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Who are Sahaj Marg Trustees and Promoters of their "Spiritualism" In the UK?

Sahaj Marg in the UK as elsewhere, is promoted as a modified Raja Yoga (starting at step #7 of that "eightfold path"), and a "meditation".

Nothing is ever said of the "spiritualism" (or of the "spiritism"), of the Mediums, of the channeling of messages from the Spirits of the dead from beyond the grave, of the creation and the use of "egregores" (autonomous psychic entities), of "women" not being able to be "Masters", according to the current Master, Chari, (but women in Sahaj Marg can be used to grow the business, and as "workers" and volunteers to attract the "un-suspecting"), without ever mentioning the REALITY of what Sahaj Marg is, (or has become) ...

Sahaj Marg is now SPIRITUALISM, and SPIRITISM promoted by wealthy, nationalist and very materialist businessmen, expanding their markets (the Indian Diaspora), spiritual tourism, real-estate (material) acquisitions, and it is not Spirituality or Raja Yoga, as they claim ... and it is not very "healthy" as many testimonials and the many internal "schisms" confirm.

(Ask the family of the founder (Babuji) or the family of their "adi guru", Lalaji, if the NEW Sahaj Marg has been "healthy" for them - (see their testimonials on You-tube, see legal documents on-line, see NaqshMuMRa Nexus) !!

Their NEW Sahaj Marg Bible, (as named by Chari, their current Master), called "Whispers from the Brighter World", and which is sold for a "donation" (no tax) of a hefty 150-300 Euros, is channeled by an anonymous French lady MEDIUM and is a series of messages allegedly received from the "spirit" of the long-deceased (1983) founder of Sahaj Marg, called Babuji, and a Master of the Naqshbandia Sufi Order, called Lalaji (deceased in 1931 but who they now falsely claim as their first Master ... even though he has a legitimate succession operating legitimate organizations). A new Series of posthumously channeled Messages ("Whispers") are published yearly and will be for the next 12 years. It is sold as their major fund-raiser! It is even used to "invite" the followers to their "birthday parties"!! (spiritual tourism)

As a tax-payer, you are subsidizing this "spiritualism" and this "materialism", which is calling itself "spirituality". As a "charitable" and hence "tax-exempt" organization, their growth in the UK comes partly from YOUR TAXES!!

Where is the mention in Raja Yoga of Channeling of messages from "beyond the grave, by anonymous Mediums ? Where are "egregores", defined as "autonomous psychic entities" in the Raja Yoga meditation system (Patanjali)? ... Where does this "spiritism" or "spiritualism", fit into their stated Charitable goals of "to protect and preserve the public health through the practice of the Sahaj Marg system of meditation".
(see their annual Report below). How is the "public health" served by a belief in such "fantasies"?

(Trustees are really "appointed" by the President and MASTER, who must be "obeyed" in everything!! )

From their Annual Report, filed so as to remain "tax-exempt" and to be classified as "charitable" in the UK, this is a part of their document which is on-line and available for all to see. (see here for Annual Report) !!

Charity Number:


S Wasson (Chairperson)
V Williamson
R Weddle (Treasurer)
D Bhullar
P Clifton
H O'Connor
R. Pearmain

P Rajagopalachari


J Nelson

89 Novar Drive
G12 9SS

Shri Ram Chandra Mission UK ("the Mission") is governed by a Deed of Charitable Trust and is a
registered English Charity (No. 1023007).

Charitable objective

The objective of the Mission is to protect and preserve the public health through the practice of the
Sahaj Marg system of meditation.


The trustees who served during the year and to the date of this report were as follows: -

1. Shona Wasson
2. Liz Kingsnorth (resigned 16/05/07)
3. Rosalind Pearmain
4. Richard Weddle
5. Val Williamson
6. Eleanor Dearden (resigned 18/06/08)
7. Paul Clifton
8. Daljit Bhullar
9. Hester O'Connor

Do your own research...

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