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A Letter From My Heart, by Chari

Taken from Elodie's blog (Europe): Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

From The SRCM(California) Sahaj Sandesh Oct. 9, 2008, (in BLACK) with analysis and comments (in RED) by Christian, a phd in Psychology and a "psycho linguist", and an abhyasi for 18 years. See Christian's blog (in French with some English) : Analyse de la SRCM(tm)


Message from Rev. (delirium) Maaaaster (idolatry)

“A letter from my heart”

(Alert!! Love letter for the "flock": The sentimental manipulation begins)

8th October, 2008

A letter from my heart to sisters and brothers all over the world

(From "all over the world"? What modesty. Why not the universe? Chari has (apparently) been taken to task by the feminists. The "sisters" are now mentionned before the "brothers" - naturally.... it is the biggest part of his "clientelle" that one always must brush in the direction of the hair (appease). Besides, being a "love letter", it is rather to women that it is addressed, as Chari does not like homosexuals)

Dear Ones, (Ah!... A bit of composure!)

My beloved Master, Babuji Maharaj, has repeatedly affirmed that while it was HIS (idolatry) duty to give the abhyasis (absence of capitals) inner spiritual growth,

("inner spiritual", or how to put one to sleep with "hot air". Now, that responsibility falls to whom? With what follows, one would get the feeling that it is the responsibility of abhyasis to form their own character, while after the above, it would seem that it is the responsibility of Babuji to create "spiritual progress": What need is there for Chari?)

character formation

(He hangs on to it: formation of character: that logic is a key element of the mental trap that allows his business to exist. Changing of attitudes is the only thing that the abhyasis can do through the "spiritual" teachings of Sahaj Marg. The character is formed at an early age and nothing can be done to change it in the life of an individual. One can even less so, change it alone (in isolation). However, it is possible to repress oneself more. This is probably what Chari called "formation of character")

was, and will always be, (irreversible, definitive, unquestionable, secure and certain) the abhyasis' personal business. (there you have it, abhyasis. It is said. You're on your own... Fix your own problems). For a quarter of a century since HE (idolatry) left (is dead) for His (idolatry) Divine abode (grave) in the Brighter World (delirium), the Mission (idolatry) has continued to abide by this principle, leaving their moral and ethical development to abhyasis (no capital "A"), for them to nurture and develop to the highest possible levels by themselves (How does one go from "character formation" to "moral and ethical development"? What he calls moral and ethical development, is that this "self repression" that he hopes to give to all?] for them to nurture and develop to the highest possible levels by themselves.

(one can appreciate the un-considered frankness: This "nurture and development to the highest level by themselves" makes sense when one knows what level of spiritual development abhyasis reach with the SRCMtm under the guidance of Chari...(NONE or MINIMAL)

( And what are they exactly, these "highest possible levels"? Will we ever know?

My beloved Master has emphasized that the inner and the outer must balance in a developed human being. As inside, so outside, must be the reality of a spiritually developed person. (and there are perfect crooks who are the same inside and outside. It's not thus that they are spiritually developed or not). Every abhyasi (absence of capital "A") must ruminate and discover for himself (no feminine: herself or "him/herself" or "her/himself") whether this has been established within himself. (...male gender??)

Answer: Most likely, the Supreme Nothingness is not so difficult to reach after all. In fact, he said "ruminate" (think??) , does he secretly read our blogs? What is this sudden mental crisis in which "thinking" (or "rumination") would suddenly receive positive status by the SRCM(tm)?

As one responsible for the development of abhyasis (no capital "A"), I have been observing a slow, but steady, erosion in the values of the external lives of abhyasis (no capital "A")...(What does he mean by responsible? Responsible for what kind of development? Made responsible by whom or what?) during the past twenty-five years. (... erosion which is simply the result on one part, of Mazi (global Fascism... play on Nazi) politics widely followed by the band of fools who led some part of humanity for over 100 years, and from its strategy of gradual replacement of the population of abhyasis to enable it to advance its agenda. Perhaps over the long term, a "faithful" population receiving an un-altered teachings would not have created this defect? Well, he (Chari) should still not complain as he himself pushed people in this direction by seeking quantity rather than quality within the SRCMtm. He would have had all the trouble in the world dealing with 10 abhyasis, and he wanted hundreds of thousands).

