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Sahaj Marg and SRCM(California-1997) And Their Lies about Lajaji!!

This is from the main site of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM (California-1997) of Chari's clan's Schism: Sahaj Marg System of Raja Yoga Meditation (Masters of Sahaj Marg-Lalaji).

Happy Birthday Lalaji!!

Do your own research and don't believe the lies propagated by SRCM(California-1997) who re-registered Babuji's organization founded in 1945, in San Luis Obispo, California and in Austin Texas, in 1997 (SMRI) ... They know the truth but seem powerless to correct it. Could it be because of their large materialist "ego" !! Does Sahaj Marg not bring "morality"?

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Revered Lalaji Maharaj (1873- 1931)

Great men are not born accidentally.

(But there are many "profiteers" who are always ready to use the name of anyone who has accumulated an ounce of earthly "fame" for their own "profit", aggrandizement and legitimacy ... in the name of "spirituality" ... Shame!! )
They descend on earth with design. Humanity awaits them in eager anticipation and expectation. In the dark ages of medieval India, when spirituality was tottering helplessly under the onslaught of blatant materialism, Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj came down to earth.

(Ah! Excuse me! But "medieval India" is not in the 1800's, but in the "middle ages" before the "golden age" or the "enlightenment", ending in the 1700's ... And the world is still blantantly "materialistic", even inside Sahaj Marg and its businessmen and it's "developers" from the clan of the current Master, Chari ... It always was thus. It was a "material world" and judging by Sahaj Marg, it still is!! But it is also a world of MIND and of SPIRIT ... And that has not "gone away"!! Or it has not "been re-invented" by Sahaj Marg or their usurped "Method").
He rediscovered and refined the ancient Raja Yoga method of pranahuti or transmission.

("Transmission" was never lost so could not be "re-discovered". Lalaji was a disciple of Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl Ahemad Khan Naqshbandi Mujaddadi Mazahari r.a. (Huzur Maharaj) of Raipur (Kaimganj), Uttar Pradesh, India. He learned all he knew from his Master, including "transmission", and later became the first Hindu (non-Muslim) Master of the Naqshbandia Sufi Order, and continued the teachings of his Master (Huzur). Lalaji's teaching was never called Sahaj Marg ... Lalaji never mentioned the word "Sahaj Marg", and Babuji was never a preceptor of Lalaji's or of his organization ... See NaqshMuMRa Nexus, by Lalaji's grandson and Dean of the NaqshMuMRa Branch of the Naqshbandia Sufi Order.  

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See also Dr. R.K. Gupta's site: Sufi Saints and Sufism
This is a yogic technique by which a spiritual Master pours his divine energy into the heart of an aspirant.

(The Naqshbandia Sufi Order (Islam) were practicing "transmission" for centuries and Huzur taught it to Lalaji ... The "unique" approach of including Hindus in Sufism without asking them to convert to Islam, was originated by the Great Muslim Emperor (Akbar) from Persia (Iran) ... Huzur simply followed the emperor's (Akbar) decree with Lalaji! See India Site for Medieval History ... See Akbar and dates of the "Medieval" era !! )

The aim is to expedite spiritual development. This great master brought within the reach of common people the highest spiritual goal, previously reserved only for ascetics. He himself attained perfection within a span of seven months, and went on to become the first Master of the Sahaj Marg system of spirituality.

( Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg and Lalaji refused to make Babuji, whom he only met a few times, a preceptor (see why in Epitome of Sahaj Marg) ... Lalaji died in 1931, Babuji founded Sahaj Marg in 1945.

Chari and SRCM (California-1997) are caught in yet another lie and can't correct their PR material ... Too much "ego"?? This is a blatant lie!! See NaqshMuMRa Nexus and Sufi Saints and Sufism. One would think that anyone who claims a person as their "MASTER", would have more respect for them, and would continue their "teaching" and their "method" and not claim that he founded their own Method, which was invented 13 years after his death!! Babuji in a letter dated 1963, claimed that Lalaji's "organizations" had breathe their last ... Is that RESPECT for Lalaji and his Method and his "legitimate" succession?? This succession is still in existence today!! Research the "Ramashram" of Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji to get you started. See Babuji's letter here.
Sahaj Marg under Chari has become Spiritualism or Spiritism with Mediums, channeling of messages from the spirits of the dead, autonomous egregores, and "obedience" as the main features ... that is not Lalaji's SUFI METHOD and/or it is not Lalaji's SANTMAT!! Sahaj Marg needs undeserved "legitimacy" and they will usurp it from Lalaji, the United Nations, and what they can't get there, they use the "made-up" words of Babuji from beyond the grave ... Babuji can't defend his "words" so they are used to make Chari more than he is in REALITY!! It is a "star building" mechanism ... the anonymous French Lady Medium will praise Chari, and claim it is coming from Babuji!! The Spiritualist SCAM!! Where are the "ghost-busters"? Where are the debunkers such as the escape artist, "Harry Houdini"?? Babuji would weep and say: "Look what they've done to my song!!"

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4d-Don said...

Hi all...

Interesting what Rajan says:

"When the right-guide start cleaning the Samskaras of an abyasi naturally his previous impression will come out from his system and the abyasi during that time has to under go Bhog period that causes physical decease or mental decease."

When one reads Babuji's autobiography, one sees that there was a long period (10 years) when Babuji was "depressed"... So it seems that focussing on LIGHT does not erase the Samskaras but it seems to "bring them out" much as "PRIMAL SCREAM" therapy claimed to do in the "hippie" era... To take out "all at once" what is by nature supposed to take years and "life-times" seems to cause "mental stress" and even Physical illness, according to many testimonials and according to what I have seen in the lives of those I know who have become involved with Sahaj Marg... They seem to be "VERY EMOTIONAL" and not loving but very "disrespectful" (their terms) of those who have been around them for many years ...

IS THAT SPIRITUALITY?? I doubt it... It seems to be SPIRITUALISM and/or the effects of "SPIRITS" or egregores or their own (accumulation) of "sins" coming out all at once...making them "emotional"...and even neurotic and psychotic.

Also, I chuckle at these statement by Rajan:

"...he is the inventor of such divine power."

"...The reason for that is if a person who has a lot of Samskaras or past impression and when start practicing meditation , slowly his past impressions will come out one by one resulting in any ugly shape ,may be physically or mentally."

"...they are transmitting their own Ego to the abyasis."

I think Rajan is correct ...

It is what I've been saying for years ... and Rajan has first hand experience!!

I would add that according to "RAJA YOGA" the SPIRITUAL diet is not to be "SPICY" (taste is a sensation also) as that will allegedly create or bring out "arrogance" and a sense of "superiority", that was not there with a different diet. The Abhyasis that I know are trying to get their families to eat "spicy" ... WHY? Is it to sub-consciously create an emotional condition in their families, to which they will then offer the "cure" of Sahaj Marg MEDITATION (a modified or "butchered" Raja Yoga, starting a step # 7?? To TRULY BE Raja Yoga, don't eat SPICY and don't entrap your family into that "bad habit" ... creating an emotional and divisive atmosphere.

(Taste is a sensation also... for the orally fixated ... No sex please we are SPIRITUAL ... we are FOOD addicts!)

Thank you Rajan and Maulik...