Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dean of Lalaji's NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order Speaks Out

Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, Lalaji's grandson and Dean of NaqshMuMRa, the Sufi Organization of Lalaji's Family sent this e-mail (reply) to Shashwat Pandey. (see below)

Shashwat is the Owner of the blog: The Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shree Ram Chandra Mission) and the blog: Freedom from Sahaj Marg (many scans of SRCM legal documents) and of the Orkut Community called: Freedom from SRCM (Sahaj Marg)

An unauthorized DVD and book called: the Life of Lalaji (Produced and acted by abhyasis from Pune, India) is being sold as a "fundraiser" for SRCM (California - 1997) and their Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF), while NaqshMuMRa is struggling to raise money to save the "home" of Lalaji. (see their site: NaqshMuMRa Nexus and see Lalaji's Will

Forwarded Message Attachment--
Subject: Re: Sahaj Marg
From: laalaajinilayam
To: shashwat_pandey

Dear and respected Brother

I am sorry that I am replying your mail so late. I am always at your disposal. Br. Chari came to Fatehgarh after complete ten years. The system of Sahj Marg is entirely different than the Ram Chandra school of spirituality. Last time Chari came to Fatehgarh in the year 1999 and there after he came recently for one day and took rest in the night and went back without meeting me yesterday. I had already invited him, pointing out that this is. Rev. Laalaaji's house where he lived for more than 3 decades and trained the people and educated the system of meditation, evolved by him.

I am an sick old man and it would be easier that you send your questionnaire before hand.Sister Kasturi is a great saint and I can not be kept in that line. The soul difference between Sahaj Marg and the Ramchandra School spirituality (NaqshMuMRa), is that the achievement of NaqshMuMRa is that it brings "illat" ( disease) quillat" ( Poverty) and zillat, whereas the Sahajmarg is always after money and crowd,
which is against the principals of spirituality. (4d-don's highlight)

Rev. Babuji has himself revealed that the system made him to practice is entirely different than the same prevalent now in Sahaj Marg.

Thanking you,
Yours afffectionately,

Dinaysh Kumar Saxena


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(see also other inteviews and scans of legal documents and Newspaper articles at
" Freedom From Sahaj Marg"

See the full article: Life of Lalaji - A Classic Sahaj Marg Fraud, and the original telephone interview (in MP3 format, to be translated soon) with Dinaysh Kumar Saxena on Shashwat's Blog: Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shree Ram Chandra Mission)

See also the article: Lalaji and Sahaj Marg on Cult of Sahaj Marg(Shree Ram Chandra Mission)

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 12:00 AM, Shashwat Pandey wrote:

Dear Dinesh Kumarji

My name is Shashwat, and i am the owner of website and blog

I have been reading your website with interest and i have also tried to find out as how sahaj marg is related with linage of lalaji, infect the profile picture on my orkut community dealing with sahaj marg is that of when P Rajagopalachari visited your place.

If you spare some time on my website you will notice that i have uploaded video interview of folowers of Naveentji (grandson of babuji) who is currently president of SRCM shahjahanpur started by Babuji, and i have also uploaded audio interview of Kasturi Chaturvedi who recently left chari group and started her own.

I was wondering if you are interested in an audio interview which will be published on net. My questions will be around lalaji's association with sahaj marg.

For details about what i have found till date you can have a look at one of the post in my blog

Kindly do let me know any fixed line number incase you are interested in the interview.

Best Regards

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