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Sahaj Marg (tm), Divides Family, and LOVE! A Testimonial!

Taken from an article, a testimonial from Martin, "Even Love Can do Nothing", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 23, 2011

Even Love Can Do Nothing!

Martin had promised us, he did it, here is his testimonial, touching and moving (trying).
Thank you Martin, I know how difficult it must have been.

When love can not do anything

This is the story of an unexpected reunion of two lovers that life's events had suddenly separated thirty years ago.

The lightning strike is total, unstoppable, sublime ...

She tells me she does yoga.

Interested in this process I am delighted and even congratulate her.

I realize quickly that this "yoga" has for her an abnormal importance, early signs, it deprives us of much needed weekends and very waited-for moments, due to seminars and other rituals ...

We are in 2000 and the information on this so-called yoga, which I do not yet know the name, are inaccessible.

That same year I offer her the fare to go to Vrads, but noted on her return a strange change in behavior.

But love is blind, and despite moments of anxiety, I bear patiently the constraints of the practice.

She will then propose, without a second thought, that I read Chari's book, "My Master".

Unable to come to grips with this masterpiece of trash, I discover, terrified, the ins and outs of this "Yoga".

Then I start looking for information, rare at that time, but enough to confirm that the path is dangerous.

So I discovered that my dear friend is truly in a cult and I undertake some painstaking research.

The meanderings of SRCM(tm) are hard to fathom.

It is a cocktail of scams and lies very well assembled that can not be comprehended by the ordinary followers who are drawn into its nets.

The most obvious scams have already been criticized on this blog, but I summarize the key points.

Scam No. 1: the Spiritual lineage of the 3 Gurus

Let us leave Lalaji in peace, who with inoffensive principles, tried to reconcile two religious enemies: Hinduism and Sufism.

As for Babuji, it is established that he only met Lalaji 3 times and that he (Lalaji) refused to appoint him preceptor.

Therefore one must already swallow the idea that Babuji was invested by Lalaji in a dream after his death ... ( Bon appétit)

Finally, the so-called handover of power from Babuji to Chari becomes the subject of legal proceedings against him before the Supreme Court in India for violent acts committed against Babuji and his descendants.

The official lineage is clearly a fallacious montage and an attempt to accredit the current guru with valid historical roots (lineage).

Scam No. 2: SRCM(tm) as a Trade Mark (registered trademark)

Innocuous to the uninitiated, one must understand that filing a trademark was done so as to protect themselves and gain the exclusivity of legal and commercial ownership, and therefore of the revenue that can generate.

The current guru, a former businessman who came to spirituality of late, therefore availed himself the title of this very promising and juicy commercial product. It is impossible to discern in this initiative, very extravagant in this area, any spiritual intention or connotations, but much to the contrary, one sees conclusive evidence of it being a business proposal, pure and simple!

Scam No. 3: The benefits of meditation

There are countless ways to meditate and the majority have mostly beneficial effects on the meditator.

The simple act of sitting, calming the mind, to focus on the present moment ... generates positive feelings and energy as evidenced by the abundant literature on the subject, and this, whatever the mode of meditation practiced.

The major and central scam of SRCM(tm) is to give a particular and very original meaning to this natural well-being.

They explain to the followers that the benefits felt from the meditation, the SRCM(tm) method, which come from nothing more nor less than the effects of the transmission received from the guru via his preceptor, is the divine presence in the heart of the follower.

The guru is therefore the transmitter of a universal divine energy, of which he is surely the only one to generate (™), and promises the followers who come to drink from his source a guarantee of spiritual elevation that will shelter them from the painful cycle of re-incarnations ...

And voila! The game is played ... or almost, it is still necessary to strictly apply the method.

