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Messages from the DEAD (SPIRITUALISM) for MONEY at Sahaj Marg!


(Bail-out package...SRCM is in financial trouble?) from Chari, the MASTER of DISASTER and DIVISION!

Taken from the SRCM(California) site for study and criticism... for the sake of the FREE SPIRIT of the PEOPLE! (my comments are italicized and in red)

Alert to current Abhyasis of SRCM(California)

If you find that you are "emotional" and need alternate or psycho therapy to deal with your emotions, you might want to tell your "therapist" that you are currently practicing the "ritual" of spiritualist "auto-hypnosis" as directed by the Master of Sahaj Marg (a trade-marked product), by constantly repeating messages from unknown spirits of the deceased, channeled by an anonymous French lady Medium (from the shadows). If questioned by the therapist about who these "spirits" are, you must say that you don't really know. It could be any spirits because the lady medium from France does not reply to questions, and she may not be "trained" in spirit recognition, and according to "exorcists", some spirits are very "tricky" and malevolent and many, just like some people and their Masters, are "not very elevated".

Preceptors, when you lure others to Sahaj Marg, you must tell them that there are "spiritualistic rituals" currently practiced in Sahaj Marg as "suggested" by this Master of Impending Disaster. It is called "constant repetition" (not the constant remembrance of Babuji) of many messages from the Spirit World channeled by an anonymous lady medium from France ... as a form of "auto-hypnosis". This ritual is said to "erase samskaras" and to help your spiritual progress. This, by the way, is all to get you to "OBEY and OPEN YOUR WALLET, and DONATE". Many other "religions" have stopped such "spiritualism" because of the danger to the "psyche" (mind) and the emotions of the recipient.

"A fool and his money are soon parted"... check your mental state also. A mind is easily lost. See the "suicide bombers" recruited among the "educated" youths by other "religious" manipulators. We don't know how many potential recruits to such acts of horror have refused to act with such immorality, and hence have become emotional to the point of "suicide" or have been "dealt with" by the conspirators who do not want their evil plots revealed. To save yourself from such "lowly" manipulation by spiritualist neophytes, start using your BRAIN, not your HEART which is easily manipulated, obviously!! Only charlatans would ask you to "not use your noggin (head)", and hopefully, you would not advise you children, family or friends to "trust" the users of such dangerous practices.

What we tell you, is what you would tell your children and your friends if they were getting involved with SPIRITUALISM and such repetitions of yet unknown and un-read Messages from the deceased, and channeled by an "anonymous" medium. (auto-hypnosis or brainwashing) !! By the way, the spirits say that the messages are to be decoded by Chari and the average person, including the Medium, will not understand them... Is that not telling?
Did Chari 'decode" the last "WHISPERS" before publishing and selling them? NO!! It's a scam... Notice how many times the "spirits" praise the Medium and Chari!!!

According to Babuji, (as narrated by preceptor, Don Sabourin), if we saw Babuji's bodily form, or heard his voice (or his words), in our meditation, we were to push them away, and only accept the ONE (God) as the goal. In this case, Chari is going against the instructions of Babuji and trapping his victims through "spiritualism", in a "seven or eight" dimensional prison of "matter" (mind, thought) from which the disciples will have a very hard time to free themselves, as their intellect to understand the trap has voluntarily been "neutralized" in favour of "OBEDIENCE" to the MASTER, and the METHOD, and the MISSION. Will AJ Bhatter help them to be FREE of Sahaj Marg? NO! They will have nothing to push against except the "rejection of Chari" and thus exposing HIM and his SNARES. The voluntary process that Chari is using in his "spiritualism", is the same "voluntary" process that those who, in the "end times", follow the "Beast of the Apocalypse", and take on the "mark of the Beast", from John's Revelation in the Christian Bible. Do not go gently into the abyss!! Leave the "Reality at DAWN" of Babuji, and adhere to the "unknown deceased spirits" of Chari and his "anonymous French Lady Medium", at your own PERIL.(to use the same "fear tactic" as Chari, since it seems to work on some of you who have given up your "free will" in favour of the mechanism of FEAR and TEMPTATION, and OBEDIENCE) !!

