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Sahaj Marg(tm)'s ULTIMATE Character!!

Taken and translated from an article by Claude, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Claude Said:

October 27, 2010

The Ultimate Character

Silence is the language of god, anything else than silence is profane (secular) and speech is vulgar.
Religion is at the foundation of everything that is bad. So says Chari in his speech on the ultimate character.

He would do well to be silent, he is also profane and vulgar, I might add pretentious to say that Sahaj Marg(tm) is not a religion. Meditation, cleaning, obedience are all as much rituals (in Sahaj Marg(tm), as anywhere else, in other religions.

It ends with a beauty, a pearl: God is NOTHING-ness, it leaves one to ponder.


Exerpts from : The Ultimate Character

Address to the Seminar for Character Development for the Functionaries in India, 9th October 2010, Chennai, India

with the Sahaj Marg tradition, the Sahaj Marg teaching of my Masters that silence is the language of God, anything other than silence becomes something of a profane nature. (not only is ONE (God) silent (no sound, words, ideas, inspiration, etc...), IT also has no "FORM" (matter, energy, light (not even "imagined" light as in Sahaj Marg(tm)). IT is not contained or restricted in TIME or PLACE (IT is ETERNAL-ly in the PRESENT or NOW (not "infinity" which is a concept of TIME which has a beginning (Creation, Big Bang, stir, etc..) but no end, or x=x+1 and/or x=x-1) ONE is not MALE!! And ONE does not restrict women from being MASTERS !

(...) I believe, even in what you call japa [repetition of a mantra], the silent one is the most effective. (Do you know that for a "fact" or is this just another case of neophytes and their "book knowledge"? They will say anything to sell the product?) The one in which the lips move without sound coming out is a little less effective, and the one spoken out loud like in temples and other institutions of prayer is really to be considered vulgar — vulgar, not in the sense of what we understand today as sexual vulgarity or that sort of thing, but vulgar means from the high to the lowest.

(…) religion is at the root of all evil in India (OK!! And Sahaj Marg(tm) is a "new religion" ... hence ??? )

(...). Today’s religion is intellect, today’s politics is intellect, and the intellect is all based on selfishness (svaartha). (try "emotional" ... and we'll agree with you ... Intellectuals don't agree with you! Even Religion and Spiritualist groups are "emotional" !!)

(…) We are asked to love God.
(not by GOD! ... God does not need anything. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!)

There is no concept of worship in Sahaj Marg. (lol lol lol or "love" eh? Just "obedience" to the point of killling one's mother?? No worship for God but for the GURU? Adulation and idolatry!! Look at the "idols" around your Ashrams) Please understand Sahaj Marg carefully, faithfully, with all your focus on the truth of what Sahaj Marg has revealed to us: impeccable truths, truths beyond what the Vedas have given us, beyond what religion can ever give us, because religions don’t give us the truth. (And Sahaj Marg (tm) or Chari teaches the children that flawed theology that: "God is male and that nature is female", and that "women can't be Masters"... and that homosexuality is "un-natural"!! )


You have to be evolved out of this caste, out of the religion which has this caste, out of this society which has this religion, and out of this world which has these societies. That is liberation. (and the abhyasis have jumped into another "caste, religion, society ... no LIBERATION at all... you are not liberated simply because you are "Indian" or "Brahmin"!! Liberate yourself (from the material) before you preach LIBERATION...) That is the aim of spiritual life — the first aim is liberation. Babuji said it is the lowest; don’t ennoble it to such an extent just because it was difficult or almost impossible in the past. It is the least.

(...) Remember that by definition in Sahaj Marg, God is nothingness. It is not correct to say there is nothing, it is of the nature of nothingness: no wisdom, no intellect, no knowledge, no wealth, no power (no Sahaj Marg(tm)... no new RELIGION... no new "gang" or society...) )


So you are not asked to examine yourself, or do this or do that. Meditate, remove everything progressively, and then you will find that from a character, with which I was born, if my sadhana is perfect, regular, in accordance with the principles of the Ten Maxims, I will find I am a soul which has no character. (Is this called: Soul-ism or Spirituality... Soul is another invention of Religion and its SPIRITUALISM!! BE SPIRIT NOW!! )


So between me and my goal, between my progress of being born with an ego to being a soul without an ego, nothing stands as a hindrance except my ego. So we have to work on that. That is what the cleaning is for." (and the cleaning works, they claim ... see how "ego-less" they all are.... and even Chari says that his "preceptors and abhyasis" are arrogant ... Does that not also apply to one who does battle and divides his own "sheep" so as to "CONTROL" the Material?? Chari!! )


4d-Don said:

Hello Claude and all...

And there's more ... on their site ...

Chari, in his speech of Oct. 12, 2010 to the prefects and functionaries (at 7:40 of the speech), points (with three fingers pointing at himself) a finger at the Catholic Pope, who apparently has offered a special prayer for the poor who are suffering from AIDS ... Chari called it "moral degradation" ... because the Pope did not offer prayers for those suffering from other diseases (at this particular time) ... one can surmise that he did at other times... That is after all what they do: PRAY! And for everything!

And Sahaj Marg (tm) them, they pray for peace so as to coat themselves with the flag of the United Nations (see: ) and to thus gain a bit of credibility with people who do not know them ... while declaring war on their own "Ancient prefects and preceptors" who did not want to serve Chari ...

And in the "special prayer" for peace, there is no mention of floods, earthquakes, fires, etc. ... etc. ..., for them it is a sign of "holiness" ... or of Spirituality!

The religious hypocrites! ... They're all the same!

The hypocrites, these large "dry" faces , they will burn well in (their) hell! ;-)) (Their SHAME!)

Chari then sets his sites on the "gays" again, referring to them (marriages) and comparing sex between consenting adults of the same gender as bestiality, and he called it: "animism" ... LOL LOL (look at the definition of the words)

One would have to be a bit dense to follow these spiritualists ... with their (anonymous) Mediums, and their messages from heaven ...

Quacks! (charlatans ... Lemming ALERT!! Watch out for that "cliff"!! )

Don ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short exerpt of Chari's Speech of Oct. 12, 2010:

"...People like Bill Gates, he is willing to give billions, for AIDS. Even the pope, when Babuji Maharaj and I were [unintelligible] (in the Vatican?) some years ago, said a special prayer for AIDS sufferers. This shows our moral degradation, you see. They don't want the tuberculosis patients, paralytic patients, heart patients..., the idea being that these people are rich enough to afford their own cure.

THAT is moral degradation, when a pope says [Chari chuckles] a special prayer [chuckles again].

So you see, it is from below to the top or the other way down ... when churches condone you know, same-sex marriages, perform same-sex marriages. Soon a day will come when perhaps in ... or ... [unintelligible place names] (in ?? or in Barcelona or something like that?) you'll find a man marrying a cow."

If Chari's fictional "a man" is a homosexual , meaning: practicing consentual sex with the same gender (also? ... in many cases), but not sex with different species or animals, then this particular homosexual (and "un-natural" man, according to Chari) man, if he is also into "bestiality", he may want to marry a "bull", not a cow. Is that worse?? As long as it's not a "slava bull" (dark complexion), eh ?

One can hardly call that "consentual sex".
But Chari's whole premise is "bull-crap" anyway ... to be gay or homosexual does not mean to be into "bestiality" or any other deviancy.


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Michael said...

Such rantings only serve to clutter the sublime Silence of Creation with words - And these words serve only to divert humanity towards some illusionary goal, when in fact, the Journey is Infinite and there is no goal!

Mastery is too vast to be contained in a single human being, and where it does manifest, it does not speak. It does not make a sound. It does not judge. It simply IS...