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Sahaj Marg Preceptor wants to be PAID as SPIRITUAL WORKER!

Taken from, an initiative of Ashoka. Open sourcing social solutions.

Sahaj Marg Centre-in-Charge and preceptor on the "resort Island" of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, who works at the Mahatma Ghandi Institute, is applying for MONEY from Changemakers, so he can be a "SPIRITUAL WORKER", and be paid "about US$ 50,000 for my living and family commitments(refund loan on the centre, other loans contracted, studies for my two children and for spiritual commitments). He would be "sort of" like a social worker who's function would be to spread the Sahaj Marg "uniting" RELIGION, grow the SRCM(California) business of "RELIGION", and be paid for all his efforts. Should we do something about this?

What happened to meditation is "FREE". Free but now the preceptors want percs, just like inner circle who travel around the world on "charity" money. Where is the LOVE, and self-respect? (trying to get charity money away from the poor) Are they not just UNITING the WORLD under Chari, the Master of the UNIVERSE? That is a Private and egotistical goal, not a "brotherhood of Man" project. I think they are "falling apart" in their "MIND"!! They are starting to sound "desperate" and jealous of one another ... anyone can be a preceptor at the end, as religions and cults become desperate, because of numerous defections and schisms.

Is this another example of the "Capitalists" trying to access "socialist" money to grow the business so as to buy more castles in Europe, 28 acre Ranches ( instrument to inflict pain to animals) in Austin, Texas where the "elite" could take a break from making money, and more Private Schools for the "wealthy" in India. All in the name taking advantage of "socialism" and/or "charity" and then call it: "brotherhood". Another abhyasi, a while back, was trying to get "environmental dollars" because with their meditation, they claimed to be "cleaning the Planet" (and hence the slums and the neighbourhoods of the Poor) and should be worthy of receiving "environmental" dollars.
There is not much honour or morality in the New Religion movement....

Sahaj Marg is Spiritualism (Mediums, channeling, messages from the dead, and rituals of constant repetition of the channeled messages so as to erase one's samskaras, etc...) and a New RELIGION and/or Cult of a Person, the MASTER. It is not SPIRITUALITY, nor a system such as Raja Yoga, nor "brotherhood". They could start with their own divided families and the family of the founder, who are not in court with the current Guru around the control of the Mission and the "real estate" that is now in the "billions". "Physician heal thyself". And they operate as a "dictatorship", as per their own constitution, and now they want to be paid by the State (charity tax-exempt) or some other "social" organizations? Is there no end to their "gall"?

What is Ashoka:

Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Since 1981, we have elected over 2,000 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to a global network of peers in more than 60 countries.

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HERE IS THE APPLICATION (and explanation of how the money will be spent):

Awakening of Love and Spirit of Brotherhood in Human Hearts

Nomination Details

Awakening of Love and Spirit of Brotherhood in Human Hearts nominated by : Gowtum | August 22, 2008


Organization: Shri Ram Chandra Mission


Project Description:

I wish quit my job of Finance Manager and devote my whole time for the spread of Spirituality in Mauritius . I need monthly grant to sustain family and realise dream.

Attachments - please click on each image to see it full size:

Awakening LOve.doc

Gowtum's Story:
To devote rest of my life for spread of Spirituality and propagate the great universal message and teachings of the Divine Master so that more people can live balanced life.

Awake LOve.doc

To :………………………….

Dear Sisters/Brothers,


First of all I would like to express my deep and profound appreciation and gratitude to the Ashoka Changemakers for the noble cause that it is serving .I am writing for a special assistance for grants .
I am 52 years old and am a professional Accountant (FCCA). I work as Bursar (Financial Controller) at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute,plus as freelance Auditor and Accountant, but my real interest is in spirituality, in the realisation of the Divine Self present in the Human Heart and serving my Master in spreading spirituality which brings better understanding, harmony, love and unity among all people and other living beings of the universe(including Nature)- and ultimately realization of the Divine Self /oneness with the Ultimate. I wish to serve the noble cause being served by my Master .

