Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Chari-ty" Creates a Gay Bashing Egregore!

Father of two remains in grave condition after he was struck in the head after pool game.
From the Vancouver Sun, Mar 19, 2009

If there is "Gay Bashing" or violence against homosexuals in our world, the responsibility originates with religions, which benefit from "tax-exempt" status as "charities" in most countries.

These un-charitable homophobic messages from their egregore, voiced by their prophets, mediums or saints, and which are claimed in spoken and written words from the leadership to be "divinely inspired", then eventually filter down to the lower echelons of their dogmatic, religious PYRAMID. There, the mob or gang mentality kicks in. The "egregores", or "autonomous psychic entities" or "thought forms" are said by some sensitives to hang around, and/or be felt around emotional centers, such as pubs or other places of intoxication. The alcohol, the drugs, along with "lower-chakra (gut) stimulating" rhythmic SOUNDS, and reddish colored lights, instills a sociological personality change and an "ounce of courage" and gives some individuals the messianic feeling of actuating what everyone in the larger GROUP (society) wants, but are afraid to do, because of the legal repercussions. The "egregore actuator" even sometimes thinks that the GROUP (society) will praise and reward him/her. Some "religious" groups actually do reward this violent "GROUPTHINK" behaviour. Look at all the many saints who have in reality been "mass murderers" and "terrorists".

Then, in the right emotional environment, the GROUPTHINK process of the autonomous egregores take control of the messages of the GROUP, many of which originate with the group leaders, and the autonomous "group thought" that is erroneously claimed to be "divine", becomes "actualized" in the REAL WORLD. This process often happens without the immediate consciousness and/or awareness of the "actuator". This mob mentality can be seen in any group, mob, protests, gang, army, team, etc... and is now somewhat understood by sociologists. At one time in the not too distant past, thanks again to some religious fanatics, it was thought of as "posession" or "demonic" or "archangel" intervention.

I would like to hear the gay (and the broader) population's reaction to this statement that is transmitted via egregores (as many religions do) to the "abhyasis" (disciples), from the Master and President of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-California-1997) registered in North York, Ontario, headquartered in Chennai (Madras), India, and which operates as a charity in Canada and benefits from "tax-exempt" status ($60,000 on financial statement transfered to ?) . Is this "CHARITY"?? Do you want your "tax dollars" to fund the propagation of this and other such "pseudo-religious" un-charitable and violent messages?

Let your elected government representative and your "...revenue agency" know that you will not fund People VIOLENCE and the sources of its "origins" anymore!!
Divine violence (volcanoes, hurricanes, supernovae, etc...) does not need our funding!

Balance-The Crux of Life
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (aka: Chari)
on 20th January, 2006 in Malaysia

So what wonders can it do if this is on a global scale? That is why Sahaj Marg is performing marriages—no questions asked, except whether you are old enough to get married, and whether you are a man and a woman. Unlike the churches in the world, we don’t perform same-sex marriages. That is unnatural. God did not intend it to be thus. Please excuse me, it is a personal comment, it is not Sahaj Marg. But there are things, as Babuji Maharaj said, “If God did not want two sexes, he could have as well created one and seen that the world propagated by itself.” There are unicellular organisms called amoeba which just split when they want. No problems of sex, no problems of love and hate, no problems of, shall we say, illegitimate babies, no need for Viagra. You know, when it is big enough it just splits and there are two. “Behold, there was one and now there are two,” says the Lord. So God could have done anything he wanted, you see. Why two sexes? Not so that one sex should marry among themselves, isn’t it? So, what the church may allow, I don’t have to condone or accept. To me, it is a very blatant misuse of so-called privileges of the human being, fundamental rights, et cetera. Of course, if you claim it is your fundamental right to go the dogs, so be it! Even God cannot stop it. That is not His weakness; that is His strength that he gives us the liberty to do what we will.

It like a boxing father, heavyweight champion, allowing his pugnacious teenagers to pummel away at him. He just laughs, “Yeah, go on, son. Come on, one more.” And the pugnacious son thinks he is going to knock his father out and suddenly, wham, you know. The son is at the corner of the room and the mother is wailing away: “How can you do it to my son?”

4d-Don said:

SHOW US! ... by yourself, how that deserves to be considered for "tax-exempt", and "Chari-table" status!

Other gay bashing incident in Vancouver, BC, Canada. from Pink

And while we are at it...

Christian Bible
(King James Version) : Leviticus 20:13

Islam and Homosexuality


Sanjay.Mohan said...

