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Sahaj Marg ... Messages from the DEAD! A SPIRITUALIST RELIGION!

This is Chari's Speech at Babuji's Birthday Anniversary Celebration, April 30, 2010.

(Then Ajay Bhatter resigns on May 2, 2010)

It's becoming embarrassing even to comment on these "messages from the spirits of the deceased"!! It must be really embarrassing for a "grown woman" to make these up, and for a "grown man" to read these as the TRUTH!! (cognitive dissonances?)

One sees these messages from the "spirits" as ego-boosting and as credibility-building for Chari, and one can only shake one's head. Do people really believe that this is the REALITY of LIFE, and that there are "spirits" in a "brighter world" sending messages to an anonymous French lady MEDIUM? Why not "angels, archangels, cherubims, demons, etc ... ? Maybe we now understand why Ajay or anyone else would not want the Sahaj Marg "golden ring"! Even their "brighter world" must be really boring, sending messages to boost the ego of "materialists and nationalists" from an alleged "un-reachable central region" ... no merger with the ULTIMATE in Sahaj Marg... Babuji still has an "identity" after his earthly journey... It sure looks as if they (Chari and the anonymous French lady Medium) make it up as they go along!

Chari will have a dilemma soon ... He promised 12 more years of "Whispers" and that means relying on the "anonymous French lady MEDIUM" to come up with more of this "spiritualism" that is being sold as SPIRITUALITY. She will have to be given a status as the (only??) contact with Babuji ... Is that not what a "spiritual representative" is supposed to be? Will the anonymous French lady MEDIUM now become the "spiritualist representative" of Babuji on earth?

Is the next President and Master of Sahaj Marg(tm) already named for the next twelve years? The "anonymous French Lady MEDIUM"? But she is a "WOMAN"!! And FRENCH!! What would Ajay or any President of SRCM (California-1997) be then? A "figure-head" ... a "mouth-piece"... a "lame-duck"... a spiritual "cuckold"? Who will be the "LIVING MASTER" of Sahaj Marg NOW? Who can read these Spiritualist channeled messages from the alleged spirits of the dead, with a STRAIGHT FACE?

Spirituality relates to "spirit" as a rarified form of real energy

Spiritualism relates to "spirits" ... as in MEDIUMS, seances, communicating with spirits of the dead, egregores, etc ...

Comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"

Message- Rev. Babuji Maharaj's 111th Birthday Anniversary Celebration

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have received three messages from my beloved Master, which I would like to read out to you. I have to be slow because of my eyesight. Please hear carefully and patiently.

The first message, dated April 19th, 2010 (that is the day of his ascent to the Brighter World which we call the mahasamadhi day), Babuji says: (so Babuji died on April 13, 1983 ... it must take 6 days to get to the Brighter World from here (on earth)? And the "central region" must be further still, so it must take more time to get there ...

Could you give us your logic (or lack of) for that 6 day journey? Is it "scriptural" or did you or the anonymous French lady Medium simply make it up? As Sahaj Marg (tm) adherents meditate on imagined "light", then his speed must only be the "speed of LIGHT" and there are how many billions of "light years" to journey to the "brighter world", and then to the "central region"? When does one become conscious of SPIRIT by meditating on "imagined LIGHT" (which is "MATERIAL" as per Einstein's: E=mc (square))?

Babuji died in April 13, 1983... and one can be relatively certain, that from the mythic "brighter world" Babuji and the other phantasms or "spirits", still having an "identity", (and since they can be "touched" emotionally by humans, hence they have "mass") do not measure TIME as if they were still living on the earth, in the solar system and in the milky way galaxy. The six days after his death + 27 years, makes the anniversary of his entering the "brighter world" simply a "game" invented to mythologize a date, (for ritualistic purposes) and has no intrinsic meaning ... When did Babuji enter the "central region"? Is that not more "SPECIAL"? )

Our Mission is at a crossroads in its history; many steps have already been taken but it has yet to conquer the world, the hearts, and the minds of many people waiting for this kind of energy, which is quite special. The time has not yet come when it — this vibration — may be perceived and valued at its true worth. Some of our abhyasis, more sensitive than others, have begun to perceive their own subtlety, with respect to our principles and the messages that are given to them with the aim to precisely develop in them this ability to perceive the essential. Everything works in our way towards this flowering of the soul in its aspiration for the divine, the ultimate goal of its journey.

