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LIBERATION from Sahaj Marg

In the King James Version of the Christian Bible, (Genesis, Chapter 1, verses: 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25)

After Creating the many parts of the Created Universe, it is repeatedly stated:
" ... and God saw that it was good ".

Any sin and/or salvation, which translates to SAMSKARAS and LIBERATION, in Sahaj Marg, would have come with the creation of Homo Sapiens, MAN, and would come much later. According to many Christians, Jesus of Nazareth, their Christ or Messiah (Saviour), was part of the Creator which is a TRINITY of God the Father, God the son (Christ), and God the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of Love between the Father and the son... No female properties at all) This was imposed as an article of faith in the Nicene Creed, by the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea, in 318, and was to be professed by all "Christian".

If the Christian "Creation myth" is accurate, then the Creation was begun by the "desire", and then the WILL and the ACTION (Motion) of the ONE, the UNITY, the first CAUSE, to BE as the ONE, and to become MANY, as the ALL. There is no place in the ONE's Creation for a mistake, an error, a sin, a samskara, or a "slavery to a desire" that then had to be "forgiven", or to develop a "desire" to be LIBERATED from.

The LIGHT did not, and still does not desire "liberation" or "salvation" from it's samskaras or "SINS", nor does the sub-atomic or atomic "matter/energy", nor does hydrogen, and all the other elements. The galaxies, suns, planets, animals do not "sin", nor do the vegetation (trees). JUST MAN, or "HOMO SAPIENS" , the so-called wise ape ...

And since there does not appear to be "justice" in this life, Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in a heaven, a hell, and the rest of the "carrot and stick" myths of religion (angels, demons, purgatory, limbo, etc.) : TEMPTATION and FEAR. This sense of the need for "Universal Justice" was to be addressed by the "birth and rebirth" cycle of the re-incarnation theory of the spiritual East, which apparently culminates with "LIBERATION" from this cycle.

Then comes Chari, who from Babuji's "modified" eightfold path of Raja Yoga, starting at step #7, re-introduces the "Brighter World" (heaven) and we're right back into the SPIRITUALISM of "mediums, and "messages from the dead" of the SRCM(California) as exemplified by their fund-raising book (for $250.00 donation (no tax)): "Whipers from the Brighter World", where apparently one goes to after LIBERATION.

In Chari's Speech: New Year's Message for 2009 he states:

"And I pray to you, beloved Master, to grant us this privilege of rejoining you in the brighter world as soon as possible".

And in his Speech: New Year 2009... Character is Pure Love

"My Master used to say if you would spend one part in one thousand, of the time and effort that you lavish on this body, your future in the other world - the brighter world - is assured."

So if some "religious" and/or "spiritualist" adherents desire "LIBERATION" from this perfect Creation of the ONE that badly, or from this Life or what they call "slaves to one's desires" in their Sahaj Marg prayer, which is repeated many times daily by the abhyasis, then PLEASE LIBERATE us of your PRESENCE in the PRESENT or the GIFT that is Life, and become "not born, ever again" or LIBERATED of this "not GOOD" (Bad) Creation of the ONE. This creation that is stated as "GOOD" according to this "creation MYTH" from the Genesis chapter of the Jewish Bible, which by the way, is also used by Christian (Protestant and Catholic) and Muslims. This combined group makes up the majority of the human population on this, our HOME planet, EARTH!

If abhyasis and other religious adherents can look at the sunrise, and the sunset and see that miracle as simply, an "unwanted desire", a "valley of tears", and something to be "liberated" or saved from, then PLEASE leave your living space to someone else. Someone who can truly physically, emotionally, and spiritually appreciate this gift, and who will be "grateful" for the privilege, the grace and the joy of simply being a humble "witness", in awe, reverence, compassion, love, charity, hope, and in UNITY (ONE-ness) with all of LIFE.

If one can look into the eyes of a newborn baby (a son, daughter, grand-children, etc...) and see only "a sinner" or a "slave to desires", and then run to a foreign country or town, so as to be LIBERATED from that "desire", then please LIBERATE that child of your negative PRESENCE, so that this innocent PRESENT (gift) from the ONE, can grow in the PRESENCE of those who consider Life a GIFT or a GRACE from the ONE, and as inherently "GOOD", and not something that is simply a "slave to desires", or a "sin". The child is an expression of the REALITY of the cycle of LIFE (birth and rebirth, "re-incarnation", according to some religions), and not something for its parents to be "LIBERATED FROM", but to be humbled in front of, and in joy, humility, gratefulness, charity, compassion, hope, etc...

