blank, signed by Babuji to settle the affairs of the mission in his absence, disappear around this time. A complaint is filed with the police. These documents are perhaps those who have served in 1983 to legitimize the succession or attempts to do so.

In 1982, Babuji feared for his life before his departure for a final tour of Europe. He wishes to file a complaint with the police. None of his family understands his paranoia, since everyone loves Babuji.

Moreover, it is not possible to file a complaint for a crime that has not yet taken place.
In 1983, Babuji dies in suspicious circumstances, probably (allegedly) poisoned during his visit to Paris. He is repatriated to India, where he spent the last weeks of his life in a deep coma.

Chari immediately seizes the throne while funerals are not completed, in circumstances as suspicious and confused as the death of Babuji.

Given the legal difficulties he encounters, he creates a new SRCM, his own, in California, to circumvent the Indian authority in the dispute which opposes him to the SRCM.

He then began a policy of seduction of abhyasis Western to assert his power and to face the Indian challenge.

The first years of the reign of Chari are marked by schisms. Chari engineers to discredit the dissidents as having an ego problem and as not having been able to recognize the master where he is. I confirm that is delirious or that he lies: Having known Chari, his followers and those who have had a crisis of ego according Chari, I have no doubt about this because one recognizes a tree by its fruit.

Chari was left alone by himself in 1991, when the resignation of a group of old abhyssis of Babuji came in the wake of departure of the son of Varadachari, (who formed a schism group: Institute of Ram Chandra Consciousness (ISRC), a group which had supported the Chari succession in 1983 and until then. Main reason: The drift of the teachings becomes too large and imperils the teaching itself.

Murders and attempted murders (allegedly) took place on the descendants of Babuji. According to the grandson of Babuji, his father (Umesh) fearing for his life would finally die poisoned, his uncle was killed in a road accident, and he himself has suffered an attempted poisoning. Recall that according to the statutes of the SRCM Shahjahanpur, only the genetic descendants of Ram Chandra can legally occupy the position of Spiritual Representative.

Since the mid-90, the teaching of Sahaj Marg is increasingly altered to be adjusted to the new activities of the mission, and SRCM is transformed into a proselytizing, apocalyptic, and imperialist, which seeks to assert its influence in the World promoting the accession of new members, preferably rich and powerful. The focus of the energy of the followers is mainly on the physical expansion of the mission and the power of influence, with attempts at seduction of non-governmental organizations, governmental and supra-governmental.

In 2006 takes place the take-over of the last bastions of the old empire, Babuji (Ashram of Shahjahanpur), a scandal.

Lies, suspicious deaths, resignations timely, concealment of facts and trials along Chari's path and the history of SRCM since its inception.

Please complete and confirm thank you for testifying.

Alexis said:


Exactly, the moral pressure has never been stronger. One remark: To my knowledge, it is not the UN who contatcted Babuji. It is him who sent a letter to the UN, thus making himself know to them.

4d-don's comments:

(Thank you Christian, for your analysis and your theory of the History of SRCM. (I added "alleged" to many statements for obvious reasons)

That some businessmen and some capitalists, as well as some religions, are "globalists" and empirialists is common knowledge. We will inevitably become a global society or a "civilization ONE" (as Michio Kaku, physicist, calls our next societal step) by necessity, so as to deal with the problems and the opportunities we face now and in the future: pollution, poverty, population, war, etc... and also, outer and inner space exploration and all the resources and collaborations that entails.

I would not give SRCM that much importance in the scheme of GLOBALIZATION except that Chari, and his gang of businessmen, are now in control through a "questionable " take-over, and that he is an ex-CEO of TTK Group. He is connected to the "right" and their Global agenda through his past. We see in all countries and societies, that the "fundamentalists", the "conservatives", being more ruthless and addicted to material power than the "liberals", and their abstractions, are usually the ones who "take-over" the material structures from the "liberals" and their smaller numbers in most organizations. Religion is no exception.

The liberals usually just leave the structures and do not want to PLAY THAT GAME, leaving the ruthless and opportunistic fundamentalists in control of many societal structures. SRCM, as it is a new-religion, is no different from the religious structures of the Catholics, the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, etc.. It is controlled by the businessmen, the capitalists, the power addicts, the fundamentalists, who want to be "obeyed" under the threat of "expulsion" or worse (violence) as with other religions.... I am not surprised. Liberalism carries the seed of its own destruction. The material structures go down a little harder.

That SRCM is tied to a overt Global conspiracy involving the UN, is as yet unproven in my opinion and if it is, it probably will never be proven to any satisfaction and we will be left with "allegations", not proof. There may never be a "smoking gun'.

The thing for those who seek SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY to do with the STRUCTURES OF MAN is to leave them to MEN...and to expose them without JOINING THEM or becoming like them...and CONSPIRING...

