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A Very Dark Year (1982) for Sahaj Marg!

Taken from Elodie's (France) Blog, Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. It is an article by Alexis. A scan of the original reply by Chari and other documents are on Shashwat Pandey's blog: Freedom to Speak- Power to Speak

1982 - A Very Dark year for Sahaj Marg

According to the latest documents published by Shashwat Pandey (on his blog: Freedom to Speak, Power to Speak) , Babuji wrote an incendiary letter to Chari on April 6 1982 to which he (Chari) then responds on April 12. According to Navneet Kumar Saxena, (Babuji's grandson and President of SRCM (Shahjahanpur), Babuji would then have drafted a letter of succession in favour of his son Umesh Chandra on the following April 16th, 1982. (see here) But only on June 28 did he name SA Sarnad as secretary of the Mission instead of Chari, according to Shashwat ...

Then on Sept. 2, (1982) according to Navneet, he (Babuji) writes to MD Jahagirdar that Chari is straying from the initial teachings, that he (Chari) is illegitimately presenting himself as his successor and alleges that he has tried to poison him several times since the last 4 years, but that he has found his successor. He does not mention the (successor's) name, but also announces that ("he") will be accompanied by (SP) Srivastava, (KC)Narayana and Kashi Ram Agarwal and Nasib Chand.

Let us recall first the general context. In 1981, senior preceptors Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy take an un-official tour of the USA with Umeshchandra Saxena, son of Babuji and not even a preceptor. Everything has become very dark in 1982 when Babuji travels to France. André Poray (France) is everywhere front and center stage. Chari who was not even invited is relegated to the sidelines. Babuji is very sick. He (Babuji) also announced to Kasturi, that he has named someone (as his successor) without specifying the name, and said he wanted to go to the police because someone will make an attempt on his life. He (Babuji) will eventually not do so.

Shashwat Pandey does not give the contents of the letter from Babuji to Chari, but only his (Chari's) response (read here). Chari quotes Babuji: "something more is needed on your part, and you are aware of it." And he (Chari) asks forgiveness for his mistakes and failures while assuring him of his love and his willingness to do right ...

Chari seemingly plays the well intentioned stooge for Babuji ... but did Babuji still have all his faculties?

Here is an APPROXIMATE transcript (see here) of the document which is not always legible and my English is limited. (thank you to those who can correct me):

12th April 82

My Beloved Master,

May you live long. Your presence on this world is of
utmost essentiality for the welfare of humanity.

I am grateful for your affectionate letter of the 6th
April under ref: No.1739. I have been pondering over what to
reply, because it is not easy to understand all that you have
written. All that I am able to understand is that you expect
from me something that is now lacking. You have written that
"something more is needed on your part, and you are aware of it."
I am aware that there are very many things that are needed on my
part. The difficulty is to know what. I would be most grateful if
you would kindly elaborate and give me more detailed comments.
I have been trying to come up to your expectations, but
it is obvious that I have so far failed. From your last sentence
it is clear that "glittering in the heart" is also not there, which
you want.

I have made you my goal. If there is anything that I
want to achieve, it is to become like you in everything. Of course
I am convinced that this can be possible only if you want this to
be achieved. I am not trying to make any excuses. I have not tried
hard enough - that is clear from what you now write. It has now
plunged me into despair.

I am conscious that I have not deserved even a fraction
of the love and grace that you have poured upon me all these 18
years that I have been at your holy feet. All that I now want in is
that by your Benevolent Grace, a day may dawn when you may call
me affectionately to your side, and say "Parthasarathi, you have
today deserved all that I have been giving you all these years.
Now proceed on with the work, and go ahead!"

Mistakes I have been making all my life. I have even
been guilty of disrespect towards your Divine and Holy SXXf on
not a few occasions. I beg your pardon for all my unthinking
failures and mistakes, and pray to you to rectify and correct all
the faults in me, and make of me what you will.

With Pranams, and love,

Your affectionately,


Anonymous said...

“......according to Navneet, ......”
Where has Navneet Kumar Saxena gone?

“....He (Babuji) also announced to Kasturi, that he has named someone (as his successor) without specifying the name, ....”
Kasturi told me that Babuji named Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari.

Why are your investigations so limited?

4d-Don said...


If you would speak your truth in the open, rather from an "anonymous", we would add your information to the "mess" that is this SPIRITUAL gang.

Unlike the "contenders" (as in a "prize-fight", or an "political election") in this contest, we have no illusions of POWER and have no bids on the control of the SRCM, so we can be SPIRITUAL and FAIR ...

Your "anonymous" comment are just one more "claim" to information that are all recorded as "comments" and an "anonymous" one at that.

Thanks for your input... Our investigation is "un-limited" as it even includes "anonymous" comments like yours.


Anonymous said...

“....He (Babuji) also announced to Kasturi, that he has named someone (as his successor) without specifying the name, ....”
Kasturi told me that Babuji named Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari

Probably this ANONYMOUS person cannot understand what is written, the statement he has replied to clearly states that Babuji did not named anyone, just announced to kasturi that someone has been nominated, when babuji did not said, it is chari or umesh to kasturi (as no name was taken) why did kasturi took name of chari ???? now at-least from the statement above, Babuji did not named the person to kasturi... In their blind obedience they ignore such simple logic and claim absurd statements....

poor victims of chari, one day their massiha will come and will liberate them all from clutches of chari and his gang....


Anonymous said...

“...Our investigation is "un-limited" as it even includes "anonymous" comments like yours...” (4d-don)

The fact, that you are publishing “anonymus” comments doesn’t mean that your research isn’t quite limited.
In a serious investigation/research first-hand informations are regarded to give the most reliable evidence. Looked at it in this way my anonymous comment about a statement of Kasturi Chaturvedi (who is an old lady now, but still alive) is of poor value. To believe a disputed type-written paper to be more reliable than my comment is up to you.