This is a sad observation to make. (... instead of criticizing others or events as if he had no responsibility for what happened, why does he not consider his work and its consequences?). The world has been plunging headlong into the materialistic mode, (which, at the SRCMtm, asks for more donations, more resources, more money, more ashrams? Who is materialistic? Who dares complain about the materialism of the world when the only logic that he has applied to a spiritual system, thus destroying it, was the same logic of "materialistic" numbers and quantity that now he has the gall to criticize?) with dire and predictable consequences, ("dire and predictable",... yes] which, today, all can see. (like politicians: they spend their lives lying and contradicting themselves). Sadly, within the Mission (idolatry) itself, this degradation in values has been troubling all of us (it's to die laughing: If he included himself in the "lot" (of degradation) , one could almost have compassion for him) who are sensitive to these issues.

The value-based system of education slowly introduced (= Use of habituation throughout the process of destruction wrought by the tool of Babuji) to willing schools has been effective for children. [which school operated by brainwashed people would not have wanted that? It is the art of language to hide the truth with political correctness. The power of Mazis is that they operate in the shadows. They disappear when they are exposed to light... "has been effective for children" ..."effective? Is it to make these "blank slates" (young children), into Pavlov's dogs (reacting to stimuli) that will be useful later in the mission?).

But what about the adults? And what about the abhyasis especially? (attention: children = innocent and good, or malleable and obedient. Adults abhyasis = probably bad or criticise-able because of his/her resistance). In this context, I must confess that I have been wary of introducing anything that even faintly resembles control, (let us pass on to the techniques of mind control, he continues to apply in this "love letter") based on so-called judgmental attitudes. (notice the "so-called" Master, attempting to lead the herd into denying that "attitudes of judgement" were "attitudes judgement" (ie. homosexuality). How it is easy for him (to be cavalier) with people who are submissive to him, body and soul). I feel that I have failed in my duty to you (sniff) all by not having set before you (who I so dearly love?...) necessary moral and behavioural codes for your adoption, (..."necessary moral and behaviour codes for your adoption": Or the mental Mishmash which is the basis for programming techniques of hypnosis) without ever forcing them down unwilling throats. (and it is not finished: "without ever forcing them down unwilling throats". We (they) must especially avoid creating resistance, amd avoid a reaction. SO! There was only (for that) to stick to teaching Sahaj Marg. Is it now that he admits that this is not what he did? The 10 Commandments contain all the ethical and moral behavioural codes"necessary" but worse, the spiritual transformation linked to progress creates these ethical and moral behavioural conditions, without force and without un-natural means. (i.e. as the judgemental stand by Chari, against our brothers and sisters, who are "homosexuals", based on the erroneous logic of they (gays and lesbians) being "un-natural" as opposed to perhaps being "ab-normal"... or not the "norm"... i.e. 7% of polulations are "gay/lesbian/trans-gender", and over 1500 species (and counting) of animals practice "homosexuality" for various reasons. (4d-don) ) .

The essence of a human life is the guarantee of personal freedom to choose one’s path, and mode of life. (waouahh! He eventually wants to go to paradise, feeling his end approaching?) While guaranteeing this freedom to all, (...for his/her freedom to remain intact, the individual must firmly fight while protecting that of others. Mazi(s) imagine that we will ensure "freedom for all" by given them the power to make us all equal. Hence, there is only real equality in slavery). I now feel that it is necessary for the Mission (idolatry) to define the following for the benefit of you all. (For all our mutual benefit - benefit = money - the mission - ie the state or institutional power and politics: it is full communism - go define what follows - Kai! Kai! - Who is necessary?... not for your wellbeing, as he wanted you to believe, but as he now says: he is necessary for the mission)

  1. Love, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness, (the moralizing priest has spoken! It would be wrong not to play this leverage, that centuries of religious mazies have implemented in our cultures, societies and individual minds) are all necessary, and must be manifested at the individual level in personal interaction. (see how he goes about with the renegades he claims to have excluded - not a "near" contradiction: Does he forgive us? Does he understand us? Does he love us? Does he tolerate us?). Notice: Chari calling the "bloggers, the "Enemies of Spirituality" (4d-don)
  2. A body of universally applicable teaching (Megalomaniacal delirium)... Universal =totalitarian) MUST (Totalitarianism) reflect principles and practices that will be all encompassing, (megalomania, totalitarianism. Everyone will be included, even those who do not want to be. Remember that love, in Chari's conception, does not ask ...(it takes) transcending the cultural, religious and behavioural norms laid down for people not involved with personal spiritual development. (Well: He admits that these standards are established according to a design for a part of the flock. By whom and for what purpose? "For people who are not involved in a personal spiritual development".

