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Kasturi, Lalaji and Sahaj Marg(tm)'s Whispers From The Brighter World!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Kasturi, Lalaji et Whisper" , on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Sister Kasturi, the only saint of Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji, is one of the first preceptors of Babuji (1945-46). Kasturi supported Chari for a while and then there was a "parting of the ways", and she is now not part of the SRCM(California) of Chari.

It seems that Spiritualism is rampant in this group! But, where is the spirituality? Why all the competition, the divisions, and the spiritualist incantations to, as well as the reliance on the spirits of the deceased, the special personalities, Godmen, Saints, the extra-terrestrials, the aliens, the egregores, the indigo children, an elite race, THEM, etc..?

When do we as a species (or "they", the elite, the chosen, the "special") become RESPONSIBLE ?

Does prayer and a promise of the forgiveness of one's sins, make a "religious" person? Does meditation and the promise of erasing of one's samskaras make a "spiritual" person?

Kasturi, Lalaji and Sahaj Marg(tm)'s Whispers (From the Brighter World)

Elodie will not like (this)!

Now, spirituality progresses around the world, it is a golden time for spirituality, a golden era. So Kasturi decided to celebrate the Basant Panchami in Lucknow on 27, 28 and 29 January 2012 in honor of Lalaji, and she invites all abhyasis.

“Now Spirituality is increasing in every part of the World. (…) This is golden time and golden Era in Spirituality.” (Saint Sister Kasturiji, Lucknow on 01.05.2011)

She prayed to Babuji for two years before he permitted her to celebrate this important holiday, so it's not her desire, Kasturi, but his, Babuji's. Phenomenal ...

“I am praying to Shri Babuji Maharaj for the past two years to do one big function about Shri Lalaji Saheb. Two months back Shri Babuji Maharaj gave me permission to do that Special Function. So it is not my desire.”

But that is not enough for her. Would you believe that Kasturi is also rounding up all the saints from the Brighter World for her celebration. Lalaji and Babuji are not enough for her, Swami Vivekananda is in the game, as are other great saints.

“This is because, Rev. Lalaji Saheb, Rev. Babuji Maharaj & Swamy Vivekanandaji and some other great saints, all are eagerly waiting, from the Brighter-World, for this Divine-Bhandare (Basanta Panchami - 2012) to bestow their Special blessings & Grace to whole humanity.”

Certainly, Kasturi has nothing to envy Chari!

The humble Kasturi, always kept in the shadow of Babuji, suddenly takes advantage of the progress of the spiritual needs, to round up as many people (and spirits) in a gigantic spiritual High Mass.

And why such a High mass in honor of Lalaji? Whereas according to this worshiper of Babuji (Kasturi), Lalaji had the Sant Mat, still present at Fatehgarh, and there was not the slightest connection with Sahaj marg. Still according to her (Kasturi), it is Babuji alone who had Sahaj Marg and the SRCM. The mission is his.

But for this High Mass, she sought Babuji's permission, which eventually he granted, after two years of prayers, moaning and whining. So, much like the medium of Whispers, she now reveals that she chats with him directly. So much good it brings her! ...

Except that all the great saints from the Brighter world are united for the success of the High Mass.

While Kasturi declared to Shashwat Pandey on February 20, 2009:
“did Chariji hear the name of “brighter world” during Babuji’s time, or before him or after him? (… ) where ever did he heard this name? (…) did he ever hear this name “brighter world” (laughs..) and then there are messages from this place!”

Yes, Kasturi, one has to be careful what one says! In 2009, the Brighter world did not exist (it seems). Two years later, you've discovered it ...

Poor us, poor Elodie, poor Cyril, Denise and Jean-François (preceptors with Kasturi's schism of Sahaj Marg) . Kasturi is (allegedly) an arrant liar, a liar like all people of Sahaj Marg. Babuji is first ...


Elodie Said:

Hi Alexis,

Contrary to what you think, I accept the criticism of Sister Kasturi, I'm not an inveterate fan.

you're right, but I propose another explanation for her remarks, where there is not the slightest contradiction:

- Sister
Kasturi said that Lalaji actually has nothing to do with the Sahaj Marg, but she added that he prayed for the coming to earth of the "special personality", Babuji. As such, she may well pay tribute to him.

- Sister
Kasturi never said that the brighter world did not exist. She doubts that Chari has ever approached it, which is very different. She adds herself that Babuji had taken her to the limits of our world of the living and the Brighter World, where the greatest saints live, and she had hence caught a glimpse.