Scam 4: The method SRCM(tm)

My friend is a preceptor for about 25 years, quickly named after some months of practice without special training, probably due to her reassuring good nature, and her pleasant smile.
Let us recall the basic rituals which merely listing, will speak volumes about the level of personal investment required:

- 3 Siting initiation in close proximity, special session, taken from a preceptor
- Daily meditation in the morning on the divine presence in the heart
- Cleaning in the evening, another cleansing meditative ritual
- Prayer at 21:00 sharp, the veneration of the master
- 2 weekly meditation group sittings on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning (Satsang)
- 1-2 weekly sittings with a preceptor (which him/herself must give and receive ...)
- Local seminars, regional, national or international, 3 to 5 times per year
- An annual trip to India if you have not had the chance to meet the gaze of the guru directly, it is the rule during his travels which are more rare these days.

All this of course being presented as easy and completely compatible with a normal family and professional life, including when with a couple, if one plays and the other does not ... I guarantee you that, except for fans of threesomes, over time it is impossible!

Scam No. 5: Raja Yoga, do you want some? ... here you are!

At the entrance to the meditation hall of my friend is displayed a fine gold plate on which are engraved the words "SRCM - Raja Yoga Centre".

Raja Yoga is a higher evolution of yoga accessible to confirmed yogis after years or even decades of practice.

At the SRCM(tm), one just sits cross-legged to access "in two tempos, three movements" (quick, and easy) what yogis masters take lifetimes to approach.

But there is a catch, the teacher who will introduce you, my friend in this case, however, has never done yoga, it's an act!

Worse, reference books on yoga warn about the dangers of approaching raja yoga without going through the preliminary phases.

Scam # 6: How the trap closes

A new adept, experiencing the benefits of meditation, and reassured by the group effect, can not question themselves, or ask questions, about the ins and outs of this organization.

The practice and the rituals will gradually train (tame), condition them, to then render them totally permeable to the messages of the Master.

Some selected pieces on obedience and submission which are the basis of the process of control (and strangely lacking in keywords in your blog, Elodie):

"All that is needed now is a blind obedience to the instructions of the Master. This alone will ensure the successful conclusion of the spiritual quest, quickly and safely."

"All we need now is determination and the will to act and obey the Master in every detail of his directions."

"For those lucky enough to reach this exalted state, the Master is no longer a guide for spirituality alone. He has now become the Master of our life in all aspects of life. He becomes the father, mother, son, teacher, doctor, in fact there is no role that He does not play in the life of the abhyasi. He took the full responsibility. Thus, we see that only our surrender to Him, can determine the condition where he can completely take us over! "

"What should be the ideal attitude of the abhyasi? In the words of the Master:" he must be like a dead man in the hands of a funeral director. "That is to say that the abhyasi should be like a dead body, free from personal desire, personal opinions and completely devoid of any resistance. Such an abhyasi is the ideal material because he offers no resistance whatsoever, not more physical than mental, to the spiritual powers of the Master. "

And I pass over some... and the best ones!

Here then, dear visitor, is one of two things: either you feel a shiver of fear and/or disgust at the mere reading of the above extracts, and all goes well, you can slowly resume your normal life, or you find meaning and interest and you are already infected.

Your critical thinking is altered (compromised) and your personal freedom, your integrity, your identity is in danger!

By admitting these statements you close yourself in, or on yourself, a trap, since any criticism of the organization, the guru, the preceptors, will for you be definitely impossible. You will be encouraged and rewarded (gratified) for having done this work by yourself and you will auto-maintain yourself in this enterprise by this simple effort.

The mental manipulation is clever, the effective control and enslavement guaranteed "like a dead man in the hands of a funeral director!"

Over time addiction and auto-suggestion will mutate you into a veritable zombie and your entourage (surrounding, environment) will assist impotently to your perdition.

The list of scams would be too long to list and you can find them on this blog, but back to our story.

During the first five years I tried everything to wake up my friend, convinced that an external and intrusive factor would not permanently interfere in our romantic relationship and a click would eventually occur.

The subject was not taboo but our discussions were most often sterile, sometimes even conflicting.

But we lived a real relationship, intimate, and very smooth, friendly, except on this plane where no communication could be established.

In the best moments I sometimes feel she tried, she would have liked to, but she could not manage it, she could not do it...