They are given the basic elements from the outset; it remains for our candidates (our abhyasis) to grow through their efforts and perseverance. This valuable asset is available to them. There are no long, no big shows; our method goes to the main thing, to the point, through interiorization, through regular practice as well as the assimilation of the principles characterizing it. Its benefits will become apparent with time; they will become obvious by the grace of God. Therefore everyone is responsible according to their faith in Him and in us, for the good of all. —Babuji Maharaj.

To the ghost of Babuji or the mind of the anonymous French Lady "Medium" who makes these "Spiritualist message" up: ONE (what you call "God", is not a "HIM" ... IT is SPIRIT, a "IT" or better still ... SHE/HE/IT (all genders ... If one says it fast, it sounds like "SHIT")!! What you then "feel" is not ONE or from ONE, or at the very least, you would not call IT as HIM, a masculine personal pronoun!! (reserved for a "person") ... Your source could be just about anything or anyone you want it to be, including and most likely, YOUR OWN MIND !!

(Conquer the world?? How unlike Babuji who spoke of gathering only true adepts and not numbers!!

Oh yes! ;-)) This "energy", "vibration", is quite "special" and "unique" and "special", if the world would only realize it's "true worth" ... WORDS, WORDS, WORDS, ... much like all the other corrupt, and materialist "religions" of the world who want to be "SPECIAL" and praise themselves with WORDS, and then attack one another with WORDS, and then with physical violence. This "clan" allegedly even attacks the family of their founder and their old "preceptors".

Then there are the hypocritical claims of "BROTHERHOOD" by this and other religious "clans" , a term even used by "labour unions" with more accuracy and honesty. But most religions try to hide the REALITY of their addiction to materialism and greed, and their lust for power, behind the "inspired" words of "messages from the dead", which they think, gives them credibility in the eyes of their "sheep". NOT FOR LONG!! )

The Medium says (and claims that it originates from the spirit Babuji): "...abhyasis, more sensitive than others, have begun to perceive their own subtlety, ... " As the Sahaj Marg (tm) becomes more "militant" with its agenda of "conquistadors", the abhyasis are becoming more disrespectful of other religions and of their family members who do not adhere to their "fanaticism" about conquering the world for Sahaj Marg (tm). The militant cry of the Christian crusades: "Onward Christian soldiers" will lead to terms such as : "collateral damage" and other militaristic "buzz-words" to explain those family members and friends who are "lost along the way"!!

Watch for the appointments of "generals" (police, military) as President of SRCM (California-1997)... Bye, bye Spirituality!! Hello Militant Religious conquerors !! At least they are becoming "honest" by default, thanks to the anonymous French lady MEDIUM!! The new Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997) is in "invasion mode" !!

It is fairly clear, I mean it is obvious, that the onus for our progress, the responsibility for our progress, is very definitely on us. The Masters provide what have to be provided: the Master, the Mission and the method (the three M’s of Sahaj Marg). (Chari now realizes that the MASTER can't do what was promised by his Sahaj Mart (tm) originally, (erase samskaras) and now he simply says that Babuji puts the responsibility for their "progress" back on the "individual" ... How convenient!! Notice: Capital "M" for Master, and Mission and small "m" for the method ... ooops!! Is the spirit of Babuji at work here? Babuji's method is not what Sahaj Marg(tm) has become! ) It is up to us to utilize them with diligence, with perseverance, with faith, remembering what Babuji said — the three great requirements for a sadhak, for an aspirant, for a devotee: love for the Master, satsangh with the Master, and obedience to the Master. There is no fourth requirement. (Another "three") ... Yes there is a fourth requirement: the Spiritual REALITY is ... tell the TRUTH! Sahaj Mart(tm) is not any more "special" than the other corrupt, dishonest religions: Addicted to materialism and power ... but which talks "simplicity". WORDS!! How many cottages for Chari? How much Marble? Golden lions? Simple? And the Poor?? Let them read "books" at the LIBRARY, according to Chari! )

