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Chari's Flawed Western (Christian) Perspective!!

Exerpts and Comments from a speech called: "Become What You Should Become"
by Chari at Trichy, Nov. 20, 2004.

Comments by 4d-don

"A few thoughts came just now during meditation. Babuji Maharaj has said that there are certain requirements, fundamental requirements, for what he called saintliness-not sainthood, because sainthood he said is like the snake-saintliness. (What does that mean?? (snake?) In Urdu, he said illat, killat, zillat. (That may be Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, and NaqshMuMra, but it is not Sahaj Marg or Chari. How many "corrupt" cottages does Chari need, in a world when there are so many "homeless". It's "OBSCENE"!! And the cottages were built with "charity dollars" that could feed some POOR if re-directed from Sahaj Marg or other similar Materialist and Spiritualist RELIGIONS! ) That is, you can roughly say that one should have less health than good health, less money than you need and always somebody to criticise you. Of course he also used to say, "Don't talk about this in Western countries because they will run away." The Western culture is for prosperity, beauty, health. And Sahaj Marg says if you want to be a saint-of course if you don't want to be saint, it is all right you see; you can do what you like."

Since Chari and the Sahaj Marg and the SRCM (California-1997) is now saying this to "Western (Christian) countries", then we have a REPLY!! To take the "temple" (the body) given to all by ONE, as either as a "gift" or by "karma", and to willingly will upon it, "less health", is to say the least, psychologically a "suicidal" line of thought, and philosophically and spiritually, not very elevated. One could consider it a "flaw of Logic" and as such "self-destructive". It is one thing to pray, as an act of "charity", to "take on" the suffering of others, so as to reduce that Suffering in others, or as a form of empathy, but to wish less health for the sake of acquiring more "spirituality" as if to "revel in", or to be grateful for, GOOD HEALTH was a SIN and hence, "un-spiritual".

So, you "Masters Of The WORLD" wannabees, keep eating your "fat" and "spicy" (Indian) diets (not Raja Yoga) and live out of "airports" and in "hotels", with the un-natural "jet-setters", and develop more "un-Natural" houses of GOD and cottages for yourselves, to live (travel, accomodation, food, ) at the cost of others CHARITY. Those charity dollars (of the gullible, but kind-hearted abhyasis) would go to the POOR, if the so-called "SAINTLY" did not take it all. That is the TRUE meaning of those words.

As far as "less money", You and most of your "management team", fail in that also ... Many of US have less money than Chari, and less money than most of the "management team" of SRCM (California-1997). I don't own hotels, restaurants, Castles, "multiple houses", Commercial Property, etc...etc...etc...

But since you "fail" at the first two, you will have many "critics" as you will be seen as "hypocrites", preaching, as most religions, what you don't DO!! But that will not give you: SAINT-hood or SAINTLY-ness.)

"So, to be a saint means to accept less health than good health, less income than you need, and criticism from as many as possible. They keep you on what is called the straight and narrow-obviously. (Obviously?? Only if one DOES it, not simply "THINKS about it, and SPEAKS the Talk but does not WALK THE WALK. Chari speaks as if he knows how to be a saint. Oh! Yes, appoint yourself SAINT or steal the title from someone else. lol ;-))... It's worked before!! ) Everybody knows that money is the root of all evil. (Not so! Currency is not "evil". People who are greedy for money do "evil" things for the control of "money".) We all say it, but we want more and more of it. More and more of it should go to people who can do good with it, but they don't have it. [chuckles] (He must mean "himself"...[chuckles] ) More and more of it goes to people who shoot their way around, murder, pillage, rape. They seem to get more and more. They are also flourishing with health. (Who are "THEY"? ... Just a "fictitious invention" so as to get more money from the gullible abhyasis!) Because to indulge in the pleasures of life, whether of the body or of the mind, you need health. That is one reason why people don't like to become old; because old age progressively restricts your-not desires-but the ability to enjoy those desires. Old age is a blessing in that sense, you see, in the sense that, what you could not use your will power to put a stop to, Nature puts a stop to. But unfortunately, old age does not do the same with your income-not necessarily (I am not talking of salaried people who are getting less pension-they also invest; they also get money) because you have to buy indulgence. (Is that RIGHT? Who buys "indulgences"? Could you name them? ) As they say in the West, ( or in the East...) there is no free lunch. Everything has a price."

So, the bohemian life, the life of pleasure, extracts a price, whether in terms of money or whether in terms of depleting your health, your mental reserves. (So does attraction and addiction to the MATERIAL.) And of course, spirituality goes to the dogs. Now wisdom says, please accept this as the bottom line of need for a spiritual life. You know, we always talk so much of renunciation. We praise the Christian religion because Jesus said, "Sell all that you have, distribute it to the poor and follow me." That was addressed to the rich man or for people who had something to sell. He didn't tell the powerful, strong people, "Give up! Weaken yourself!", because we can't. Nobody can weaken himself deliberately. (NOT TRUE! How convenient to use the Master (God) of other so-called "corrupt" religions to make POINTS. And the quotes are not "accurate" and are interpreted wrongly.) So what should we do? Sahaj Marg hits the nail on the head and says, "Renounce in your mind." (lol lol ... Sahaj Marg (Chari) hits the head with a hammer and a nail! Oh! That is called "attract" (money, material, etc...) and then preach "renounce in the MIND" (words) and then, "detachment", (or the non-profit society model, where all expenses (salaries, travel, accomodations, etc...) are paid by the "charity dollars", just as in all "corrupt" RELIGIONS ... this is not renunciation in REALITY or "in the MIND", and is not "detachment" but it is reveling and living in Opulence, but preaching "simplicity" or "renounce in the mind".)

"We have famous examples in our literature in India of emperors who are saints. Janaka Chakravarthy was supposed to have been one of the greatest of them. He was called a Raja Rishi-one who was simultaneously an emperor and a great ascetic. But that sort of combination is perhaps extremely rare to the extent that you may find one in ten thousand years. When Babuji says such a personality cannot be born very often and you may hardly find one in ten thousand years, that is what he means you see. One who has everything, but having everything behaves as if he has nothing. In one sense you can say this is also a description of what we term as God. (Babuji never said such a thing about an "emperor" and "ascetic"... Chari is using Babuji to get money from YOU) (Chari wants to be GOD, why not, maybe he can STEAL that Name TOO or "self appoint" himself GOD!! The Abhyasis will believe anything!) He has nothing; He has no body, no form, no face, no physical existence, no powers, no wisdom, no intelligence and no mind. Yet everything comes from Him." (The ONE is not a "HE". IT IS ALL so IT has (or IS) EVERYTHING ... But Chari may have no "intelligence" and/or a small MIND but he has a MIND. Everything comes from IT, the First Cause! and IT is not called GOD, but is ONE) ...

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