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Sahaj Marg(tm), Corrupt Enterprises, Corrupt "old people" And The Environment!

Comments to Chari's Birthday Bash speech, July 24, 2011 ... about the corruption of the "old people", about the environment, and about destruction!! (see previous article on this blog: Sahaj Marg(tm) and Corruption)

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

If we are to believe the Sahaj Mart (tm) "sales shpeel" and/or the "Whispers" of their Anonymous French Lady Medium, thanks to the "indigo children", and their usurped spiritualist "Method", which they falsely call a "Raja Yoga", which begins at step #7 of Patanjali's original "eightfold" path, they will save the world from the "corruption" of "old people". They will clean the environment and make the "hoary" corrupt world (India) more SPIRITUAL.

The REALITY created by the Sahaj Mart(tm) nationalist Businessmen is much different.

As they "develop" more real estate, and build more "Master's Cottages" and living accomodations, retreats (Spurs 28 acre ranch), etc., for the elite disciples (with Charity dollars?), they point at the corruption in others!!

Sound familiar?

We Have A Duty To Our World

July 24, 2011, D.J Park, Tiruppur, India


But, especially in this great peninsula of India, hoary with tradition, ancient tradition of spirituality, it has become so corrupt. Today’s old people are the most corrupt; the youth have hope. The younger the child, the more hope it has. It faces its destiny with courage, with strength, with anticipation; but the older people – they don’t know what to do with their life, because by and large it is a wasted life. The longer you have lived, the more you have earned, the more you have been corrupted, the more you have spoilt your society, dirtied your environment, and in general messed up the world – contrary to what Babuji Maharaj said, “When you leave, you must leave the world at least as good as you found it when you entered it, but try to do better and leave a better world.” Are we conscious of the world at all?

So it seems that, according to Chari, "hoary" spiritualist India is as corrupt (which most already know) as most "religious" (not spiritual) societies. The secular or "western" world, does not comparatively appear as corrupt. Could it be because the power of RELIGION has been reined-in or lessened in the secular west?

According to Chari, the "old people" are the most corrupt?? How old is Chari? 84 years old? Is that "old"? This is Chari, the ex-CEO of the largest consortium (TTK Group) in India, and who in his "retirement", has named himself President of a re-registered SRCM (California-1997) after the Board of Directors of Babuji's SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945) refused to accept his "fake" letter of Succession? Is this an example of a "corrupt" old man in a "corrupt" society, which Chari mentions above?

This section of his speech seems to be "old" Chari revealing himself ... Chari seems to be talking about his corrupt self!! Is this the "confession" of an old man? It is not all "old people" who are corrupt, is it? Just some "profiteers" and some "power addicted" with megalomaniacal aspirations !!

Apparently, there are some "old people" from India, who pollute the world builing material "ashrams" and other "enterprises", (retreats, Master's cottages, etc ...) claiming that it is a portal to the DIVINE. This is the same "DIVINE" which in REALITY is ONE and/or ALL ... Everything, Everywhere and Everywhen (the E-Trinity). That is really corrupt and Chari calls his theological "pollution": spirituality.

Chari and his nationalist Businessmen (inner circle) "pave paradise and put up a PARKING LOT" (from a song by Joni Mitchell) , all in the name of "serving their male GOD and getting to "the Brighter World"!! This is the same religious India which has become one of the top four (4) countries in the world where women are the most in danger of being assaulted and killed.


All this talk of environmental pollution, protection of forests, greening the cities – do they have any meaning? Do we attach any meaning? Do those who talk about them have any seriousness of purpose? Because the next morning you see another hundred acres being cleared for a new enterprise. And when you see in the newspapers that all the land taken over in Noida, which is near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh, has to be returned to the agriculturists (that is the order of the present chief minister), I was very happy that the chief minister is waking up to the fact of land grabbing, environmental pollution, dacoities, everything. But a friend from Delhi told me, “Saheb, this is all an election gimmick. Next year Uttar Pradesh has its legislature (MLAs) State Assembly elections, and this is to gain votes.”

So, you see, in this country everything is to gain votes.

For a pseudo-GURU, the self-titled President of SRCM (California-1997) who, like a corrupt dictator, has a yearly birthday party, where his "disciples" travel from around the world to "worship" and/or ADORE their be-throned idol, thus increasing their "carbon footprint", to condemn others of "talk(ing) about pollution" is very religious in the sense that it is another example of moral "corruption" and very "hypocritical".

Like most religious, they speak with "forked tongues" and sell fantasies. Chari's new and very material "enterprises" are ASHRAMS and his "Master's cottages" (for himself) for when he travels ... Chari won't go to a hotel so he builds "cottages" for himself (with Charity dollars) and his successor. Is this another example of corrupt "old people" in India, which Chari mentions above??

Is this what he, an ex-ceo for a large consortium(TTK Group) calls environmentally sound? Is that an ethical use of "charity dollars"? But it is probably very difficult to prove "illegality". And all this as the poor die of starvation in Africa!! SHAME!! And the so-called "spiritual" and pseudo-environmentalist disciples support that "old fart's corruption"?

As long as it's exotic, then it's OK? If it's from India, then it must be "spiritual" or is that in REALITY: SPIRITUALISM or SPIRITISM or some other form of "old people's" corruption of spirituality?


More to come later...


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