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Kasturi vs Chari, Narayana, And The Others!! The Sahaj Marg "Illuminati"!!

Taken and translated using Google Translate, from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.
Article titled: Chari, Narayana and the Others!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chari, Narayana and others

Here are excerpts from Sister Kasturi's exchanges with some French disciples - always in February, 2010 - about Chari, Narayana, Srivastava and other contenders, until Cyril publishes the full text.

Sister Kasturi puts things in their proper place. There is no other master than Babuji, and there will never be another. It's their ego that leads all the contenders.


Abhyasis (A.): after the death of Babuji, I followed Chari, but after a few years I felt that there was something not right and I left.

Kasturi (K): There is a reason for that, if he still loved Babuji, Chari would still work and do a good job, but once he started thinking: "I do the work" and not "Babuji is doing the work", he began to deviate. Very often I have heard from his own mouth: "you will not receive anything from Babuji, you will receive the transmission only through me". I then left. When you leave the power of the center, how can you then receive the energy.

Babuji Maharaj always refused donations, he erased even the idea of the gift, but Chari began accepting more and more money because he was increasingly separated from Babuji.
In spirituality there is one thing: the "I" is separate from the Divine, Babuji used to say: "the Divine is mine" (I am one with the Divine). But I tell you one thing, whether Chari or anyone, if that person starts thinking: "I am this, I'm that, and that Babuji is nothing", while as Lalaji said: "Babuji came here in this world to take us all into the Centre ". So Chari is wasting his time, perhaps in one lifetime, maybe in two lifetimes, he will have to come back to Babuji. If we have the pleasure of remembering Babuji and feel that it is He who gives the transmission, then in a very short time we will start to feel the change in our thoughts, our actions and to see an improvement through the constant remembrance of the Divine and His presence in us, whatever we do we'll do it for His pleasure.


Why do the abhyasis accept Chari as master while it is the Sri Ram Chandra Mission, it is the work of Ram Chandra? Babuji asked him to manage the work of the mission's organization, to be a director, but why did he start saying "I am the Master", while we are nothing? Neither Vivekananda nor Babuji ever said: "I am the Master!" , and if Chari had made you preceptor, and you started to declare" I am the Master! "You would have been in error. Very soon he (Chari) will be forfeited, and the truth will break out, Babuji is at work!


Currently there are many president's, the son Dr. K.C. Varadachari has appointed himself president, as did Chari, another Master who is self-proclaimed. But none of them can do any work and even if someone is very high, if the permission of God is not there, the work can not be done. So how can they say they are doing something when they do not have permission. Babuji always took three days to prepare an abhyasis and a preceptor to give him permission to do the work, but I saw for myself a new abhyasis who had begun to meditate about seven days before appearing before Chari and to be made a preceptor the same evening, he knew nothing about the method of Sahaj Marg, that's how they proceed. K.C. Narayana's son Varadachari did the same thing and created the Institute of Shri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC) , Dr. Shrivastava also came here several times, telling me, "I am the president".

We must prepare ourselves to serve, not want to be Masters, it is also a service when you talk to someone new about our system.


A. : We come here to get your teaching and to be with you and Babuji, the question is why do so few people come to see you?

K. : It is not thus, many people come, but separately eg if you come during Basant Panchami or on the anniversary of Babuji you could meet a lot of people, a group of 50 or 60 etc...

But the day will come, because many leave Chari, K.C. Narayana, Shrivastava because he is the Master and they will all return to the sacred feet of Babuji. Chari will also have to return to the feet of Babuji, because he did not come down (from the Ultimate) through the prayers of Lalaji. It is Babuji who has trained him, the same way that I go to prepare you to be a preceptor, I am not the Master. It is thanks to His power that I'll be preparing you to be preceptors.

See Also: Kasturi Revisit Lalaji, Babuji and the Sahaj Marg (tm) of Chari

Alexis Said:

@ Elodie

Would you have masochistic tendencies? You do whatever it takes to help us bring down the Kasturi myth.

Until now, her image was better because she did not speak to willy nilly, she did not criticize the other contenders and she would not take the place of the boss (Babuji).

For the critique, we'll come back to it!
We already knew what she thought of Chari, but now she adds that with KC Narayana and SP S (h) rivastava.

In the leadership race, she added Srivastava (whom I had a little neglected), so that makes one more. And she does not mince her words vis-à-vis Narayana. Either she is well informed or she reads our blogs and shares our opinion. Funny! I recall that I had just worried about Narayana because of his personal blog (or family) and that I had deduced that this customization was probably hiding something.

