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Sahaj Marg(tm), An Infamous (Racist & Homophobic) Hypocrisy!

Taken and Translated from an article by Elodie: "Une hypocrisie Infame", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments and inserts by 4d-Don are in "red italics".

See links to articles listed below for the racism, homophobia, sexism, at Sahaj Marg(tm), as they cloak themselves (They think), with the flag of the UN.

March 19, 2011

An Infamous Hypocrisy

March 21, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission is partnering with the UN International Day against Racial Discrimination.

They forget that Babuji was particularly concerned about the "color" of his daughter in law, so concerned that he even sent Chari on a mission to verify the skin complexion of the possible future wife for his son, Umesh Chandra Saxena.

Meanwhile, Chari has adopted a different tune. He encourages mixed marriages (between Indians and whites or with those non-Indians blessed with a "fairer complexion") and has erected them as a rule for the coupling of his abhyasis. (racism??)

Other days, other ways. Sahaj Marg Spirituality has very scalable moral values.

What the SRCM does not tell the UN is that its medium makes a long-ago dead and buried Babuji say that we are promised the coming of a enlightened spiritual elite to regenerate mankind, the indigo children. By publishing this, the SRCM and Chari endorse the establishment of a new and equally infamous discrimination.

What Chari hides from the UN is his ambition of a conquest in a warrior-like allure, just as mentioned rightly by 4d-Don and Alexis (a speech entitled "Soldiers of Spirituality" and head-hunting for trainees in Sahaj Marg April 2004, where they talk strategy, territory, generals, (using military terminology), etc..)

SRCM intends to replace our current democratically elected global elites, imperfect though they be, by a pseudo-spiritual despicable and unacceptable totalitarianism.

This double speak (speaking with "forked tongue"?) is an infamous hypocrisy.


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