Dear brother

Well your Blog has a clause saying that it needs moderators permission to publish any fresh one, the very same argument you make against Chariji.Funny!!! So like Master says 3 fingers point at you while you point your one finger at others....

Well I don't see any reason why you need to be so harsh to someone who is followed by thousands not because of the herd mentality of stock market but due to the fact that they can feel his transmissions... Yes most of them feel it in heart and it calms them to weather any storm in life....Don't you see the beauty in it.

Its not words or images broadcast but feelings in heart that make people come again and again.Simple as that...

People feel the transmission even when they sit in different countries in meditation and that's whats pulls all to him.

You are underestimating the power and thinking capability of a lot of people by saying that they follow him like a pied piper...

As for money and infrastructure Don't you feel that these ashrams built by him are places where those who are in crisis or even those in pursuit of peace love to be in to recharge themselves and continue the journey...Like our Base camps when we climb mountains!!!

He doesn't own them for himself. Just like you and me he too will leave earth without any properties..But how many great people out there in world open their houses like him to people.

In a world if someone builds flyovers for you to reach our destination faster ,you should rather try to drive on it safely instead of worrying about who built it and why...let the reasoning and logistics to him and worry about how safe the journey can become for us and whether we have the strength to make the journey of reduced distance.That's Logic!!

Its not new, all great saints or gurus or enlightened people have faced the wrath of logical people in the world.Logical people with their half logic have with their sane logic destroyed the human race and our beautiful earth.

Lets leave it to individuals to travel and decide for themselves in this guided journey rather then spend useless time in blogging like this.

In a recent indie movie Darjeeling Limited characters traveling in Darjeeling train in India say that our train got lost and we are not able to locate ourselves till now....Very Indian!! maybe but so beautiful. That's what he has been able to do for all...helped us locate ourselves in these sane civilized world of killings and destruction!!!

The journey is beautiful...nobody is complaining and if you don't like it you always have the option in a civilized way to get down the train isn't it...And climb back again in the end just like in the movie.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sanjay...

You say:

needs moderators permission to publish any fresh one, the very same argument you make against CharijiNot true... You can do whatever you want with the content on this blog... there is nothing that is not FREE to anyone here ...

Chari points at all the other "RELIGIONS" as corrupt and promoting war... so now he has "three (hundred) fingers" pointing at him from the "other religions" who don't think him "accurate, saintly or enlightened or even representing his MALE god... but he sure can divide... There are already five different groups from Babuji's original "SRCM" registered in India in 1945. Chari re-registered his SRCM in California in 1997... He should not point at anyone's morality and ethics... specially when his "gang of goons" attacks the FOUNDER's Ashram and perpetrates "violence"...

Did you read the blog about the "gay-bashing" of Chari? In our country, the "gays" are protected by LAW... so Chari and his group are "OUTLAWS" in our country and we will see to it that the "charitable" status of his "CHARITY" is revoked... His hate literature against other religions and gays are not acceptable in other parts of the "civilized" world.

Money and "followers" (all numbers) are not the criteria for charities in our country, nor should it be for those who want to get a "sensation" and then call it SPIRITUALITY... We can get that from MOVIE stars and even from OPRAH... Sensuality is not SPIRITUALITY... Nor is RELIGION or Churches and ASHRAMS... That is just sectarianism...

I do not waste my time, I endeavour to protect and warn the next innocent victim who may be taken in by the commercialism and "manipulation" and support it and fund it for a while, but not forever. Specially because such groups as these target our women and our children ...

Groups like SRCM rely on a "turn-over" to continue to get "money" to keep expanding in other "markets"... With the INTERNET, the "turn-over" will begin diminishing and it has begun already... We have noticed a decline in the "membership" and a reduction in "funding dollars" hence the need to put out 3 more "Whispers from the Brighter World" and manipulate some more with threats of "doom" and the carrot of "reading the Whispers could erase samskaras... lol How silly!!

Chari and his gang should go home and meditate and be spiritual rather than pointing at others...

Find something to do with your time rather than bothering the good people of the world and supporting charlatans and phoney Gurus who play on some people's "vulnerability" and gullibility ... then there are those like you who seem to be just taken in by "NUMBERS" and "POWER"... Chari has the support and funding of "nationalists" and capitalists as he is expanding the "business" in other markets. Well that ain't spirituality but Capitalism and his spirituality is "spiritual Capitalism"... Selling "erasing samskaras" for $150.00 to buy an opulently packaged and "channeled" book by a french medium lady...

We are not impressed...