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At Sahaj Marg(tm), Still and Always the Diaspora! (IUSCM)

Taken from an article by Alexis: "Encore et Toujours la Diaspora" on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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April 1, 2011

Still and always the Diaspora

Sahaja Marga & the IUSCM

In the Diaspora of the disciples of Babuji, I just discovered yet another movement.

The IUSCM (Institute of Universal Self Conciousness Movement at: is controlled by a master called Satyanarayana Chillap (Swamiji), from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Retired university professor in agriculture, his spiritual teaching was spread around him in his profession and around the Pacific Ocean region, mostly in Australia where there are many ashrams. (and one Ashram in Monroe, New Jersey, USA, site of the new Sahaj Marg(tm) Ashram of SRCM(California-1997), Chari's faction ... Also they have one in Liverpool, UK, one in Fiji, amid the on-going "revolutions" of the Fijians?)

His spiritual path is called
Sahaja Marga Raja Yoga Dhyana Gruhastha Ashram (SMRYDGA), which follows the precept of "Marjalla Niti". It rests essentially on the concept of universal consciousness, which he tried to theorize in a beautiful mathematical formula (a distortion due to his scientific career?), discover it below.

The movement publishes a periodic newsletter since at least 2006. Lalaji, Babuji and Saint Kasturiji are widely cited (there are other extracts from the correspondence between Babuji and Kasturi) and to a lesser extent, Dr. K.C. Vardachari.

One will note that President Swamiji talks about himself in 3rd person singular, like Alain Delon [famous French actor "imbued with himself" (or "full of himself" or "holier than thou")], swami being an honorific title meaning master, besides his followers call him Master ... Finally he says he does not have an opinion on other personalities and movements related to Sahaj Marg, nor what distinguishes them from his own, but that all the disciples of Babuji have as much right to propagate his teachings.

Read his answers to my requests for clarification.


Swamiji, Sahaja Marga and the IUSCM

Dear Alexis Mielkarski


Your interesting, & thought provoking em. (e-mail?) is welcome, though recived unexpectedly, like'' A Bolt from the Blue''.

*- Glad to learn that you are interested in yoga-process, more particularly, Sahjamarga Raja yoga as propounded by My Master Samartha Sad Guru Sri Ram Chandra Maharaj of Sahajahanpur, Up. India.

*- It is true that our organisation, Institute of Universal SELF Consciousness Movement ( IUSCM) runs, a website www.'''' and a Monthly Spiritual News Bulletin, which is updated every month in the website, as you have noticed. The Spiritual News bulletins of the months, carry summary extracts, of feature essays of writtings of Saint Kasturiji, Sri Babuji Maharaj's, Dr. Kc. Vardhachari's, & Sri Lalaji Maharaj's, besides Main Aricles titled as '' Message from Master'' & ''Editorial'' written by Swamiji.

*- We have two openings of IUSM, the One Head Quarterd at Hyderabad, INdia; and the other functioning fron Sydny, Australia, catering to the spiritual needs of Aspirants in Aceono-Pacific Region, heade by Sri. Govinda Sami, as President.

*- Swamiji had the previliged occasions, to be at th feet & Serve, of his Guru Smartha Sad Guru Sri Ram Chandra Maharaj ( Babuji Maharaj) during His Earthly Sojourn in thois world.

*- Saint Kusturiji, is in good health even at her prime age of above 90 years. and she tours regularly,to varios places in India more particularly, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, And Tirupathi, propagating the True Message of Mater.

*- It is a fact that different deciples like, Saint Kasturiji. K.c. Narayana, Grand-sons, of Babuji Maharaj's Family etc. running parallel organisations, thouh conveying the same Message, of Master, throgh the medium of Pranahuti.

*- Sri Rajagopala Partha Sarathy is the president of SRCM, & he is concerened with that organisation.

*- Spiritual Message of , the Parabrahman, the Absolute Reality cannot be the property of any person or organisation. And all Deciples of Master has the Equal Right to learn, imbibe, internalise, and propagate the Divine Message to postirity.

*- Now the answert to your question-- Why did you create another organisation titled as '' Institute of Universal SELF Consciousness Movement ( IUSCM)?

