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Chari's Nightmare

Taken from an article by Alexis, on Elodie's Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg
(Cauchemar de Chari)

(...with related comments by Shashwat and 4d-Don)

Warnings from Dr. K.C. Varadachari, (ISRC) Babuji's alleged chosen successor

The curvatures he feared that were developing in the method that is propagated by the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, slowly turned out into a reality where the stress on the spiritual path was over taken by the philosophies of love and unmindfulness in meditation.

More and more it became clear that institutions of religions can only lead to subtle corruption, and all sorts of persons take the shelter of religion for the furtherance of their own vanity and livelihood. God becomes the vehicle for individual adventure ...

More to come on Dr. K.C. Varadachari and his experience with Sahaj Marg, Babuji and Chari, in his own "cryptic" words ... You decide what is TRUE!

Now, here is Alexis' Article: "Le cauchemar de Chari"

Chari's Nightmare

A cancer is gnawing at the interior of Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission is threatened with disintegration.

For some time, messages have come from all sides about a series of speeches by Chari to preceptors responsible for facilities or areas, and other officials of the Mission. Apparently, Chari struck a blow in early January in Manapakkam, in seeking a lasting effect on their minds. Here are the contents after cross-checking the different sources:

There are now thousands of preceptors, Chari said in substance, but the quality is not up to par. On the contrary, it is deteriorating. Is it that only half of the preceptors are working? Chari doubts it. Too many preceptors seek only power and social position: they are arrogant and selfish, imbued with their hierarchical position and too proud of their certificate. Some give the first 3 sittings in a rush: one in the morning, one in the evening and one the next morning and you're bombarded, dear abhyasi. There have been no discussion between the preceptor and the abhyasi, no information on the Mission or even any teaching about the philosophy of Sahaj Marg. That is why the mission is growing so fast. And it is also the cause for the lack of discipline. Cell phones are ringing during meditation ...

There are incidents all the time. Incidents between preceptor and abhyasis: one preceptor recently struck an abhyasi in Nagpur. Incidents in the centers: there are problems with discipline, divisions between communities, dissident centers who say they are loyal to Babuji but who ignore the Mission ... groups refuse a preceptor because he/she is not originally from their community, or because he/she is not from the same caste. Some refuse to go to a particular place for the satsang and want their own center, a preceptor from their ranks ...

Chari has nightmares where he sees the SRCM disintegrating into 240 small missions because it is suffering from a cancerous tumor that continues to grow and has the name of "discipline" ...

That is the substance of his last speech!

The only response to the growing crisis: Discipline - Obey and Serve

Does Chari not see that he is beginning to do the the same as the blogs, on the quality of the teaching of Sahaj Marg. The quantity is detrimental to the quality. It is never too late to see it, but still, remember that Dr. Varadachari openly worried about it with Babuji in 1970. Kasturi removed her solidarity with the Chari created by his disciples (abhyasis) in 1995. And the Elodie's blog is already 3 years old ...

This should not make us forget that Chari's responsibility is enormous in the drifting of the teachings. So who appointed all the preceptors? Who pushed them to increase the numbers? Who provided a "beautiful certificate"? What is measured by the monthly reports of the Preceptors if not "NUMBERS"? etc.. etc..

Let us rejoice that finally Chari is expressing concern of such a drift. Let us rejoice, but not too much! Because the response he (Chari) provides to the growing crisis facing the Mission is perhaps not what everyone wants, especially on the blogs. Chari's response is just one word: DISCIPLINE. It could possibly decline to two other words in the future: SERVE & OBEY. I would wager that some of us do not see the same solution to the problem ...

However, we now know the explanation for the sudden interest Chari has for his "work on the character" that he is obsessed with since mid 2008. Chari wants to care for the mission by making his troops work on their character, ie discipline: obey and serve without question!

And let us not forget that beyond the sad problem of quantity and quality, there are many other outstanding problems in the Mission ...

Sunday Feb. 01, 11:34:00 a.m. AM

Shashwat said (here) :


If we have to find the truth of SRCM, we will have to focus on 1945, when SRCM was formulated.

This area of history is somewhat clear as not much contradictory statements are made by any of clans, they all say "Lalaji appointed babuji as his representative" is this is the truth?

Answer is clearly NO Lalaji did not appointed babuji as his successor. babuji had a dream, and appointed himself as lalaji's representative..

Wrong starts from there, SRCM and sahaj marg is based on this lie.. how can SRCM and sahaj marg lead to truth when it is based on a lie??

