Thursday, January 12, 2012

For Sahaj Marg(tm), a New Court Episode?

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "Nouveaux Episodes Judiciaires", on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

It seems that this is a continuation of the old feud between the two (or more) Sahaj Marg's and the two or more SRCM's ... Because SRCM is registered as a charity, we all share in paying their legal expenses with our "tax exempt" subsidies to charities, under the "education" misnomer. Let your taxation offices know your concerns.

God and His Godmen does not need to be "TAX EXEMPT"!! Support your own spiriutalist (and homophobic) beliefs by yourselves, not with society's tax exempt incentives meant for real CHARITIES.

The male God of Sahaj Marg (tm) (or His representatives) can pay HIS taxes like every other PERSON !! The adherents to Sahaj Marg(tm) System are free to put their faith in their alleged "all powerful God", and not rely in the secular (tax) systems of man! No more "tax exempt" for Religion and Spritualism under the misnomer of "education"... Most religions indoctrinate the children with fantasy presented as truth!

Notice the tricky use of SRCM (Shahjahanpur), the society of the Babuji family, which is allegedly presided by Navneet, Babuji's grandson) in the WIPO deposition ... as sneaky as a lawyer!! Does the Sahaj Marg (tm) system offer: Divinity or dishonesty, a state away from our "animal state" ? And all these battles for the corrupt "material", as animals for a carcass of the temporal realm; is that the SPIRITUALISM of Sahaj Marg (tm)??

New Court Episodes?

In the legal battle between the two (2) SRCM's, a new court decision was taken on September 14, 2011.

about it:

It opposed the SRCM of Shahjahanpur, represented by Puneet Chandra Saxena, grand-son of Babuji and brother of Navneet, and the registered trademark (Sahaj Marg(tm)) of SRCM(California) of Chari.

I'm not sure I understand, but it seems that the authority of the Justice has found itself not competent to rule on the question of who is able to represent the Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Your opinion
, and especially your information are welcome.

Another decision was made November 25, 2011. Read here:

It opposed the SRCM of Shahjahanpur, represented by lawyers of Chari (?) to the creators of the website (Sahaj Marg ... now off-line). SRCM of Chari is presented as the custodian of the brand "Sahaj Marg" in India, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, in the Benelux countries and on the Island of Mauritius.

I understand the decision of the Arbitration Commission correctly, the creator of the site is ordered to give the domain name to the SRCM (California) of Chari.

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insights on these issues.


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