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Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) Will It Dissolve In the Humour of Psychic Hoax?

Taken and translated from an article: La SRCM, Serait-elle Soluble dans les canulars Mediumniques? by Alexis, on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 26, 2011

SRCM, Would It Be Soluble In The Humor Of Psychic Hoaxes?

Catherine Lauret was right, Ajay will not be the next Guru of SRCM. Catherine Lauret was wrong, the European Union and China are not at war, and the United Kingdom has not been destroyed in a nuclear blast.

Her performance of December 2009, has turned against her.
Suddenly, as she rose from total anonymity to excessive exposure, she became a weight (drag) for Chari. His value (the value of his yearly books: "Whispers") is now less than 250 euros per year per abhyasi who are purchasers of Whispers. Today it is a book rudely discredited, with a number of copies in freefall, despite the release of a new volume every year. Circulation which could even end up stopping ...

Especially now that another medium operates directly on the web. Babuji's word becomes inaudible when his spokespersons are too many. And the latest of Babuji's messengers has not taken the wrong approach. Her first criticisms have targeted Kasturi Chaturvedi and Catherine Lauret, but certainly not Chari who finds himself excluded, marginalized and out of it.

Hence, Babuji has returned to the front of the stage. But not for a reckoning as one might imagine. And not to parody Whispers. Just to comment on the most mundane and trivial actions inside the Mission. And his new messenger seems to enjoy the situation, and she obviously takes pleasure in it.

Well informed, her predictions have value in what she reveals of the past and present. It is her current knowledge that we judge and by which we gauge. Well aware of the issue, she enjoys playing with the people to whom she speaks by surrounding them with a pseudo-anonymity which is fooling no one.

She has returned Babuji to the heart of the subject, and it is Chari who is marginalized. Under fire, Whispers is pulverized. Catherine Lauret? No one talks about her anymore.

The humor is sometimes devastating. Elodie spoke of a hoax, it could prove to be a weapon of mass destruction.

Whether she is named Erin or Babuji's messenger, whether she is Australian or English, we do not care. Read it every day on MESSAGES FROM RAM CHANDRA "BABUJI" OF SAHAJ MARG: A LOVING, HONEST AND CARING BLOG

or at:

...instead of "A Whisper a Day".


Elodie Said:

Hello Alexis,

I am not at all sure I share your opinion this time.

I have not understood Erin's (or whoever he/she may be) humour nor her intentions.

what she wrote, she does not denigrate Chari or his son at all.

I still do
not see to this day what game she is playing, or whether it is a game

Hoax or game, what are her issues and what motivation? Nothing is clear.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alexis Said:

@ Elodie

had more humor and perspective in your first post on Erin than now.
Is it because she likes to reveal very personal "predictions " to some poorly anonymized persons that worries you? I'm not sure ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elodie Said:

Hello Alexis,

person who made this blog seems to me not at all clear and that is what I dislike.

The first blog lasted only a few days, then she reappeared in part in the new one.
Meanwhile, Erin, English had become a businessman in Sydney (Australia).

I do not care what it says on individuals, but that person is actually fully involved in the movement.

How can we believe in his/her neutrality? It is impossible.

is unclear what the purpose of that person is. For the moment, as Claude said, he/she is rather favorable to Chari and his son.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Alexis Said:

@ Claude & Elodie

I had not noticed that Erin had been transformed into a man, a reason to smile more, right?

, we do not agree with the analysis. Certainly, he/she sides with Chari & PR Krishna, but in the words of Babuji.

That's what I really appreciate, and none of us had done: she gives Babuji center stage (center of the game?), there is no other who speaks. Chari is excluded and one can not do more harm than excluding Chari by listening more to his master ...

, is not it?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Claude Said:

Lol Lol! Not very convincing. It is not because Babuji "chats" with another medium that Chari is marginalized? It would be too beautiful. What is true though is that Babuji, from that brighterworld still does not speak directly to Chari. It is "too much" that the current Guru is not able to discuss with his master, while all these mediums manage to.


Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

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