*- My Master, tought the Messge to realise he Ultimate Reality that He designated it as '' Tam'' the very Source of, origin of Consciousness, located anatomically positioned at the back of the head '' Occipital protrubenance''. For that a long yoga -process of crossing various knots or '' Granthis'' by merging in '' Layavastha'' attaining ''Zero'' state of Ego at each & every knot on the course of upward journey.

*- My Master even after attaining the State of perpetual- Zero or Sunya the yoga state of Sahaja Samadhi used often the term ''i'' as personal referrant. Naturally, it was not to His parochial person of Ego; but, to Universal SELF Consciousness, the mode, of expression of reality.

*- IUSCM, refers to this conceptual, Theorisation of univesal consciousness.

Postulation Equation :

Ix1, Ix2, Ix3……………….Ix=I

• I= ParaBrahman =Reality (sat) =Absolute Consciousness (Akhanda Bodha)

• x=Nama-Roopa (Name &Form)=Individuality=Ego=i=Mr.So&So

• i=Body-Mind-Intellect=ego=(Subject-Object-Predication=Thripthi)

• I= Parabrahman (Reality) +[0(i)=0]=Atman (Soul)=Absolute Awareness

Therefore Individuality is a combination of Infinite & Finite (Anantha-Alpa) or/and,absolute&relational

-Meditation on Heart By sahajamarga system of Rajayoga method helps to orient individual conscience to Universal Self –ParaBrahman,an evolutionary process on the Time-Space continuum of sat-chit-ananda

Reality (sat) is in the nature of Absolute Knowledge (Akhanda-Bodha) or knowledge –lessness-mind acts as an Inter Positional Reflective Medum (IPRM) between parabrahman & objective –world (Jagat).

*- The stages of ego's sublimation & transmutation passes through the following phases:- Waking stage of Consciousness to-- Transcendental consciousness-- to-- Cosmic consciousness to-- godly consciousness

IUSCM aims at this kind of transformation of the individual through yogic process of Sahajamarga method aided by '' Pranahuti'' the cosmic will power of the Creater's Macro cosmic mind known as '' Hiranya Garbha in Vedic-parlance. The Pranahuti power is bestowed on Swamiji by His Master.

(See IUSCM "Introduction")


Regarding,the different agencies now in the service of Master, that you have mentioned, & the difference between IUSCM, & them, Swamiji has not given any thought on this issue. What IUSCM, stands for & how it is to be achieved, has already been informed in the previous em. Atman is Infinite, eternal, never born & so never dies. That You, me, & entire humanity IS. It is the Adhara (Base), Kutastha, Achala, Dhruva, Anantha, that supports the life activities in three phases of consciousness viz. waking, dream, & sleep. Ego, the personal identity of the phsycal & mental sheaths, is only an image of Atman,reflected in mind, that acts like amirror. The quality of image of Atman, reflected, depends on the quality of purity of mind the mirror. At Macro-Cosmically, Maya, acts as a mirror & the reflection of Reality- Parabrahman is cast in it as Ishvara, the so called god, who is responsible for creation, sustenance, & dissolution of the univese. Thus creation is taking place both at micro-cosmic & macro-cosmic levels respectively in Man & God ( Ieshvara). Yoga with Pranahuti helps to purify the mind that acts like mirror, to creation in waking & dream states & is not availabe in sleep; so there is no creation activity as there is no ego formation. In the same way, a Vishudha Satvatma, a yoga state of highly purified state of mind, the ego formation is transcended. This is the state of sahaja samadhi. The Moksha libration from thraldom of birth & death. As stated this is how we differ from other agencies that have come in to existence in Sahajamarg.


With Master's Blessings, Your Own Self,


(Professor Satyanarayana Chillapa B.V.Sc. ; M.Sc (Ag); Ph.D.

President INSTITUTE OF UNIVERSAL SELF CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT SAHAJAMARGA RAJAYOGA DHYANA GRUHASTHA ASHRAM # 143/B Old Santhoshnagar Colony, Hyderabad – 500 059 IND Visit:, Email:, Ph. 91-40-24531106)

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