    (here then is that good old Mazi project that resurfaces again, incurable Chari, he should work for the Atlantian United Nations)
  3. I affirm that this need is of paramount necessity (Paramount for whom? For the parasitic mazis who want a one-World gouvernment directed by a handful of old farts lacking in "vital energy")
    even in the lives of those leading mundane lives, (no-one will avoid it...snark, snark!!) but the necessity for such codes in the spiritual life cannot be ever sufficiently emphasized ("cannot be ever"?). After forty-five years in Sahaj Marg, I now consider it to be vitally necessary. (necessity? Notice the use of "repetition" ) (under penalty of death? It took him 45 years to realize that we (and he) were driving into a wall. Do you think he will stop being delirious for a moment and reflect (ruminate) on the mechanisms of the problem and propose some solutions? All he does is once again to hit us with his imperialist totalitarian delirium, all under cover of sentimentality, humanism and spirituality. People have had enough of these stories, and they are on the verge of reclaiming their hearts and their lives)
  4. I am writing this to you all (in case some do not feel sufficiently concerned so as to co-operate and do the work instead of Chari) to assure you that I shall (I shall = future) now (now= present... Mishmash! ) set my heart (affective manipulation) towards furthering the education (formatting and brain-washing) of abhyasis into these principles which may be called higher, (higher?) or divine (divine?..It is either "higher" or divine (the most high)...in any case, he is speaking about what lies at the summit of POWER), but ("divine... but"??) which are certainly (need to reassure or need to be believed) universal (megalomaniacal) . Please (pity! Yes, he is still well aware of the source of his power, you all) cooperate in this adventure, (what will he do without your full cooperation? In any case what will he do with the power of 300,000 lost abhyasis?) your personal adventure.
    (all that you do for yourself, not for me, a beautiful pirouette for you to realize what he 's (or you are...) going to do "with all his or (your ) heart")
    If I may say so, (If I may say so?...) in the spiritual life into which we have all strayed, (spiritual life is "straying" for him? ... Good Lord! Blogs are having their effect on the top of the SRCM(tm) pyramid but not exactly as it should. Perhaps it's a translation problem? He should read and reread, including the passages where I call Chari a traitor, a swindler and an impostor. He has only scratched the surface of the problem we have raised of his "voluntarily smoky" understanding, but it is already more than I ever hoped), knowingly or not (he is once again being repentant, without being able to openly confess. He is probably subjected to external pressures, that this shit-pile has created voluntarily and scientifically?) and pray (or...instead of doing what he should do. In addition, praying is an act that engages and involves you (the abhyasi) without causing harm to (or obligation from) himself anyway) for the blessings of my Master (idolatry) promote our total development (total? What is a total development? Still this little touch of totalitarianism as he likes - he is hopeless!) and our well-being in all (all: What could one dream-up better? Who would go against a proposal that is unqualified, absolute and good?) Spheres of life: physical , Mental, moral and spiritual finally. (there we come together, but I think the blessings of his teacher only produces nothing. God helps those who help themselves as he should know. If he ignores it, perhaps it is because he was helped (or helped himself) through wholly materialistic means?)

    (Is Chari preparing his final departure? Will he finally make room for the Mazis with whom he was so weak so as to submit, and the ranks of which he served? Or is it just one more bla bla coming to his heart to better manipulate the herd?)
Cri-cri Said:
from comments in Elodie's Blog Oct. 20, 2009.

"The subject on which I focus now is: 'the personal nature as a basis for spiritual life'."

What a fall!

It is a confession, a confirmation of the theses that we defend.
Spirituality and the divine, basta ... (Italian: enough!)

I suppose he will consider manipulative way that will allow him to counteract in the future the kind of misadventure that we (the Bloggers) have made him suffer.

Instead of coming back on the "straight and narrow", that of honesty and loyalty, and the spiritual nobility of service, for which he holds the position he usurps, he will lose himself even more in the meanderings of the clever and wily, so as to seek ways to control the individual with ever more subtle and effective means.

He will now attack the "personal character" (his focus is not on the "ego" anymore, , this source of funds and commerce has run its time, with the criticism on the blogs), to the mental formatting of the masses, perhaps he will even pay more attention to psychology so as to better understand what it means to achieve his ends scientifically.

These Mazis, (M=Mondial ...global Fascism and fascists. Pun on NAZI)... I swear! ...

There are whole lineages which humanity should get rid of, without feeling any guilt, so as to retrace the path to natural life and exit from the pyramids of slavery.

But in fact, Africa is back in the "limelight", as a hunting ground for many, it seems.


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