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Navneet Kumar, Babuji's Grandson on TMI

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The Truth will set us Free...Information is not truth per se, but is the truth in-formation!!

You still must decide on what you accept and refuse! Now you have a broader spectrum of the Wave called Truth! Now, part of the information used to construct that wave comes from "US" too!

Now killing the messengers will not work anymore as more "messengers" take up the slack, sort of like the "ant hill"!

Navneet said...

Dear Alexis

I think most of the questions I see have been answered really well by A old Abhyasi. Seems to be known as he says he is going to ask me to put the documents on net and also has said that he has given Affidavit in court. May be have to see records.

I think seeing your other messages too, it is time that the Minutes of Meeting should also be put on net for Clarity Purposes.

I just wan't to say that are a very many unfurling facts which most of you don't know. But I have always talked on what is in form of proof / fact / document hence I have not covered many of these instances i.e. one which A old Abhyasi had referred to. Yes my Aunty did point out the same even to me personally.

I would still say that in spirituality the experience of self during meditation is the litmus test for right or wrong.

Dear Old Abhyasi

I have the minutes of meeting letter copy. I agree that there was a planned plot by not one but by 3 people mainly supported by many. If they hear me and must have known that I know of the three meetings that they had during Babuji's Physical presence. If they remember rightly they had offered one more senior person to be a part of 'conspiracy' as called by that individual. On knowing of the same he refuted them in Delhi which was about 5-6 years before Babuji's physical demise. Please this is also like a statement without documentary proof but yes it is as told by that gentleman known to many a people of the mission who are of Babuji's time.

I would just request you to be a bit patient as there will be a time when the dark clouds over our mission will be removed by nature.

Moreover, I think Don is right as That Don which babuji gave the second life at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi is no more alive.

Dear Christian

I think the version of Autobiography that all have are not the true translation. We have come out with only two volumes in English though Volume 3 and Volume 4 are also ready for print. The original translation in in 7 volumes. Why I say it is not original because There have been personal thought put in while translation of the volumes till now. We are adopting an approach wherein what is written in Urdu is being read by a Moulvi A muslim head Priest. recorded by us and then we are translating in a different language. We are getting this done so that people who know about Sahaj Marg don't start putting in their views in between. We have completed Volume 6 in Hindi only one Volume is effectively left to be translated in Hindi.

I don't have a wee bit doudt on your intellect. It is only that mindset which you have which is blocking your Adaptive capability. I never wanted to hurt you.

Regarding Preceptors
In SRCM way yes what you have got is right.

Yes GOD is Ultimate what we all need to strive and connect to.

Correction. Representative is not a word It is Spiritual Representative (in direct line of succession- heir as you said) who is the President.

Spiritual Representative is the President. Preceptors are not on one side. and President is not on the other side.

Preceptors are appointed by the President (the Spiritual Representative who is heir.) by saying a 'specific prayer'(which is longer than our Prayer) of which Babuji had given in original to my Father. While giving the same he did ascertain that this is to be passed on to our successors to come.

There is a difference. Representative is like Babuji was to Lalaji but, the difference is as per autobiography Lalaji blessed Babuji that he has modified the system and has reached to such a level that he shall be the ONLY GURU hereon till Mahapralaya (means till the end of world.). hence it is on order of his GURU that he is our GURU and shall remain forever.

Correction Heir does not work through preceptors.

I think it is time that people who do not know what are the changes in System after Babuji's physical demise I will tell you one more thing what Babuji did in 1981-82 which he confided to my father in June '82. The system then was that preceptors used to request Babuji for pwer to be transmitted to Abhyasis. As a result all the goods and evils of the preceptors were passed on to the abhyasis as they becamme the medium through which the power travelled from Ultimate to Babuji to preceptor to Abhyasi.

The change was felt by Babuji that if he does not remain in physical being and moreover this was creating demi-gurus (As some preceptors started misusing these powers to attract Abhyasis to them.) too. He created a power in the cosmic region which would get activated as soon as the prayer is told by a true seeker, having undeterred faith in BAbuji alone. And the abhyasi would receive Transmission.

Now what is preceptor's job. he directs and varies the intensity of the Transmission from this Power to the Abhyasi(s) without his coming in between the Power created by Babuji and his true seeker.

What is spiritual Representatives job. The prayer (which is being transferred to his heir)is being oferred to Babuji to give is used to allow the preceptor to have access to this power for Transmission control purpose only. Apart from this various other super-natural powers possessed by Babuji to be used by him when desired and directed with a humble request and submission to Babuji for Action. No one else can use the super natural powers of the Power created by Babuji.

This power created by Babuji is directly connected to the Ultimate Power that is GOD. Hence without an OK from Babuji the super natural Powers cannot be used.

Moreover we are not here for miracles but, miracles have to be done from time to time if situation demands. My father has successfully used it and there are many examples of the same. But I insist it is not on miracles that we wan't to base our system.

Please this is for all to absorb only. Mull over it and do not question as this is the way we are successfully practising in our in true SRCM group. Abhyasis of Babuji have each and every feeling as it is explained in the system.

I think this solves your problem. Yes If you are a true seeker then the prayer of Babuji offered by a true follower gets him connected to Ultimate through this power.

One more thing I need to clarify is There is no Navel gazing business in our system. If this is followed by someone. This is nothing but Tantrik Vidya in our country. It has nothing to do with Spirituality. It is an effective method to control an individual. we believe and practice that our journey begins from Heart.

I am saying all this because these are the facts disclosed to me and the usage is person dependant and cannot be taken or learnt. It is as per direction of Nature only that we are here using what Babuji has created.

Surat Function if people remenber was a different experience of Transmisiion. This was a test of the power created by Babuji.

Two more answers to questions that are troubling you.
One why did we not take action based on the letter. For your knowledge the letter was given to my father in 1994 by after which we have filed a case in High court. And the observations of Judge clearly states that there is seems to be involvement of Chari in Shri Ram Chandra ji's murder.

Note that soon after the letter was handed over to my father. After about 3 to 4 months Sh. Jahangirdhar also died on the spot at his residence soon after he was given pills in name of medicine by an individual. the individual was beaten in closed room and asked who was behind it he said I can't name him otherwise he will kill me too. Now I am not saying who is behind it and what was the benefit he could have got.

hence our most solid witness of the person who had received the letter was no more to be produced before the court.

Jahangirdhar also conveyed many a secrets that Babuji had confided to him which were fetal for the future of Sahaj Marg.

I did not tell you this stories of Jahangirdarji and my aunty earlier because we have only living proofs i.e. individuals but no document supporting it. Moreover If I name the individuals who knows they will also lead to a similar death.

Thsi is the reason we are requesting the Head of the country for CBI enquiry.

I wanted that these meassges reach the people at large so that they don't fall in a trap. We wan't them to benefit from the real system. I am not against anybody. But, am raising a voice against anybody who is misrepesenting babuji's system to others.

I am happy that more and more people have got onto this blog. I leave the rest to you people whether to keep discussing or do something in real like a lion what babuji desired rather than just talk ill about the people aroundor question them. Act dont just discuss and talk. join us only if you are a true seeker not an imposter. We are tired of them. Plaese pardon for God Sake now.

Rest the net will speak.

Last but not the least thanks to B and all others for understanding the pains we are facing. Dare to be a party to it not a mere seer.

Regards to all


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