I am the Centre-in-Charge and preceptor of a spiritual organisation called the ''SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION''(Mauritius Centre) which has its Head quarters in Chennai, India ( & )The Spiritual Master is Shree P. Rajagopalachariji .My wife is the Vice Centre in charge and is also a preceptor. She does not work but gives meditation sittings everyday, to women 4 to 5 hours per day. Shree Ram Chandra Mission is a non –sectarian spiritual organization and is represented in almost all countries of the world.

We have built an Centre above our house (since October 1999). The Ashram consists of a meditation hall, a kitchen, two rooms, and one room for the Divine Master and three terraces. We have put the Ashram freely at the disposal of the mission here for holding of its spiritual activities (group and individual meditation sessions, spiritual seminars, lending library, talks etc

Grant for Full Time Spiritual Worker

I always cherished the wish that I can devote my whole time to Spirituality in the service of my Master, imparting spiritual training to humanity under the Sahaj Marg System of meditation. But this is only possible if I win a lottery which I can put in a fixed deposit or get a life endowment which can generate annual interest of about US$ 50,000 for my living and family commitments(refund loan on the centre, other loans contracted, studies for my two children and for spiritual commitments). . Presently I devote only my mornings(sometimes) and my evenings, saturdays and sundays in conducting individual/groups meditation sittings to people. As a Professional Accountant (FCCA-UK) I can now study for a Masters or for an MBA to allow me to get a higher post(promotion) with increased salary. But deep inside in my heart the call is to better serve my Master in spreading spirituality-including promoting the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of all life and facilitating the integration of an emerging holistic consciousness into daily action—

I am submitting a humble and sincere request for realising my wish for a full time spiritual worker through a Life Endowmwnt with monthly income of Approx US$4000. NOTE: No fees are charged for Meditations..As a result of my spiritual practice and the Grace and blessings of my beloved Master I have got the spiritual enthusiasm to become a full time spiritual worker for the rest of my life.

Mauritius is a multi-cultural society ,with so many religions .The meditation for which I serve is universal (non sectarian) and people from all religious backgrounds who practice this meditation, generates love and are contributing effectively to make this world a better place.

As a full time spiritual worker my commitment will be as follows:

1. To cater for the spiritual upliftment of humanity in general, without any distinction of religion, caste, greed, sex or nationality.
2. To travel to different parts of the country and give talks on the spiritual way of life.
3. To introduce interested people and spiritual seekers into meditation.
4. To travel to different parts of the country and to give individual sittings and group sittings(meditation sessions)
5. To set up one main spiritual complex and other meditation centres throughout the country.
6. To impart (read and explain) the spiritual teachings of the spiritual Masters.
7. To bring understanding, harmony and unity among people of all faiths so that they can live in peace.Promote the concept of ONE humanity and the interconnectedness of all Life.
8. To recommend the making of additional preceptors for Mauritius.
9. To ensure my personal continued spiritual development by going to see my Master in India and staying in the Ashram for about four weeks (at least once a year but 2/3 times a year if possible).

NOTE: My wife who is the preceptor in charge for imparting spiritual training to women and also the vice-centre in charge of th e Shri Ram Chandra Mission of Mauritius will also assists me in the spiritual tasks .
10. Doing any other spiritual tasks as directed by the Living Spiritual Master.
This spiritual path definitely leads to transformation and the goal is to merge with the ultimate/realization of the oneness of all Life.(We are part of the whole).

It has to be pointed out that spirituality is above all religions and open to ALL persons without regard to any caste, creed, religion, nation, race etc...

From the depth of my heart I humbly and kindly request you to consider realising my dream for a full time Spiritual worker.Please advise me on steps to be taken or other foundations or individuals to be contacted.Could you kindly hand over this humble request to individuals/other foundations.
I shall inform and get the permission and Divine Blessings of my Master in case this project is approved. Also I shall prepare a yearly report /survey analysis on the transformation of people by the project.
Hoping to receive a reply as soon as possible, I thank you deeply in the name of God and in the names of all those who shall benefit from this project

Yours sincerely

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forget that u have anything to do with sprituality
it is what for what u earn or need money or something ur getting food without paying and now when ur having food,shelter and clothes what for u need money now think over it