Then look at the Starry Sky at night, and see the millions and billions of stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and more unseen that their ONE (Yahweh), according to this Jewish "creation myth" also called "GOOD", and if you still want to be "LIBERATED" from that to the point of running to a foreign country and placing a MAN on a pedestal and "adoring" and "adulating" him, so as to be saved or "LIBERATED from that PRESENT, then LIBERATE the spot of your PRESENCE so that some other may occupy it and live in awe, gratefulness and reverence, before the "GOOD" creation of the ONE, the UNITY.

Same applies for the flowers, the forces of Nature (wind, tides, storms, floods, fires, volcanoes, etc...). They are all GOOD and they are a privilege and a gift to witness. MAN, his religions, and his organizations and structures are the PROBLEM!

The Religious as well as the atheists have been given a GIFT, the gift of LIFE and the grace of BEING a part of the ALL (Creation), to be "SOMETHING", and as spoiled children some desire to be "NOTHING", not alive, or to be elsewhere, as in HEAVEN or in the BRIGHTER WORLD where there are apparently "no desires" or no problems (pains, joys, drama, LIFE) ... JUST ??? BLISS? A sensation? Whatever!!

One can understand that desire for NOTHING-ness or something "not so wearing", from tired "old farts". And they wish to die and go to heaven or to the "Brighter World" soon so as to get their rewards or their "just desserts". They don't seem to enjoy this LIFE or appreciate its GIFTs anymore. As some have worshiped the MATERIAL and have adhered to faulty or flawed (religious) "philosophy" and/or logic, and not the spiritual "GOOD", the things of "value" in LIFE, now, in their old age, the Material is losing its lustre and they desire the "other" or "the brighter" or "better" world, and "soon".

But the children have not lived yet... Leave them enjoy the gift that has been given to them in as positive a MANNER as is possible without the constant NEGATIVE myths of Materialist businessmen who play at religion in their sunset years. They pollute the spiritual world with their "mind", as they have polluted the "material world" with their attitude of "the devil may care" , and/or "someone else will clean up the mess when I'm gone". As long as they "achieve" and "make money" they call that "success".

And when they reach the "other side", they may even try and develop their mythic "Brighter World" and put in a "parking lot", for the sake of their Holy achievement of PROFIT (spiritual capitalism), no doubt. And they will no doubt still expect blind "obedience" from the saints of that "world" !!

NO MORE!! It stops here!! We now can, thanks to the INTERNET, warn others and expose their "scams".

Let us hope that when Chari's "death wish" for the mythic "Brighter World" comes to pass, he will not, like some other cult leaders, take some or all of his obedient followers with him.

If it happens, he may not know what he has done then either! It comes from having "no philosophy" except "achieving"!! ANYTHING!!

So in the "afterlife", should there be an "afterlife", wether one remains conscious of having been a CARBON entity (6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, (666) with an atomic body), wether one becomes a consciousness of PLASMA or an ionic/ghostly entity, wether one becomes a consciousness of the "Sea of Quarks" or a "sub-atomic/gluon" entity, wether one be a consciousness of an Electromagnetic or of an "energy/ether entity", wether one be a consciousness of MIND or a Mental entity, or wether one be a consciousness of the one-ness of SPIRIT or a spiritual entity, STILL, as the ONE (what some call by the Germanic/Gothic word: GOD) continues ITS Creation of the continuum of the ALL, IT will not need to ask our permission to use the "matter/energy", that we are or have been conscious of, and any deals or covenants made by RELIGIONS around a promised "heaven", a "brighter world", or "liberation", will be irrelevant, and the ONE IS... and the CREATION of the ONE, called" the "ALL" or the "MANY", will BE. To that, one can add if one choses:

The Religious, "AMEN"...(So be IT), or "Thy (ONE) WILL be done" or as the fictitious Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek is made to say: "Make it so!? ;-))

That is the only choice you and WE will have. But we have choices to make in the NOW, so as to make this a better place for the sake of the children and for future generations!!

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