Monday, May 26, 2008

The Enemies of Spirituality?

Taken from Elodie' s blog (France): The Desperate Abhyasi or Pour que Vive le Sahaj Marg

Enemies of Spirituality?

Here is another excerpt from "He, the Hookah and I" (The Master and the abhyasi 11) which concerns me, and which affects us directly:

"The common people (mortals) , they are people who come, judge, and judge again and consider starting blogs on the computer, which is now a curse because everybody has a computer. And these blogs can influence the mind of an abhyasi more than the truth of the practice (…) Why do we ignore the proof that we produce in ourselves in terms of a certain level of relationship with the Guru, and prefer the claims coming from disgruntled people who have left the Mission, who dropped out, who have renounced, who are the enemies of spirituality. "

Am I an "enemy of spirituality"?

The title of this blog - it must be remembered is what? -- "Long live the Sahaj Marg… get rid of the excesses of the Mission".

I have abandoned nothing, I never relinquished. I have not abandoned the practice and I have not renounced spirituality. I took my distances from the Mission, I returned to the fundamentals of Sahaj Marg. I have renounced idolatry, I have chosen the path of spirituality.

Enemy of spirituality?

No, a thousand times no. I am opposed to what was holding back the development of spirituality within the Mission.

I have renounced idolatry.
I abandoned the Mission.
I chose spirituality.

I encourage all do as I have done. Take your distance from your idol. So then, you'll have taken the first step towards a true spirituality.


4d-don's Comments:

Such lack of love and compassion is shown by the MASTER of HUMANITY that is Chari...He does not only attack other religions at their schools, (see Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE)), (or read the whole VBSE curriculum or lesson 10 (the attacks on religion here) he now attacks his own "BROTHERS AND SISTERS" branding them as the "ENEMIES OF SPIRITUALITY" in a Book published by his MISSION... That can be considered "HATE LITERATURE" and/or "intellectual terrorism" and should be banned in most democratic countries... Make your governments aware of this MATERIAL in the name of SPIRITUALITY or in the name of REPRESENTING the ONE (what SRCM (Chennai) teach children and call GOD, the male).

NOW we, the INFONAUTS are the ENEMY because we use "HIS WORDS" and the writings of HIS MISSION to expose his, and his Mission's, deviancy. Shoot the messenger, don't fix the problem is his solution. The material excess of the MISSION is visible to all, just like the excesses of " corrupt religions" (Chari's words). Now we have the SPIRITUAL deviancy of Sahaj Marg, attacking the MEMBERS who leave the Mission because of the "drifting" from the FOUNDER's teachings by Chari, as "enemies", rather than blessing them and wishing them well... by that criteria, we are all LOFTIER or more Saintly than CHARI, the Businessman come "self appointed" GURU who is now in Court with the Family of the FOUNDER, Babuji. Some more enemies no doubt?

What's next? In the Italian "mafia" the "don" (Godfather) does not order people "dealt with", he simply says that he has a "problem", and all the "foot-soldiers", try to please him by getting rid of his PROBLEM... What' s next for SRCM? A "fatois" (death sentence) system as in ISLAM? Would that then be called a "MODIFIED" fatois system? SRCM claims that it is a "modified" Raja Yoga, the eithtfold path, starting at rung SEVEN!!!

Amazing and some believe that!!

PS... Chari has un-wittingly, from his own words, written his "obituary"...

HERE LIES CHARI, The Enemy of Spirituality!

(The pun on "lies" is intentional. The "miroring" back to the "originator" is a lesson from my dad...and from Babuji... Never point an accusing finger, at another person, Chari!! It is not SPIRITUALITY and not what Babuji taught you, and not what you should teach in Babuji's name, and/or show by your example...these are your live with them. That (your) lesson, of "accusing others", will create "monsters", not saints!.)

His "brothers and sisters" who left him and his Mission, and who wanted to reveal to all the reason why they left, he called them: the "enemies of Sprituality") ... (Ref. "He, the Hookah and I")

By the laws of reflection, that brand will not stick to most of us, infonauts, who don't have much "material" attached to us including a large "FOOTPRINT" or a "religious" legacy and/or ego to defend. Chari on the other hand, has to defend his POSITION and hence his "EGO" by attacking other "RELIGIONS" and now, his "brothers and sisters" who leave him and his EGO for a journey into a TRUER SPIRITUALITY, they claim. Shame! It could be the weight of his own words, that makes his journey "Venus-bound", according to his "tale" about Babuji.

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Anonymous said...

“ T h e OTHER SIDE! “.......“I am focussing on Sahaj Marg..” (and “some articles about other religions” - which are only supplements, although even they are not to be found.)

Focus on One, then you must not permanently think in two.