Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spirituality Unites, Sahaj Marg(tm) Divides!

Taken from a speech by Chari at the Asia Pacific Seminar, in Chennai, India. There seems to be "trouble in paradise". Can they teach what they can't do? Can they unite with anyone? Is it not corrupt RELIGION which is said by them to "divide" the world? Does SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, messages from the dead, egregores) unite or divide? REALLY?

Stand United as Abhyasis

Asia-Pacific Seminar, December 3, 2010, Chennai, India


"I am expressing this as a hope because Sahaj Marg has been at least in Malaysia and Singapore, I think, from 1977 when my Master personally visited those two places, and visited them again in 1981.

It has taken thirty years to find out something we have known all our lives: that unless we stand united as abhyasis — forgetting personal egos, personal desires about how the Mission should be conducted, personal opinions about our own brothers and sisters — the Mission cannot grow. Which only means to me that we cannot serve more and more human beings of those places. The Mission is not existing for itself; the Mission exists to serve people. That is why we go to all these countries and offer our service (such as it is, such as Babuji Maharaj designed it to be) to serve people of those countries. But if the people want to form groups and politicise the situation to such an extent that we are divided against ourselves, it is a very sad repudiation of all the finer principles of Sahaj Marg, and that one single principle which Babuji said must prevail in our satsanghs, in our assemblies — brotherhood."

Chari and the "businessmen" go to other countries to built markets for India (themselves). Sahaj Marg(tm) has become Spiritualist tourism, Spiritualist marketing (books,Whispers (spiritualism), dvd's, idolatrous iconography, birthday parties, travel, accomodation, food, real-estate, materialism, etc... etc ... promoted, advertised and sold by the preceptors and the torch-bearers, Sahaj Marg(tm)'s agents or fifth columnists) and Spiritualist capitalism, a tool of imperialist developers and invaders of foreign material markets. It's their "diaspora" led by businessmen and developers using foreign students and their "new" religion.

Under Chari and the "businessmen" clan, the "brotherhood" preached by Babuji, became "obedience to the 3M's"! What was originated by philosophers, became the "no philosophy" of the nationalist businessmen. They don't serve the people, they get the people to serve them and their society!! Volunteering their time to attend "parties", getting the women (torchbearers, preceptors) to lure the men and to bring the children.

While they preach "no racism", they practice discrimination according to "skin complexion, height, and cut"! Remember? There was the publication of Babuji's letters and the "skin complexion, height, cut" issue when chosing a wife for Babuji's son. And then, there is Chari's homophobia, all of which are "divisive" and discrimatory. All this, while Chari and his gang, drape themselves in the UN flag. They joined the UNDPI and agreed to promote the ideals of the UN! Do they honour their "commitment"? NO!! Are they members of UNDPI in good standing? NO!

It seems that 30 years later, Chari after dividing the SRCM against itself, is still blaming the abhyasis. Is it not the "management team" which should be taken to task? Including himself? The "bloggers" are not, were not, and have never been the "enemies of spirituality" as Chari claims in his book, "He, The Hookah and I". That is a blatant lie. These bloggers, were the seekers who had found Sahaj Marg and were then disappointed by the materialism and spiritualism.

It seems, according to this speech, that the "dividers" were and are still inside the Ashrams already!! He should have listened to the "bloggers", who were simply being the journalists, the messengers, when they gave a voice to family members who spoke of the divisions in their own families when one is "snared" by Sahaj Marg(tm) or SRCM (California-1997).

The division in SRCM only started to surface when Chari took over Babuji's small meditation group with his clan of nationalist "businessmen". It was a "hostile take-over".

Do most abhyasis know that they are members in a society which was registered (or re-registered) in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1997, after Chari was denied the Presidency of SRCM by its Board of Directors? Do any abhyasis ever wonder why they are not members of a society registered in Lucknow, India in 1945, by Babuji and his Board of Directors? See both constitutions here. Notice Section 11 of Chari's constitution. Their standards are of "spiritualism"

As Chari says!! When you point at someone, three fingers are pointed at you!!

I one took all the spirituality in Sahaj Marg(tm), and placed it into a thimble, one would have enough spirituality left over to fill the navel of a flea and the heart of a Sahaj Marg(tm) spiritualist agent.



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Anonymous said...

This is the problem: ABHYASIS DON'T QUESTION. They blindly follow Chari like obedient zombies or robots and I think the problem is:they dont dare to question for fear of repercussions ie will they be kicked out of the group will chari set his goons on them will he do some black magic on them?!

I feel sorry for the abhyasis who go around daydreaming (or as they call it in Sahaj Marg being in "constant rememberance") about Chari attributing anything good that happens in their lives to him. He and they are all silly fools. There is NO WAY a man like him will pass the pearly gates into heaven/the brighter world or whatever you choose to call it. CHARI IS A DICTATOR. And he should take note of everything that's happening to all the dictators in the middle east at the moment......