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Sahaj Marg's Babuji, A VERY Special Personality!!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: Babuji, Une Personalité TRÈS Spéciale, on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments and insertions by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Alexis Said:

Babuji, a VERY Special Personality!

In her last message, Élodie expressed concerns about the possibility that Babuji was also a dangerous illuminated.
In the eyes of an ordinary person - who is not mired in spiritualism as in Sahaj Marg - what is known of his life could be reduced to something between onirism, paranoia, (apocalyptic) prophesy and mediumship:
- Onirism:First, the transmission between Lalaji and Babuji in the transition from the life to the death of Lalaji in 1931, then the dreams of Babuji between 1944 and 1945 where he was successively occupied by Lalaji, Vivekananda, Baqi Billah, etc..
- Paranoia:First, between 1931 and 1945 when he feared for his life from jealous competitors, then at the end of his life between 1981 and 83 when he believes that some are conspiring against him, is afraid of being poisoned or assassinated.
- Apocalyptic Prophesy:
Particularly in the early 50s, in his book "Reality at Dawn" (Chapter: My vision) where he sees England sinking under the sea, then in 1955 when he insists that he foretold the change of direction of the Gulf Stream ...
- Mediumship:
With his words from beyond the grave recorded in Whispers, where he continues to announce the upheaval of the world, a nuclear Apocalypse, the arrival of aliens on earth, a new chosen people with the Indigo children, etc..

Spiritually, Babuji is considered a special personality by the proponents of Sahaj Marg, as well as by Chari and KC Narayana and Kasturi. Special personality in the sense that his place and his role are significant to the spiritual (adepts), in the example of the other great saints of all times, such as Jesus, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Kabir and Muhammad ...
For an ordinary person, Babuji is a very special personality, a dangerous visionary who navigates between dreamlike (oniric) messages, paranoid behaviour, apocalyptic prophesies, and mediumship from beyond the grave.
Spiritualism has a broad back!

Cri-cri Said:

Hello Elodie!
I myself have deep reservations about the whole aristosphere of Sahaj Marg, but I realize that by leaving the space to a single point of view, the blogs have gradually fallen into the same excesses as their opponents.
So would you allow me to publish this message for you to post on your blog for discussion?
I agree:
Babuji seems to have been a fanatic of the first category with the defects listed here. A constant among the mystics is that they are inherently enlightened. And because they are illuminated, they all tend to be excessive in a particular direction, causing an imbalance in their absolute cognitive organization, a form of self-hypnotic obsession.
Parenthetically, those who do aspire to spirituality, with even a foot in reason and normality, are always in one way or another, in a broken life. Someone balanced, responsive, good in his shoes, would not aspire to the beyond.
I would add to the list by Alexis, other elements that are also indications of a basic problem, such as:
1) the suicide of his (Babuji's) son, perhaps revealing a problematic emotional dynamics in the family structure - not only of the sole fact of a Babuji, but of a more ancient ancestry which also resulted in creating a Babuji

2) the intrigues of power with the historical rivalry between religious Hinduism and Islam for the spiritual fatherhood of the (spiritual) technique, especially criticiseable, but understandable in the context

3) the excess of the absolute nature of the teaching, which borders on obsession, since the master is everything, and annihilates the individual, love is permanent and focused on a single object in constant remembrance, in contradiction
with others proposals about the spiritual essence of nature: balance
4) the fruit of the tree (section missing from message)

For example.

(Message #2)
But I strongly temper my words and would also counter-balance the claims of Alexis - it must be remembered, (Alexis) has no approach to spirituality, as he recognizes himself. For this gap, he may lack some elements of understanding that led him to his conclusions a little early. But it is his role and he plays it.
1) none of us has known Babuji directly. Those having approached have had an indelible impression, often so strong that it caused the illumination of more than one - to be truly enlightened, it's contagious! Babuji never said he was perfect, it was his disciples who said it. He introduced himself as a mere human being, sometimes doubting himself to the utmost, and putting everything one his master. He knew he had faults, that he was insignificant. His master was everything to him. He (Lalaji, his Master) was not a CEO who hired an employee to act as his successor in a political show, as we have seen recently (and some employees can now resign, an extravagance never seen in a disciple), (a reference to Ajay Kumar Bhatter) but a true mystical relationship between a master and his disciple. If this relationship is imaginary, then the case of Babuji is psychiatric. But can it be imagined, considering the spiritual strength that emanated from Babuji?