I would like to emphasize here that in many of his talks and my private conversations with him, he said love is for God alone. (that explains it?? If the abhyasis can't "love" then it's because that love belongs to a male "god" only ... Is there a latent "homosexuality" there? ) Love is not something which human beings can share, (not the abhyasis nor the Masters of Sahaj Mart(tm) obviously!! ) or pretend to share, or even aspire to share. Love is for Him. (IT, the CREATOR is not a "HIM") What prevails among us human beings in our togetherness is familiarity, affection, dependence. (In Sahaj Mart(tm) that is called "co-dependence"! ) Mutual dependence keeps us together, but when two hearts are pulsating with the same aspiration to reach Him (IT!! Chari is stubborn in his false theology!) … That is why we perform marriages in Sahaj Marg (many of which fail miserably, even on the day of marriage! Your marriages are more a " nationalist conspiracy", part of the Philosophy of the Diaspora of the Chamber of Commerce, and a "conspiracy of the cradle" of the nationalists and the religious theocons! Get the children with "fairy tales" before they can "think", or before the "age of reason"!) — bringing two hearts together where the goal is the same, where both love the Master, where both are dedicated to this practice. (How manipulative and divisive for the family ... The Master should spend more of his time loving his own wife (or girl friend) and family, and not rely on the love (and time and money) of others' wives and family. GREEDY! NEEDY! POWER! EGO! ) Then the possibility of their affection, their dependence, flowering into something more approaching love, divine love, comes into being. (wrong ... they (many) separate! Sahaj Marg(tm) DIVIDES THE FAMILY and the WORLD! )

So let us realize that what governs our existence on earth, our relationships with men, with women, with children, with elders, with abhyasis, is a mutuality of interests. (in Sahaj Mart(tm), and its the business of SPIRITUALISM, there is no LOVE! or BROTHERHOOD!! It's a SHAM! ) And that is epitomized principally, solely and essentially in our (idolatrous) gatherings such as this one, where thousands of hearts aspiring to the same goal (more material Ashrams, more material retreats, more Material images and icons to sell, more material golden lions, and busts of their self-titled and false guru) , following the same method, loving hopefully the same guru, (greedy for LOVE and attention ... power!) gather together. Babuji Maharaj once told me this is not additional series: two plus two plus two is six. But when three people sit and meditate together devotedly, with their sole concentration on their practice, it is two multiplied by two multiplied by two, which is eight. So you see, there is a sort of exponential growth of the power that we bring to our meditation, to our practice, which brings the divine grace upon us, (like all religions, you get a sociological stimulus ... from the crowd, the mob, the gang ... it is not DIVINE but very "earthly"!! ) and therefore we practice, we progress much faster, much speedier to the goal, which then becomes achievable in this lifetime. (Sham ... the abhyasis will not reach any more heavenly "goal" than the Christian, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, or even the "atheists" ... The JOURNEY is the THING!!)

Remember, Sahaj Marg says, the goal must be achieved in this lifetime, not in several lifetimes. (do, achieve, "reach the goal" which lies on the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener ... and then maybe: "gratitude"? How about "gratitude" first? How about be SPIRITUAL, and simply "BE"? And then respect the other "religions" and the other "isms" rather that thinking yourself as "SPECIAL" and all the others as "corrupt"!! ) Many religions talk of that, many other sansthas preach that, that this is not possible in one lifetime. Babuji Maharaj said, if it is not possible in this lifetime, where is the guarantee that there is another lifetime? We don’t know for sure that there is another lifetime ahead of us. Many religions don’t believe in more than this life. So, you see, belief in this sort of thing is nonsense. (not more "nonsense" than what Sahaj Mart (tm) has become: SPIRITUALISM and egregores, and a "brighter world" with a "central region") I am here, my guru is here, and the practice is available. Now in this lifetime if I don’t achieve it, it will be the highest stupidity, the greatest weakness in my endeavour, and the loss of my aspiration diverted to other goals (like building opulent ashrams, with golden lions, on farmland, and many, many cottages for the ELITE) of merely worldly endeavour, worldly achievements, which will petrify me into this existence, bringing me here again and again. (you said it... and maybe on VENUS, as you said also!! (Chari thinks that Babuji will send him to Venus after his death?? (see blog here)

I now read the second message, which is dated yesterday, the 29th, and this message lays very great emphasis on these bhandaras. (idolatry and materialism and not SPIRITUALITY ... but again SPIRITUALISM ... not BROTHERHOOD but "divisions"...)