So basically (grosso modo), Kasturi confirms all the conjectures we made about them. Could we be right about everything, except about the subject of "herself"? Bizarre!

The only surprise, the children and grandchildren of Babuji are the only ones to pass through the meshes of her net. As if she was unable to say a bad word about the offspring of her God. Criticizing his descendants would be a crime of "lèse majesté" ...

So, admittedly, she does not claim the role of master or president, it's true. But she says they are all wrong, they will be "forfeited" and all the abhyasis will revert to Babuji, she is ultimately the only proper representative. The speech is subtle, but it is almost the same as claiming herself as the Grand Boss.

She does not speak badly or in round about fashion, but ultimately she chats quite a bit, and the information filters through. She has limited access to her blog, but the door remains ajar and her "followers", Indian and French (and you), take on the charge of conveying her messages ...

In short, Kasturi reinterprets the History of Sahaj Marg to her convenience, she criticizes the others and the information filters and she claims to be the only one to correctly transmit the teaching of Babuji whom she deifies!

What is so different, if it is not in form only, more subtle?


Wed, June 2, 11:46:00 AM

Elodie Said...

Elodie said ...

Hello Alexis

I'm not a masochist, I could not imagine how you were able to be so delirious from almost nothing.

It makes me sad, I guess that Cyril is sad too. Perhaps I should not publish these extracts, given the use you make of them. But I feel it is my responsibility and I assume it.

In what I read, as in what I published, I only saw one thing. Sister Kasturi points to the egos of all these pretenders to the succession of Babuji. She recalls the message of Babuji who said that to make progress in spirituality, one should forget one's ego. Under these circumstances, how could these people be, even a little bit, the successors of the teachings of Babuji?

She never places herself as a contender, but instead as a simple disciple of Babuji, it is the only "function" she agrees to.

Finally, these texts are from conversations she had with some French abhyasis. She never planned to distribute them. Cyril has transcribed them for dissemination to the group only and has kindly sent them to me. I probably should not have distributed these extracts.


Fri. jun 04, 06:30:00 AM

Peter Said...

Anonymous said ...

Hello all,

I had some contacts with a disciple of Kasturi who assured me that Kasturi was the only one to spread the teaching of Babuji in all its original purity. I had the time and dared to make a few doubts (is it really possible to spread this teaching in all its original purity?). Before my critical sense (or at least my query), the e-mail discussion was interrupted...!

This blog specializes in research on the Sahaj Marg and has re-awakened our critical sense.

But it is always the same, when one ventures to say that Sister Kasturi, grooso modo, is speaking the same language as the others, one is accused of the crime of "lese-majeste" -., given to the emotional attachment of the moment.

In this, your reaction Elodie, is no different from the abhyasis who are shocked that we do not recognize Chari's true worth.

They all say: "Out of my church, no salvation! " It is odd, is it not?

This reminds me of a book by Jean Klein "Who am I?"

"How can we distinguish the false prophets from the wise?

From the opening to the ultimate, free of any physical research of the teacher, one lives outside the psychological field and its projections and transfers.

A teacher who sees himself as such, needs those who see themselves as followers.

In India, and now in the United States, some do a lot of shopping for gurus and disciples. When one meets the guru, one knows, because it is not outside of one's self, and one becomes more and more independent. If If you do not feel deeply your own autonomy, you can be sure that you are bound by your projection and reaction. "

More to come...


Fri, June 4, 7:00:00 AM

Shashwat said...

I have spoken to Kasturi and i did not felt comfort and warmth of an enlighten or even loving person when i was talking to her for more then half an hour... to be honest, i wanted to hangup within 10-15 mins itself, but still i wanted to get answers to my questions hence i tolerated her!!!

It was an absolute contrast when i was speaking with Manbhawati devi... she was much like a motherly figure and her each word was dipped in pure love.. i spoke to her for more then two hrs, she use to ask me to stop recording inbetween and told me many secrets about chari and his goon, but i found love and devotion in each word she spoke.

With Kasturi it was hate and negative feeling exactly same as what i felt with chari..

Just wanted to let people know, my experience with kasturi.


Fri. Jun 04, 05:14:00 PM

Alexis Said...


Come on, Pull yourself together. This too will pass.
How is it that you exercise discretion when it comes to Chari and you lose all critical sense when we pronounce the name of Kasturi? You never seem to get rid of this you need to hang on something?

Of course she is "less evil" than Chari. It's against the SRCM of Chari that the Great War is declared. It is there that one finds the real contenders to succeed him, adding also Navneet who is trying to get back the cake through the courts.