NOW... the SALES PITCH and your daily and constant "indoctrination" by repetition and re-reading of the messages as ordered by your MASTER? or "manipulator" so as to get MONEY (sell his "opulent" BOOK)

READ WITH YOUR HEART (YES! Close your eyes and try that...and don't use your brain to understand also or you could "wake up" ... because it's a "sales con game"... a Pyramid sales con, where the preceptors are going to try and get the "numbers" up without you noticing that you "gave"!! Hence the "living dead". )

Talk given by Master on 2nd February, 2009 at Satkhol, India.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You are all familiar with the messages that were published a couple of years ago, under the title Whispers from the Brighter World - mainly messages from Babuji Maharaj, but also containing messages from Lalaji Sahib (prove that some messages were from Lalaji, and not from the French Lady medium who won't even reveal herself, she can say anything, and the SRCM (California) $elling machine will find an obedient sucker to buy it ... ) and some other highly spiritualized entities. (Name them please, if you know who they are... They could be "demons", or other "malevolent" spirits, and since SRCM(California) is so Materialist and DIVISIVE, they can't be "good spirits"... "by their fruit you will know them", according to Jesus of Nazareth, an exorcist) And we have been also putting them on the, what do you call it, the Web; one message every day. I hope you have all been reading them, because Babuji Maharaj himself says, "Good things must be repeated. Need to be repeated." And one wonder behind those messages is that as you read them again and again and again, the meaning goes deeper and deeper. (like "brainwashing") And it has been my own experience that, I don't know, (you got that right, you don't know) you cannot quantify it as seventh reading or eighth reading, but as you go on reading them, even the reading itself seems to open up spiritual conditions in us. (Oh! Now you open up "spiritual conditions" by "reading a "chanelled message from an anonymous French Lady Medium, who claims that they come from "whoever?"... Sounds like SPIRITUALISM, not spirituality... certainly not RAJA YOGA of Patanjali, or the "sufism" of Lalaji) So I would recommend that you read volume one continuously, (how many times for the "brainwashing" to take hold?) and I am happy to announce that we will be releasing volume two on the 30th of April, the birth anniversary of my Master, Babuji Maharaj. (Babuji is turning over in his grave in "sadness": "Look what they've done to my "system", I hear him bewail!!)

It will also contain a great deal of messages; I expect it to run to about six hundred pages, one message per page, and the details of how, where, when will be released in Sahaj Sandesh. It will all be available by email today to all who have access to the computers. This copy will be followed - much to my joy and surprise - by two more volumes, at least. One volume, that is the second volume now in 30th April 2009, third volume, 30th April 2010 and fourth volume, I hope 30th April 2011, closing with the last message of 31st December 2010.

There is a wealth, I mean it is like you are digging for gold and you go on digging and more and more gold comes. (Gold? Is that MONEY? or MATERIAL? Where is the SPIRIT? Now that is the "TEMPTATION" of RELIGION, right? ) You know in the ordinary gold mine there are only seams of gold. This is a gold mine which is nothing but gold. And if, I mean we all live long enough and if the possibility of accessing those messages continues to exist, (Oh! you wish! Gold and/or Material, that continues to be MATERIAL, not SPIRIT) I don't see why these messages should not continue into the future, indefinitely. (Because they are a "scam" from an anonymous FRENCH Lady who makes them up and claims that they come from the DEAD... as in SPIRITUALISM)... SRCM and Sahaj Marg is becoming a JOKE and a laughing stock. You are embarassing your Master, and you are not teaching his METHOD) and Volume one has been published quite well - brought out, well printed, on good paper. I should say even to a degree of opulence (another "TEMPTATION"?? I suppose that to the Materialists, "opulence" is good, specially in a "financial crisis" and when so many abhyasis are having financial difficulties... but you will still try and guilt them into BUYING your material "trade-marked" PRODUCT) . In volume two this will be maintained and if possible, it will be our endeavour to better volume one in the, you know, physical values of publication. (I notice that the SPIRITUAL is not that "important" to the SALE of the Product...The sheep will "OBEY" and believe anything you tell them... You should be ashamed of yourself.)

