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Kasturi Revisits Lalaji, Babuji and the Sahaj Marg(tm) of Chari!

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie on her French blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.
Article: Lalaji and Babuji

Like the tale of Alice in Wonderland, the
1865 novel written by the "opium smoking" English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, the tale of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-California-1997) and Sahaj Marg (tm) gets curiouser and curiouser as it "evolves" and is re-visioned by ONE and ALL ...

Addictions seem to carry similar symptoms!! Be they addictions to substances and/or "power", or the religious addictions (Opiates of the Masses) to "specialness", "uniqueness", "the chosen", and/or to one's own self-delusion and self-importance!!

We, self-deluded Homo Sapiens, on a small rocky living planet EARTH (Gaia), orbiting an average star (Sun or Sol) in an average barred spiral Galaxy (Milky Way) , in an average cluster (the Local Group) are not that "important"!! WE are simply a part of LIFE, and not more important than the leaves of grass ...

The addictive and suggestive Masses love a parade and a party ... Sahaj Marg (tm), the product of SRCM (California-1997), has a market !!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lalaji and Babuji

According to Sister Kasturi, Lalaji prayed for seven months to request a " special personality".
Then he (Lalaji) had the vision of a child of six days old in Shahjahanpur and told himself that if this child was able to absorb the transmission of power then it is because he is from the Ultimate. He immersed himself in Babuji and, from there, he (Lalaji) began living in him (the child) for his protection.

Lalaji, this great Muslim (Sufi) saint, came into this world to give us Babuji, a "special personality", and that's why we love Lalaji.

Today the body of Babuji is gone, but the special personality is still there, because his work is not finished. He will become silent when the work is completed. "Babuji continues his work, his power is active. He is the master of these times. " There can not be a successor to a special personality, because it comes from the Centre. "Very soon he (Chari) will be forfeited, and the truth will break out, Babuji is at work! "


Comment on Elodie's blog:

4d-Don said ...

Elodie ...

The Dates:

Lalaji was born February 2, 1873.
At 18, in 1891, he began his work for the civil service ... He meets his Sufi Master (Huzur) at "18 years old" (1891).

Five years later, at age 23, Lalaji is initiated (the "bay't" Sufi ceremony) into the Naqshbandiya Sufi Group of Huzur, on January 23, 1896, at 5 PM.

Lalaji completed his Sufi "training" on October 11, 1896, nine months later.

Sahaj Marg (tm) site:

NaqshMuMRa Nexus site:

Babuji was born: April 30, 1899. He met Lalaji a couple of times before the death of Lalaji in 1931.

So Lalaji is only a member of the Naqshbandiya Sufi group for 3 years, and already he prays for a "Special Personality"?

This "special personality", it is for his Sufi group (Naqshbandiya), or to start a "new group"? The Sahaj Marg that Babuji invented in 1945, 14 years after the death of Lalaji?

And this "special personality" (Babuji?), by February 14, 1963, he said that "Lalaji's Muslim groups", have "breathe their last" (are finished ... dead ...) and Sahaj Marga is the only "connection" with DIVINE?

Is that what Kasturi is preaching?? And where is the respect for the groups who continue the Sufi tradition of Lalaji? And where is the respect for other religions?

And Babuji did not continue the method of Lalaji, his master, but he invented the Sahaj Marg with Lalaji as its first Master?

Then according to Kasturi, Lalaji now has a place in Sahaj Marg?? She said recently that Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg??

Did Kasturi "invent" another History of Sahaj Marg, too? Another "revisionist history"?

Don ...

Tues, May 25, 4:07:00 PM

Elodie Said:

Hello Don,

What I understood from what Kasturi said, is that Lalaji played a role in the arrival on earth of Babuji as the "special personality".
Lalaji is a precursor, but he did not invent the Sahaj Marg and is not part of the Mission. She describes him as "a great Muslim saint" .



Fri May 28, 6:18:00 AM

Alexis said:

@ Elodie

You've become the mouthpiece of Kasturi! I suppose that what you write is from what Cyrille has passed on to you, is that not so? It says nothing else about Chari?

Value does not wait for years...

I agree with Don. Lalaji was only 26 when he (allegedly) prayed for a special personality, it is only 8 years since he met Huzur, and barely three years since he was initiated ... Even better, he immersed himself inside a child who is only 6 days old! Hard to believe that a young fellow who's master has not yet appointed to succeed him, would take the responsibility of praying for the coming of a "special personality" and then to plunge into a baby, while that meditation is prohibited before 18 years of age ...

Kasturi... the revisionist

From what I understand in what you bring, Kasturi is rewriting the history by deifying Babuji. "Special Personality", it means everything and specially, it means nothing particular. Lalaji asks the heavens (the central region, the divine or whatever you want to call it) that it send it's representative on earth. It is heard beyond his dreams since arrives the Bab (Babuji) who fills all his requirements and more, because even after his death, he continues the job!