The others, outside, are just outsiders. They have 1% of the market share of Sahaj Marg at best.

But ALL rewrite history to suit their sauce, criticize the others, and claim to be the only true guarantor of the legacy of Babuji.

Would Kasturi be right and all the others wrong?

Come on, let's be serious, and accept that we analyze Kasturi as all the others.

Fri, June 4, 10:51:00 AM



Ram B S said...

Hi Don,

This conversation of Sister Kasturi and Abhyasi sounds interesting. I am astonished in your interest and keen to collect huge information and put it on your most of the blogs.

And about myself, I am Ram B S from Andhra Pradesh, India, highly interested in the path shown by Babuji's, but highly confused with many issues cropping up in this way.

Ram B S said...

Hi Don,

The coversation of Sister Kasturi and French Abhyasi is a good enlightening point for starters. I have seen many of your blogs containing good amount of information about various contreversies happening with respect to various groups those are trying to follow Babuji's path. I am highly interested to interact more and get more information so that it may be helpful for me to evade the confusion and be clear of what is right and what is wrong.

And about myself, I am Ram B S from Andhra Pradesh, India with great interests in path shown by babuji but highly confused with various such contraversial issues.

4d-Don said...

Hi Ram...

Good for you to be on the SPIRITUAL Path. I will give you the same advice someone (can't remember who) gave me. Only take the SPIRITUAL path if you absolutely have to... ;-))

That means the Path to SPIRIT, but to SPIRIT as a REALITY, not as a myth or a system of Myths. Spirit in that sense, is like a real "energy" and the CREATOR of that REALITY is ONE or ONE-ness... or the ALL ...

SPIRITUALISM and SPIRITISM on the other hand, refers to SPIRITS or entities, who, not having "merged" with ONE-ness, allegedly exist in, or inhabit some "myths" or in a realm created by "some" Illuminated. In Spiritualism there is no "MERGING" but the identities (spirits) continue in another world, allegedly "brighter" or "bluer" for the GOOD", and allegedly "darker" or "redder" for the BAD ... But we have no evidence of the existence of that "imagined" realm... or of the clouds these entities may sit on to while the time of day ... lol lol ;-))

So, as in most Paths (physical, mental/intellectual or Spiritual), one takes the good (the blue??) and leaves the bad (the red??) ... Even knowledge (scriptures) is only pure for a few moments (weeks, months, years, centuries, millenia, etc...) and then it also has to change as the TIME and the SPACE changes, or become corrupt and/or "not true any more", hence a "myth" or a "story from the past" ...

So when a SPIRITUAL path becomes corrupted with "spirits" then one either changes path, or becomes corrupted by the myths (tales, stories) along with those on that path ...

In our search for UNITY or ONE-ness, we must be vigilant to not be lulled into idolatry, the senses or the material, and even of the worship or adulation of the IMAGE or the FORM. (of the imagination or of "memory").

4d-Don said...

Babuji talked about this in his analogy of meditation on the "supposition of light" as the opposite to "heavy" ... Image has an "identity" so is more "heavy", has more baggage, than what is MERGED with ONE ... As well, his concept of "the light (or the glow) of dawn" (Reality at Dawn) to remove or to not allow the glorification of the "light". This tends to create a internal sense, of thoughts and then a state of "GLORY", specialness, uniqueness, chosen, ego, etc ... and leads to concepts of a "Brighter world" (Heaven, etc..) and finally this heavenly realm will mythic-ly become inhabited by mythical "beings of light" or "spirits". (angels, archangels, demons,etc..)

But that is "myth", it is all an illusion created by either a focusing on "a supposition of the divine light" in the heart, the PUMP for BLOOD ...or on SOUND, Vibration, "Charisma" (magnetism), etc... How can one reach "SPIRIT" by focusing on "MATTER" or LIGHT (which are the same) according to Einstein's "relativity" or his E=MC2

The transition from Spirituality to Spiritualism will then seem to be complete, as is the case with Sahaj Marg ... to get back to SPIRIT one must either leave, or believe their "myths"... or attempt to have the "myths" destroyed in favour of the REALITY and at the cost of "EGO" of the creator of the myths !! ... that how you see SPIRITUALITY and SPIRITUALISM??

If we can define our "goal-less" goal, then we can walk this path for a short while together in ONE-ness ... by remaining free to question honestly and demanding a reply, and/or pointing at the lack of response ... and/or at the hiding of the Truth ? Then we can ask "WHY"!! We can also ask rhetorically: "Does that not hide the "supposed light" and/or darken it ... "IT" then is not DIVINE, but of MATTER and divisive or duality?" ... RELIGION!