Also, if this relationship is not imaginary, (i) Babuji was what he claimed to be (the disciple of his master - not the special personality, which it is others who say), and (ii)
the phenomenon may happen again in the near future or distant (eg, if the Chari-sts become too delirious: failure and rupture of the connection by a Muslim, and the emergence of a new haloed head (Saint?), schism and attempted murder)
2) many ambiguities and inconsistencies could potentially be reduced or waived if it were possible to have the clarification of the author (but beware: many of them are creations of the disciples of Babuji) - alas, we are today
, unfortunately under the dubious intermediaries, and sentenced to speculate on many events. For example, to say that Babuji was paranoid at the end of his life because he thought he would be killed is an gratuiteous attack. Some aged people experience a profound change in their perception and their cognitive processes, and traits of paranoia sometimes appear after 80 years in subjects which were previously balanced. This paranoia in the elderly is simply an expression of a deep insecurity due to the reduction of physical control over the environment, combined with an impairment of the cognitive and sensory. Caregivers for the elderly are trained to secure the individual through touch.

(Message #3)

In addition, Babuji is dead of an apparent poisoning, while there are no shortage of strange stories about this whole affair. We must also consider what this disappearance has permitted ... Intuitively, because I can not reach a logical proof from the elements that I have, I think it is likely that Babuji was killed. So what seems to have been paranoia on his part could just as easily be an informed intuition. About the (paranoid?) episode of his youth, it could be a stage of spiritual development. Our psyche is full of anguish, and to turn one's attention inward forces us necessarily to confront it.
3) the spiritual phenomenon is a reality. Its explanation is another thing. Denying the problem or to reduce it to a mental illness, is one position. Facing the phenomenon, we therefore have on one hand those which intimate experience has convinced, and on the other hand, those who have no personal experience, and who are convinced otherwise. To the first, the society offers various institutions to indulge their pleasure. To the latter, society offers the right to consolidate. Life is not an hallucination, and when the stream is free of biopsychic structures which put it into shape, the inner experience changes with possible upheavals, and is always inadequate to the socially shared standard. In addition, our dead continue to live in us. Some, like Babuji, seem to have extended their presence in an area much larger than their direct offsprings. It is possible to commune with them and benefit from their help and guidance - do not ask me how it works but there is always more than what we know. Life is a mystery and a source of wonder.
4) messages (Whispers?) from across the Atlantic are a political manipulation of the masses and SRCMtm. Are they from Babuji? I have my doubts. If you can subscribe to certain themes, their use is suspect: to frighten and conquer? The aliens may be playing humanity into an unenviable role, and the biological resources of our planet may be an important wealth in a sidereal desert. Would a superior intelligence not act in accordance with our imaginative abilities to achieve its purpose?
Let us wait and see: if the aliens did not exist, they would probably be invented - and who would take charge of that?
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Alexis Said:

@ Christian,

Welcome Back

I understand (accept)
not being "spiritual" (I've never hidden and instead often reminded everyone, so as to not fool anyone), but since you seem unable to explain what it is, it limits the exchanges and discussions on the subject.
We basically said: spirituality is experienced, it can not be explained.
OK, then act! But I experienced there thirty years ago, without results. I even met Chari with a group of friends at that time. They were (allegedly) illuminated, not me.
So!? Have I not the same right as the others? I was too materialistic to let myself be subjugated? I had too much stigma?
There is probably a little of all this, I think.
But the illumination of friends sometimes persisted, sometimes it disappeared.
Personally, I put this illumination to the account of the charisma or Chari or Babuji. Charisma is nothing else than the result of a huge public expectations, vis-à-vis a personality which is a little unconventional.
Too bad no one is able to be more precise with relative objectivity about what they could have felt in contact with these two people ...

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