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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Whispers: Decryption

Taken and translated from comments by Alexis (see here) on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Insertions by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Read here to see the Sahaj Marg(tm) spiritualist contradictions from beyond the grave... not by a spiritual Master, but by an anonymous French lady MEDIUM ... This, they call their "Bible" and they pay for it by buying a book of these "whispers" every year... one per year for another 12 years according to Chari. The requested "donation"? $150.00 - $250.00 US dollars per book. Where are the "ghost busters" ??

As Sahaj Marg(tm)'s President (Chari) rants against the evils of materialism and the excesses of the abhyasis and of other "infidels", they themselves indulge in the excesses of cancerous growth for their opulent Mission and their own "businesses". And, their imperialist (evangelical) "carbon footprint" is larger than many corporations ... But not to worry, the "ALIENS" (see below) or the "indigo children" will save them (not us??). That is if God does not first intercede directly with "His" (male) natural laws !!

(see below the bolded "satanic plans" and the "alien... power" quotes from WHISPERS attributed to Babuji from the invented "central region" of their fantasy "Brighter World" ... as told by their anonymous French lady Medium)

Is this what is called: "demonizing" your fellow humans, as well as your technocrat children"? Then, with the other side of their spiritualist face, they pretend (imagine?) and dare to call them (and us?) "brothers and sisters"? Is this the "light" or the "LOVE", which Sahaj Marg(tm) transmits to the world? Is this an example of the "HEART", what is in reality a pump, doing the thinking? .. . or, in this case, not "thinking" at all, as it (the heart) can't think? The heart simply pumps. Is this also an example of not using the "brain", which in Sahaj Marg(tm), is busy contacting and communing with "the spirits" of the dead and/or the psychic "egregores", or is busy "demonizing", and certainly not loving or unifying anything??

Are you intelligent guys and gals seriously believing this hate-filled "fiction"?? Whom do you serve in reality??

Are you still defending this so-called "spiritual" (but in reality "spiritualist), practice as something good for US??

Merry Christmas to them too!! As they divide families and societies at their HOLY TIME and anytime !!

May they point at their own STUPIDITY, for a CHANGE!!

said ...


Much has been said of "Whispers from the Brighter World". Almost everything has been said about its commercial exploitation. The wildest conjectures have been made on his or her alleged perpetrators.

Now we attach ourselves to its content. It is now six years since the abhyasis began to imbibe daily this New Bible of Sahaj Marg, as described by Chari. It's time to decipher and analyze the content, to know what the SRCM implants in its followers and to better understand the spiritual ideology of Sahaj Marg.

First step in the

Man and his

Man races to his ruin, he must pay ...
(Below are a series of quotes from "Whispers from the Brighter World", channeled by an anonymous French lady Medium (AFLM))

"(...) mankind is playing with fire, without realizing the adverse consequences for humanity." (29.12.2000) -

" The time of punishment for such arrogance will be manifest in all its power and man, paying for the gross errors of his ancestors, will suffer without being able to control the situation." (28/02/01) -

" Men end up falling into the wildest excesses, then it must be remedied." (11/03/01) -

" Where will stop the cruelty of men? (...) It can go into adulthood, to the excesses that we recognize today and which stem from the collective madness. These acts are served by a high technology, which allows them to develop satanic plans. Everything is good to assuage the hatred and the spirit of revenge that inhabits them. It's a vicious cycle that has no end and will, sooner or later be stopped by a power alien to this planet who (or which, the planet or the people on the planet) will have no other means to stop this dangerous escalation, harmful to the universal equilibrium. The lower instincts of human nature are difficult to counter. The method of power (heavy handed method?) will have to prevail one day (...). "(13/09/01) -

" This planet is arriving at a crucial point where everything has to change regarding the behavior of men, many of which seem to have lost their mind. Humanity is in danger in more ways than one. God, for a majority, remaining for them an abstraction, they consider themselves to be masters of the world, allowed to put it at risk at any price. (...) May the people come to their senses while there is still time." (12/28/03) -

" Let us work for this evolution, time is running out, humanity is in danger in many ways. What emerges from this cesspool will be strengthened and enlightened. " (7/1/04) -

" This civilization is destructive, nothing seems to be able to stop it in this world, divine laws, and they alone, will be able to remedy. " (7/3/04) -