This gathering of faithful souls here below is touching. (how phony... a "spirit" is now touched?? Could you not get your story straight ... Spirits are not only invisible but they can't touch anything of the material or the material can't touch them ... according to the official "fantasy" experts ... THEY!! )

It is touching in the sense that our aspiration, our common love for Him (IT is not a HIM) , reaches them and touches their very heart. (WRONG... simply made up to touch the "fans" emotionally) It is not touching in the sense that they pity us or they notice us. I t touches them. It touches them vitally, in a way that makes them respond to us. (It does not touch anything ... not even the "fantasies" or a ghostly "phantasms" (spirits) that you and your MEDIUM make up! )

A true love song rises up to us. The birthday celebrations are valuable in this sense: to unite the hearts with a noble purpose. So many ugly things on this earth characterize it. (the noble purpose is for Chari to sit on a throne and have every one of his Fans, adore him and sing songs for him... "IDOLATRY" and a place to sell their "iconography", souvenirs, books, DVD's, tapes, photos, etc...)

That means, characterize the earth and our lives. (that should be "materialize" what should be SPIRIT ... at their places of "pave, mortar, concrete, and artificial and opulent material structures ...)

This space reserved in our way, Sahaj Marg, is valued by us all here, up in the Brighter World and in the divine realms. ( lol, lol, What a sham of a theology ... the spirits value the material? Teach that to the "children"!! Get rich or die trying!! Then all the women will adore you!! ) May it never lose its place in the rituals (Once upon a time, Sahaj Marg had no "rituals"!! Not so for Sahaj Mart(tm anymore! ) of its own and be preserved in its full scope.

Babuji Maharaj, again and again in his messages, emphasizes the fact that Sahaj Marg has been given to us in a complete form, and we should not dabble with it, change it, modify it in any way. (do you hear yourself Chari? ... You and the MEDIUM are the ones changing Babuji's Sahaj Marg into "materialism, nationalism, spiritualism and even sexism and homophobia" ... no one else!)

…preserved in its full scope. (its potential scope is gone ... it is now just another "corrupt" spiritualist "RELIGION"!! )

Beyond this birth anniversary celebration, it is the whole Mission that rises to the occasion; it attracts the divine flow, illuminating the hearts. Be thanked, my dear son, for granting the event this place of choice in the course of your days. We bless you as well as all our brothers and sisters mindful of the special anniversary. We praise you, dear Parthasarathi, for keeping the sacred fire going. (the Medium wants to keep her "position" and is "brown tonguing"... Chari, like a little boy, is a sucker for "praise"!! who is the Master, the Puppeteer, and who is the Puppet?)

There are other messages in which he emphasizes that the fire has to be kept going, not by just one person but each one of us, using our heart as the homa, the homa kunda, you know, where the fire is burning and periodically where in the external ritual, the priests pour ghee (clarified butter) into it. Here we keep the flame alive by our daily practice, (rituals) daily sadhana, cleaning it, meditating, prayer. This fire must be kept alive once it is lighted. (much like the Christian with the fear of losing a "fantasy" and then creating "rituals" so as to not lose it ... creating the mechanism of rituals! ) On the day we begin Sahaj Marg practice, Babuji Maharaj said, this flame, this divine flame — what we call the soul, (now the soul invented and created by RELIGION, is a material flame and a material light also?? That must be so it can be "rewarded" and "punished" for eternity in the afterlife!! Fear and Temptation using fantasies which they "INVENT" !! ) which we call the prana, you know, which is like a jyoti, tiny, atomic, bowed down without attention, unheard, because nobody talks to it, nobody listens to it, nobody (what shall we say?) consults it: how to lead my life? — that is awakened as if a coal. You blow on it, the ashes are removed and the fire comes up. Thereafter, it is our business to meditate, to clean, and do the night prayer, and keep that fire going. (how silly for a ritual... Everyone go and "blow" on your imaginary coal and make a "real" flame of your "fantasy"!! Sahaj Mart (tm) will have it's own "Santa Claus" soon!! )

