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SRCM-Sahaj Marg Zoom-in on 1982-84

Taken from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg
an article by Alexis called: Zoom sur les années 82-84

1982-84 Timeline

April 6, 1982: Letter from Babuji to Chari
April 12: reply from Chari
April 16: Babuji names his son, Umesh Chandra Saxena, President to succeed him
June 28: SA Sarnad is appointed secretary of the Mission
September 2: letter from (Babuji) in Paris to MD Jahagirdar
April 19, 1983: death of Babuji
July 10: meeting
February 6-7, 1984: Working committee
February 8: General Assembly
February 15: Circular of the appointment of Umesh Chandra Saxena as President, sent by the Secretary Sarnad SA

The Context

In 1964, Chari becomes abhyasi of Babuji. By 1970, he is secretary general, and according to him, appointed to succeed him (Babuji) in 1974. According to an anonymous (JM), Donald Sabourin and Kasturi witness the appointment of Chari; according Narayana there are no witnesses. According to Kasturi, Babuji has dictated to her, his own statement of appointment. Meanwhile, Dr KC Varadachari (said by many to be the "Guru in waiting") died on January 30, 1971 although Babuji had (apparently) prepared him as his successor. Babuji is experiencing some health problems that lead Kasturi, Raghavendra Rao and Chari, in 1973, to propose the partition of the Sahaj Marg world's geography among them, which he categorically rejects. In 79, Babuji requests of Narayana that he will have to work closely with Chari after his death. In Munich in 80, Babuji says to anonymous (JM) that he has left the power to Chari ...

1982-84 Babuji directs (by mail) some serious reproaches to Chari and ten days later he secretly designates his own son to succeed him. Two months later, he appoints SA Sarnad secretary of the Mission to replace Chari, then in France, sick, he writes to Jahagirdar to tell him that Chari is drifting from the initial teaching, and is illegitimately presenting himself as his successor and that he tried to poison him several times in the last 4 years but that he has found his successor who's identity shall remain secret.

Babuji dies on April 19, 83. A first meeting is held in Shahjahanpur 3 months later. It is a meeting of Kasturi, Chari, KC Narayana, Raghavendra Rao and the son of Babuji, Prakash, among others. Chari and Prakash both claim the succession. Chari's candidacy is supported by Kasturi and Narayana, the letter of appointment of Prakash is considered a forgery. A poisoning attempt (allegedly) takes place against the clan of Chari. No decision is taken and another meeting is scheduled for 7 months later.

The working committee will meet once again, but without Kasturi, Chari, Narayana, or Raghavendra Rao. The (succession) documents provided by Chari are in turn considered false (see scans of the succession papers at: Surviving Sahaj Marg-Freedom to Speak-Freedom to Speak (items 2 and 2a) . And this time it is Umesh, the second son of Babuji who is applying. He is designated as the successor of Babuji at a general meeting. Sarnad, the secretary of the Mission sent a letter to that effect to all the centers. Then, dramatically, Sarnad joins Chari's clan and we don't hear from Umesh until 1994, it is Srivastava who chairs the Working Committee.

But what really happened?

Put together, these events that are now more or less known to us, suggest that we still lack many of the elements, that are left in silence, so as to understand completely.

Some comments and questions are still unclear and unanswered. What has thus led to Babuji suddenly changing his minds about Chari, without any mention of it to Narayana or Kasturi who are the pillars of Sahaj Marg? We have no information about the first meeting following the death of Babuji when he made a momentous decision. Why did most of the celebrities of Sahaj Marg not participate in the second meeting? Why does Srivastava become the President, and why does the secretary of the Mission join Chari when the name of the successor is announced everywhere?

And what will happen Now?

At the last moment, Lalaji appointed his son at the expense of his nephew who was favored by Huzur Maharaj (Lalaji's Master). Babuji has also (apparently) appointed his own son. What will Chari therefore do? Eventually, will he change his decision (AJ Bhatter) in favor of his son PR Krishna, or one of his grandchildren, Barghav or Madhuri?

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