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At Sahaj Marg(tm), It's Now: Babuji Vs Babuji

Taken and translated from an article: Babuji versus Babuji on Elodie's Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

November 9, 2010

Babuji Versus Babuji

Whispers And Babuji's New Avatars

Babuji died April 13, 1983. That being said, Chari and his or her medium(s) have resurrected his avatar to deliver the good word of Sahaj Marg.

Everything has been said about "Whispers", the murmurs of Babuji from beyond the grave as the business of the Brighter World which they generate. "
THE new Bible or Veda of Sahaj Marg(tm)", Chari said. As if that was not enough.

Erin has taken up the challenge, she promises us another word, the last avatar of Babuji, before another one, soon? After all, why not, we are ever close to another hoax.

First Hoax: Sahaj Marg(tm) versus Sahaj Marg the historic channel

When the Avatar of Whispers contradicts Kasturi, Narayana or Varadachari

Example Whispers in the April 19, 2001 at 14:00 (Echoes of Africa published in October 2010, in article: Fears and Money), Babuji (allegedly) said:

"You can rest assured on this point also: all is clear and correct concerning the finances of the Mission.
The Master does not use the contributions and the many gifts. They are invested in acquisitions ment to satisfy the abhyasis and in the maintenance of this property. (...) "

Sister Kasturi says otherwise. She reminds us that Babuji was opposed to donations and wanted to get rid of them in the Mission, but however, that is what happened. Cowardice and bad behavior come with money. She is opposed to the output of "Whispers" which she considers harmful, because they peddle an "incorrect" message.

That's what she said in her telephone interview with Shashwat of February 20, 2009 (transcript on 4d-don's Blog). For his part, KC Narayana recalls the words of his father, the famous Dr. KC Varadachari, which pointed to Babuji in the early seventies, the risk of physical and financial excesses of the Mission.

Another Hoax?
Erin vs Catherine?

For whom does Erin roll-over? PR
Krishna and Chari versus all the others?

So a new website: Conversations with Ram Chandra (Babuji) of Sahaj Marg http://conversationswithbabuji.blogspot.com/, which in turn promises extraordinary revelations. Babuji speaks to many medium(s) from the the "GREAT BEYOND". (or from the Central Region??)

Erin is (allegedly) an English lawyer, the Medium is a known professional and reputable.

She (Erin) is also the mother of Peter, boyfriend of a nice little abhyasi named Lucy. Curious, but without any bias for or against Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (she says), she consulted the websites for and against the SRCM. Intrigued, she wanted to set her heart at ease. She then went for the first time in her life to consult a recognized psychic (who knew nothing about Sahaj Marg).

And Babuji spoke!

"Chari has done a lot of work, good work, and it is not about to stop. Kasturi is a saint, she is on track and did an excellent job, but it is not her job to lead the Mission. Disputes must stop. Many have gone astray. We must find unity. Ajay Kumar Bhatter abandoned his post for political reasons, intimidation and changing of path. Lauret Catherine is a good woman but she is driven by money and power, she made bad decisions. It is a man who will lead tomorrow and it will be PR Krishna. He is on the right track, on the right path. (This is a very personal summary of the remarks on her English blog)" (See Conversations With Ram Chandra (Babuji) of Sahaj Marg)

The hoax is not insulting to anyone, it is intelligent and it even hints at the truth. So for whom does Erin Roll-over?

The rest will come soon. The story is fun. But should it be taken seriously?


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franka waaldijk said...

about babuji, i would like to add the following thing:

to me it was useful to reread speeches and books, just to see whether my new, no longer trusting, perspective on sahaj marg tallied with what was said and written. i found that there are numerous passages where i used to gloss over the inconsistencies, out of trust in the master and the system, but which without this trust simply stand out as moral pressure, judgmental and indoctrinating.

i have come across a few letters from babuji to chari, where babuji is concerned about the skin-complexion of possible brides for his son. would you believe this? one can look it up in volume iii of "Letters of the Master" around 1969-1970. culturally/traditionally in india, dark complexion of brides was (and still is by many) seen as less desirable, and you can read for yourself that babuji makes a point of asking chari about a possible candidate's complexion. this from a "Special Personality"...

i will reproduce the relevant parts of these letters below, but i will replace last names with blanks, for privacy protection, because internet is not the same as some obscure spiritual group's publication.


the description of this aspect of the marriage episode of chi. umesh (babuji's son) starts on page 57 of `letters of the master vol. iii'.

letter of 31 october 1969 from babuji to chari: (just the relevant quote):

"An officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs has started marriage negotiations for his daughter with Umesh. I have a mind to finalise the marriage of Umesh without consulting him if he does not object. I shall give him a good match. I received the photo of the girl today. The face-cut is good and I am told by one of my near relatives that she has white complexion."

here the description of the girl ends completely, there is no more mention of her in this letter. as you can see, babuji mainly focuses on the face-cut being good and the white complexion... this is truly superficial (more so in the light of this cultural prejudice that i mentioned), and also in my opinion completely at odds with everything that sahaj marg is supposed to stand for.

some time later, the marriage is still not concluded, and there are two more telling letters, one from chari, one from babuji. what words there are are little in number, but i find them to be very revealing in their intent.

[since comments are limited in size, this will be continued in the next comment]

franka waaldijk said...

[continued from previous comment]

letter from chari to babuji 16 march 1970 (page 72 same book):

"A gentleman by name Mr. S-- S-- and his wif called on us yesterday evening on behalf of Shri R.P.S-- of Hardoi, said to be a retired sessions judge and a close associate of your family for the last 25 years. They came to meet us and Chi. Umesh in connection with a proposal to marry Sow. C--, one of the daughters of the judge Shri R.P.--. The girl is stated to be an M.A., a good artist in painting, well versed in domestic duties, but complexion is "savla". I have requested Mrs. S-- S--, who is related to Mr. R.P.--, that she should write to Mr. R.P.-- to contact you directly. I trust they will do so."

which is the complete relevant passage in this letter. i'm sure you will see the implication of this little by-sentence:

`but complexion is "savla" '

(savla means dark and is generally seen as less desirable than fair or white), especially when contrasted with the other qualities...!

then babuji's answer on 27 march 1970:

"Mr. C.A. R-- has suggested a good match for Umesh at Bombay. The father of the girl is going to present Rs. 5000/- in cash to the boy, and jewellery worth Rs. 5000/- plus other things as a gift. I respect the opinion of your father but I have already given consent to the person at Moradabad. I have written to him that I like the girl and when you approve the boy I may proceed towards the finalisation. The girl is second class M.A. in Psychology, fair complexioned and having good cut and her height is good. There is no question of dowry from my side. The father of the girl is Divisional Signal Engineer, Northern Railway, Moradabad, and the family is well-educated. The father of the girl will also go to Madras after 4th April 1970 to see Umesh. His name is R.N.--."

which is the complete relevant passage. once again, all that babuji mentions about the girl are her M.A., and three physical qualities which he must deem relevant, to mention them like this: fair complexioned, having good cut and her height is good. as if he is describing some farm animal, i'm sorry to say.

would one not think that a Special Personality would have more pressing spiritual concerns regarding marriage? apparently not, when it's about his own son.

so, yes, in my opinion, already babuji was not at all the genuine article. which doesn't mean that his teachings are complete rubbish. just that he didn't live up to them himself either...