One cannot say which message is more important, which is less important, because they are all very important. And I am myself quite amazed when I read the messages of volume two. I have been reading them as they come in to me and they are profound in their implications for our spiritual evolution. (Wow... and some will believe that? Your spiritual evolution depends on a spiritualist message from beyond the grave... so much for Karma, eh? And Raja Yoga, and meditation, and prayer, this is like "spiritual capitalism"... just buy this "miracle manna" and you will be saved... you should get a TV Program! You could make millions and save (liberate) NONE) Again and again Babuji Maharaj emphasizes the fact that Sahaj Marg does not ask you for all your life earnings, to give up your family and go into the jungle. (now use the "honour" of BABUJI to sell your MATERIAL and your "SPIRITUALISM") It is a very simple method: meditation in the morning, cleaning in the evening, prayer at night. No major sacrifices involved. Only to live a good life, in the right way, but with the only stipulation being obedience to the Master's wishes, and that again is only for our benefit. (OH! stress the "obedience" so the "sheep" will BUY your MATERIAL PRODUCT... and you call this "SPIRITUALITY"?? It is beginning to sound like an INFOMERCIAL... now let's see... You will order the "marks" to "OBEY" a few times, and then you will try the "FEAR" next, right? )

(OK here come the orders to OBEY... for our own good, of course...)We obey to benefit. Unlike in public life, in human life, in our day-to-day life, we obey for somebody else's benefit. In spirituality we obey for our own benefit. You obey; you benefit. You don't obey; you don't benefit. In obedience there can be no questions: "Why have I to obey?" If you ask such a question, it would probably mean several lives more to be taken before you understand why I have to obey. In obedience there is no 'why'. There is no search for logic. There is no demand for your question to ask: "Why this question should be obeyed?" or "Why this order should be obeyed? Why does the Master have to tell me and not somebody else? Why does he ask me to obey and not somebody else?" No questions. Totally unquestioning obedience is the only requirement of this spiritual way that I know, Sahaj Marg. The moment you start asking questions, it is implicit that you are questioning the wisdom of your Master, (Babuji said that we should question the Master all the TIME, not only ONCE...You are not a good abhyasi nor a good Master) the intentions of your Master and his existence itself - never done, except at the peril of your own evolution. (There is the FEAR... you are so predictable... lol )

Babuji has emphasized again and again, that this journey from here to there, the infinite, can be in terms of time, in a second or it can take an eternity of time - coming again and again and again, you know. (Now you use Babuji again so as to be "believed" with your sucking of MONEY out of people)He used to tell us that if you put steel in boiling water expecting it to melt or cook, you can boil steel for an eternity of time, nothing will happen to the steel.

All our preparation as human beings is to prepare ourselves to face Him with the heart open and find ourselves not there - missing. (Your and your abhyasis will be in the MATERIAL, or on VENUS, and "not there" as you are not there now, and are MISSING the POINT of Babuji's and other Master's teachings) We are not dead because there is no death in the spiritual life. (to believe the sales gimmick that you spin as a spider, the "sheep" must be "living dead" and not able to THINK) As Babuji said, "There is no death." In fact, if you look at it spiritually, from the point of view of the soul, we ("you" who are attracted to "spiritualism" and MATTER) are in a dead condition here on earth as human beings; we are mortal, alive in the flesh. But if we had the wisdom (or courage) to look at ourselves from the spiritual point of view, we would be weeping eternally, "What have I got into?" And people would say, "But just look around you! How much happiness (sadness you have created in the families of your abhyasis and in your societies that are all divided many times....all for your ego) there is, how much there is to be enjoyed, how much pleasure there is, how much wealth there is to be acquired!" And then you would have to weep not only for yourself but for them too. (We will weep for you in your "denseness" and your need to be a material "STAR" or a physical MASTER to the point of losing your followers in SPIRITUALISM (messages from the dead) by an anonymous MEDIUM from France.)

So you see, spirituality (spiritualism) is perhaps - why perhaps - is certainly a curse for those who are here because they don't want to give up the joys of this existence. (you are talking about yourself... you will not stop "developing" the MATERIAL and PAVING one more corner of NATURAL EARTH in the name of SPIRIT) And they say, "What spirituality? What is the hurry? (what is your hurry to develop yet again as the world is in FINANCIAL crisis, and there are so many POOR?) Let me live while life is there, while I am young, while I have the power to enjoy it. Let me do it. We will come to spirituality when we are old." Babuji said, "Don't put off till tomorrow, what can be done today," because if you have no strength, no will power, no ability to enjoy anything in life, and you want to enjoy spirituality, that too will not be possible for you. (What a "CON"!)

