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The Mediums Of Sahaj Marg(tm) And The Apocalypse!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: Les Mediums et l'Apocalypse, which was posted on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mediums And The Apocalypse!!

Between dream, nightmare and reality

In January 2009, Chari said that a cancer was eating away at the inside of the Mission and that it was threatened with disintegration. In his nightmares, he saw it bursting into 240 small Missions.

In December, Catherine Lauret announces to some English abhyasis that Ajay Kumar Bhatter would not succeed Chari.
Then in February 2010, Kasturi engages at her turn in predictions, before some French abhyasis: "Very soon he [Chari] will be forfeited and the truth will burst forth, Babuji is at work! "

Between mediumistic ability, dream and nightmare, desire or reality, they all claim to know the future better than ordinary mortals. These are no detractors of Sahaj Marg, all these individuals are eminent personalities. And yet it is chaos (schisms, divisions, resignations, etc... that they describe for their movement.

It all began with the publication in 2005 edition of "Whispers from the Brighter World". The first of the posthumous messages from Babuji, that this book contains date from the late 90s and are addressed to Chari through a medium, Catherine Lauret (??). In 2009, Chari announced the release of a new series of twelve Whispers at a rate of one volume per year, a nice windfall to come. Presented as the Bible of Sahaj Marg, these messages are mostly a eulogy to the glory of Chari. The medium knows how to caress her Chari in the direction of the hair (with the grain) ! The so-called "whispers" of Babuji are a bunch of flatteries and fawning, where the adulation of Chari reaches its peak.

From the beginning, at Sahaj Marg they have made the (spirits of the) dead speak.
Lalaji (as well as Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, and many more ... ) talked to Babuji, Babuji chats with Catherine, and soon, will (the ghostly spirit of) Chari chat with Catherine? It's great, it helps them to arrange reality, to bend it to their will, and to make all forget anything "they" want forgotten ...

As such, the Whisper of Thursday, February 1, 2001 at 8:00 is a memorable model of ' mediumistic technique" a real monument in the anthology of misinformation:

"Our laws can not be easily understood by men. We do not deal with worldly matters in your way. Once again, my daughter, don't let doubt overcome you. Your channeling ability is not at issue in this story. You must adapt to our comments and formulas, whose actual meaning you cannot understand.

Do not go by statements that can mislead you. They are meant to be decoded by my son, therefore, don't let yourself get emotionally involved in the business hazard of the Mission. They are sorted out according to the rhythm of life, taking into account the perpetual human play - changing and quite unreliable.

We must consider all possibilities and wait and see how things turn out while trying to positively influence them. There are miracles, but there is no permanent miracle. Life on earth has its won rules which no one can escape. Such ups and downs cannot fail to happen in the Mission history.

Sooner or later that Ashram will see the light of day; it is in the nature of things

Signed... Babuji

(allegedly signed?? How was it "signed"? Ink or "imagination"... Who verified the signature??)

Babuji spoke to Catherine in a language she can't understand.
Chari is the only one who can decode it, but that did not stop him from selling them to all abhyasis at a very good price, without a single shred of decoding, while strongly encouraging them to read a little every day. It is therefore normal that they do not understand anything of the new Sahaj Marg Bible! If they think they understand something, nothing will one day prevent Chari from telling them that they have misinterpreted it, if it suits him. And the contradictions, if there are any, are only of appearance, as things happen differently in the Brighter World ...

Apocalyptic predictions

But Catherine Lauret does not only send praises to Chari. She does not speak the same discourse when she speaks of a message to be issued in Whispers, as when she speaks in front of a handful of English abhyasis in the precincts (compounds) of the Manapakkam Ashram, while Chari is absent. On one side is flattery et al, on the other, she voluntarily forgets Chari.

Thus, it is what she does by announcing to the English (abhyasis) that she will be the next spiritual representative, and that she will open the new path (the new way) for Sahaj Marg. And she does not stop on such a good road, since she announce to them the imminence of a nuclear war between China and Europe, during which the UK will be completely destroyed, and this is for 2010.

And she is not the first to lend herself to this kind of delirious apocalyptic frenzy.
Babuji, in his book "Reality at Dawn", had already said:

"The world is currently going through a critical stage (...).
I present readers with a glimpse into the world to come, in my view (...). The heat from the sun has declined gradually for some time, (not accurate) and it can be a virtually insoluble problem for science because it is possible that in some time, life on earth becomes impossible (...). As a result of the ongoing upheavals, radical changes will occur and the new world structure will be quite different from what we see today. The fate of Great Britain will be unhappy. A portion of the country's southern region, will sink into the sea. A volcanic energy in latent form, is at work in the heart of London and in time it will explode in the form of a volcanic eruption. The Gulf Stream will change its course and the country will become very cold. The fate of Europe will also be similar. Small countries will cease to exist. The future of Russia is very bad. It can not survive (...) As for America is in imminent danger of losing its wealth and it is possible that in future it is almost reduced to poverty (...) The India will regain its glory of past and it will rise first (...) A civilization based on spiritualism (not on SPIRITUALITY?) in India will emerge and will eventually become the world civilization. " (conquer the world, eh?)

HOW CONVENIENT... only India (and China) "thrives" and "rises again" ...
What is the mechanism used by RELIGION, according to Sahaj Marg "leadership"?? ... FEAR and TEMPTATION?? (or the carrot and the stick)

Poor England! Volcanic eruption or nuclear conflagration, its future is bleak in the eyes of the supporters of Sahaj Marg ...

Who are the "trustees" of SRCM (England) who call these so-called delirious "prophesies" good for the "public health" of the English people? (see article below in the links).

We, the "bloggers" have predicted that this "nuclear" disaster will not happen! We will speak with you in a few months with an "Extra Edition" exposing the scam of Prophesy by so-called RELIGIONS !! ...

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! ... Nuclear Conflict Averted!!

(...thanks to Sahaj Marg(tm) Medium who interceded with their MALE GOD!! lol lol ;-)))

The more time passes, the more the speeches of the leaders of Sahaj Marg becomes apocalyptic.


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