" This civilization is going too far in its prerogatives and endangers an entire balance, regardless of the consequences. (...) May humanity react in time so as to limit the destructive phenomenon! " (15/07/04) -

"Humanity is living dangerously, ignoring the warnings given to it. A reality check would be needed here too, but a consumer frenzy has seized mankind, ignoring any and all warnings on the subject. Everything in modern civilization is contributing to its perdition; the cries of alarm from the experts, not having been heard while there was still time, the inevitable will happen. Respect for nature, of life in all its forms is a concept that man for too long has neglected. He must face the consequences. God's laws are inflexible: they operate on their own, also." (11/09/04) -

"The movement is irreversible; nothing will stop the frenzy down here to pollute and destroy under the pretext of modernizing and producing on a large scale. Sooner or later, the errors must be paid; this civilization goes much too far into excess. A brutal brake (stop?) will be put on this destructive system, it is in the order of things. " (10/09/04) -

" This civilization has reached such an imbalance, unprecedented in the history of this world, that we owe it to ourselves to warn our brothers about their misdeeds, going well beyond pollution in all its forms.

To Summarize!
The picture is clear.

Humanity and this civilization are a filthy cesspool! Man is playing with fire and is engaged in the greatest of excesses. His behavior, dictated by the lowest instincts of human nature, hatred and the spirit of revenge, is destructive. This behavior will have serious consequences: in its collective madness, man develops satanic plans. Its frenzy to consume, pollute and destroy, puts the world is at risk of a dangerous escalation. We have arrived at a crucial point where everything conspires to ruin, the danger is great, everything must change ...

In its arrogance and imbalance, man has lost his mind, he acts as the master of the world. He will bear the consequences, he must pay for his mistakes. A brutal stop (brake?) will be placed on his activities, he must be stopped, the hard (heavy-handed?) way. A mutation is preparing itself for this world if it wants to survive, it must be completely revised ...

So far, everything is perfectly clear! But the message is blurred and becomes more confused then ...
On the one hand it must be stopped by a power, alien to this planet. On the other hand he must pay for his mistakes, and God's laws only can remedy. Divine punishment or alien invasion? The blur begins ...

Man has lost his mind

It is amusing to note that Whispers says that man has lost his mind, while Chari inversely repeats, that we have to stop thinking and open our hearts.
Remaining in the sphere of the mind is to deny the spirituality that is the voice of the heart ...

In popular parlance, the heart is the emotions, the head is the reason. And Whispers tells us that things are not right because man has lost his mind. Like love, the lowest instincts, such as hatred, revenge, etc.. are indeed emotions, emanations of the heart. There are some positive, others negative. But Chari has never said that one had to listen only to the positive emotions from one's heart, he said one must listen to one's heart, that's it!

Man has listened to his heart, he has lost his mind but has not thusly won spirituality. And now, nothing works, we must change everything. Man must find reason, then reconnect with the sphere of the mind. But we must also grow spiritually. So how?

A contradiction again, who can understand, this is not the last ...

Danger, the punishment is coming!

Whispers exploits fears. Since the end of the glorious 30's, and the first oil crisis, our world has gone from crisis to crisis. The year 2011 is the year of disasters: climate, nuclear, economic, financial and social, etc.. The world is in constant crisis. Whispers benefits by riding the wave of a declining environment. We are just around the corner from the Apocalypse (I will return to this topic later ) ...

Mankind must pay for its mistakes, it is the divine punishment. It is close to the Judeo-Christian imaginary, where, irritated by humans, God unleashed the flood.

Does Whispers want to make us believe in the vengeance of a cruel God? And the SRCM is Noah's Ark?

A vengeful and cruel God. Is this the image of God in the spiritual Sahaj Marg way?



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Taken from comments by Franck on Elodie's Blog in Europe:

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there are also the fathers and grandparents who have lost their children in France by the mark of this sage who rips the soul without drama! without us, without without any of us, SRCM would have continued to grow slowly in Denmark, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and their Switzerland's European stronghold, capturing in passing, abhyasis from the European Commission, judges, police officers, UN representatives, politicians, journalists at RTBF, doctors and paramedical etc ... thank you all for all the work of titans over the years. me, I withdraw my reverence, tired and ruined, I lost my wife and three children who have left for the other end of the world, thank you. Frank

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