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From Sahaj Marg to Tantric "In-Home" Massages!!

From Sahaj Marg to Tantric "In-Home" Massages by Devadasi!!

From Wikipedia: Tantra Yoga

During meditation, the initiate identifies herself or himself with any of the numerous Hindu gods and goddesses representing cosmic forces. The initiate visualizes them and takes them into her or his mind so that she or he unites with them, a process likened to sexual courtship and consummation.[10] In fact, some Tantric monks use females partners to represent goddesses. Also, in left-handed Tantra (Vamachara), ritual sexual intercourse is employed—not for pleasure—but as a way of entering into the underlying processes and structure of the universe.

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The Skeptic's Dictionary for an in-depth definition. (the Cult of Devadasi was legal in India until 1988)

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From a speech by Chari: Love is the Essence of Spirituality
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari
on 6th February, 2004 at Panvel, Maharashtra, INDIA


"India is famous for building great things but for not maintaining them. From toilets to temples, it is the same story - filth everywhere, ugliness everywhere, dirt everywhere, sometimes even justified by so-called dharma, like we have justification for temples surrounded by even unsavoury things like prostitution, devadasi cults, all justified that the world is a unity, and it must contain everything. We all know these scientific facts, you see, but we don't have to manifest them in our life. Light is composed of the basic seven colours of the spectrum, but we don't paint our houses red, blue, violet, yellow, indigo, green and say, this is white."

Now allegedly, one of SRCM(California-1997) or Sahaj Marg(tm) preceptor calling herself:
Devadasi is promoting and offering "in-home Tantric Massages" at 160 Euros per (2 hour) session !! Is this a case of "double standards" or a case of the serfs controlling the Master??
She will also be giving a "workshop" on Tantric Massage on the Island of Lesbos, at the Osho facilities, in July, 2010.

Should we now change the name of Chari to Rajneesh or Osho? Or is Sahaj Marg now promoting and/or "in bed" with Osho
, and its Tantra Yoga. The Osho movement is another so-called "new religious group" mentioned as a "harmful sect" (cult?) in the French Government report of 1995.

From Sahaj Marg to In-Home Massage

Abhyasis for 15 years, and a preceptor of Sahaj Marg for 10 years, Devadasi (see photo) is a collaborator of Jean-Paul (Sathya) Lacroix, founder and head of the largest e-business of In-Home Massage in Paris, France: (see Tantric Massage at ""

Together, they will offer a summer course in Tantric Massage on the Greek island of Lesbos, from July 25 to 31, in a meditation center operated by the followers of the Osho movement, whose name appeared on the list of (harmful) sects of the French parliamentary report of 1995.

The origins of the name of the truly Western Devadasi, means servant of the deity, and by extension, prostitute or dancer of the village. According to their web-site, Devadasi is Hatha Yoga teacher, certified in 1987 by the Eva Ruchpaul school, she spent two years in India in various ashrams. Since 1999, she has trained in Tantra with Osho disciples, such as Sudheer Roche and Margot Anand, and has practiced tantric massage since 2004. She has also trained in "massage cachemirien" with Christopher Dacier, and in lymphatic drainage (at the Vodder School). She has a degree in psychology and is currently preparing a program at the University of Paris VIII.

See also from "Google" : Tantric Massages

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