As usual, in most religions, it is the SHEEP, the followers, the "liberals" who remain inside and support these abusive structures and the "intellectual terrorism" of their apocalyptic teachings and their fear mongering for this reality, and also for the "other world" or as in this case, the not-so "brighter world", of SRCM(California),. The sheep , the followers support these abusive medieval (and archaic) structures with their DOLLARS and their "proselytizing", thus attracting more "funders", and then they complain that the structure is corrupt...What do they expect?...we, the ex-abhysis, supported and helped Chari and SRCM build this corrupt structure... NOW let us expose it and leave it without the individual support of our money and our numbers, and also without our collective "tax-exempt" subsidies and the support and creditibility of our broader and even global organizations such as the UN. (the UNDPI)

WE knew what they were when we joined the GROUP... but we naively wanted to believe in the "GOODNESS of ALL". Now we just have to let them crumble as other RELIGIONS will crumble because of the Information revolution that is the INTERNET and our ability to laugh collectively at their "silliness" as we laugh at "children's games, thus disarming them of their power over us.... We don' t have to get angry because they "fooled" us, but we can forgive them and ourselves and not support them with our dollars, our "tax-exempt" status, and/or recommend them to our friends as a source of SPIRIT, as if that was the truth or even possible. SPIRIT IS not more there than here...Spirit or the ONE does not LIVE in more in their IVORY TOWERS, Churches or Ashrams as in NATURE and "out of doors".

WE WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN... AND WE WILL TRY AND PREVENT this and other so-called SPIRITUAL GROUPS FROM FOOLING OTHER SEEKERS by sharing our experiences and our information!! RIGHT?? And we won't conspire together to do it, right?? ...but we will stand alone in our own: "AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY"... lol ;-))



Anonymous said...

Ijust felt to share this site with you , you might be interested in it, Perhaps it could be helpful to relate some of the issues that are discussed in this site to SRCM subejct as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarcastic abhyasi..;-))

When Religions and other spiritualist megalomaniacs conspire to "rule the world" and claim to get messages from the dead and ask their followers to become "living dead" and to obey to the point of "killing the mother", you can bet we will "theorize" on how far that "conspiracy" goes.

We will chase the apocalypic religions into the hell they create for the families and the societies of other countries that they "INVADE".

HERE, in the FREE WORLD, we can conspire all we want but we don't do it so that all theories are taken seriously. Theories are an
"intellectual" excercise, just like FICTION, and FANTASIES. You must know what FANTASIES are, you are stuck in believing some yourself.

That SRCM conspires to cover the WORLD with obedient "living dead" abhyasis is a FACT. That the UN is involved in the conspiracy is "Cri-cri's" exposing of the known events and then asking questions and giving possibilities around the events.

BEING FREE and THINKING, in the west, we can think and speak what we want, but we say that it is a THEORY, not a FACT or not the TRUTH like SRCM and the RELIGIONS do. We don't claim to speak for the ONE, or GOD the MALE as you call "HIM". SRCM claims that the TRANMISSION comes from the ONE... is that a "CONSPIRACY" and is the ONE, what you call "GOD THE MALE", in collusion with SRCM or with CHARI against the "corrupt" religions that he quotes so often? Chari tries to gain credibility by using Babuji's and Lalaji's words and even the words of Christ, opportunistically to justify his un-loving, and megalomaniacal stands, although he then calls the other Religions "corrupt".

We are having fun with you and you don't even know it...That is the self "awareness" that you get with Sahaj Marg...Now go and get your "gang" and start a war to "destroy us" as Chari claims his duty is as a MASTER, and you will have fullfilled the PROPHESIES... your own prophesies as RELIGIONS usually DO!! ;-))

Read up on MEMES and see if you will not become "wiser" if not more intelligent and a little more "intellectual"... That is the reason for theorizing (conspiracies, and fantasies), trying to make you, the boetians, to THINK...and then, when you are able to think freely, PROVE US WRONG...or show us to be wrong, you will never PROVE it, just like we will never PROVE the conspiracies that SRCM is part of, that "transmission" is "UNIQUE to Sahaj Marg and that your are ONE with GOD the MALE (no women except to do the WORK of "JUDAS GOAT"...and we know that you conspire to "proselytize" and convert the WORLD so Chari can be the ONLY Master of the UNIVERSE and SAHAJ MARG the ONLY RELIGION, just like the Christians, Muslims, and other religious MEGALOMANIACS with think they have the ONLY contact to the DIVINE.

We are feeding you the material to kick-start you THINKING... You obviously can't LOVE us, the "enemies of Spiritual-ism", as your Master does not have a HEART and you can only contain in your heart what is TRANSMITTED to you, so have Chari decree a "fatwa" or "fatois" and have us "removed".

You "obedient" abhyasis are so ready to threaten us so often with all kinds of "misery" that to bring out your "lack of LOVE" and "ability to think" is done as a service to HUMANITY and to you, in LOVE...tough LOVE. And then, say that SRCM does not "CONSPIRE"... ;-))

We did get a comment from you, against the "ORDERS" to not read our blogs from the MANAGEMENT TEAM at the TOP of your PYRAMID of POWER. ;-))

READ ON and THINK some more...YOU ARE FREE!! Do not a willing SERF (slave) become. It is very difficult to remove the FEUDAL slavery SYSTEM from Society. It usually takes a revolution... and that is not FUN, SAINTLY or even civilized, and it is very "conspiratorial"...Learn with the INTELLECT and LOGIC of the MIND, and the BRAIN, so you are not forced to learn with the EMOTIONS of violence and war.

That is the legacy of RELIGIONS...
Let it not be yours.