The similarity of the analogy with the Catholic religion is striking, even for an unbeliever. I seem to see Saint John the Baptist in Lalaji, announcing the coming of the Savior, Jesus Babuji.

Otherwise, there is a continuity of discourse on Lalaji by Kasturi, he is behind the coming of the Great Bab, but he is a Muslim, and Bab surpassed Sufism completely by creating the Sahaj Marg, THE ONLY new doctrine of value, and which buries all the others. Lalaji therefore has a marginal role in the Sahaj Marg and he is not a Master as there is uniquely only one, and there never will be a another, Great Bab.

It is true that it is difficult to succeed a God, then Babuji did not replace Lalaji, and Chari obviously can not succeed Babuji.

Kasturi... the medium

"Very soon he [Chari] will be forfeited, and the truth will break out, Babuji is at work!" Here, it becomes gigantic. After the French medium of Chari who announces that Ajay Bhatter will revert to being simply an abhyasi, here is Kasturi, the medium who tells us that the truth will break out SOON and that Chari will be forfeited.

The version of the history of Sahaj Marg according to Kasturi is that Babuji is the only divine representative on earth and beyond. Her focus on the personality eventually becomes as monstrous as all the "over the edge" of Chari. She has deified Babuji, the Sahaj Marg is summed up in one word, Babuji.

Dangerous, all that ...

Fri May 28, 10:46:00 AM

4d-Don said ...

Elodie ...

And yet, here is what Lalaji writes on 09.12.1930, a year before his death at age 58 years old (young) ...
The cause of death is not included or explained ...

A letter dated 12/09/1930, written by Rev.. Laalaaji Maharaaj, Addressed to Shri Madan Mohan Laal, Who Was Then the center-in-charge of Shahjahanpur, IS in this context Meaningful. "... Because of your transfer from Shahjahanpur, There Is a Likelihood of Being spoiled the function. So on my behalf "and Own On That of my elders, I invite the attention of Pandit Rameshwar Prasad Br to Agree to take up this work in hand DURING your absence. May God Give Him courage and perseverance. That One Will dear, Perhaps, discipline and dismissal on condition of Honor after casting off That small portion of boyhood, WHICH IS very Negligible in Him now, due to Loved The Demand of age. May God help HIM. Brother Ram Chandra undoubtedly Has Ability and agility in this respect, I am sorry that purpose due to limitations of Loved father, narrowness of heart and space, and intricacies of Loved home, my sagacity Did Not allowed me For the Time Being to throw the responsibility on him." ...

He does not seem to speak of a "special personality" or even of a personality more "elevated" than the others ... If he knows he will die soon, he transmits no "power" or "spirit" to Babuji ... He speaks rather of his "narrowness of heart" ...

It seems to me that this group invents their "lineage" ...

Before the Internet it could pass, but now we have more information!

Don ...

Fri May 28, 3:24:00 PM

Elodie Said...

Hello Alexis and Don

I find you very hard with Sister Kasturi. She perhaps reinterprets a few things her way because of her great devotion to Babuji, but also she is the most honest of them all and probably the only one truly engaged in a spiritual quest without afterthoughts.

No Alexis, I am not the 'voice of Sister Kasturi ". I only summarize very briefly a small part of the exchange she had with the French disciples. Cyrille and his group will soon publish their exchange with her, they are her true representatives if at all. I'm just attracted by her spiritual dimension, she is the only one who seems serious in all the trash from the Sahaj Marg.

Sat May 29, 8:28:00 AM

Cyril Borg Said:
(Freedom From Sahaj Marg Community on Orkut)

Hi all

Recently, (February, 2010) Kasturi spoke to some of her European followers and Cyrille sent the transcript to Elodie who commented on her blog site in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg (long life Sahaj Marg)... (French... Translate with Google Translate)

The last sentence in Elodie's comments on this 25 page manuscript which will be published by Kasturi's disciples is a direct quote and reads:

"Very soon he [Chari] will be forfeited, and the truth will break out, Babuji is at work! "

The French word used by Kasturi is "dechu" which means: fallen as in "fallen angel", or dethroned (as in a "king"), or deposed ( as in a "leader") but also means: deprived, waned, faded (as in fortune, power, prestige, etc...)

Is Sister Kasturi now attempting at "prophesy" or is she now "channeling" and is becoming a "medium"? Is it just "wishful thinking" as she loses more ground to Chari who is now invading her Lucknow area for his "Parties and Feasts" ?

The Masses love a PARTY and a PARADE!! Chari will give them both as he sits on his THRONE to be adored by ALL...

Cyril Borg ...

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4d-Don said...


This link has been removed from the site of Lalaji which was managed by his grandson, Dinaysh (Dinesh) who was getting on in age and was quite ill... His son, was given a job by a preceptor of Chari and he became a disciple of Chari... He may be the one who removed the article by Dinaysh called EPITOME of SAHAJ MARG

There is a full copy (in English) here:

and it is discussed here:

The truth will set us free... They, the religious hypocrites can't delete it anymore ...