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More Sahaj Marg (tm) Testimonial from Martin!

Taken and translated from a comment by Martin, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

See part 1: Sahaj Marg(tm) Divides, Family and Love, A Testimonial!

Martin Said:
(part 2)

Thank you for your compassion.

You ask me more details ... So here, within in the limits of my current capabilities.

She is (or was ...) a person of a particularly gentle, sedate, sensitive and caring nature.

She returned from Vrads nervous, aggressive and sometimes vulgar.

Some time later she told me that the departure from Vrads was very difficult: "I could not leave Chari, I cried ..."
I emphasize the pervasiveness (omnipresence) of the practice in terms of time and energy: energy flourishes where it is placed and the demand are forever increasing, it is an acceleration factor of addiction itself which auto-generates endlessly.

At the beginning she would occasionally abstain from a few meetings, then she has been less and less capable.

Our life was therefore marked by the rituals of the mission there were the days with, and the days without (Sahaj Marg) and it was not the same. Between us grew strongly what opposed us, what separated us.

The duties of a preceptor is more time consuming, than that of a simple adept and it is also more money: room rent, books, trips and seminars ...

Her status added to the discomfort and I also reproached her carefree responsibility in attracting other innocents into this trap.

She could not stand these discussions, she felt assaulted and hid behind the trappings of negative responses: "You can not know ... you do not know of what you speak ... you have to practice to understand ..." or she was extravagant about the origins of humans, divine energy, the "nothingness", the dogmas of the mission, etc.. ...

I tested the sittings 2 or 3 times, but unfortunately for her nothing happened.

I knew that much more about this sect than her, although a preceptor, she has always felt content with only the "feeling", and has never asked any questions about the reality of this organization, its origins, its goals and practices ... She bought books she never even read. This question bothered her, in fact she refrained from any challenge, but I think mostly she was psychologically incapacitated, the victim of a conditioning and in a way she could not suspect.

This situation was unpleasant for both because our communication was remarkably good on any other subject. When I say "she was trying" is that I sensed at times overt efforts on her part to try to hear what I said. Sometimes this discomfort was even seen physically. On her initiative, we met a friend of her's who meditated
occasionally with the SRCM(tm), for a discussion on this topic. While my reservations and criticisms received a more attentive ear by this other person, my friend was literally disfigured and I was very shocked to see his face physically transformed, unrecognizable, for a few minutes of pain expression, likely insurmountable.

We stopped the proceedings and she left on the advice of her friend to go see a shrink ...

The damage from this addiction are not obvious from the outside. But in my case, having known her before she met that organization and after for 10 years, intimately, I was able to observe changes in their behavior over time.

At the start, a bit, then more and more changes in mood, feverishness, attitudes sometimes infantile, hypersensitivity.

Then, the ppearance of lies to justify departures, or declarations a few days before traveling to India which were reserved for several months.

Infused with a divine "mission" and the duty to serve guru, the expression of total and idolatrous obedience, gradually destroys all that is around indiscriminately.

I know that you can not change people, let alone those you love.

But it was because I was opposed to the programmed changes of the SRCM(tm). I was trying to help her.


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Poor Martin I hope you have found happiness