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Sahaj Marg(tm) LMOIS, ASPnet and UNESCO

Taken and translated from a comment from Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

LMOIS= Lalaji Memorial Omega International School
ASPnet= Associated Schools Project network

UNESCO= United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization


After many years of lobbying, the SRCM was finally accredited by the Department of Public Information (UN DPI) December 12, 2005.

Very opportunistic, Chari used the "alliance" of SRCM with the UN to get international legitimacy and a relative change to its image. This eventually bore fruit, notably through the annual essay contest held in India jointly by the SRCM and UNIC. (United Nations Information Centres)

Always in 2005, the SRCM also founded the LMOIS school. In 2010, the school joined the Associated Schools Project network of UNESCO, (ASPnet) commonly known as "UNESCO Associated Schools". One more step in the recovery of their UN image ...

Founded in 1953, this global network brings together more than 9,000 educational institutions (kindergartens and primary schools, secondary schools and vocational training institutions and teachers) in 180 countries, working in support of international understanding, peace , intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality of education ..

The letter "One World, One Humanity" of SRCM with the UNDPI in December devotes much of its content to this "rapprochement".


ASPnet schools are ‘navigators for peace‘ and agents for positive change and serve as laboratories of ideas on innovative approaches for quality education for all. (…)
They aim at translating the four pillars of education for the 21st century -- learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together—into good practices of quality education.

ASPnet cooperates with a broad range of institutions, UN agencies, the private Sector, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), or research institutions.

The Lalaji Memorial International Omega School‘s vision statement states ―”Omega strives to produce youngsters who are balanced, with soul, mind and body working in unison, with the soul guiding the mind in its activities and the body acting under the guidance of the mind”.

This vision is sustained by a dedicated management team and teaching staff that invests efforts and ideals in the Value Based Spiritual Education Programme (VBSE), which permeates every level of work and life on the campus.

The VBSE programme is the raison d’être of the school and is at its very core. It has established its framework on the eight values adopted by the UN in the “Learning to be” programme as core values for all human beings, everywhere. They are universal and hence apply to all humans irrespective of all possible discriminations. The LMIOS has added Spirituality as a value to this list and calls these the nine gems (Navratnas) of its VBSE programme : Sensivity and Creativity, Self-awareness and Self-Management, Truth and Wisdom, Health and Nutrition, Peace and Justice, Love and Compassion, Citizenship, Environment Morality, Spirituality.

The School on its part believes that if these values are properly imbibed, they have the potential to transform students into good and responsible citizens for the future.

These values are transmitted to the children first and foremost by providing role models in the form of teachers and staff and also by project based learning, seminars, group discussions, films, school clubs, scouts and last, but not least, personal experience. The goal is to make sure that the values become the fundamental and unconscious guiding principles of the lives of the children. The school curriculum includes this value based spiritual education at all levels as much in the classrooms as out of it. This ongoing exercise that continues for all the students throughout their stay in the school also includes re-search programmes and further training for the staff.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Comments by 4d-Don:

It's about these alleged "role models" of Sahaj Marg(tm) ??

* Who are these "role models" who would gather as a mob and take over ashrams by force?
See original Newspaper with photos.

* Who are these "role models" who practice racism, sexism, homophobia, nepotism, and other intolerant and un-democratic practices in their "non-profit", tax-exempt charity, and/or non-governmental organization (NGO).

* Who are these "role models" who set up their organization not as a democracy, but as a "dictatorship"... See: Babuji's original Constitution and By-laws (Appendix A, Resolution 1-f )

* Is the practice of Spritualism with its anonymous mediums, messages from the dead, egregores, now seen as "role model" of any quality by LMOIS and SRCM (California-1997)?
See: Chari's SRCM (California-1997) Constitution and "Bye-Laws-Section 11"

* If a male (see the SRCM stand on "sexism") student does not get to be the President of the LMOIS school, is he, like the spoiled child "role model" taught to go to another country and/or another school and re-register its name, and name himself (women will never be president of SRCM (California-1997) according to its Master and President, Chari) president ... by decree or by force?

* Are the students at LMOIS, like the founders of SRCM and Sahaj Marg, taught to lie about their "history" and their lineage? (see NaqshMuMra Nexus, Lalaji's family Site... Epitome of Sahaj Marg)

* Will the bad-mouthing of other religions as in the VBSE Chapter 10 of Class 10 create a more "tolerant" and peaceful world? Is Chari and his bad-mouthing, the "role-model" which would create a UNITED and more "peaceful" and tolerant world? Is SRCM (California-1997) and its developers, and businessmen, the "role model" for the world?

* Will "homosexuals" be allowed to be "out of the closet" at the United Nations DPI sanctionned private Schools for the children of the "well-to-do"?

* Will the students be taught that the Pope (Christian), and Bill Gates are "morally degraded" for their donations and prayers for those who suffer with AIDS?

* Will the UN Commissioner on Human Rights insist that Chari retract his homophobic, hate-mongering speeches, which incite violence against our homosexual brothers and sisters?

* Will the concept of God be taught as being a "male person", using the personal pronoun "He", as if it was a reality, as Chari teaches to children? How will LMOIS explain that to the "girls"? Why can't girls be "Masters"? Why does the Master of SRCM, state that he can only talk to women about "un-important" things like "cooking"?? (gender discrimination?)

* "Spirituality unites"?? It's hard not to laugh!! Please don't take your Sahaj Marg(tm) "spirituality" to any conflict zone!! Some families of abhyasis and preceptors have recorded their first-hand testimonial of how Sahaj Marg(tm) has united their families ... There is not even the basic "human respect", but much religious hypocrisy!

* Will the children be taught to emulate the Sahaj Marg (tm) "role models" and solve the societal problems of poverty and hunger, in the world with a phoney cheque of "173,000,000 wishes"? (see their UNDPI Newsletter, April 2010)

See also:

SRCM (California-1997) and the UNDPI Scam!


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