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More "destruction" being worked for at Sahaj Marg(tm)!

Comments to speech by Chari, "Scatter the Seeds of Spirituality" at the 9 March 2011, Ashram Inauguration, Raipur, India

Comments by 4d-don are in
"red italics"

Now the Predictions of "Destruction" by an "apocalyptic" sectarian "cult of a (special) person":


"Babuji Maharaj was once working on the plane when I was sitting near him, sitting next to him, coming back from, I think Europe. He was deeply engrossed – khoye-khoye baithe the. After thirty, forty minutes I asked him, “Babuji, you were lost. What were you doing?” He said, “Tum batao. [You tell me.]” So I said, “You are probably doing some work in the future.” He said, “How much in the future?” I said, “I don’t know mathematics, so I cannot tell you, but quite far in the future.” He patted me on the back and said, “Shabaash! [Well done!]” I said, “But, for such a small reply you are saying Shabaash!” He said, “You don’t know; one person in a million cannot give this answer. To know that it was in the future was itself a great answer to an important question. To know that it was quite far into the future was even better.” I said, “Now tell me what you were actually doing?” He said, “I was preparing the foundation for the special personality that will come to destroy this universe when Kali Yuga ends.” Thousands and thousands of years in the future, you see."

Now the Universe will allegedly be destroyed by a "special person-ality", (and Babuji is not that "person", as some like to claim) ... And if all the world changes? Then like all religions, they infer that no destruction will take place ... and the UNIVERSE will exist "as is" ETERNALLY, with the religions and their materialists (them also??) not existing, but all the citizens of the world serving the all-new and natural MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, the Lord of Sahaj MART(tm) ...

Research the history of Sahaj Marg
on this site, and see if you think that the UNIVERSE (nature) will favour such "divisive" and materialist (matter) endeavours which are in reality: RELIGION or spiritualism, not spirituality!! I mean "favour" by destroying everything!!

And now (see below), they even have "soldiers" and "their officers"!! Much like the other "RELIGIONS" ... another pyramid inside a pyramid ... all very religious, militarist, "materialist" (matter) and "business" structures of the OLD PARADIGM ... not SPIRIT!! And not very SPIRITUAL!! Sort of like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, et al ...

How about a song to march to? (in 4/4 time):

(The officer says: " ... by the "right" quick march ..." and everybody sings: )

"Onward Sahaj Marg(tm) Soldiers, marching as to war"

The OLD PARADIGM in a "pseudo-spiritual" veneer, which is in REALITY: SPIRITUALISM, with an anonymous French Lady Medium, messages from the "spirits", and egregores, indigo children, and now an "army"!! Ho-hum !! What a mess!!


"I am happy to see our jawans [soldiers] and their officers here; I welcome them. I am happy that our efforts have reached them too, and I hope I will see battalions of them in the future. May they progress well. May they all grow. God bless all of you."

the word: "battalions", comes from the word: "battle"... Battalions do battle!! Against whom? The forces of SATAN ?? Other religions??

A point of theology:

If there is an "end of the world" (a "mahapralaya"), then there can be no "karma" or "samskaras". The "END" cancels all the accumulated KARMA or samskaras !! Whether one has accumulated Karma (moral or ethical debts) or not, the "END of the WORLD" cancels ALL.

Then, if there is an "End of the World", there must be a "Brighter World" (or a "heaven", or a "central region"??) for those without "karma"?? Or is Sahaj Marg's "theology on the run", really a flawed theology?? Do they just make it up as they go? If there's a "heaven" which Babuji seems to say is "UP", then is there also a "hell", which would be "DOWN"?? Babuji infers that !!

Then, is there a "caretaker" in hell ??
If there is "bliss" in heaven, then is there "fire" or suffering in hell (as with the religious hell) , after the "destruction" ?? Is there still "samskaras" after the "END" ??


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