I then abandoned the idea of getting her out of there, suggesting we try to take a step back, to ease her practice without giving it up, but to no avail.

We started to not talk about it, to avoid the sore subject, and a painful and forced silence settled on this subject.

Short-term ruptures began to succeed one another when her obligations as a preceptor became linked at a cadence which was for me, unbearable.

Without any improvement, I realized helplessly, that on the contrary, in time, the process of addiction worsened.

An excessive overdependence set in leading to submissive behavior, idolatry, and anguish of separation; it is very worrisome, sinister, deadly ...

Just as everyone's freedom ends where someone else's begins, the freedom to believe finally begins where the abuse of trust of others begins.

I have much questioned myself, even tortured myself on my inability to respect her freedom to choose, to believe and to accept her in fact "as is".

She sometimes reminded me: "I am what I do" and I answered emphatically: "No, you are luckily not what you do, you strive to become what they want you to be."

But I could never doubt of her status as an abused victim, nor of the feelings, undoubtedly reciprocal, which inspired me with the duty to help.

It is as if finding a loved one who is under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs, you would assist in their own destruction without ever attempting to rescue them!

But the damage of addiction to alcohol or drugs are known and the solutions and potential detoxification are available and possible.

The damage of addiction to SRCM(tm) are diffuse, insidious, sly, unknown and without solutions of detoxification.

This is the black hole ... for everyone to come back from the other side of the mirror on their own is a challenge, not without a helping hand, and yet ...

"There is no humanity without reason"; victims of SRCM(tm) are inevitably brought to lose it (reason) to mutate towards a state of zombie totally at the mercy of their guru and his organization.

This mutation is fatal for a couple, now condemned to look at each other like china dogs,(clay dolls) permanently incapable of looking together in the same direction.

The trust is compromised, the happiness of love turns into despair and painful resentment (rancour) at not having been able to find a solution.

This situation is against nature where words have no meaning, reason and common sense no more hold.

The reality falters, the truth is veiled and an unbearable sense of failure buries (inters) the beautiful story.

When I reminded her that "only SRCM(tm) could separate us," she replied confidently: "if you left me because of that, I do not understand ..."

May she understand one day ...

Despite the sentiments, two lovers are separated in an intriguing pain; two unhappy people, overwhelmed and desperate that even love can do nothing!




I struggled a bit to send my text but I could not, or able to bold the subtitles: Scam No. 1 2 3 ...

and quote some passages of "my master" such as:

"Blind obedience to the instructions of the Master,
in every detail of his instructions"

"He has now become the Lord of our life in all aspects of life. He becomes the father, mother, son, teacher"

If you could integrate it, it would be better...


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Anonymous said...

In my experience you should never try and change someone you love. If there is something about them that you dont like then maybe the relationship was doomed from the start.

4d-Don said...

Hi Peterborough ...

You must be kidding!

Would you be in a "threesome" where the other "LOVER" is the only one loved, honoured and obeyed even to the point of immorality?

What immorality?

The immorality of "killing your mother", or killing your other "cuckold lover" if your real "LOVER", your idol, says so.

The immorality of perverting national charity laws, and gathering charity dollars for the wealthy LOVER and his wealthy businessmen friends (for Private schools,castles, retreats, travel, accomodation, "ADULATION", and God know what else) in other countries.

Would you pervert the charity laws of your country for the sake of cultish "love" ?

The immorality of supporting Chari's stand against "homosexuality", calling it "un-natural", and attacking Bill Gates for helping with his money and/or the POPE for helping with special "PRAYERS"... much like you and Sahaj Marg(tm) have a special prayer for PEACE as your Cult LOVER makes war on the old preceptors and all who disagree with him ... even calling us, the bloggers, the "enemies of sprituality"... but you support their: "Soldiers of Spirituality" ... sick!

The immorality of building or buying "grotesque" and oppulent ashrams, castles, ranch retreats, (one called SPURS-an instrument of pain), while PEOPLE in his own country and the world die of hunger ...