We need not explore what happened in 1982-83 as only lies and manipulation happened at that time, and it happened because sahaj marg was based in these very lies and manipulation.

Concept of sahaj marg is fundamentally wrong, we will see more such segmentation of SRCM in near future and then the future victims of sahaj marg will analyze what happened in 2011-12 (say!!). Such analysis will not lead to truth, if we have to find the truth of sahaj marg we will have to analyze the roots of sahaj marg.

And my analysis indicates, its illusion, hallucination, mental diseases, madness and psychological illness which are the foundation of Sahaj marg, and this analysis is supported by what is evident clearly today, the outcome of sahaj marg, madness, mental illness and hallucination.

Here is the proof of what i say:-

mental diseases Hallucination, madness and psychological illness

Sun. Feb. 01, 10:36:00 AM

4d-Don said:

It reminds me of the "FINANCIAL CRISIS" we are now in thanks to the rampant addiction to 'big numbers" among the expert "bean counters" (economists, investment houses, financiers, bankers, CEO's etc) ... They got into the financial mess by spending more than they had and going into debt. Now the solution offered by other "EXPERTS" is for the PEOPLE (our governments, US) to spend (or to give to the "big spenders") more than we have and also going into debt.

One of the mistakes with Sahaj Marg is that an "engineer" and a "CEO" (not a philosopher, and intellectual or a "spiritual" person), has become the MASTER, and hence as a "materialist", he is trained in "making profit for the shareholders", not for the clients, or the "users". In this case, the spiritual capitalism or the lack of philosophy inside the SRCM, dictates that more numbers (converts) be attracted, lured, and "saved" or "liberated", so as to increase the numbers of "worshipers" to pay the "rent" for all the real-estate deals.

Apparently, they seem to think that will indicate that they are now "LIBERATED" and are now in BLISS ...

The onus in the "commercial" marketplace, as we all know, is not "quality" of the service or product, but on advertising with words such as CHEAP, FREE, and EASY, NATURAL, ALL NEW, GREEN or part of "UNITED" Nations DPI, etc. It is what gets their "rocks off" and makes them orgasm in their egotistical pants (egos) since "sex is no-no" for these addicts to the MATERIAL! But with many such sexually-repressed pyramids such as some RELIGIONS, the sex goes on "behind the altar" with the "OBEDIENT", gullible and naive children (or childish adults), as the "holy women" who brought them are worshiping in FRONT.

And of course, "FOOD" is OK. ... and the massaging of all kinds is OK also, specially massaging of their sensual ego with "certificates" and "volunteer titles", that are symbols of some deeper "pyramid sales" tactics that they, being spiritually and emotionally "co-dependent", cannot seem to see or understand. The "Sahaj Marg addict" can't see his/her own self-created dependence on their manufactured and trade-marked but corrupt SYSTEM. They are blinded by their own self-doubts around their emotional LIVES and their readiness to accept any system-created myths/fantasies around their intellectual and Spiritual lives and AFTERLIFE.

This type of Spirituality (Sahaj Marg) is a salesman's dream ... No inventory! No tangible product. If the benefits of using the trade-marked "imaginary commercial product" are not felt, it is the fault of the "disciple". No NEGATIVE critics. No disobedience. Just POWER (money) for the 3M PYRAMID that is then spent and/or reprocessed for the sensual (egotist) BENEFIT of the "fans". It is not divine but very HOLLYWOOD and MATERIAL. Sahaj Marg is a STAR factory.

Very sad for a SPIRITUAL movement to deteriorate into what SAHAJ MARG has become... preceptors without LOVE or Forgiveness, an overweight system with "clogged arteries", and a MASTER who, using a mis-titled adulteration of someone else's usurpation of a "system", (Raja Yoga and Sufism) and after removing its philosophy, physically and verbally attacks other religions and systems, and "critics" who are called "names" such as "ENEMIES of SPIRITUALITY", as if his was the only SPIRITUALITY.

As usual, Chari is not dealing with the concerns of inside and/or outside critics. It reminds one of the disrespect of Babuji for other spiritual paths, when he said in a 1963 letter that the SAHAJ MARGA is the "ONLY" path and that other paths had "breathe their last" (see here) hence insulting adherents to other paths, but specially the "Muhomadan" groups in the Sufi community, and Islam. What's next? Chari, the self-appointed CEO/engineer come GURU, will next claim to be "the ONLY son of God" or the "all-new, easy, natural, green, special-special personality", and insult our "intelligence" again! (the men anyway) ... ;-))

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