Start young. (get them from birth before they can THINK eh Chari? Don't you start to sound like RELIGION to yourself?) Do it when you have the energy to do what has to be done. If a man cannot even sit up in bed, and is lying down twenty-four hours, and he has to be helped in every possible way to continue living physically, how does he expect to meditate, how does he expect to sit up and do the cleaning. What are the maxims that he will remember even to obey? So if we put off, we put off at our peril. (more FEAR for the SHEEP... Don't enjoy anything or you will be in "PERIL"... OOOO...scary!! how "natural"... How Spiritual! NOT!! How RELIGIOUS!! )

So these messages re-emphasize - in fact you know they try to drum into us in a very gentle Babuji-ish language, being his own language - they emphasize again and again: My dear, what I ask of you is nothing. Literally nothing. Sit with your eyes closed comfortably. Imagine divine light in your heart. Meditate for an hour or at least for half an hour. Do the cleaning in the evening. No effort. No barbells. No dumb bells. Nothing to walk on, tread mills. And at night a simple prayer, remembering what Babuji said, "Prayer must not be begging." All religious prayer is begging. In spirituality, a prayer, as our prayer is, is a statement of fact. This I am; that you are. Between me and you is a whole universe. Please make it possible for me to bridge this gap. And for this you help me. It is a statement; it is a request. And we pray also not only for ourselves, but for everybody else, all over the world. There are no differences, there are no races, there are no religions. There are only human beings. As human beings, we pray for everybody else. (Now Chari tries and convince you that you are doing this for the families you left to follow him, and the rest of problems of the world that you ignore so as to "feed" Chari with all your money so as to "Bail him out of his financial crisis" and feed his "desires" to leave a MATERIAL legacy!! Everyone will forget you, the sheep, and your unfulfilled "desires" and dreams, but not Chari... his desires are "good Material desires" and we, the bloggers, will make sure that he is REMEMBERED for his MATERIAL desires that divided everywhere he went! )

So these important (made up by a French Medium) messages which we have reiterated time and again, in our assemblies, in our satsanghs, they are there, you know, in His beautiful, simple language. (in the language of the lady MEDIUM from FRANCE) All requesting, not ordering. It is strange that we don't want to obey a Master who never orders, because we are too much in the tradition of being ordered around by gods, by gurus, by commanders, by captains, by governments. We are too much used to the twin instruments of religion - fear and temptation - so that we come to Sahaj Marg with suspicion based on centuries of bad experience given to us by our culture, by our tradition, by our religion. Do and get; don't and suffer. (more fear...constant temptation and fear all the way through this MESSAGE from the GREAT LIVING DEAD...(vampire), so as to suck your money!! Your BLOOD!!)

So you see, our tradition of centuries, of ages, where most of it is all in the form of do, do, do without explaining why, has made us slaves; unfortunately letting us imagine that we are Masters. Why do we think we are Masters? (Yes why do you think you are a MASTER? You were not appointed by anyone) "Oh, because I can disobey. If I obey, I am a slave. If I disobey, I must be not a slave. (not logical, does not follow) If I am not a slave, I must be a Master. (that is "silly") " Thus runs the (your) stupid human logic, especially with the intellectuals (????), of the well educated, of the powerful, of the rich. (is that not "you guys" who are "well educated", richer that we, and who claim to be Masters? It surely is not the "bloggers" or US, we just think you are "silly" and slave to your "titles" and egos, and self-created mythic legacy... My Photo is not for sale to be "adulated" by my "FOLLOWERS", as if I was the representative of the ONE ) I have heard people say, "I can employ people to do everything for me. Why should I do this? Why should I do that? I, who command, should I obey? I, who command, if I obey, what will others think of me? That I am not the supremo that they thought I was." You see in what all miserable ways our logic, our mind, our intellects, they lead us and then the superiority which every human being today manifests: claiming that his religion is the highest, claiming his family is the best, claiming their wealth is immense. So we are trained to be arrogant, proud, selfish. (We can't afford to get others to do things for us, like you. YOU are trained to be arrogant and your disciples are all like you...ridiculously sounding like a "tape recorder" only able to spew what the MASTER said... How did you become so selfish, as to leave no one around you FREE?... that is a great fear!)