The immorality of targeting the children, under the age of 18 as your FOUNDER Babuji, and Lalaji insisted! The immorality of claimning Lalaji, a sufi, as your founder, YET your are not "sufis" as other real followers of Lalaji!!
They would not want you!! You have: "narrowness of heart" or lack "glittering in the heart".

The immorality of claiming to be a Raja Yoga, as you beging at step #7 of an 8-step system ... liars!

The immorality and perversion of celebrating your LOVER's Birthday like other "dictators" while the world is in "crisis" ... That immorality... the immorality of Nero fiddling as ROME burned and then he blamed it on the Christians. That immorality!

4d-Don said...

The immorality of spending money to go to a "birthday bash" for your idol, and not sharing your wealth with the poor in your own community ... supporting spiritual tourism for them, the wealthy, but turning you back on the poor in your community, your fellow country men and women and CHILDREN ...

And also:

Allowing one LOVER to lie and belong to UNDPI as he does not honour his committment to the ideals of the UN ... calling our and your homosexual brothers and sisters "un-natural".

Would you be in such a perverted threesome relationship?

You can't love anyone else who does not belong to your group ... Do you know what that means?? You are in the CULT of a PERSON ... You are trapped in a cult ...

Will you marry anyone the Guru (or his "boys") tells you, even for one day (prostitution), so your "LOVER's BOYS" as he calls his henchmen (like the mafia and the dictators) can immigrate to your country and build their "fifth column"?

What's love got to do with it?

You "cultists" can't love and you attack those who get hurt by your CULT? How perverse ...

At least have compassion for Martin's pain ...

How SPIRITUAL !! Blame the victim ... I guess by your standards, the homosexuals could simply be "converted" and made "straight" and RELIGIOUS just like you eh? How "LOVING"!! How FUNDAMENTALIST!!

Some people in this world, like Martin, still have honour and morality and it's not for sale for a sensuous navel-gazing "bliss", and/or the shiny trinkets of a "goo goo, ga ga" Guru, who offers the rush of sensuousness of the "crowd" back to the zombies, claiming it to come from an "imagined light", and/or being from GOD...

May you reap what you sow!! AND YOU WILL!!

There is justice in this world...

Just watch what happens to dictators on your TV ...

You stand with the DICTATORS, not with the PEOPLE ... so Obey and spread your lack of love!

We, the people, will be FREE ... and not gather with those who can't love anything but POWER or MONEY ...

... like the BUSINESSMEN, the MATERIALISTS, or Chari and his Zombies (you)!


4d-Don said...


Bill Gates and the POPE were addressing AIDS not Homosexuality...

Chari in his blindness, must see HOMOSEXUALITY and AIDS as the same thing ... How SAINTLY! HOW GODLY!!

So do the Zombies...

Over the cliff like the lemmings...(that's an English myth at least)


Anonymous said...

Well said and so true!

My heart goes out to Martin. It's really sad, people give up real relationships and love - for some fantasy world.

Somehow, i was blessed to be able to escape their trap. Every day, my gratitude increases - i am free and have my life back! It was such a struggle to free myself from their web.

Don, thank you for your courage, intelligence and honesty. Thanks for writing the truth.

--Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for your compassion... You lift my SPIRIT ... The heart? It just keeps on pumping blood ... ;-))

Thank ONE for people like you!

The world will change because we will not accept that it does not ... and now we have the "tools"... no thanks to the dictators of RELIGION, the so-called: Illuminated!

We have the In-formation TECHNOLOGY thanks to the MIND. And the NEW WORLD is always in formation, replacing the OLD WORLD!!

It's up to us to make it SPIRITUAL, and not SPIRITUALIST, like Sahaj Marg(tm).

We certainly can't rely on THEM, the spiritualists, to do it for us ...or to create anything better than what we already have.

Thanks Triple Gem, your are thrice a GEM! As in another hermetic wise man, the TRISMAGESTUS!

Don ...

An old astro-physicist friend used to say: If you want to get beyond the dimensions of this reality, you just turn the corner!! ;-))