Monday, April 11, 2011

The Disposal of Religious Sacred Books and Individual Right of Ownership!!

Comment of April 1, 2011 on: The Imprudent Observer to an article by Fred Stopsky: Afghan Mob Goes Beserk.

The article above (see link) is about the mock trial and subsequent burning of a copy of the Qu'ran in Gainsville, Florida, USA, on Mar. 20, 2011 by Pastor Terry Jones and others from his Christian religious community.

But the comment can also apply to the sacredness of any and all so-called "holy books" and/or scriptures, be they the writings of the original founder, the current leader, a holy man (person) or a Saint of a TEACHING, or the post-humous or channeled messages received by a Medium from an alleged "spirit" from beyond the grave!!

The secular or the profane, which can be bought, sold and/or traded, and hence has material or monetary value, is not SACRED!!

The Comment:

Apr 3, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Great article …

If one buys a book, even a copy of a so-called “sacred” book, the original having allegedly been written by some alleged “holy person” in the past, and thus is now being considered “sacred” by some, then that copy of a book which is now sold for money and/or profit, becomes a “commodity” and is not sacred as the ORIGINAL is claimed to be. If anything is to be considered “sacred”, then it should not be sold and bought by anyone. COPIES are not the “sacred” ORIGINAL.

The rules of the marketplace does not make for anything that is bought and sold to be considered “sacred”, and hence having to be protected for infinity/eternity from any form of disposal by society at large, or even by a GROUP or a SECT. Even the laws of nature and/or the Laws of ONE (what some call god), do not permit that.

Whatever one BUYS, by law one has really bought ownership of that item in exchange for money, and one can dispose of that item as any other item one buys in the marketplace. Would a “garbage dump” or a recycling depot, show more “respect” than a fire, shredding, recycling, etc…?

This is an example of the FREEDOMS which we have availed ourselves in the WEST. Some of these FREEDOMS we now enjoy were gained by the blood of our ancestors, as they fought our also once-tyrannical religions. The Muslim community (or the EAST) will have to also FREE themselves so as to be a FREE society. Free from our own institutions (religious and secular).

The Muslim ORIGINAL book can be protected as “GOLD” or as sacred by the collective, but not all the copies which are sold for MONEY (to Satan?? and/or his western “acolytes”??)

The more Bibles I burn, the more Bibles are printed, bought, sold and/or given to replace them …


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