I beg to say that a mere reading of these messages will remove most of our samskaras, provided you are sincere and are reading to benefit. (Ha! ha! ha! You are not serious... What's next? Will you now "forgive sins"? "Indulgences" for dollars, like the Catholic church before the REFORMATION? That is "spiritual capitalism" and it divided the Catholic Church and it will divide your RELIGION also... WAKE UP are lost in the 14th century! What you rejected from the POPES and other RELIGIONS as corrupt, you are now swallowing from CHARI), for "erasing your samskaras?? You are all going to need some serious psycho-THERAPY) You know you can read anything and criticize. It is easy to criticize especially if you are a fool, because then you have more to criticize, because you know nothing. (Which other so-called Master speaks like this?) So those who criticize without reading, without understanding, without any desire for self-improvement (wrong), without any intention of carrying out what is written, (we use our "heads" and heed the warning labels and hence, wedon't drink poison) they are the greatest critics. "No, no this is all rubbish. No, no this has been said over and over again." Yes, you have been drinking milk everyday. You have been earning money everyday. You have been miserable everyday - even the best, most happy. What have you learnt from your own life? Why don't you learn something from a life which we claim to have been the highest? ( We don't teach others but we leave them FREE... You have not learned ... how can you teach... You chose preceptors who are emotionally dependent and you get them to lure their friends and families or other "co-dependents" and then you "milk them" of their time, money, intellect, spirit, honour, etc... We will leave them FREE... but we are also FREE to expose your spiritualist scams that have been tried by other religions for centuries... eventually, your sheep will see the light of REASON... they and we, the common people, eventually do see the light, and then we expose your GAME! There will be many more of us!)

So I would take this opportunity of imploring you all to read these messages again and again. Read it with, you know, an open heart so that the meaning goes into you direct into the heart without going through the brain. We have to bypass the brain if you are going to be a spiritual person seriously interested in your evolution. Anything that you subject to your brain for evaluation will only doom you to further slavery. I hope you will take this last warning of mine to heart - put away your head completely. Read with your heart. "No, no, how can I read with my heart?" Try it and you will be amazed at what the heart can find, which your brain never told you exists. I pray for you all. (Pray for yourself... we will also pray for you as you go to VENUS (as Chari thinks Babuji will send him in the afterlife) ... you will need it)

I hope and pray that you don't bring the people I know to lifeless VENUS with you! They are too BRIGHT (I hope) to go along with that Spiritualist con game of religions and cults !!

Before the Christian Reformation when the Protestants finally attacked and sacked Rome (the Vatican) and the Pope had to flee(to France), Pope Leo X (10), (1475-1521) one of the Medici's Popes, an Italian family who "legally" controlled the Vatican for decades, used to celebrate his "birthdays" (just like Chari), and children were brought in to sing and adulate the Pope (just like Chari), and the Priests (preceptors) and Brothers (many priests and brothers were quickly "ordained" willy-nilly so as to increase the "numbers") were to sell "indulgences" so as to fund the renovations of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome (just like Chari). Martin Luther can be credited for "exposing" the Christian scam, just like the "brave and holy bloggers" are exposing the SRCM(California) SCAM !! ;-))

THE END IS NEAR!!! The end of SRCM(California) as we know it! The corruption stage is "complete" ... Wake up and run for the HILLS or go down into the MATERIAL and the "emotional" with it. It is already "insane" having forsaken THINKING and LOGIC for "SPIRITUALISM" and Materialism !!


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Hello Don,
Ton français étant meilleur que mon anglais, je te demande en français si tu sais où en est la jugement de chari devant la cour suprème indienne?

Anonymous said...


Je n'en sais rien!

J'ai demandé à Shashwat de faire des enquêtes aux Indes chez ses connections, et de nous dire ce qui se passe. Quand il m'avisera, je le publierai sur le blog d'Elodie si il y a du nouveau...

A la prochaine...


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Merci Don!!!