Monday, September 08, 2008

Private Security Hired at SRCM (California) Ashram

Taken from "Freedom from Sahaj Marg-SRCM", community site on ORKUT!

Maybe this is a "sign" that it's time for the SRCM(California) Master, and his "TEAM" to stop "bad-mouthing" other (what he/they call), "corrupt religions", and his own "FAMILY" of Sahaj Marg abhyasis who are leaving his SRCM(California). SRCM is thus dividing the world into THEM and US. Is it not time to start UNITING, at least, all who are true SEEKERS! Do they care?

REMEMBER (constantly): Religion divides, SPIRITUALITY UNITES!! Which "united" seekers are kept out by the "professional security"? Can they also "sniff-out" any material corruption and/or "evil-doers" who may be on the inside also? Now at least, all of you know where some of your "charitable donations" are going! To pay to protect the "accumulated" MATERIAL of SRCM (California) (not very Raja Yoga, or Spiritual)

Security for the SRCM(California) paid by the poor and the simple spiritual seekers from other countries!! How ethical! HOW SPIRITUAL!

I would wager that JESUS, the Christ of the Christians, who Chari likes to quote at opportune times, could not afford to hire a "private security" company... Oh! yes...he had no "CHARITABLE DONATIONS" to rely on! The Christian Bible claims that Jesus of Nazareth paid the ultimate price for his words of opposition to the current SYSTEM of his time. Babuji also did not hire a "professional security" company, though maybe in retrospect, he should have considered it (at his own cost, not from "Charitable Donations"). At SRCM(California), the "society thief" and/or the "enemies of spirituality", seem to be inside the house already! oops... make that the "HOLY" house, sort of like the VATICAN! ;-))

We, ex-abhyasis, who donated to the SRCM(Shahjahanpur) of Babuji, and are now considered: "enemies of Spirituality" by Chari, could also use "security" to protect us from the SRCM(California) fundamentalist fanatics, (mostly insiders) and other "living deads", who allegedly attack other's ashrams and temples and who threaten bloggers lives!

Now, it is alleged by the current President of SRCM (Shahjahanpur), registered in India by the founder, Babuji, in 1945, Navneet Kumar, that Umesh, his father and Babuji's son, who is now deceased, was allegedly poisonned. Others allege that he carried a"pistol" to protect himself! FROM WHO? And the allegations do not stop there... research this group before joining!

This "pseudo-spirituality" is beginning to look and sound like a "Hollywood Western"! ;-))

Oh! ... And please leave your guns at the door with, "Marshall Wyatt Earp"!! We're spiritual here, at Dodge, in the new American "wild west"!

Let's get the women to teach that to the children, so they can learn (by example) how to "UNITE" the world! That is, after the children learn about "India the invincible", and how to salute a "FLAG" of a "NATION" (nationalism, militarism) at their "religious private school".

What's next for SRCM(tm)? An "implanted micro-chip" or "the apocalyptic mark of the BEAST (Bible)", so as to gain entry to the SRCM(California) Ashrams? How about a secret "password"?

There must be a lot of unhappy defecters at SRCM(California) 1997.

Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.27 – Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

With the permission of Rev. Master, we have employed professional security at the main gate of the Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam effective from 1st August 2008. Hence in the future, it is essential for abhyasis visiting the Manapakkam Ashram to carry their SRCM Abhyasi Card (Temporary or Permanent) and produce the same to the Security personnel at the main gate upon entry into the Ashram. It is to be noted that the Mission badge alone is not sufficient to enter the Ashram.

If the SRCM Abhyasi card is not available, a signed letter of identification from your local centre-in-charge / prefect should be produced to the security personnel.

C. Rajagopalan

Zone-in-charge, Tamil Nadu (North)

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