Now I come to the third message. I am a bit shy of reading this because it is very personal in content. It is dated today, the 30th April, the birth anniversary of the great Master. It is addressed to me personally, and says: (You like it Chari and you revel in it ... That is why you manipulate people and why you have "goals" and why you build with MATERIAL and CONCRETE ... That is why you sit on a throne, and you plan these "orgies" to your "EGO" ... At least be honest! )

You are a leader of men, my dear son, a born organizer. This dimension gives you a special place in our Mission, where you will keep an iconic stature for centuries to come. Your personality marks people’s minds. We have touched the hearts and you will lift them up to the zenith in the context of a broad liberation movement, long awaited in this world of men, more than ever plagued by uncertainty and greatest confusion since time commenced, time immemorial. A complete transformation must occur to maintain humanity in a status conducive to its elevation, far away from the current criteria. The world is drifting, without morality, without a laudable goal for a majority of human beings, except that of pleasure in all its forms. A poor record indeed!

He is making a... I don’t think it’s a sarcastic comment. It is emphasizing the fact that, if this is all that humanity has achieved, it’s a poor record indeed.

The divine power will overcome these excesses of all kinds. May tomorrow’s world be united for the better in recognition of the unique power without which it would have been reduced to nothing, a long time ago.

He is emphasizing, he is bringing to our attention, that what has held us all together here on earth, even as human beings, whatever we are, however we may be, whatever our spiritual status may be, we are held here by a benevolent divine power which keeps us here so that we may strive again and again to become that which we have to become.

May peace reign in this world and unite the hearts for the good of all. We support you at all levels as far as possible, my dear son. Be calm in spite of everything: we care for you with much love. —Babuji Maharaj.

Since the anonymous French lady Medium claims, and since it is confirmed by Chari , that these messages come from the spirit of the deceased Babuji, then I will address this to your Phantasm or to your fantasy directly, the identity that was Babuji,, as he (or it) must be able to receive me also ...

Babuji, I always thought you to be an intelligent and wise man and a philosopher. Where, in God's name does it make sense to boost a man's ego that way ... I therefore can't believe that this comes from you. And as you said, if we ever saw your image in our meditation, we were not to assume that it was you in reality, and to simply do the meditation on the heart, and not be drawn to the illusions and the "powers" ... You even said that in your Sahaj Marg, the powers were removed so that the abhyasis would not be drawn into the trap of "materialism and idolatry" ... I'm sure you would have included "spiritualism" if you even thought that some would try and "channel" your messages from the merged state of ONE-ness where one does not have an "identity"!! You gave the impression that it would have seemed too "silly" back then when you were alive. But you created the Sahaj Marg that way also ... So these are your "Fruit"!!

If this does not come from you, then someone is making it up and attributing it to you ... They preach your "simplicity" as they build with marble and "the affectations" of golden lions and busts and photos of your image, marble, etc ... (idolatry) ... Why, they even build Ashrams on "farm land" ... Imagine the folly? ... And they build many "cottages" in many countries for the "PRESIDENT" of SRCM(California-1997), as they preach "simplicity" for others ... wrapping themselves in your simplicity as their banner and flag ... These divisions in your "family" are being manipulated by some materialist businessmen in your name, in messages which are claimed to be from your "spirit", as channeled by the anonymous French Lady Medium ...

I'm sure you will agree with my prayer, and that you would if you were living, help them come back to the path, of expressing what you taught when you were alive ... I am sure that you do not communicate with the ones who change your teachings to materialism nationalism, spiritualism and idolatry, building a cult of a PERSON, using you as their credibility and simplicity, so as to lure "numbers", exactly what you did not want ! You wanted quality ... but the quality people all leave because of the influx of the "materialists, and the boetians" who have become the majority in the schism of your organization, called SRCM (California-1997) with a Sahaj Marg (tm) that is now registered as a "trade mark" meant for "commerce" and trade ... They have taken your Marga and made it a business !

Thank you, ONE-ness that was once the identity of Babuji ...

As you always wanted to merge into ONE-ness where one is not "conscious of an identity" any more, we won't bother your bliss in the ONE-ness, with our silliness, and our SPIRITUALISM, any more ...