SPIRITUALITY (reality) unites... RELIGION (myth) divides!

Remember we are talking about Myths and the creators of myths ... WRITERS ...businessmen... STORY TELLERS ... retired police, religious fundamentalists, literalists, ... and story tellers who demand to be "BELIEVED"!!

I like how you think ... you are stimulating ...

When I was a young man, a few years before I met Babuji and Sahaj Marg through a Psychiatric nurse who worked where I volunteered, and who incidently finally became Babuji's physician after he became a homeopathic doctor. ... (40 yrs ago) ... I penned what became for me a Prophetic song called "The Calling of the Ram"... I always thought It was RAM Chandra ... Now I think it may have been YOU !! ;-))


Anonymous said...

@shaswat u cannot feel the warmth because u r so much filled with hatred for chariji , what u need is hot news and gossips ...
i know u hv been so hurt when ur wife was in sahaj marg that u were totally neglected...
@elodie these guys 4ddon and company are like that only they will twist the things such a way that people will think there is nothing like sprituality ..only churches and temples are there
and see how he defends off springs of babuji
think this 4ddon is part of that group .
just remember babuji is at work and he will take all of us to our destination i.e with divine just be with him..

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous from Dubai...

I am sure that the gay community and the other religions (Catholics, Hindus, etc... not Muslims because he is afraid of them...) can feel the love in Chari's speeches...

Michael, ex-preceptor said it best:

There are a few things, however that I have come to know to be Truth:

1. The effectiveness of a meditation practice is NOT what is experienced during meditation, but is in fact the behavior of practitioners when they are NOT meditating.

2. We are all on an Infinite Journey and there is no goal reached that completes that Journey. The Infinite Journey itself IS the Goal.

3. The only Faith required on our Infinite Journey is the Faith in the fact that we are already enlightened.

So with that in mind, go home and meditate and be a Serf to whom-ever you wish, but leave the rest of the world, our world, in their FREEDOM. It is the FREEDOM that we took (we did not ask permission) from the Masters of the past, the religious elite who would keep us all at their feet, as they live off our blood, sweat and toil... NO MORE...

It is the FREEDOM that gave us, the global community, this modern civilization of electricity, electronics, information, etc... Now we will not be fooled again, and we will expose the phony's charlatans of religions with their "channeled messages from the spirits of the dead"...and the "Brighter World" or heaven and hell... You don't really believe that crap anymore do you?

Be a maverick, break the old rules (or religions), and invent something NEW... like our scientists (atheists) did so that now, your voice can be heard and dealt with...

You will notice that there are not many of your ilk who dare to speak out on these "open" discussion blogs... Why?? They just want those who will "kneel before them" or bow to them... WELL: We will not kneel or bow anymore...

That game is over...

4d-don... in the freedom and the ONE-ness of 4-d (of SPACE... not TIME )...

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous from Dubai...

We are all Spirit without doing anything, but there is nothing like "spiriualism"... That is a Con-game by the charlatans of religion... They claim that we (Babuji) become "spirits" or ghosts, and can save other people from their "sins" or Samskaras"... That is a SCAM... You are already inside the DIVINE... we all are... and if we merge with the Divine, we are no longer part of this world... Did Babuji not merge witht the ONE... what Chari calls a male god??

And I am not part of any "gang|"... I just think that Babuji's family were honorable and at least, did not re-register the society founded by Babuji in the USA so as to immorally and un-ethically appoint themselves as MASTER ... Teach your children to be more ethical than that... worldly possession such as "societies" are not worth you losing your morality and acting un-ethically!! ...

As you already are at your destination, try and live like a "good person" and don't desire or covet the goods of others ... that is called envy, greed, lust, for worldly possessions, not SPIRIT ...
and to not be grateful for this LIFE is to show the "blessing" of Sahaj Marg(tm), under Chari...

Sahaj Marg (tm) is now SPIRITUALISM (channeled messages by Mediums from the "ALLEGED", Spirits of the dead, egregores, etc... That is not SPIRITUALITY and it is not Raja Yoga!! ...

It is SPIRITUALISM...or SPIRITISM... read up on it...

While you are at it, find out the difference between INFINITY and ETERNITY ... Chari will lead you all to INFINITY (of the illusion called "TIME" which is simply the measurement of MOTION or Change) and what you want to realize as SPIRIT is your true home: ETERNITY (of SPACE ... with no begining and no end) ...