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Whispers 2, 3, 4... the Sequels! Just like Hollywood!

Taken from Alexis' Blog in France: Le Projet Sahaj Marg In the section: ARGENT (money), and in the article titled: : "Whispers", Le Maitre est un Redoutable Commercial

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"Whispers", the Master is a Mighty (Monster) Saleman!
(Last updated: 15 February 2009)

On 30 March 2005, Chari announced the upcoming release of a book, the content of which nobody knows anything. It is not yet printed. Its title, its authors and its contents are unknown! But to obtain this book, there is a demand of a donation of 250 € to the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF ®), "based on trust" with respect to Chari. Because after April 15, 2005, it will be too late "even if you come with a lakh rupees." (Chari)

Chari's extensive commercial enterprise defends itself: "For once in your life, you have a book "future". And your future is linked to this book. I will not mention this again because I have not come here to ask for money. " (underlined by the SRCM).

On 1 May, 2005, in his speech to the American abhyasis at Tiruppur, Chari returns to the subject. Before his speech in March, he had only 800-1,000 orders, but by April 15th, the figures stood at 5, 200 copies. "Knowledge is unnecessary, so long as you have faith. Because if you did not have trust me, you would not buy that book." Indeed, we must have faith to buy a book for more than 1,600 FF. (1 FF= .20 US or .15 Euros), when we know nothing of its content ...

In the meantime, this small operation has reported a whopping of at least 1.3 million Euros.

And it's not over, Chari prohibited the French translation of the book, including even the translation of some passages, and a French version was announced in September 2005 for publication in January 2007 at a cost of 300 € per copy. "Given the amount, a payment is possible, however the total to be paid at 31 December 05 (...) note that each copy of this book is personal." Clearly, no collective purchase is authorized by Chari.


Frank Waaldijk, former abhyasi of Sahaj Marg for 12 years in the Netherlands (1993-2005), says he was upset by the price of "Whispers". He offered to sell it to the wealthy, who could then redistribute it in the centers. He was told that because of his position (Zonal-in-charge, Netherlands), he should never say such a thing and many abhyasis have stopped speaking with him. He adds that this book was presented as something unique for their spiritual progress and that some desperate abhyasis were not able to buy it. But in fact, "Whispers" contained nothing new, always the same advertising for the METHOD and for the MASTER, Chari. So it was only to raise money. Best would have earned us say we want to do this, we need both, you can help us ...

The complete English commentary of that old abhyasi and "zonal-in-charge-Netherlands", can be read on the Elodie's blog, by clicking here. He also created his own blog "Pitfalls of Spirituality".

2009: it begins again ...

The history of SRCM stutters! At Satkhol, February 2, 2009, Chari announced the upcoming release of a second volume of "Whispers" entitled 'Whispers From the Brighter World - A second Revelation' to be published on 30 April, 2009. The deadline for subscription is set at 25 February, 2009.

"It will be mostly Messages from Babuji Maharaj, from Lalaji Maharaj, but also from some other highly spiritual "SPIRITS". We all know that the first volume was published some years ago, this will be the second volume. The third volume will appear in 2010 and fourth in 2011. The importance of these messages can not be expressed in words, but you must read and felt.

There was no set price for this invaluable book containing the (channeled) messages, but it will be extended to all abhyasis from Europe who make a donation of € 250 (two hundred and fifty Euros) for the Corpus Fund 'Sahaj MARG SPIRITUALITY FOUNDATION. The donation must be accompanied by the attached form and a check / DD payable at Chennai to the order of Sahaj MARG SPIRITUALITY FOUNDATION. "

So 4 times € 250 or € 1, 000 for all 4 volumes of "Whispers", that Chari hopes to recover from one and all. Except that on 13 February, 2009, he finally decided to offer a discount of € 100, the minimum amount of the donation now is 150 € instead of 250 for the second volume. If you have already paid € 250 for fear of missing this unique appearance of these (channeled) words "from beyond the grave", you actually have been had, one more time. At the SRCM, one should never rush (to purchase), the deadlines are always extended, the price can be changed, or even you can eventually find the daily contents of the book on the website of the Mission, while you were assured that its content was reserved exclusively for those who had subscribed in the initial period ...

One can also add that the French version is not on the agenda, according to Ajay Bhatter (Guru in waiting), and that this is not envisaged before 2012. So, dear French abhyasis, if you want to read it now, it is € 150 NOW and once again, we do not know how many euros it will cost in 2012 to have the pleasure of reading it in French, which would still be more pleasant . Recall that the previous French version had been marketed at 300 €, while the English version was at 250 Euros!

The other aspect is totally financial. Chari decrease the rate of this "book that has no price" by 40% in one fell swoop. This would mean that the first volume has enabled him to earn at least an extra € 100 profit per copy, and the Mission is not in the habit of working at a loss. On 15 April 2005, he had sold 5 200 copies. Do the math ... (what a shrewd scam)

The first issue has funded the LMOIS school, (along with money diverted from other countries accounts by replacing the majority of the "Board of Directors" with "non-residents" and those loyal to Chari: Canada= $60,000.00?) the following issue comes to balance the SRCM accounts after Chari went to check the state of its finances in Dubai in October, 2008. Remember the financial crisis?

I would wager that he will return soon with suitcases full of banknotes earned through the sale of this second volume! Unless his confidence in Emirati banks has evaporated ...

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