So the important thing is these anniversary celebrations of my Masters, Babuji Maharaj, parampujya Lalaji Maharaj. I remember my days at Babuji’s feet during his lifetime, when we used to go without fail to attend the Basant Panchami celebrations, not minding the cold, the bitter cold of North India in Shahjahanpur. No air-conditioners, no fires, no heaters; just this ice-cold floor with a dhurrie on top, sitting with blankets to pad us, preserve us from the cold to the extent possible. (Chari trying to build his own "legacy" by praising a GURU who "fired" him while alive. He really did not learn the lesson that Babuji was trying to teach him about the "glittering in the heart"!)

I remember the coldest was one 16th January in one year when we were all freezing, and the latest, or the last date I remember was the 12th February, when it was comparatively, but only comparatively, less cold. We bathed in cold water. There was no hot water. We pumped it out from a well, and you cannot imagine, we woke up at three thirty in the morning because there were only four toilets — native Indian dry toilets, no WCs. We had to line up, do our business, bathe in the cold water, and all take our seats before five thirty so that we would have a place quite close to Babuji Maharaj.

You cannot imagine the feeling of the hearts of those abhyasis of those days. They used to burst with love for him. There was no question of our thinking of spiritual growth and Brighter World and all that, you see. When we forget our love for the Master and think of what he can give us, I think we have already fallen from grace, and spirituality becomes a matter of a bazaar. Babuji used to say, “Yeh bazaar ki baat nahin hai [This is not a matter of the bazaar], that you bring something, I give you something. Yehaan lene ki, dene ki baat nahin hoti hai. (This is not a give and take situation.) It is, put everything you have on the maidaan [field] in an effort to get everything he can give you at his will and pleasure, in his own time, when he thinks we are fit for it.

In the last twenty years I have not found that fervour in the hearts of abhyasis. Perhaps it is because we provide too much comfort. Perhaps we should go back to the simplicity of those days: sleep on floors filled with little stones poking into your back, without proper covering for the cold — not catering to some sort of social elite. Sahaj Marg preaches simplicity of life, basic essentials which Lord Krishna has promised to Babuji Maharaj: food, shelter, clothing. Not five-star hotel food, not mansions to live in, and not Armani dresses and things like that.

The Mission cannot lower its standards because, (The material temples of Chari have got to be of the "highest standard" so they will last for eternity ... lol lol the folly!) Babuji said, try to make them as comfortable as possible so that they can sit comfortably without being bothered by physical features which will interfere with their meditation. But you, each one of you in your individual life, must strive to become simple, reduce your needs, simplify your wants, remembering that Babuji Maharaj has assured us that our needs will be fulfilled; our wants are not relevant to the picture at all.

I pray for you all. May He bless you on this auspicious occasion.

(see what I mean?? Reduce your need Chari!! The leadership of Sahaj Mart(tm) is "needy", so the followers are also made needy and the Master preaches "simplicity" ... What a waste of time that could be spent relating to SPIRIT and serving the POOR !! Or at least to NATURE ... not concrete and pave! (airports, hotels, buses, trains, planes, etc., the products of MAN)

Thank you.

See also: Analysis of Chari's 1982 letter to Babuji (by Christian, phd pshchology, 18 years an abhyasis with Chari)



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4d-Don said...

Hi All...

This is a rumour... with some un-confirmed information in it...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Intrigues and Synchronicities in the Sahaj Marg Lineage!" :

Could it be that Ajay had to resign after failing his test?

For obscure reasons SRCM set a target of at least 1000 abhaysis for Babuji's European birthday bash at Vrads (Egregores are greedy?)

Shortly before there were loads of reminders and extra buses etc. arranged to try to motivate more and more to go, with the statement that up till then 400 had registered, including children.

I don't know how many were eventually there, but it's pretty clear Ajay (as ultimately reponsible for Europe) failed the target miserably.

Could these targets be part of the reason for the hard sell tactics for the various meetings/seminars etc?

BTW Babuji's birthday party in Vrads was not free, but a Seminar for a fee, and alternative local (free) celebrations were forbidden.


Thanks anonymous...

You (the readers) decide!!

You most likely will not get any REAL information from this "divinely inspired" gang of SPIRITUALISTS! ...