Monday, October 11, 2010

Sahaj Marg (tm) Proselytism! Snake Oil Salesladies in Massage Parlours?

Taken and translated from Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. This comment was originally posted on Alexis' Blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg, by Frédéric.

There is no proselytization in Sahaj Marg (tm)...they claim!! Want to buy a "BRIDGE" ??

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Frédéric said:

Maybe this testimonial will interest you.

I'm on vacation in Pondicherry, and as a good tourist I wanted to try the Ayurvedic massage. A very enjoyable and relaxing hour, as I had left Paris with a few problems.

Concerns at work which have made me forget my own person, I had put the cause of my weight loss and my fatigue on these concerns. But that was not the case, blood tests have revealed that I have a liver problem (to be precise, I never drink more than one beer per week, when I consume a lot, go tell ...)

After this message the person at the desk, calls me back after I had paid. She tells me that it is good to take care of one's self, of one's body, but to take care of one's mind is essential. There! The alarm is ringing in my head because I'm certainly one of those people which cults reject. I feel it coming when anyone tries to dominate me mentally, to "knock me off my game" and my mind (not my soul) is ready to fight. I say this because it is important, because beneath a calm and reserved exterior, which attracts profiteers of all stripes, I have a great strength of character which allows me to defend myself, as opposed to other more
psychologically fragile people.

So this woman wants to entertain me. I play the game. She questions me while discussing, so as to surround me. I reveal my situation which has nothing secret, since I've already explained it to my family and to my doctor: my conflict at my work with a young buck (literal: wolf) straight out of ENA school (ÉNA**=École Nationale d'Administration), trying to bamboozle my team (I am team leader) and he has come in conflict with the convinced unionist which I am. Liver problem then. Recurrent insomnia since childhood due to some family trauma of which I am aware, but being aware of things does not necessarily solve them. And then the worries in bulk, without order, (en vrac= in bulk, without order), caused a severe cervical osteoarthritis (she did not know what it means, serious)

She thinks very fast, she has a quality of which I am aware, because it is a quality on which I rely myself, she synthesizes.

I continue to listen passively and she drops the gum (to "gum-up" the thinking process?). We (they?) would need more people like me who are engaged socially among them, but I have to change my form of struggle because it is through meditation that we will solve the social injustices, she is very good, it reminds me of the Natural Law Party (NLP*) which fielded candidates in France 20 some odd years ago, and who was also a cult (anyway, I thought that they were somehow related). Anyhow, she also tells me that it is largely thanks to the guru that the balance is currently being maintained globally. There, on the inside, I am totally bursting out laughing, and I have a hard time not smiling. Of course, as with all these hucksters, I have the right to hear the verse about love of which I've certainly been weaned to be so morally and physically ill (and here, I thought it was my liver... finally, good) and the guru can fix everything for me, but my family has probably something to do with it, he could fix my arthritis which he could certainly reverse ... even if she never understood what cervical osteoarthritis was, and I doubt that the guru can come to me and plane the calcification in the neck, no matter how powerful he is.

Finally she proposes meeting the guru, to take me to Madras (Chennai) with her to meet him and to start right away with my rebirth, because I must be aware that life is but a journey and that death is the beginning of everything . That is downright scary as discourse.

I continued in my role so as to know as much as possible and to document thereafter. Before leaving the salon, she handed me some brochures, the contact of the association in Paris and after researching (a little) I arrived here.

These people are they a doomsday sect?

In any case they seem very "aggressive" and organized with many outlets.

I don t have a google account or AIM, I'm anonymous but I have no problem in giving my email, in private.

Good evening

* Natural Law Party (NLP) was founded by the Maharishi (the Beatles' Guru). This refers to the "sect" called: Transcendental Meditation.

** The ENA a typically French school, which graduates the "enarques" who will become the future administrators of major private and public (as Ministers) enterprises.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! This story just goes to show how deluded, brainwashed and "zombified" the abhyasis of sahaj marg are....they think chari has the power to reverse chronic diseases? He is selfish and only helps people who can give something back in return (money, land etc) Have numbers dropped so low that they have to resort to picking people up of the street. It's quite sad actually. Well done anonymous for not falling for their tricks

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

Hi anonymous...


A cure for all that ails you!

In the old west, snake oil salesmen would ride into town with promises of healing, assurances of better health, and guarantees of money back if their “contrived” remedy didn’t work. Many hopeful frontiersmen and pioneers would buy the swill on that promise, only to find it was (as my esteemed British colleagues would call it) RUBBISH! Nevertheless, by the time they had tested the potion and determined it to be worthless, or worse, damaging, the snake oil salesman had long since left town along with their promises of a “money back guarantee.”

How did this happen time and time again?

We are always looking for a quick fix to a complex problem. Want to lose weight, take a pill. Want to look younger, use this cream. Want a free lunch, disregard logic and dismiss facts and you might get your sandwich. But watch what happens when you try to leave the restaurant. Someone has to pay for the sandwich. And there is always that “fine print” we tend to dismiss, at our peril.


They (the "medecine men") would travel in "medicine shows," stopping in towns along the way, selling their tonics (sometimes claiming to be made from snakes, although there's no such thing as "snake oil"). And if something was bothering you, guess what... their tonic was the cure! Thus, "snake-oil salesman" became the phrase to describe someone who would claim anything in order to get a sale.

This "all natural" Sahaj Marg (tm) registered as a commercial product is getting to be the "cure all" of the "snake oil" merchants of old.

Frederic is one of the many who got away (a fishing metaphor) ... With the Internet, there is no need to get "taken in" by this Sales Pitch of the pseudo-religious and the neo-conservative and religious "Conquerors of the World" ...