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The (Hunting) Preserve of the SRCM (Sahaj Marg) President

Taken from Elodie's blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg in an article by Alexis Titled: La Chasse Gardee du President, Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hunting Preserve of the President in the Near and Middle East

The Hunting Preserve of the President

In 1977, an Arab student discovers Sahaj Marg in Sweden. He returned to Bahrain in 1980, met Babuji in 82 and became a preceptor in 86. In 1991, a preceptor from Ethiopia, a United Nations official, formed 4 of his Iranian colleagues from the UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees). In 1992, an Indian abhyasi reaches Dubai. Sahaj Marg then spreads in 96 to Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Pakistan was won in 2001.

On August 1996, Chari went to Tehran and then to Israel in May 97 for an international conference of the International Association of Spiritual Psychiatry. He was then in Dubai in March 2002 and again in October and November of 2003 when he appoints a quantity of preceptors for Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. On May 31, 2004, the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, a nonprofit organization is registered at the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. And Chari continues his travels: January 2005 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in November 2005 in Oman, in May 2006 in Kuwait and Bahrain. Again in April 30, 2007 for the 108th anniversary of Babuji in Dubai, he is at the Iranian Club Auditorium with 700 people. And always in Dubai in April and again in June and October, 2008 ... for tours of the Middle East. Sahaj Marg follows the oil patch to the countries of North Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Libya. The VBSE started with 15 children in 1997, it is now composed of 3 groups with one hundred children from 5 to 17 years, and teachers who are organized for appropriate guidance (need of guidance).

In 2007, the SRCM now confirms having 41 preceptors, and approximately 600 abhyasis in Dubai and the emirates attached. Surprising when there is no list of preceptors available for this country unlike any other.

It is The Hunting Preserve of Chari who went there every year since 2002, and up to three times a year. No SRCM registered there, but the foundation called Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF) instead! It is a nonprofit organization, but it was declared at the Department of Economic Development, which shows a bit of lacking in spirituality ...

Millions of dollars come from anywhere to Dubai without any verification of their origins, through the presence of more than 5,000 foreign companies located in the famous Jebel Ali Free Zone or other specialized (trade) zones. They enjoy significant tax advantages ( corporate tax "holiday" for 15 years renewable, no taxes on personal income for individuals and the tariffs (tax rates) are very low or zero).
And tax havens are obviously a good revenue for Chari. Let us not forget that it is from Dubai that he sent his austerity message on 24 October 2008 for the SRCM ...

The SRCM is for a minority of diplomats and financiers who share luxury and wealth, including the Iranian Club in Dubai, while a large majority of the population consists of immigrant workers from the developing countries of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, underpaid and working in harsh conditions on construction sites. Recruited on fixed-term contracts in most cases, their condition is reduced to the value of their work. These are mostly single men who were brought in, are very dependent on their employers or their sponsors, who have advanced them travel and subsistence money, and who retain their passports. These, rest assured, do not even have time to think about meditation...

Indeed, many foreigners are subject to the system of kafala (or sponsorship). They are placed under the responsibility and the protection of a kafil, a citizen of Dubaï, who takes in exchange a levy on their income. Essentially a privilege of citizenship, the kafala reserves 51% of the ownership of any company with an emirate partner. Ownership of a property or a business with overseas owners has similar concessions. Aliens who are subject to kafala may, at any moment, be deported. Their interest is therefore to be confined strictly to their work.

As you can see, Chari has chosen his camp, that of high finance and international diplomacy. Not that of manual workers from his country ...


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