Much love,


Sunday, January 8, 2012



Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters,
Because of the controversy only we are drifting away from our home land.Babuji has said 'one can't reach the goal of human life through discussion and argument.It is only possible by drowning in Him'.Let us make use of this golden period to attain our well cherished goal of human life by drowning in Him.

4d-Don said...

Yes MVVRao...

Let us pray, as you say, but to ONE, the ONE-ness of ALL, directly. We don't need a proxy anymore... we never did. We can commune with the Divine, the ONE-ness directly.

Spirituality is not spiritualism. And Raja Yoga is not SPIRIT-ualism!!

And Sahaj Marg has become SPIRITUALISM...


S V Prasad said...

Both Sister Kasturi and Chariji are extraordinary incarnations; why should we all waste our precious time in extrapolating the comments of these great personalities?... Rev Lalaji, Babuji-Maharaj, Chariji and Sister Kasturi always propagated LOVE let us talk & walk the same.
with Love,

4d-Don said...

Hi SV Prasad ... (and all others who idolize HUMANS!!)

Words are cheap ... you idolize these so-called saints because of your cultural bias. Every culture have such "materialists" and "spiritualists" and although we once venerated some of them, we have now reached the age of reason and we are a little more "aware" of the flaws as well as the qualities of most individuals...

Your immediate (and real) family is as worthy, if not more, of your veneration as these "strangers".

You still believe in an elite which will save you, and those who would claim to be this "eilite" propagate this myth for their own benefit ...

We are born children but we don't have to remain children all our life... Time to take the responsibility for your salvation and/or LIBERATION on your own shoulders rather than on a system of "idols"...

Don't be as your idols (made of clay), BE BETTER!!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Don
Your remarks seem very arrogant. am not advertising lalaji, babuji, chariji, kasturiji etc, but your remarks, especially that liberation is in our own hands, we never needed a proxy, we dont need idols etc, make you seem like a know all. Tell me, have YOU felt the brighter world so as to discard it as lunatic's imagination? Have you been liberated, if yes then by your own efforts? are you a realized soul? You just complain all day, but where are the solutions? are YOU a solution? because frankly you neither seem to be a humble man, because such a person would not criticize others, rather do his own duty and help others, rather than finding faults in other gurus.

4d-Don said...

Hi "MR Anonymous"...

If I believe your "arrogance", then you (or your guru?) seem to claim that some mythic and invisible "spirits" of the dead will come and save me and will guide me to some mythic "Brighter World" (or some "Central Region"), or what most religious call: "HEAVEN" (or HELL if we don't adhere to your "arrogance"?). Is that right? You are sure of that, eh? That is your arrogance aroung an invented fantasy ... What about other myths, do you believe them all, or do you only believe those which come from your own culture?

I don't have to be saved by self-appointed "gurus" or by some "spirits". I am not that "needy" ... and if someone sounds like a "know-it-all" it is you and your religious ilk with your irrational claims of "knowing" what is on the "other side" ... YOU DON'T!! So stop arrogantly claiming that you do, YOU DON'T KNOW ... you just believe and proselytize what others say or write ...

If you have "evidence" of anything "super-natural" then show your evidence HERE!! (NOT just empty words, or the claims of the "con-men", the myth-makers, the SPIRITUALISTS).

Spirituality is not "SPIRITUALISM.

And Sahaj Marg(tm) is not Raja Yoga ... (which begins at step #7 of the "eightfold" path of Patanjali). Give your head a shake.

Read about Raja Yoga a little (the eightfold path of Patanjali) and do that practice and then you may have something that comes from yourself, not what you read from others ...

Are YOU "saved"? By WHOM are you saved? Who told you? Are they "self-appointed"?

What are you doing here? COMPLAINING??

Get up off your knees and make the world a better place ... not simply promoting spiritualist fantasies and cultural myths allegedly channeled from the invented spirits of the dead by some anonymous French Lady Medium ...

As you point at me, thus are you!

You are obviously not a "humble man". You can believe anything you want. Start your own blog. I can also, and I don't believe in fantasies and myths, specially those from other cultures ... WE have our own myths at which we laugh and then we discard them as we "grow up" ... BE Spiritual, do not "BECOME" spiritual!!

Live in the REALITY, not in some silly myths!! Then you may be able to claim to live in SPIRITUALITY...

But spiritualism is not SPIRITUALITY...

My duty is to expose the scammers of religion and SPIRITUALISM... And I do my duty ...

Thanks for the comment ... but you add nothing of interest.


P.S. See how we deal with "scammers and those who practice witchcraft.